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18-Year-Old African-American Girl Becomes The Youngest Person To Pass The Bar Exam In England

August 3. 2013

Gabrielle Turnquest

A super intelligent 18-year-old from Windemere, Florida, Gabrielle Turnquest, who is of Bahamian descent, has become the youngest person to pass the bar exam in Britain. That is amazing. What an extraordinary young woman. The Judiciary Report takes its hat off to you. Well done. The White House should give her an award for this wonderful feat.

People online sometimes refer to females who act out and show out, as a "bad b****" calling it a compliment. Well, this young lady, Gabrielle, isn't a "bad b****" - she's a brilliant young woman, who is the real deal. She is a young woman that used her mind and not her behind and has achieved something great. 

Teens today should aspire to such greatness, not getting their boobs and butts out online, mimicking debauched reality stars and untalented singers for attention from thirsty males objectifying them, then tossing them aside for the next new famous bimbo.  


Gabrielle Turnquest, Florida Teen, Becomes Youngest To Pass Bar Exam In UK

08/02/2013 3:05 pm EDT | Updated: 08/02/2013 3:12 pm EDT - If you thought a 14-year-old set to graduate from Chicago State University with a degree in Psychology was an amazing feat, wait until you hear about this next teenager making history. 18-year-old Gabrielle Turnquest recently became the youngest person to pass the bar exam in the UK.

"I am honored to be the youngest person to pass the Bar exams but, really, I was not aware at the time what the average age was," she told The Telegraph. "I didnít fully realize the impact of it."




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