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12-31-11 Obama Slammed Again Over Stimulus As $500,000,000 Went To Building Cars In Foreign Nation
12-31-11 Australia Rings In The New Year With Annual Fireworks Show
12-30-11 Tax Group Slams Kim Kardashian For Not Paying Enough Taxes But Is Obama Listening
12-30-11 The People's National Party Regains Office In Jamaica
12-30-11 The Kardashians Former Nanny Is Shopping A Scandalous Tell All Book
12-30-11 Justin Bieber Voted The Most Overrated Entertainer Of 2011
12-30-11 Madonna Is Putting Out A Perfume And You Know What It Probably Smells Like...
12-29-11 Mrs. Obama Being Criticized In The Press For Her Expensive Clothes During Hawaii Vacation
12-29-11 Congressman Allen West Demands Obama's Attorney General Eric Holder Resign Over Gun Trafficking Deaths
12-29-11 Justin Bieber's Grandparents Met In A Serious Car Accident Flipping Their Vehicle
12-29-11 The Kardashians Are Turning On Kim 
12-29-11 Ashton Kutcher Has Been Spotted Canoodling With Another Woman
12-28-11 GOP Candidates Slam Obama As A President That Has Greatly Damaged The U.S. Economy
12-28-11 What Will 2012 Bring The U.S. Economy
12-28-11 Record Companies Preparing Justin Bieber Clones For 2012
12-27-11 Local Artist Young Vito Turns Himself In Over The Murder Of Gucci Mane And Waka Flaka Flame Rapper Slim Dunkin
12-27-11 Killing People Over Designer Shoes
12-27-11 Will The Kardashians Take Time Off In 2012 Due To Overexposure
12-27-11 Will Sex Pot Megan Fox Do Meaningful Work And Learn To Act In 2012
12-26-11 The Obamas Go Campaigning During Hawaii Christmas Vacation Only To Be Confronted By A Baby 
12-26-11 Evelyn Lozada Sued By The State In Antoine Walker's $110,000,000 Bankruptcy Case
12-26-11 Kobe Bryant Wants His Wife To Call Off The Divorce
12-24-11 Merry Christmas From The Judiciary Report
12-24-11 Fox News Commentator Calls President Obama 'A Skinny Ghetto Crackhead'
12-23-11 Mrs. Obama Slammed In The Press Again For Running Up The Tab On Her Family's $4,000,000 Hawaii Vacation
12-23-11 The Kardashians Slammed By US Congressman 'They Don't Give A Damn About The American People'
12-23-11 Floyd Mayweather Sentenced To 90 Days In Jail For Beating The Mother Of His Child
12-23-11 Madonna Has Been Getting More Plastic Surgery In Trying For A Comeback After Failed Albums
12-22-11 91 Members Of Congress Demand The Resignation Of Obama's Attorney General Eric Holder
12-22-11 Piers Morgan Slammed In Phone Hacking Hearings As A Liar That Participated In Crimes
12-22-11 Will Kobe Bryant's Alleged Infidelities Work Against Him In Court During His Divorce
12-22-11 Kobe Bryant's Wife Alleges He Cheated On Her With 100 Women
12-22-11 The Kardashian Family Use 'Slave Labor' To Make Their Fashion Line
12-21-11 A Hunky Soldier Asks Mrs. Obama To The Marine Corp Ball And Guess What She Said...
12-21-11 Ashton Kutcher Leaves Party With Three Women To Have An Orgy (Video)
12-21-11 Kim Kardashian's Mom Made A Music Video When She Was Her Age
12-21-11 Sony's PlayStation Vita Is Flopping And Trailing Nintendo Sales With Poor Numbers
12-21-11 Mariah Yeater Is Still Insisting Justin Bieber Is The Dad Of Her Child With No Proof, While He Goes To The Hospital
12-21-11 Kim Kardashian Says Reality Show To Go On For Years
12-20-11 Poll: Obama Will Lose The 2012 Election By A Landslide
12-20-11 Rupert Murdoch's News Corp Criminally Accessed Sir Alex Ferguson's Medical Records And Blackmailed Him With It
12-20-11 Phone Hacking Hearings Reveal The Crimes Began At The Sun Newspaper UK
12-18-11 Mrs. Obama Being Criticized Online For Her Trip To Hawaii Due To The Price Tag
12-18-11 Kim Kardashian's Best Friend Being Blamed For Kobe Bryant's Wife Filing For Divorce
12-17-11 Wacka Flocka Flame And Gucci Mane Rapper Slim Dunkin Shot To Death At Studio Shoot
12-17-11 73 Members Of Congress Sign A Vote Of No Confidence Against Obama's Attorney General Eric Holder Due To 'Fast And Furious' Deaths
12-17-11 CBS News Confirms That FBI Director Lied To Congress About Carrier IQ Spying
12-17-11 Kobe Bryant's Wife Files For Divorce Citing Cheating
12-17-11 Whoopi Goldberg Farted On "The View" Talk Show Stunning Guest
12-17-11 Demi Moore Humiliated By How Ashton Kutcher Cheated And Moved On So Quickly
12-17-11 The Kabbalah Center Viciously Harassing And Threatening Jamaicans
12-17-11 The People That Hired Phone Hackers Are Walking Around With Indecent Images Of Victims On Their Phones
12-16-11 Christians Backing Away In Droves From Voting For Obama In 2012
12-16-11 Barbara Walters Tells The Kardashians During Interview That They Have No Talent
12-16-11 Demi Moore Refuses To Let Go Of Ashton Kutcher And His Name
12-15-11 Rick Perry's Presidential Ad Challenging Obama's 'War On Religion' A Hit With 6,700,000 Views On You Tube (Video)
12-15-11 Falling In Line With Corruption In Politics
12-15-11 The FBI Slammed In Congress For Covering Up Death Of U.S. Border Patrol Agent
12-15-11 The FBI Caught Lying About Carrier IQ Spying
12-14-11 Ex-Boyfriend Of Justin Bieber Accuser Mariah Yeater Says She Lied About The Teen Singer For $50,000
12-14-11 Obama Spending Cuts Have Come Too Late In His Presidency
12-14-11 Emails Reveal News Corp James Murdoch Knew Of Phone Hacking And Signed Off On The Criminal Conduct Continuing
12-14-11 New Years Eve Movie Flops Costing Warner Bros A Bundle
12-13-11 Iran Says It Is Keeping The US Drone It Shot Down Over Its Shores
12-13-11 Gallup Poll Shows Democrats Losing Election In Swing States To Republicans
12-13-11 There Are 1,600,000 Homeless Children In America
12-13-11 Ashton Kutcher's Mistress Sara Leal: Sexual Affair Cost Me My Apartment And Job
12-13-11 There's Talk In The Press Of Impeachment For Obama's Attorney General Eric Holder
12-12-11 The Tea Party Mocks Obama As A 'Skunk' Labeling Him Something That Is 'Black, White And Stinks'
12-12-11 President Obama Ridiculed For Asking Iran To Return U.S. Military Drone It Shot Down
12-12-11 Teen Singer Justin Bieber Photographed Groping Girlfriend Selena Gomez's Butt Again
12-12-11 Amy Winehouse's Posthumous Album Tops The Charts In A Bittersweet Occurrence
12-10-11 23-Year-Old Model And Blogger Making Miraculous Recovery After Losing Her Arm In Plane Propeller Accident
12-10-11 Simon Cowell Is Exploiting Children In The Entertainment Industry
12-10-11 Scientology Engaging In Child Trafficking And Slavery Practices Holding People Against Their Will In International Waters
12-10-11 New Virginia Tech Shooting Leaves Many Questions Unanswered
12-10-11 Man Dies From Penis Enhancement Injections Done By A Woman With No Medical License
12-10-11 Hypocrisy Over Herman Cain Shows The Sorry State Of Politics
12-10-11 Ashton Kutcher Flirting With Women Everywhere While Demi Moore Remains Distressed
12-10-11 Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Kissing At Wedding
12-9-11 Kris Humphries Asked Tough And Embarrassing Questions On Television About Kim Kardashian
12-9-11 Metropolitan Police Retract Their Claim Regarding When Phone Hacking Ended
12-8-11 Hacker Arrested Again In The News Corp Phone Hacking Scandal
12-8-11 Justin Bieber Accuser Mariah Yeater Has Consented To DNA Testing But Refuses To Say When
12-8-11 Bikini Clad Selena Gomez Seductively Poses Over A Grinning Justin Bieber
12-8-11 Kim Kardashian Hypocritically Claims Husband Kris Humphries Is Gay
12-8-11 20-Year-Old Man Detained In The Beating Death And Rape Of 7-Year-Old Jorelys Rivera
12-7-11 Rod Blagojevich Gets The Maximum In Prison For Attempting To Sell President Obama's Senate Seat
12-7-11 Obama's Attorney General Eric Holder In More Trouble As It Is Revealed He Put Cash In The Hands Of The Drug Cartels In Mexico
12-7-11 Even Country Music Is Mocking The Kardashians
12-7-11 Rick Perry Pledges To Protect America From Obama's 'War On Religion' In New Ad
12-7-11 Nancy Pelosi Slams Newt Gingrich
12-6-11 Mitt Romney Slams Obama Over Planned 17-Day Christmas Vacation Branding Him A 'Failure'
12-6-11 A Second Person's Face Catches Fire During Surgery
12-6-11 Not Even Homeland Security Will Take Fruit Cake
12-5-11 23-Year-Old Model And Blogger Loses Hand After Walking Into Plane Propeller
12-5-11 It's Open Season On The Kardashians As Stars Come Out To Attack Them in The Press
12-4-11 Charges Dismissed Against McDonalds Cashier Who Claimed Self-Defense When Attacked By Two Customers
12-4-11 New Controversy Erupts As It Is Revealed Select Scientists Have Been Playing Around With Flu Virus To Create Super Strain
12-3-11 Hospital In Florida Sets Woman's Face On Fire During Surgery
12-3-11 Obama's Attorney General Eric Holder Retracts Denials He Made And Sent To Congress And Launches Another Cover Up Of The ‘Fast And Furious’ Deaths 
12-3-11 The FBI Tried To Cover Up Mystery Hack Into Water Systems
12-3-11 Conrad Murray Appeals His Manslaughter Conviction In The Death Of Singer Michael Jackson
12-3-11 Usher’s Ex-Wife Wants The Court To Immediately Drug Test Him To Prevent A Temporary Detox To Foil The Results
12-2-11 The U.S. Unemployment Rate Drops To 8.6 Percent On Seasonal Hiring For Christmas
12-2-11 Kris Humphries Files Embarrassing Annulment Papers Regarding His Marriage To Kim Kardashian
12-2-11 Beyonce’s Baby Bump Pictured Looking Like A Basketball
12-2-11 Usher's Ex-Wife Using Their Son As A Ploy For More Money And To Make Him Look Bad  
12-2-11 Fake Doctor That Injected Patients With Cement Says He's Done Nothing Wrong
12-1-11 Herman Cain Will Continue With Presidential Bid Despite Sexual Affair Claims With Ginger White
12-1-11 Mariah Yeater Caught On Video Smoking Marijuana And Bragging About It
11-30-11 Kim Kardashian Punched Her Husband Kris Humphries
11-30-11 Report: Singer Usher Is A Cocaine User
11-30-11 The Daily Mail Is Actively Engaging In Hacking, Phone Hacking And Wiretapping
11-30-11 Demi Moore Dating Someone After Ditching Cheating Ashton Kutcher But There's A Hitch In Her Plan
11-29-11 Wyclef Jean In Trouble Again As $10,000,000 Is Missing From His Yele Charity
11-29-11 Did Kris Humphries Like Lamar Odom Pick A Kardashian Sister That Looks Like A Former Love
11-29-11 Michael Jackson's Doctor Conrad Murray Will Likely Only Serve...
11-29-11 Kim Kardashian Filed For Divorce Because Her Husband Said She Has A Fat Butt
11-28-11 Man Comes Forward Stating He And Not Justin Bieber Is The Father Of Accuser Mariah Yeater's Baby
11-28-11 America Is Being Made Poor - Part 2
11-28-11 Beyonce Knowles Pregnancy Story Unravels Again With New Facts Indicating She Is Lying
11-28-11 TLC’s T-Boz Files For Bankruptcy Again
11-26-11 The Muslim Brotherhood That Obama Supports And The FBI Shuns Vows At Rally To 'Kill All Jews'
11-26-11 The British Government To Invest 1 Billion Pounds In Employing The Youth Of The Nation
11-26-11 Australian Senator States Rupert Murdoch's Son Was Present When News Corp Tried To Bribe Him
11-26-11 Justin Bieber's Camp Has Yet To Comment On Accuser Mariah Yeater Requesting A Second Paternity Test!
11-25-11 President Barack Obama Being Blamed For The Enormous Failure Of The Debt Supercommittee
11-25-11 Justin Bieber's Mommy Gave Him A Stern Lecture Over Buying A $160,000 Range Rover
11-25-11 Megan Fox Hits Broadway And Broadway Hits Back
11-25-11 Sara Leal Says It's Not Her Fault Ashton Kutcher's Marriage Ended After Their Sexual Affair
11-25-11 Another Rihanna Album Has Flopped With The Release Of "Talk That Talk"
11-24-11 Happy Thanksgiving 
11-24-11 James Murdoch Has Resigned From The Board Of News Corp Newspapers
11-24-11 Australian Senator Comes Forward Stating Rupert Murdoch's News Corp Tried To Bribe Him
11-23-11 Justin Bieber Calls Accuser Mariah Yeater A 'Weasel' Over Paternity Claims
11-23-11 Promo Clip For "Kim & Kourtney Take New York" Makes Kim's Wedding And Divorce Look Totally Staged
11-23-11 Mariah Yeater's Lawyer Demands A New Paternity Test From Justin Bieber
11-23-11 Kim Kardashian Waging A Smear Campaign Against Husband Kris Humphries
11-23-11 The Backstabbing On 'Love And Hip Hop' Is True To The Music Industry  
11-22-11 And The Winner Of 'Dancing With The Stars' Series 13 Is...
11-22-11 Justin Bieber Accuser Mariah Yeater Is Dragging Her Feet Not Wanting To Take The Paternity Test
11-22-11 School Bullies Should Be Expelled To Save Lives
11-22-11 Law Firm That Threw Degrading Party To Mock Foreclosure Victims Closes
11-22-11 Kris Humphries Dodges All Questions About Kim Kardashian Except Making One Statement...
11-22-11 Salma Hayek Eats The Pavement While Trying To Pose For The Paparazzi
11-22-11 More Victims In The Cement Butt Injection Case Have Come Forward
11-21-11 The Family Of Murdered Teen Speaks Out Regarding The Pain Phone Hacking By Rupert Murdoch's News Corp Caused Them
11-21-11 Demi Moore Is Plotting Revenge Against Ashton Kutcher
11-21-11 Rush Limbaugh Says Miami NASCAR Crowd Booed First Lady Michelle Obama Because She Is An "Uppity" Black Woman 
11-21-11 Justin Bieber Took The Paternity Test And Is Waiting For Accuser Mariah Yeater To Do The Same
11-21-11 X-Factor Ratings Plunge Again Leaving Simon Cowell Red-Faced After Boasts
11-21-11 Kristin Cavallari Slams The Kardashian Family For Lying About Her
11-21-11 Ashton Kutcher's Ironic Marriage And Relationship Advice
11-19-11 When Butt Injections Attack!
11-19-11 Lady Gaga Terrifies A Poor Little Baby
11-19-11 Justin Bieber Scheduled To Take A Paternity Test Regarding Mariah Yeater's Claims
11-19-11 Heavy D Laid To Rest
11-19-11 Ashton Kutcher Seen Laughing And Smiling After Announcing Divorce From Demi Moore
11-18-11 Economists Forecast Obama Will Not Fix The U.S. Economy By The 2012 Election
11-18-11 People Want The Kardashians Off Television Via A Popular Petition
11-18-11 Mean Kim Kardashian Drives Publicist To The Brink Of Suicide 
11-18-11 Why Did Usher's Brother Beat His Girlfriend And Child Leading To An Arrest
11-18-11 Madonna: Straight Men Find Me Ugly
11-17-11 Justin Bieber Accuser Mariah Yeater Busted Stating Her Ex-Boyfriend Is The Father Of Her Child And Not The Teen Singer
11-17-11 Kim Kardashian Worried Kris Humphries Will Spill Her Secrets
11-17-11 Female Reality Shows And Catfighting
11-17-11 Demi Moore And Ashton Kutcher Announce Their Divorce
11-16-11 Justin Bieber Accuser Mariah Yeater Abruptly Drops Paternity Suit Before DNA Tests Can Be Conducted But Questions Still Linger
11-16-11 Two Hollywood Directors Fall To Homophobic Statements
11-16-11 Will The Upcoming Oscars Suck Without Eddie Murphy Hosting It
11-16-11 Demi Moore And Ashton Kutcher Are Trying To Stay Together For The Sake Of Their Floundering Careers
11-15-11 Obama Messes Up And Calls Americans "Lazy"
11-15-11 British Prime Minister David Cameron Does Humorous Australian Accent In Imitating Prime Minister Julia Gillard
11-15-11 Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords Touching Recovery Featured On Television (Video)
11-15-11 Michael Jackson's Doctor Conrad Murray Is Suicidal
11-15-11 I Thought They Said The Old Lady From Studio 54 Was Dead (Madonna)
11-14-11 6-Month Pregnant Beyonce Knowles Busted Lying About Jimmy Fallon Performance Last Week That Featured Her With A Flat Stomach
11-14-11 Kim Kardashian Is Plotting To Get Back With Reggie Bush
11-14-11 The Way Mariah Yeater Talks One Would Think Justin Bieber Is A Sexual Predator
11-14-11 The Ex-Wife Of Singer Omarion Has Become A Man
11-14-11 Kim Kardashian Goes After Her Publicist For Telling The World Her Wedding Was Staged
11-13-11 Magazine Beyonce Knowles Cousin And Personal Assistant Said She Is Faking Being Pregnant
11-13-11 Beyonce Performs With Flat Stomach Claiming To Be 6-Months Pregnant
11-12-11 The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Launch New Season With More Catfighting
11-12-11 Braxton Family Values Returns And So Does Tamar's Ego And Competitiveness
11-12-11 Should Justin Bieber Accept Maury Povich's Offer To Settle The Mariah Yeater Paternity Case On His Show
11-12-11 Police Consider Arresting James Murdoch As Emails Recovered From India Servers Show Criminal Wrongdoing By News Corp
11-12-11 Conrad Murray Tells Interviewer Michael Jackson Had Psychological Problems
11-11-11 This Veterans Day Should Be One Of Reflection For The Government To Bring The Troops Back To Their Families
11-11-11 Justin Bieber’s Accuser Mariah Yeater Imitating Her Imprisoned Mother’s Violent Ways
11-11-11 Michael Jackson’s Doctor Violates Patient Confidentiality In Telling The World He Regularly Wet The Bed
11-11-11 Interview With Justin Bieber’s Accuser Makes Her Look Like A Liar For Crying And Dodging Serious Questions By Running Off Camera
11-11-11 Tips To Help Save Your Home From Foreclosure
11-10-11 Is President Obama Jealous Of The Attention Herman Cain Is Getting During Campaigning
11-10-11 Kris Humphries Parents Are Angry With Kim Kardashian For Dumping Their Son And In A Terrible Manner
11-10-11 Obama Accused Of Orchestrating Sexual Harassment Smear Campaign Against Rival Herman Cain
11-10-11 Rupert Murdoch And News Corp Hired Private Investigators To Spy On Lawyers And Their Young Children In The Hacking Scandal
11-10-11 Industry Rumors Are Rife That Beyonce Knowles Is Not Really Pregnant
11-10-11 Madonna Leaks New Song And No One Cares
11-10-11 Poll States Americans Are Very Dissatisfied With Obama's Handling Of The U.S. Economy
11-9-11 Justin Bieber Calls Woman Accusing Him Of Impregnating Her 'A Ridiculous Liar'
11-9-11 Megan Fox Spotted Without Her Wedding Ring And It Leads To Rumors She Is Splitting From Husband
11-9-11 Why Did Evelyn Lozada Run From Joining The Show "Dancing With The Stars"
11-9-11 Why Women Shouldn't Own Sports Teams
11-8-11 Asteroid Comes Closest It Ever Has To Hitting Earth
11-8-11 Woman Alleging Justin Bieber Impregnated Her Begins Crying When Hearing He's Denying
11-8-11 35 Members Of Congress Demand Eric Holder's Resignation For The Deaths Associated With His Illegal Gunwalking Program
11-8-11 Dumbest Madonna Songs Ever
11-7-11 Conrad Murray Found Guilty Of Involuntary Manslaughter In The Death Of Michael Jackson
11-7-11 NBC Owns The Kardashians In A Painfully Accurate Spoof That Has Become A Viral Hit
11-7-11 Britain's Prime Minister And Australian Politicians Denounce Rupert Murdoch And News Corp
11-7-11 Justin Bieber To Take DNA Test Then Sue Woman Accusing Him Of Impregnating Her
11-6-11 Since Madonna Has Decided To Rip Off Lady Gaga We Should Call Her Grandma Gaga
11-5-11 British Police Arrest Another Rupert Murdoch/News Corp Journalist In Phone Hacking Scandal
11-5-11 A Female Couple Cry And Howl In Court As They Are Sentenced To Life In Prison For Beating Another Person's Child To Death
11-5-11 Madonna Is Trying To Destroy Lady Gaga's Career By Siphoning Off Her Team
11-5-11 Money Worshipping Kim Kardashian Refuses To Give Back $2,000,000 Wedding Ring After Humiliating Husband Of Two Months
11-5-11 Kelly Rowland Lets Slip That Beyonce Knowles Is Having A Girl For Husband Jay-Z
11-4-11 New Photos Released Of The Woman Justin Bieber Allegedly Impregnated Make Her Look Mentally Unwell
11-4-11 Admit It, I Was Right About Justin Bieber's Haircut
11-4-11 I'm Starting To Think Much Of Kim Kardashian's Rear Is Real After Seeing Her Brother
11-3-11 Lawyers For The Woman Accusing Justin Bieber Of Impregnating Her Backstage Insist They Have 'Credible Evidence'
11-3-11 Kim Kardashian Is Still Being Slammed For Filing For Divorce From Her Husband Of Two Months 
11-3-11 Has Basketball Wives Stolen The Real Housewives Of Atlanta's Crown
11-3-11 Elton John's Adopted Son Looks Like He Is Begging For Help In This Picture
11-3-11 What Did Justin Bieber Say When He Heard He Impregnated A Fan Backstage At A Concert?
11-3-11 Justin Bieber Sued For Paternity And Child Support Over Alleged Back Stage Sexual Encounter
11-2-11 Kim Kardashian Is Being Labeled The Bad Guy In Her Abrupt Divorce From Kris Humphries
11-2-11 Megan Fox To Hit Broadway In A Play
11-2-11 X-Factor's Stacy Francis Is Not A Newbie, But She Was Actually In The Famous R&B Girl Group X-Girlfriend
11-2-11 Blogs Call For A Boycott Of Kim Kardashian After She Filed For Divorce After Two Months Of Marriage
11-2-11 The U.S. Presidential Election Is A Year Away
11-1-11 Kim Kardashian Doesn't Like Minnesota
11-1-11 Lil Kim Gets So Much Plastic Surgery She Is Unrecognizable
11-1-11 Courtney Stodden Is Trying To Be The New Pamela Lee And It's Not Working
10-31-11 Publicity Hungry Kim Kardashian Announces She Has Filed For Divorce From Kris Humphries 
10-31-11 Most Homeowners Are Not Using Modification Programs And It Is For A Reason
10-31-11 TSA Agent Fired For Writing Sexually Suggestive Note In Luggage
10-29-11 U.S. Economic Growth In The Third Quarter Attributed To Hurricane Irene Spending
10-29-11 The Kardashians Slam The Obamas For Slamming Them
10-29-11 Obama, FBI And DOJ Being Slammed For New FOIA Rules Allowing Them To Lie To The Public
10-29-11 Florida Courts Have Gone Bankrupt Requiring An Emergency $46,000,000 Bailout Loan From Governor Rick Scott
10-29-11 The Way Hollywood Actress Megan Fox Is Standing In This Picture Reminds Me Of That Old Rap Song...
10-29-11 I'm Sorry But Britney Spears Costume Designer Must Hate Her For Something
10-29-11 Director Bret Ratner Says Michael Jackson Used To Throw Water Balloons At Unsuspecting Homeless People
10-29-11 Toni Braxton Fired Her Manager Brother-In-Law Vincent Herbert
10-29-11 Tamar Braxton Shows Her True Colors By Insulting The Bible In A Distasteful Joke
10-28-11 Video And Photos Of Muammar Gadhafi Being Sodomized With A Knife And Beaten Is Barbaric
10-28-11 Obama Implies The Kardashians Are Liars
10-28-11 How Do Tamar Braxton And Vince Herbert Reconcile Being Christians While Putting Out Lady Gaga's Illuminati Devil Worshipping Music And Videos
10-28-11 Woman Grabs Usher's Collar And Tells Him "You Don’t Belong Here"
10-27-11 Why Is Lindsay Lohan Trying To Portray Posing Nude In Playboy As Something Positive
10-27-11 Michael Lohan Arrested For Stalking After Jumping Three Stories From Building And Injuring His Foot
10-27-11 After Robbing And Exploiting Blacks In The US And Africa Why Is Madonna Headlining The Super Bowl Half Time Show In The Predominately Black NFL
10-27-11 Beyonce Knowles Is Reportedly Having A Girl
10-27-11 Rupert Murdoch Could Not Care About News Corp’s Employees & Shareholders And Remain In The Job
10-27-11 Breaking News: Steve Jobs Hated Rupert Murdoch's Fox News
10-26-11 Muammar Gadhafi Was Tortured And Sodomized With A Knife Before Being Killed
10-26-11 Amy Winehouse Died Of Alcohol Poising And The Claims Regarding A Drug Overdose...
10-26-11 Report: Lady GaGa's Manager And Label Owner Suffers Life Threatening Pulmonary Embolism
10-26-11 The Prince And Michael Jackson Rivalry
10-26-11 Will "Basketball Wives" Ratings Suffer Without Evelyn Lozada
10-26-11 Influential Investment Group Tells News Corp Shareholders To Remove Rupert Murdoch & His Family
10-25-11 If The U.S. Government Does Not Fix The Economy In The Near Future Unemployment Is Going To Hit 20%
10-25-11 Tide Turns Against Obama As 70% Of Americans Blame Him For The Poor Economy
10-25-11 Why Is President Obama Making Such Poor Investment Choices
10-25-11 FBI Director Robert S. Mueller Pats Himself On The Back ACLU Slaps Him With Lawsuit For Being A Racist
10-25-11 Megan Fox Had More Cosmetic Work Done Again
10-25-11 Occupy Hollywood Slams Singer Beyonce As An "As**ole" For Being A Greedy, Money Grubbing Show Off
10-25-11 Ashton Kutcher's Massive Trailer Is Very Convenient For Carrying On Sexual Affairs
10-24-11 Report: Beyonce Knowles’ Real Dad Is Not Mathew Knowles
10-24-11 McDonalds Cashier Accused Of Beating Two Violent Customers Claims Self-Defense In Court
10-24-11 88-Year-Old Woman Being Deported From Britain To Possible Death In Her Home Country
10-24-11 Madonna Booed In London At The Premiere Of Her Copyright Infringing Film “We”
10-24-11 Rupert Murdoch Is Being Investigated By The Government For Using 'Mafia Tactics' On Rivals
10-22-11 Is Shia LaBeouf Publicly Lashing Out Over Megan Fox Marrying Brian Austin Green Instead Of Him
10-22-11 Mathew Knowles Tried To Buy His Illegitimate Son And Give Him To Beyonce Knowles And Jay-Z To Raise
10-22-11 Another Of Gadhafi's Sons Killed In Libya
10-21-11 Presidential Voting In America Is Just A Few Weeks Away As Pressure Builds In Washington
10-21-11 Farmers Complain About New Immigration Laws That Have Decreased Their Revenues
10-21-11 Basketball Player Derek Rose And His Driver Detained By Police For DUI In Los Angeles
10-21-11 Lindsay Lohan's Mother Is Shopping A Tell-All On Her Rebellious Offspring
10-20-11 Head Of State Muammar Gadhafi Assassinated In Libya
10-20-11 Beyonce's Fake Baby Bump Shrinks Again
10-20-11 Report: Actress Demi Moore Is Suicidal Over The Ashton Kutcher Scandal
10-20-11 Lil Fizz Of B2K Is A Pothead With His Own Pot Shop In Los Angeles
10-20-11 Lindsay Lohan Has Been Rearrested So Many Times...
10-20-11 Shia LaBeouf Threatens To Stab Bar Patron For Restraining Him During A Fight
10-19-11 The Obama Administration Has Deported A Record Number Of Immigrants In 2011
10-19-11 Man Sues Madonna And Kabbalah For Theft While Stating Demi Moore And Ashton Kutcher Are Not Really Married
10-19-11 Beyonce Knowles Steals New Edition's Video For "If It Isn't Love"
10-19-11 Jay-Z And Kanye West Sued For Stealing Music From Legendary R&B Singer
10-18-11 The Obamas Dislike The Kardashians Reality Shows And Do Not Want Their Daughters Watching Them 
10-18-11 Conrad Murray's Defense Team Tested The Drug Propofol On Dogs For The Michael Jackson Case
10-18-11 Rapper Soulja Boy Arrested In Georgia With A Lot Of Drugs, Guns And $70,000 In Cash
10-18-11 Shia LaBeouf Beaten Up On Sidewalk By Angry Man At A Bar
10-18-11 How Long Will It be Before Ashton Kutcher Cheats On Demi Moore Again
10-18-11 Ashton Kutcher's Mistress Sara Leal Fired From Her Job As Demi Moore Plots Against Her
10-18-11 Texas Governor Rick Perry Ahead In Republican Fundraising For The 2012 Election
10-17-11 Obama "Seeking To Capitalize" On "Occupy Wall Street" Protests For His Campaign
10-17-11 Championship Race Car Driver Dan Wheldon Dies In Accident At The Indianapolis 500
10-17-11 Ashton Kutcher's Mistress Wants To Have His Baby
10-17-11 Megan Fox Says She Is Not Into Twitter
10-15-11 The Last Of Megan Fox's Armani Ads Give Her An Old Fashioned Look
10-15-11 It's Amazing That Rihanna Had All That Plastic Surgery Work Done And Yet Her Forehead...
10-15-11 Why Do Celebrities Pretend On The Red Carpet
10-15-11 McDonalds Cashier Beats Customers With A Metal Rod For Slapping Him Across The Face
10-15-11 Charlie's Angels TV Show Gets Cancelled Like A Bad Check
10-15-11 Ashton Kutcher's Mistress Sara Leal Says He Told Her He Was Separated From Wife Demi Moore
10-15-11 Why Has Bruce Willis Been Silent In The Ashton Kutcher Cheating Scandal
10-14-11 Where Does Rapper Lil Wayne Get His Dress Sense From 
10-14-11 Rapper Rick Ross Had Two Seizures In One Day Which Diverted Two Planes Today
10-14-11 Moving Van Spotted Outside The Beverly Hills Home Of Ashton Kutcher And Demi Moore
10-14-11 Hollywood Train Wreck Lindsay Lohan Violated Her Probation Again
10-13-11 Hillary Clinton Nixes Idea Of Joining President Obama As VP Nominee In The 2012 Election
10-13-11 Website Bolsters Claim Beyonce Knowles Is Using A Surrogate Via Her Former Pregnant Personal Assistant
10-13-11 Ashton Kutcher Did Not Use A Condom While Having Sex With Mistress Sara Leal
10-13-11 As The Ratings Of "Two And A Half Men" Plummet Ashton Kutcher Is Being Blamed
10-13-11 Lindsay Lohan Looks Like Death Warmed Over In Her Latest Red Carpet Photos
10-13-11 All The Republican Candidates Are Beating Obama In The Polls Again
10-13-11 The Wendy Williams Show Further Exposes The Fact That Beyonce Knowles' Baby Bump Is Suspect
10-12-11 Ashton Kutcher's Mistress Says He Kissed, Seduced, Then Had Sex With Her Behind Wife Demi Moore's Back
10-12-11 The Mainstream Media Slams Singer Beyonce For Having A Fake Baby Bump
10-12-11 85% Of Access Hollywood Viewers Vote That Rihanna Did Not Deserve Esquire’s Sexiest Woman Alive Title
10-12-11 John Gotti Biopic Up In Smoke Thanks To Lindsay Lohan Jinx
10-11-11 President Obama Criticized For His "Complete Confidence" In Scandal Plagued Attorney General Eric Holder
10-11-11 Wall Street Protestors March Outside The Home Of Greedy CEOs Such As News Corp's Rupert Murdoch
10-11-11 Michael Jackson's Autopsy Photo Has Been Released To The Jury And The Public
10-11-11 "Austin Powers" Movie Actor Accused Of Murdering Sex Offender Cellmate In Prison
10-11-11 Beyonce's Baby Bump Suspiciously Shifts, Folds, Bends And Creases During Television Interview
10-10-11 Halle Berry Better Be Careful About The Dad Of Her Child Being Replaced In Her Daughter's Life By Her New Boyfriend
10-10-11 Basketball Wives Star Evelyn Lozada Suing Over Damaging Blog Rumor She Slept With Fiancé's Teammate
10-10-11 Ashton Kutcher And Demi Moore Are Headed For Divorce
10-10-11 Beyonce Slammed By European Artist Whose Work She Stole For The "Countdown" Music Video
10-8-11 Beyonce Steals "Countdown" Music Video From European Artist's Work
10-8-11 Was It Wise For Demi Moore To Let Ashton Kutcher See Her Looking A Certain Way
10-8-11 What Would Happen If Demi Moore Confronted Ashton Kutcher's Mistress Sara Leal
10-8-11 Megan Fox Says She Is Fine With Being A Sex Symbol But Directors Treat Her Badly For It
10-7-11 Chris Brown Showed Up In My Neighborhood Again
10-7-11 Ashton Kutcher Is A Male Gold Digger That Used Demi Moore For Her Hollywood Contacts 
10-7-11 Obama Referred To Newly Bankrupt Solyndra As "A Good Bet" 
10-6-11 President Obama Was Ready To Give Solyndra $500 Million More After Finding Out The Company Was Failing
10-6-11 American Protests Against The Corporate Sector Begins To Spread Around The Nation 
10-6-11 Ashton Kutcher Moves Out Of Demi Moore's Home Due To Adulterous Hotel Sex With Two Wild Women
10-6-11 Tupac Sex Tape Reveals Something About The Rapper Many Are Surprised By Or Should I Say Bi
10-5-11 Apple's Steve Jobs Has Died At The Age Of 56
10-5-11 Obama's FBI And DOJ Used Taxpayer Money To Arm Mexican Drug Cartels
10-5-11 New Court Evidence Reveals Conrad Murray Lied About Michael Jackson Administering Fatal Dose Of Propofol 
10-5-11 Ashton Kutcher's Mistress Sara Leal Is Angry And Suicidal Over The Press And Public Attention She Started
10-5-11 Another Of Megan Fox's Final Armani Ads Released
10-5-11 Young Kids Singing Dirty Songs Without Knowing It
10-4-11 Dr. Conrad Murray's Three Girlfriends Testify Against Him In The Michael Jackson Manslaughter Trial
10-4-11 Poll: '90 Percent Of Americans Think The Economy Stinks'
10-4-11 Paramedic: Michael Jackson's Life Could Have Been Saved Had Dr. Murray Called 911 Sooner
10-4-11 Ashton Kutcher Had Sex With Sara Leal After Bathing In Hot Tub With Her And Her Three Young Female Friends
10-4-11 Statistics Brand Barack Obama The Worst Job Creation President Since The Great Depression
10-3-11 Congressman Ron Paul: Impeach President Obama
10-3-11 Ashton Kutcher's Mistress Sara Leal Being Accused Of Being A Party Girl Targeting Famous Men
10-3-11 Blame Being Shifted From Conrad Murray In The Michael Jackson Manslaughter Trial 
10-1-11 Holes In The Michael Jackson Death Timeline Reveals Someone Is Lying
10-1-11 President Obama To Black People: "Stop Complaining And Work For Me"
10-1-11 Greedy Green
10-1-11 Selena Gomez vs. Kendall Jenner - Who Will Win Justin Bieber
9-30-11 Ashton Kutcher Was Photographed 3-Months Ago Leaving With A Blond Behind Wife Demi Moore's Back
9-30-11 Conrad Murray Wanted $5 Million To Be Michael Jackson's Doctor On Tour For A Few Months
9-30-11 Pop Singer Justin Bieber Helps His Dad Raise Money For The United Way
9-30-11 News Corp CEO Rupert Murdoch Selling His Homes In America To Hide His Assets  
9-29-11 The Photos Of Ashton Kutcher's Latest Young Blond Mistress Sara Leal Reveals She Is Wild And Promiscuous
9-29-11 When Breasts Implants Attack
9-28-11 Michael Jackson's Kids Cried Horrified As They Saw His Lifeless Body Laying In Bed Before The Paramedics Arrived
9-28-11 Ashton Kutcher Has Been Cheating On Wife Demi Moore Again With Another Younger Woman
9-28-11 Justin Bieber Nominated Again At The Second Annual MTV O Awards Celebrating Digital Music
9-28-11 The Lies Dr. Conrad Murray Told About Michael Jackson's Death Are Being Unraveled Via Testimony
9-28-11 Rick Perry Still Beating Mitt Romney And Barack Obama In The Presidential Polls
9-28-11 An Eye Opening Look At Rick Perry's Controversial Social Security Ponzi Scheme Statements
9-28-11 Report: Obama Has Lost The Jewish Vote
9-27-11 The Criminal Trial Of Michael Jackson's Doctor Begins In Los Angeles With Tears
9-27-11 Reeling From The Failure Of Her Current CD Beyonce Is Ill-Advisedly Rushing Back Into The Studio And While Pregnant
9-27-11 Rihanna Grew Jealous Of Report That Chris Brown Is Going To Be A Dad
9-27-11 The News Corp Phone Hacking Scandal Broke Up Families In More Ways Than One
9-27-11 Jesse James, I Thought You Said The Sex Was Better With Kat Von D, So Why Did You Cheat Again!
9-26-11 Sarah Palin Threatens To Sue Author Of Book That Alleged She And Her Husband Take Cocaine
9-26-11 Megan Fox Next Film Will Not Be Scrapped - Gets A Release Date
9-26-11 Former British Prime Minister Accused Of Sexual Affair With Billion Dollar Israeli Heiress
9-26-11 Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez's Mexicanadian Babies
9-26-11 Is Jealousy Behind The Brad Pitt Insult About His Marriage To Jennifer Aniston
9-24-11 Justin Bieber Kisses Girlfriend Selena Gomez Again While Strolling Along The Beach
9-24-11 Was Justin Bieber Wearing Spanx In These Photos
9-24-11 Megan Fox's Final Armani Ads Begin To Surface
9-24-11 Kim Kardashian Voted The Most Annoying Celebrity
9-24-11 R&B Singer Vesta Williams Found Dead In A Hotel Room
9-24-11 Madonna Pimping Her Underage Daughter Again For Publicity
9-23-11 Will Megan Fox's Ex-Boyfriend David Gallagher Spill The Beans On Her As Well
9-23-11 2011 Charlie’s Angels TV Show Reboot Is Not As Good As The Original Series
9-23-11 White House Gatecrasher Rubs Her Husband's Face In Affair Via A Big Kiss With Journey Guitarist
9-23-11 Why Is Jay-Z Going To Such Great Lengths To Deny The Existence Of His Alleged Child
9-22-11 X-Factor Is X-Flopping In America
9-22-11 Would A Campaign Ticket Of Rick Perry And Mitt Romney Beat Barack Obama And Joe Biden In 2012
9-22-11 How Did The Obama Administration Get To The Political Point Of Zero Jobs Created 
9-22-11 Megan Fox Is Still In Love With Former Costar Shia LaBeouf
9-21-11 Movement Among Democrats To Find Challenger To Run Against President Obama In 2012
9-21-11 Stunning New Rick Perry Presidential Ad Paints Obama As ‘President Zero’
9-21-11 Sarah Palin Gaining On Obama In The Polls
9-21-11 The FBI Raided Several IHop Restaurants
9-20-11 Pop Star Justin Bieber Is Thankful For Star Honor In His Hometown Stratford, Ontario
9-20-11 Executives From Obama's Bankrupt Solyndra Will Plead The Fifth In Congressional Hearing
9-20-11 Is Bill Clinton Becoming An Obama Apologist
9-20-11 Justin Bieber Up For 3 MTV Europe Music Awards
9-19-11 Journey Guitarist Neal Schon Runs Off With Botox Barbie Michaele Salahi From Real Housewives
9-19-11 Russian Billionaires Brawl On Television
9-19-11 Report: Lindsay Lohan Gives Her Mom A Lesbian Kiss (Photo)
9-19-11 Selena Gomez Smirks At Justin Bieber Fans In Photo As He Kisses Her
9-19-11 America Is Being Made Poor
9-19-11 Shaunie O’Neal Gives Impression She Is Clueless About Lozada’s Announced Departure From Basketball Wives
9-17-11 Senator John Boehner Slams President Obama’s Jobs Bill
9-17-11 Thought Megan Fox Couldn't Take A Bad Picture, Well Guess Again!
9-17-11 Justin Bieber Given A Star In His Home Town Of Stratford, Ontario
9-17-11 Kim Kardashian Wearing White In Her Wedding Photos Is…
9-17-11 Fantasia Holds Baby Shower On Anniversary Of Her Married Boyfriend's Wedding To Wife
9-17-11 Justin Bieber Spotted In Hooters Restaurant Again Upsetting Adults
9-17-11 Evelyn Lozada Questions Boston's Flavor
9-16-11 Brad Pitt: My Life With Jennifer Aniston Was Pathetic And Not Interesting
9-16-11 FBI Training Materials Instruct Agents: Muslims Are Violent People Worshiping Cult Leader Mohammed
9-16-11 Jobless Claims Rise Again In America
9-16-11 Will Justin Bieber Successfully Make The Transition Into Musical Adulthood
9-15-11 Are The Kardashians Overexposed
9-15-11 James Murdoch To Be Recalled To The British Parliament In November 2011 Over Lying In Previous Hearing
9-15-11 Report: Sarah Palin Slept With Glen Rice
9-15-11 Report: Sarah Palin Took Cocaine And Marijuana
9-14-11 The Kardashian Sisters Mocked Behind Their Backs On National TV By News Anchor
9-14-11 What Will Obama Do If He Doesn’t Get Reelected
9-14-11 Will Justin Bieber's Audience Outgrow Him
9-14-11 Beyonce Makes An Appearance With Flat Stomach Sparking More Fake Pregnancy Rumors
9-14-11 What If Paris Hilton Were Poor
9-14-11 Government Gullibility: Played For Suckers Or Was Solyndra A Front For Something Else 
9-14-11 Why Does Lady Gaga Think She Has To Be So Weird
9-13-11 Obama Administration Mum On How Many Jobs They Can Create For $420 Billion In Taxpayer Money
9-13-11 Congressman Darrell Issa: Attorney General Eric Holder Is Inept
9-13-11 Justin Bieber Wants Marriage And Kids In The Near Future
9-13-11 Megan Fox Still Hasn't Seen Transformers 3
9-13-11 Reese Witherspoon Looking Banged Up After An Elderly Woman Hits Her With A Car During A Jog
9-13-11 Another DJ Disowns Paris Hilton
9-12-11 Obama’s Job Plan To Be Paid For By The Taxpayers
9-12-11 Miss Angola Wins Miss Universe
9-12-11 Megan Fox Wants Kids But The Question Is...
9-12-11 Why Does Paris Hilton Continue To Party Like She Has No Job
9-12-11 Man Chokes Woman To Death During Sex And Is Charged With Murder
9-11-11 The 10th Anniversary Of The September 11th Terrorist Attacks
9-10-11 Site Hacked And Defaced By Madonna's Kabbalah Cult
9-10-11 Jealous Jay-Z Acts Like Rihanna Is His Wife While Beyonce Sufferers Fake Pregnancy Rumors
9-10-11 Nike Facing Backlash Over Back To The Future Shoe
9-10-11 Is Ali Lohan Trying To Look Like An Androgynous Model With New Cosmetic Surgery And Anorexia
9-10-11 Evelyn Lozada Mad At Bloggers Over What She Calls Lies 
9-10-11 Real Housewives Of Atlanta Star’s Ex-Husband Is A Child Molester
9-9-11 Are Obama's Speeches Getting Through To The Public
9-9-11 British Prime Minister David Cameron's Naughty Joke Cracks Up Parliament
9-9-11 Miss Colombia Doesn’t Believe In Wearing Drawers
9-9-11 Dirty Justin Bieber Website Taken Down For Violating Child Porn Laws
9-8-11 Back To The Future Shoes To Be Made By Nike
9-8-11 Have You Seen What They Did To 17-Year-Old Ali Lohan's Face
9-8-11 Madonna Slams Lady Gaga For Crazy Conduct She Encouraged
9-8-11 Meeka Claxton Has Left Basketball Wives And Is Suing
9-7-11 Evelyn Lozada Leaves Basketball Wives And Slams VH-1 
9-7-11 Obama Proposes $300 Billion Jobs Program
9-7-11 Rupert Murdoch Is Liquidating Assets As Son Is Being Devoured By People They Made Enemies Of
9-7-11 Megan Fox Tries To Look Demure For A Change
9-6-11 Governor Rick Perry Takes On Obama With Record Of Job Creation
9-6-11 Justin Bieber Does PSA On Texting And Driving
9-6-11 Soulja Boy Apologizes To The U.S. Army For Diss Track Insulting The Troops
9-6-11 Is It Just Me Or Does David Beckham's Son Look Like...
9-6-11 Tony Blair Is The Godfather...Of Rupert Murdoch's Child
9-6-11 Soulja Boy To The U.S. Army: F**k You
9-5-11 U.S. Unemployment Is Going To Skyrocket Again And Here's Why
9-5-11 Obama Sends U.S. Debt To All Time High
9-5-11 Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Are Sexually Active
9-3-11 U.S. Job Growth At 0%
9-3-11 Justin Bieber Accused Of Drag Racing In Accident
9-3-11 Braxton Family Values Releases Season Two Sneak Peek
9-3-11 When Spanx Attacks
9-2-11 Another Hack By Madonna's Kabbalah Cult
9-2-11 Student Acquitted In Shooting Death Of Gay Teen That Made Unwanted Sexual Advances Towards Him And Other Boys
9-2-11 A Sneak Peek At Obama's Job Plan Leaves Much To Be Desired
9-2-11 Silvio Berlusconi: I Can’t Wait To Leave Shi**y Italy
9-2-11 Rupert Murdoch Defames Australia’s Prime Minister Then Retracts It After Legal Threat
9-2-11 Report: Jay-Z's Sex Partner Rihanna Wants To Fire Him As Her Manager
9-2-11 Critics Savage Madonna's "WE" Movie As Garbage
9-1-11 Obama Solar Firm Fails Filing For Bankruptcy And Laying Off 1,110 People
8-31-11 One Of Jay-Z's Sex Partners Insults His Wife Beyonce On Twitter
8-31-11 ABC Gets A Flood Of Complaints From The Public For Adding Transgender Chaz Bono To Dancing With The Stars
8-31-11 Miami Beach Police Department Pulls Weapon On Beyonce's Sister Solange Knowles
8-30-11 Polls Reveal 1 In 4 Democrats Do Not Want Obama To Be Reelected In 2012
8-30-11 Paris Hilton's Reality Show Is Cancelled
8-30-11 Basketball Player Jarvis Crittenton Has Been Apprehended On Murder Charges
8-29-11 Get Ready For Jayonce Y’All Because Beyonce Is Pregnant For Jay-Z
8-29-11 Hollywood Walk Of Fame Has Banned Reality Stars
8-29-11 26 Dead And $48 Billion In Damage Due To Hurricane Irene
8-27-11 George Bush's Brother Gives Politicians Pointers On How To Win Florida In The 2012 Election
8-27-11 This Is What Happens When Black People Run An Airline
8-27-11 Doesn't Eric Williams From Basketball Wives Look Like...
8-26-11 Is Megan Fox More Of A Model Than An Actress
8-26-11 Rupert Murdoch's News Corp Broke British Law
8-26-11 Malawi Judge Runs Madonna Out Of Court And Citizens Demand Their Land Back From Her
8-25-11 Is Anti-Obama Merchandising Covered By The Constitution
8-25-11 Governor Rick Perry Leading In American Presidential Polls
8-25-11 Amy Winehouse Had Alcohol In Her System When She Died
8-24-11 Kim Kardashian's Mom Wants Justin Bieber To Date Her Daughter
8-24-11 Justin Bieber Wants His Kids To Be Canadian
8-24-11 Rihanna And Her Opening Act J Cole Have A Sex Tape
8-24-11 Is Jay-Z Cheating On Beyonce Again
8-23-11 A 5.9 Earthquake Shakes Washington And New York
8-23-11 Who Was The Smartest American President
8-23-11 Another Prominent Journalist Exposes Rupert Murdoch And News Corp For Stalking
8-23-11 Rumors Abound That Selena Gomez Dumped Justin Bieber
8-23-11 Is Kim Kardashian Ready For Children
8-23-11 Basketball Wives LA Looks Staged
8-22-11 Teenager Celebrated Murder By Stating: I Just Ran That Nig*er Over
8-22-11 Reports Indicate Rupert Murdoch And Family To Lose Billions Due To Phone Hacking Scandal
8-22-11 Will Evelyn Lozada And Tom Brady's Wife Gisele Get Along
8-22-11 Megan Fox Is Making Her Husband Look Bad Again
8-22-11 Is Angelina Jolie Insecure About Brad Pitt’s New Attractive Young Assistant
8-20-11 Kim Kardashian And Her Butt Are Getting Married Today
8-20-11 President Obama Criticized By Democrats And Republicans For Taking Vacation During Economic Crisis
8-20-11 Police Officer Arrested In News Corp's Phone Hacking Scandal 
8-20-11 Judge Orders One Of Rupert Murdoch Hackers To Disclose All Evidence
8-20-11 Girls Auctioning Off Their Virginity In Exchange For Justin Bieber Concert Tickets
8-20-11 Boycott Madonna's Rip-Off "We" Movie - Part 2
8-19-11 Is Judd Aptow Trying To Pull A Sexual Shia LaBeouf Regarding Megan Fox
8-19-11 Rupert Murdoch And News Corp Unmasked As Liars In The Latest Phone Hacking Arrests
8-19-11 Rupert Murdoch's News Corp Is Under Investigation For Computer Hacking And Corporate Theft
8-19-11 Boycott Madonna's Rip-Off "We" Movie
8-18-11 Brad Pitt Seen With Pretty Young Woman Again
8-18-11 Russell Armstrong Given Pill Before His Suicide
8-17-11 Obama Promotes New Job Plan
8-17-11 Fran Drescher From "The Nanny" Struggles With Husband Turning Gay
8-17-11 What We Can Learn From Zachery Tims Life And Tragic Death
8-17-11 Politicians Take Obama To Task Over Granting Sony Access To National Secrets
8-17-11 Spouse Of Star On Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Kills Himself
8-16-11 Rick Perry Rising In The Republican Party And Gaining On President Obama
8-16-11 Popular Florida Pastor Found Dead In New York Hotel Room
8-16-11 Will Ashton Kutcher Cheat On Demi Moore Even More With New Sitcom Job
8-16-11 Polls Currently Reveal Obama Will Not Be Reelected
8-15-11 Actor Corey Feldman Slams The Many Pedophiles In Hollywood 
8-15-11 Thief Steals Song Notebook And Guitar From The Home Of Deceased Singer Amy Winehouse
8-15-11 Corporate Tax Dodgers Rankling The U.S. Government
8-13-11 Is Obama In Over His Head
8-13-11 Is $14.5 Trillion Not Enough Money
8-13-11 Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez's Relationship In Trouble
8-13-11 Have Megan Fox And Pippa Middleton Brought Brunette Back
8-12-11 Is Megan Fox The New Queen Of Crude
8-12-11 Report: Democrats Do Not Think Obama Will Be Reelected
8-12-11 The Queens Of The Republican Party
8-12-11 The Dougherty Siblings Arrested Without Fatalities
8-12-11 The 1.5 Million CDs Lost In Sony London Fire Are Not Covered By Insurance
8-11-11 U.S. Government Loses $320,000,000 Hypersonic Jet In The Pacific Ocean
8-11-11 The U.S. Postal Service Wants To Layoff 120,000 People
8-11-11 Will Chad Ochocinco And Evelyn Lozada Last
8-11-11 Seriously, Who Burned Down The Sony Building In London
8-11-11 The Government Is Pretending
8-10-11 The FBI And Ethics
8-10-11 London Is Burning (The Summer 2011 Riots)
8-10-11 Football Games In England Are Being Cancelled Due To Riots
8-10-11 Sony Distribution Center Set On Fire During The London Riots
8-9-11 Prussian Blue Teens Say They Are No Longer White Supremacists
8-9-11 Rupert Murdoch And Family Are Robbing News Corp Shareholders
8-9-11 Basketball Wives Season Ends On A Bad Note
8-9-11 Basketball Wives LA To Make Its Debut This Month
8-8-11 The U.S. Stock Market Plunges 634 Points In One Day
8-8-11 Rapper Big Boi Arrested In Miami For Felony Drug Possession
8-8-11 David Beckam’s New Daughter Is A Lot Like Her Mom
8-8-11 Fantasia Sued Again Over Bank Debts
8-8-11 Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp Spying On People With Drones
8-8-11 How Can Rebekah Brooks Be The Daughter News Corp’s Rupert Murdoch Never Had
8-6-11 Members Of U.S. Seal Team Six Killed By The Taliban
8-6-11 Will Kim Kardashian Join Basketball Wives
8-6-11 Pippa Pips Kate Middleton To The Top Of Another Poll
8-6-11 Shaunie O'Neal Slams Her Show Basketball Wives
8-6-11 Rupert Murdoch's Daughter Drops Bid To Join News Corp Board
8-5-11 U.S. Credit Rating Downgraded For The First Time In History
8-5-11 The Judiciary Report Was Hacked Again By Madonna's Kabbalah Cult
8-5-11 A Booty Slasher Is On The Loose
8-5-11 Kim Kardashian Wedding To Be Screened On TV For Four Hours
8-5-11 Is Pippa Middleton Becoming The New Princess Diana
8-5-11 Justin Bieber Criticized For Wearing Lewd Shirt
8-5-11 Sean Kingston Nearly Died Twice
8-4-11 U.S. Stock Market Plunges 500 Points
8-4-11 Did Basketball Wives Star Evelyn Lozada Leave Her Fiancé Because He Lost His Money
8-4-11 Why Does Rupert Murdoch's Daughter Look Like...
8-4-11 President Obama's 50th Birthday Party Offered A Small Break From Washington
8-4-11 Berlusconi Back To Bunga Sex Parties
8-4-11 Prominent Editor Accuses News Corp Of Stalking And Bullying People
8-4-11 Donuts With A Side Order Of Sex Gets Woman Arrested
8-4-11 Reality Star Kristin Cavallari Grits Her Teeth And Returns 5 Carat Engagement Ring To Ex
8-3-11 Polls Show Pippa Middleton Is More Popular Than Sister Kate Middleton
8-3-11 Eric Williams Throws Drink In His Wife's Face (Video)
8-3-11 Managing Editor Of NOTW Arrested In Phone Hacking Scandal
8-3-11 Police Widen Rupert Murdoch News Corp Criminal Probe To Include Computer Hacking
8-2-11 Justin Bieber Pulling Pranks On Fast Food Workers
8-2-11 Fantasia Barrino Is Pregnant Again For Married Man
8-2-11 The Grammys Are Concerned Toni Braxton's Awards Will Be Auctioned
8-2-11 $2.4 Trillion Increase In U.S. Debt Ceiling Passes In Congress
8-1-11 Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Put Your Clothes On
8-1-11 Soulja Boy Private Jet Story Was A Lie
8-1-11 Crystal Harris Apologizes To Hugh Heffner For Saying He Is Bad In Bed
7-31-11 Atheists Sue Over Cross At September 11th Memorial Site
7-30-11 Justin Bieber And Sean Kingston Swarmed On South Beach
7-29-11 As Rupert Murdoch And Family Try To Pin Their Phone Hacking Crimes On Others Their Private Investigator Points The Finger At Them
7-29-11 Rupert Murdoch And Company Are Trying To Rule The World
7-29-11 Kabbalah Rabbi Brutally Killed By Schizophrenic Member Of His Cult
7-29-11 Is Kim Kardashian Getting Too Clingy With Fiancé
7-29-11 Hugh Heffner's Young Fiancée Says He Is Bad In Bed
7-29-11 Soulja Boy Buys $55 Million Dollar Jet
7-28-11 Renewed Outrage In Britain Over Rupert Murdoch's News Corp Phone Hacking Mom Of Murdered Missing Girl
7-28-11 Murdoch Family Ties To Phone Hacking Judge Leveson Presents Conflict Of Interest
7-28-11 Pippa Middleton's Bottom Continues To Overshadow The Royal Family As Show About Her Is Set To Air
7-28-11 Reggie Bush Signs With The Miami Dolphins No Doubt Making Kim Kardashian Happy
7-28-11 The Mo'Nique Show Is Cancelled
7-28-11 Hollywood Sales Plummet
7-28-11 Casey Anthony And Her Family Are Demanding A Lot Of Money For Interviews After Toddler's Murder
7-28-11 Piers Morgan Admits To Phone Hacking In The News Corp Scandal (Audio Confession)
7-28-11 Rupert Murdoch Is A Hypocrite For Breaking Up Many Marriages Through His Tabloids As He Is A Philanderer
7-27-11 Obama's Poll Numbers Implode Into Disaster
7-27-11 British Police Chief Slams Rupert Murdoch
7-27-11 Will William Be Tempted By Pippa Middleton
7-26-11 News Corp Faces Worldwide Boycotts
7-26-11 Amy Winehouse's Funeral Held In London
7-26-11 Justin Bieber Sings To Selena Gomez As His Fans Wretch
7-26-11 Will Lindsay Lohan Go The Way Of Amy Winehouse
7-26-11 Senator Demands FBI Investigate Rupert Murdoch For Hacking Rival & Stealing Their Copyrights
7-25-11 Amy Winehouse Died In Bed
7-23-11 Singer Amy Winehouse Found Dead At Age 27
7-23-11 U.S. Debt Deal Dead
7-23-11 Rupert Murdoch Illegally Wiretapped And Hacked The British Finance Minister And Prime Minister
7-23-11 The Limited Scope Of FBI Probe Of News Corp Betrays A Cover Up
7-23-11 Will Parliament Legally Compel The Law Firm Harbottle & Lewis To Disclose News Corp Evidence
7-22-11 Judiciary Report Hacked Again By Madonna's Web Team
7-22-11 Terror Attacks In Norway Leave 96 People Dead
7-22-11 Megan Fox Covers Elle China As Rumors Swirl Her Marriage Is In Trouble
7-22-11 Fox News Has A Secret Phone Hacking Department In The Building Says Former Employee
7-22-11 Photographer's Theft Lawsuit Against Rihanna Will Proceed
7-22-11 MP: James Murdoch Lying Under Oath In Parliament Will Be Referred To The Police For Criminal Investigation
7-22-11 Highly Questionable Porn Film Of An Underage Marilyn Monroe For Sale
7-22-11 News Corp Employees State James Murdoch Lied In Parliament About The Phone Hacking Scandal
7-22-11 A Second News Corp Whistleblower Died
7-22-11 Australian Prime Minister Slams Rupert Murdoch And News Corp
7-21-11 Republicans Develop Economic Plan And Await Response From Obama
7-21-11 New Drug In The Form Of Bath Salts Making People Permanently Insane
7-21-11 Kim Kardashian Sues Old Navy For Ripping Off Her Image
7-21-11 Bodyguard: Britney Spears Is A Nose Picking, Non-Bathing, Child Abusing Druggie
7-21-11 Dwyane Wade Sues Twitter Over Hacked Account
7-21-11 Rupert Murdoch Uses Slur In Reference To Black People
7-21-11 Paris Hilton Walks Out On Interviewer When He Implies Her Career Is Over
7-20-11 When It Comes To Debt The Obama Administration Has The Mindset Of Gamblers
7-20-11 News Corp And Insider Trading In The Phone Hacking Scandal
7-20-11 Rupert Murdoch Is A Liar And A Coward To Let His Employees Take The Fall For Him
7-20-11 News Corp's Rebekah Brooks Lied Under Oath
7-20-11 Former News Corp Employee Rebekah Brooks Accused Of Trying To Destroy Evidence Police Found
7-19-11 Obama Aging More Rapidly Than Ever In The White House
7-19-11 Did Rupert Murdoch's Wife Make Him Look Like A Punk And Wuss On TV In Trying To Fight His Battles For Him
7-19-11 The Boyfriend Of Tiger Woods Ex-Wife Dated His Mistress
7-19-11 Did J-Lo Do The No No With A Married Video Model
7-19-11 News Corp Continued To Pay Andy Coulson After He Quit To Spy On British Government
7-19-11 Rupert Murdoch's Smug Mug Hit With A Pie During Parliamentary Hearing
7-18-11 Rupert Murdoch News Corp Journalist Found Dead
7-18-11 Obama More Unpopular In The Middle East Than George W. Bush
7-18-11 Casey Anthony Walks Free
7-18-11 Rebekah Brooks Arrested And The Metropolitan Police Chief Resigns
7-18-11 Rupert Murdoch Is The Definition Of A "Dirty Old Man"
7-18-11 The Beckhams Post Pictures Of Their New Daughter
7-16-11 The Republicans Say Obama Has No Economic Plan, Only Speeches
7-16-11 Has Megan Fox Made Her Husband Insecure
7-16-11 Rumor: Tamar Braxton Is A Victim Of Domestic Violence
7-16-11 Why Is Rapper Nicki Minaj Covering Up Being Attacked At A Hotel 
7-15-11 The Head Of The Wall Street Journal Resigns Due To Rupert Murdoch Phone Hacking Scandal
7-15-11 The Mexican Government Burns Hidden Marijuana Desert Farm And Arrests Farmers
7-15-11 J-Lo Marriage A No Go As Divorce Is Announced
7-15-11 Delusional Rupert Murdoch Thinks The Public Adores Him
7-15-11 Privacy Invader Rebekah Brooks Resigns From Rupert Murdoch's News Company
7-14-11 You Can Tell By The Looks On Their Faces That The Debt Talks Aren't Going Well
7-14-11 The FBI To Investigate Rupert Murdoch's News Corp
7-14-11 Megan Fox's Husband Wants To Punch Shia LaBeouf In The Face
7-14-11 Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Wardrobe Choices At The ESPYs Are...
7-14-11 Goalie Scores Goal From Other Side Of The Pitch (Video)
7-14-11 Chris Brown Issues More Gay Slurs
7-14-11 R Kelly's House In Foreclosure Indicating Financial
7-13-11 Plastic Surgeons Call Megan Fox A Liar Over Botox Claims
7-13-11 This Commercial Is Proof Why People Should Cover Their Windows (Video)
7-13-11 Democrats & Republicans Refuse To Budge On Debt Ceiling While Obama Threatens To Cut Social Security Next Month
7-13-11 Rupert Murdoch Executive Admitted To Bribing The Metropolitan Police (Video)
7-12-11 Woman Cuts Off Her Husband's Penis And Puts It In Garbage Disposal
7-12-11 Rupert Murdoch Illegally Accessed The Medical Records Of The Prime Minister's Sick Child
7-12-11 Report: Rupert Murdoch To Relaunch News Of The World As The Sun On Sunday
7-12-11 Halle Berry's Violent Stalker Arrested For Repeatedly Trespassing At Her Home
7-12-11 Beyonce's Dad Sues For Being Fired Over Stealing From Her
7-12-11 Megan Fox's Career Still Mired In Mud
7-11-11 Rebekah Brooks Played Sex Games In The Office With Rupert Murdoch 
7-11-11 Jaycee Dugard Interviewed About Being Kidnapped, Raped And Impregnated As A Young Girl (Video)
7-11-11 Rupert Murdoch Is Protecting Rebekah Brooks Because She Could Bring Him Down
7-11-11 Pippa vs. Kate Middleton: A Battle Of The Butts
7-9-11 Rupert Murdoch's News Corp In Trouble As More Employees Are Arrested And News Of The World Closes
7-9-11 New Negative Jobs Report Is Bad News For Obama
7-8-11 Megan Fox Lying About Not Having Work Done
7-8-11 Jaycee Dugard Pens Memoir About Being Abducted, Raped And Impregnated As A Young Girl
7-8-11 Does Pippa Middleton Want To Marry Into The Royal Family As Well
7-7-11 Is It Fair For Obama To Solicit $1 Billion Dollars In Campaign Donations During A Terrible Financial Crisis
7-7-11 Judge Wipes Smirk Of Casey Anthony's Smug Face At Sentencing
7-7-11 Transformers 3 Sales Decline Actually Higher Than Reported
7-7-11 Justin Bieber Vanity Fair Cover Is The Worst Selling In 12-Years
7-6-11 New Poll Finds A Majority Of Americans Do Not Believe Obama Will Be Reelected
7-6-11 Pippa's Popularity Continues To Overshadow The Royal Couple
7-6-11 Doesn't Princess Charlene Of Monaco Look Like Princess Diana
7-6-11 Why Is Casey Anthony Smiling In Court
7-5-11 Casey Anthony Acquitted Of Murdering Her Toddler Sparks Outrage On The Internet
7-5-11 Will Reality Show Clear Up Toni Braxton's Debts And Financial Troubles
7-5-11 Sony Gets Hacked Again To Kick Off The Month Of July 2011
7-4-11 Officials Officially Pronounce Obama's Stimulus A Massive Failure That Added Billions To The National Debt
7-4-11 Transformers 3 Sales Decline 24% From Its Predecessor
7-4-11 Man Dies After Hitting His Head Protesting Helmet Law
7-2-11 Obama Is More Preoccupied With Fundraising Than The Economy
7-2-11 The FBI Being Called Corrupt For Letting Mobster James Bulger Go
7-2-11 The Joke Is On Lindsay Lohan
7-1-11 Obama Says He Has 5 And A 1/2 More Years To Go
7-1-11 America's National Deficit Increased An Unprecedented 35% Under President Obama
7-1-11 Mark Halperin Calling Obama A "Di*k" On Television Revealed The Limits On Free Speech
7-1-11 Rape Accuser Of Former IMF Chief Caught In A Recording Talking About Setting Him Up
7-1-11 Megan Fox Replacement Mocks Shia LaBeouf's Manhood
7-1-11 Sony Music Making Excuses For Beyonce's Album Flopping
6-30-11 Mark Halperin Calls President Obama A Di*k On Television
6-30-11 FBI Watched Underage Porn Star For 3-Years Before Stopping The Sex Crimes
6-30-11 Aaron Carter Says Michael Jackson Gave Him Cocaine And Wine As A 15-Year-Old
6-30-11 Justin Bieber Calls BET Security Man A "Dou*he Bag"
6-30-11 Beyonce's New Album Flops
6-30-11 MySpace Bought For $600,000,000 Sold For $35,000,000
6-29-11 Obama Tells America To Up Its Game
6-29-11 Obama's Broken Priorities Damaging The Economy
6-29-11 15-Year-Old Porn Star's Case Leaves Many Questions Unanswered
6-29-11 Shia LaBeouf Slammed For Blabbing About Having Sex With Megan Fox
6-29-11 Public Feedback On Megan Fox's Absence From Transformers 3
6-28-11 Rivals Use Bad Economy As Primary Tool In Their Bid To Oust President Obama
6-28-11 Megan Fox Had Sex With Shia LaBeouf
6-28-11 Bristol Palin Says Levi Johnson Took Her Virginity When She Was Drunk
6-28-11 About Derek J's Wardrobe
6-28-11 Billionaire Tells Obama To Resign Over The Economy
6-28-11 Rosie Huntington Whiteley Is Receiving Bad Reviews For Transformers
6-28-11 Nicki Minaj Slammed For Her Sexually Charged Speech To Justin Bieber
6-27-11 Woman Convicted Of Genocide And Rape Is Sentenced To Life In Prison
6-27-11 Lawsuit States Lady GaGa Stole Charity Money Raised For Japanese Tsunami Victims
6-27-11 Rihanna Sued Again For Stealing
6-27-11 Trying To Have Sex In A Public Toilet Gets Famous Talent Show Judge Into Trouble
6-27-11 Ryan Giggs' Sister-In-Law Breaks Her Silence Over Their Affair
6-27-11 Cee-Lo Green's Retro Wig At The BET Awards Was Dead Wrong!
6-25-11 On The Second Anniversary Of Michael Jackson’s Death What Has Hollywood Learned?
6-25-11 Google Under Investigation By The U.S. Government
6-25-11 Princess Diana Film To Be Released All Over The World
6-24-11 A Majority Of Americans Feel They Were Better Off Before President Obama
6-24-11 Ryan Dunn Consumed 11 Alcoholic Drinks Before Fatal DUI Crash
6-24-11 Michael Bay Slams Megan Fox As A Small Speed Bump
6-24-11 Kim Kardashian's Butt X-Ray Shows Foreign Mass
6-24-11 Justin Bieber Tackled By Undercover Police In Store
6-23-11 Another Democrat Politician Caught With His Pants Down
6-23-11 Will Steven Spielberg Break His Silence About Having Megan Fox Fired
6-23-11 Newsflash: Lindsay Lohan Violated Her Probation Again
6-22-11 Obama Announces Partial Troop Withdrawal From Afghanistan
6-22-11 Supreme Court Throws Out Walmart Sex Bias Lawsuit
6-22-11 Megan Fox Mum On Transformers Cast Allegations About Her Firing
6-22-11 Chris Brown Angers Gays And Contacts Rihanna On Twitter
6-21-11 Gallup Poll: Any Republican Would Beat Obama If The Presidential Election Was Held Today
6-21-11 Jacka*s Star Ryan Dunn Dead In Fiery Car Crash
6-21-11 Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Thinks Megan Fox Is Not A Rival
6-21-11 Mainstream Newspapers Finally Realize The FBI Has Become A Law Unto Itself
6-20-11 Dating Site To Members: All Ugly People Must Go!
6-20-11 Steven Spielberg Ordered Michael Bay To Fire Megan Fox
6-20-11 Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Lay Off The Kissing
6-20-11 Rebecca Black Suing Company Over "Friday" Song And Video
6-18-11 Lady GaGa's Sales Plummet Indicating Her Career Is In Trouble
6-18-11 Japanese Scientists Create Edible Doo Doo Steaks
6-17-11 Fox News: 200 Obama Donors Received Cushy Government Jobs
6-17-11 Weiner Resigns After Penis Scandal
6-17-11 Joss Stone Was Nearly Kidnapped And Killed
6-17-11 Michael Douglas' Ex-Wife Loses Legal Battle For Wall Street Money
6-17-11 Megan Fox: My Husband Is A Wuss
6-16-11 The FBI's Secret Spying Is Unnerving The Public
6-16-11 The Facebook Flush
6-16-11 Lawyer For Arnold Schwarzenegger's Mistress: She Was Not Paid
6-16-11 Report: Beyonce's Failed CD That Leaked Pushed Back
6-16-11 Tamar Braxton Defends Her Plastic Surgery
6-15-11 Obama Accepts Polls Proclaiming Him A One Term President
6-15-11 Another Democrat Caught In Sex Scandal
6-15-11 Arnold Schwarzenegger's Mistress Tells All In Paid Interview
6-15-11 Report: Shaunie Cheated On Shaq O'Neal With A Music Promoter That Extorted Him
6-15-11 Braxton Family Values Finale Explodes Into Fight
6-14-11 Obama's Attempts To Reinstall FBI Director Deemed Unconstitutional
6-14-11 Charlie Sheen In Talks For New Sitcom
6-14-11 Selena Gomez Complains Of Malnutrition
6-14-11 Basketball Wives Continues To Promote Discord Among Women 
6-13-11 Rashard Lewis Denies Sleeping With Lebron James' Fiancée
6-13-11 How Far Will Democrats Go To Push Anthony Weiner Out Over Sex Scandal
6-13-11 Bret Lockett Back Tracks On Kim Kardashian Sex Claims
6-13-11 Selena Gomez: I'm Not Pregnant For Justin Bieber
6-13-11 Ryan Giggs Got Sister-In-Law Pregnant
6-11-11 The British Government Is Cracking Down On Raunchy Singers
6-11-11 Beyonce's First Two Singles From Her New Album Flop
6-11-11 Did Ryan Giggs Sister-In-Law Marry His Brother To Get Close To The Football Star
6-10-11 Sarah Palin Emails Released
6-10-11 Weiner Down! Congressman Investigated For Private Messages To A 17-Year-Old Girl
6-10-11 Selena Gomez Rushed To The Hospital - People Speculate Pregnancy
6-10-11 Why The U.S. Real Estate Market Remains Collapsed And Continues To Worsen
6-9-11 Newsflash: Kim Kardashian Got Caught With Another Brother
6-9-11 Friction Between Toni Braxton’s Parents Leaves Her In Tears
6-9-11 Obama’s Approval Ratings Tank On Fears Of Another Great Depression
6-9-11 Computer Technician Secretly Spied On Customers In Their Homes While They Were Naked
6-9-11 How To Protect Yourself From Being Spied On In Your Home Through Your Webcam Or Mobile Phone
6-9-11 Beyonce And Her Mom's Fashion Line Fails At Walmart
6-8-11 The U.S. Economy Hits Another Massive Decline Under Obama's Watch
6-8-11 Leading Rental Company Facing Lawsuit For Spying On People In Their Homes Through Their Laptops
6-8-11 Anthony Weiner's Uncensored Penis Pic Leaked To The Internet
6-8-11 Megan Fox Did Have A Thing For Josh Duhamel
6-7-11 Selena Gomez Embarrassed By Public Criticism Of Her Relationship With Justin Bieber 
6-7-11 Justin Bieber's New Look Is A Bit...
6-7-11 Paris Hilton's New Reality Show Is Bombing
6-7-11 What Are Those Bruises On Madonna's Adopted Son's Face
6-7-11 Would You Pay A Plastic Surgeon To Do This To Your Face
6-7-11 Why Do Men Send Penis Photos To Women?
6-6-11 It Was Him - Anthony Weiner's Penis Betrayed By Twitter
6-6-11 Former IMF Chief Pleads Not Guilty To Rape Charges And Cites U.S. Gov Frame Up
6-6-11 Ryan Giggs Brother Leaves His Wife Over Her Affair With The Football Star
6-6-11 Expert Files Analytical Documents With The FBI Stating Obama's Birth Certificate Is A Forgery
6-6-11 Congressman Weiner Penis Photo Came From His Phone
6-6-11 Website Is Openly Selling Cocaine, LSD, Marijuana And Meth
6-6-11 Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Defends Michael Bay After Shia LaBeouf Slams Him Over Megan Fox Firing
6-6-11 Barbara Walters To Paris Hilton: Stop Being So Superficial
6-6-11 Ryan Giggs Sister-In-Law Had An Affair With Him For 8-Years
6-4-11 Indicted John Edwards Pleads His Innocence To A Skeptical Public
6-4-11 British Spy Agency MI6 Hacks Al Qaeda Site Switching Bomb Making Info For Cake Recipes
6-4-11 Sony Suffers Another Hack
6-4-11 Shia Labeouf Explains Why Michael Bay Booted Megan Fox From Transformers 3
6-4-11 Megan Fox Goes Through Airport Looking Depressed And Dowdy
6-3-11 Congressman Weiner Not Sure If It Is His Penis In Photo
6-3-11 Bill O'Reilly Takes The FBI To Task Over Weiner
6-3-11 China: We Did Not Hack Google
6-2-11 Report: Justin Bieber To Propose Marriage To Selena Gomez
6-2-11 Simon Cowell Rigs Talent Show To Get His Own Justin Bieber
6-2-11 A Botox Faced Simon Cowell Humiliates Cheryl Cole
6-2-11 Mobile Phone Companies Come Out Swinging At WHO Cancer Report
6-2-11 Doesn't Lady Gaga Look Like A...
6-2-11 Pippa Middleton Is Upstaging Her Sister Kate
6-1-11 Shaquille O'Neal Retires
6-1-11 Basketball Wives Back With More Fighting...Again
6-1-11 Toni Braxton Led Astray By Playboy
5-31-11 World Health Organization: Mobile Phones Promote Cancer
5-31-11 Canada's Economy Is Outpacing America
5-31-11 Sony Hacked Again...And Again
5-31-11 Justin Bieber Continues To Flaunt Selena Gomez In His Fans Faces
5-30-11 Israel Encouraging American Jews Not To Vote For Obama
5-30-11 Silvio Berlusconi's Political Party Takes A Beating In Italian Elections
5-30-11 Obama's Internet Intimidator Post Being Slammed For Using Taxpayer Funds
5-30-11 Obama's Internet Intimidator Sure Chose A Funny Name
5-30-11 Selena Gomez Gets Death Threats Over Groping And French Kissing Justin Bieber On The Beach
5-30-11 Money Is The Motive For Model Leaking The Ryan Giggs Affair
5-28-11 The FBI Busted Hiding Evidence
5-28-11 Judge Gets Off Easy After Stripper And Cocaine Scandal
5-28-11 Toni Braxton's Sisters Fighting Again
5-28-11 More Sexually Charged Photos Surface Of Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez
5-28-11 Obama And Congress Extend The Privacy Invading Patriot Act
5-27-11 Former IMF Chief Accused Of Rape Moves To Luxury Townhouse
5-27-11 Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Get Lewd On Public Beach
5-27-11 Sony Losing Cyber War To Hackers Who Are Battering Them In Several Countries
5-27-11 Beyonce Steals Again But This Time From Sam Cooke, En Vogue & A European Artist
5-26-11 The Miami Heat Are In The NBA Finals
5-26-11 Kids Still Being Taken To The Kabbalah Center Which Is Under Investigation For Crimes Against Children
5-26-11 Justin Timberlake Slams Justin Bieber: Put A Wig On A Chipmunk And Train Him To Act Like A Black Man
5-26-11 Why Has Obama Given Billions Of Dollars To A Terrorist Organization
5-26-11 Obama Hires Internet Intimidator
5-26-11 Rupert Murdoch Hypocritically Launches Whistleblower Site
5-26-11 Justin Bieber Marijuana Surfaces To The Singer's Anger
5-25-11 Ryan Gigs Sues Twitter Over Users Breaking Super Injunction
5-25-11 Madonna Plans New Plastic Surgery As Guy Ritchie Seeks To Marry Girlfriend Half Her Age
5-25-11 Did Obama's Pub Visit Cause Him To Write The Wrong Date In Westminster Abbey Guestbook
5-25-11 Report: Justin Bieber Launches New Perfume "Someday" Which Looks Like A Lady Part?
5-24-11 Hines Ward Wins Dancing With The Stars
5-24-11 Brad Pitt Better Watch Angelina Jolie Around The New Bodyguard
5-24-11 Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Go To Hawaii
5-24-11 Cam Newton Humorously Sings Justin Bieber Song (Video)
5-24-11 "Osama Turned Himself In To Get Away From His Wives"
5-24-11 Selena Gomez Getting Touchy Feely With Justin Bieber
5-24-11 Ryan Giggs Exposed As Super Injunction Football Player In Adultery Scandal 
5-23-11 Obama's Vehicle Breaks Down In Ireland
5-23-11 Megan Fox Wants To Play "Carrie" But Didn't She Already...
5-23-11 Why Did The FBI Let A Notorious Terrorist Go?
5-23-11 The World Did Not End On May 21, 2011
5-23-11 Former IMF Chief Accused Of Rape Is Living In Luxurious New York Apartment
5-23-11 Justin Bieber Wins 6 Billboard Awards
5-23-11 Madonna And Kabbalah Close Their Corrupt Charity Due To Criminal Investigation
5-21-11 Benjamin Netanyahu Staring Down Barack Obama
5-21-11 You See, Even Justin Bieber Can't Afford Gas
5-21-11 FBI Supervisors To FBI Director: We Want You Gone
5-21-11 Scientists: TSA Airport Radiation Doses Are Inaccurate
5-21-11 Music Manager Arrested For Cocaine Trafficking
5-21-11 Hollywood Glamorizes The Mafia At Kids Expense
5-21-11 Confirmed: Kabbalah Is Under Criminal Investigation
5-21-11 Tamar Using Her Husband's Wealth To Make Sisters Feel Bad On Braxton Family Values
5-20-11 The FBI Corruptly Granted "Sovereign Immunity" In The Aisha v. FBI Case
5-20-11 IMF Chief Accused Of Rape Resigns
5-20-11 Obama Slammed By Many For Betraying Israel
5-20-11 Peter Fonda Slams Obama As A "F***ing Traitor"
5-19-11 Obama's Relationship With Google Under Fire Over Blocking Free Speech And Free Press
5-19-11 Cornel West Denounces President Obama
5-19-11 Obama Politicizing The Secret Service
5-19-11 Congress Sponging Off The State While Cutting Citizens' Benefits
5-19-11 The N-Word Found On Graves In California
5-19-11 Justin Bieber Meets With Kids From Japan Earthquake
5-18-11 Identified: Black Muslim Woman Dominique Strauss-Kahn Reportedly Rape
5-18-11 Sony CEO Insultingly Refers To Massive Hack As A "Hiccup" While PlayStation Site Goes Down Again
5-18-11 The Woman Dominique Strauss-Kahn Reportedly Raped Lives In HIV And AIDS Housing Block In NY
5-18-11 The Woman Dominique Strauss-Kahn Is Accused Of Raping Is Named In The European Press
5-18-11 Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie Booed At Cannes Film Festival
5-18-11 Lindsay Lohan Thrown Out Of Celeb Bash - Takes Underage Sister To Tequila Party
5-18-11 Have The iTunes Charts Diminished The Importance Of The Billboard Charts
5-17-11 Arnold Schwarzenegger Had A Child With Household Staff Member Causing His Wife To Leave Him
5-17-11 Exactly Who Is Voting For Kirstie Alley On DWTS
5-17-11 Selena Gomez's Actress Friend Admits To Being In Love With Her Boyfriend Justin Bieber
5-17-11 Why Didn't IMF Chief Cite Diplomatic Immunity
5-17-11 Report: Lindsay Lohan Got Drunk At The Club Again And Assaulted Someone
5-16-11 It's Too Bad Donald Trump Will Not Be Running For President...
5-16-11 Princess Diana Film Director: Hollywood Films Are Funded By The Mafia
5-16-11 Teach Me How To Dougie Rapper Shot Dead In LA
5-16-11 IMF Chief Arrested For Raping Black Hotel Maid 
5-16-11 The World Is Not Going To End On May 21, 2011
5-16-11 Osama Killing Is A Call To Arms For Extremist Muslims
5-16-11 Osama Lived In Pakistan Longer Than Previously Thought
5-16-11 1 In 5 Americans Believe Osama Is Not Dead
5-16-11 Only 47% Of Americans Believe Obama Was Born In The United States
5-16-11 No, That Doesn't Look Crazy At All 
5-16-11 Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Refusing To Talk About Megan Fox
5-14-11 Osama: Kill Obama But Biden Not So Much
5-14-11 Harry Reid Says He Does Not Want To See Osama Corpse Photos
5-14-11 Osama's Escaped Son Labeled A Threat To America
5-14-11 Mother Botoxs 8-Year-Old Daughter's Face For Beauty Pageants
5-13-11 Revenge Suicide Bombing Over Osama's Death Kills 80 In Pakistan
5-13-11 Angry Selena Gomez Says She Is Not Going To Marry Justin Bieber
5-13-11 Megan Fox Gets Desperate And Goes Topless In New Film
5-13-11 In 2007 Benazir Bhutto Stated Osama Bin Laden Was Killed By Omar Sheihk
5-12-11 Obama Seeks To Extend The Term Of Failure Prone FBI Chief
5-12-11 Osama's Family States His Killing Was Illegal And They May Sue
5-12-11 Justin Bieber To Meet With 9/11 Girl Whose Dad Died
5-12-11 Princess Diana Film: The Royal Family Had Her Murdered For Dating & Becoming Pregnant By A Black Man
5-11-11 Obama's Refusal To Show Osama Photo Could Cost Him Votes In 2012
5-11-11 Miami Heat Are In The Eastern Conference Finals
5-11-11 Justin Bieber Falls Ill And Has A Wardrobe Malfunction
5-11-11 Toni Braxton's Sister Continues Competing With Her For The Spotlight
5-11-11 Bobbi Kristina Brown Cited Not Arrested
5-11-11 Did Rapper Joe Budden Beat Video Model Into Miscarriage Over Footballer Derrick Ward
5-10-11 Another Hollywood Executive Gunned Down Off Wilshire Boulevard
5-10-11 Rap And Violence Towards Women: Rapper Joe Budden Beats Video Girl Causing Miscarriage
5-10-11 Would The Pakistani Government Have Tipped Off Osama If They Knew Of Obama Raid
5-10-11 Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Kiss in Public To Squash Break Up Rumors
5-10-11 Tamar Says She Is Not Jealous Of Sister Toni Braxton
5-10-11 Jermaine Dupri Sued By Stripper For Child Support Payments
5-10-11 U.S. Economy Continues To Worsen As Not Enough Jobs Are Being Created
5-9-11 Pakistan Will Allow Obama Access To Osama's Family
5-9-11 Justin Bieber Slams CSI Star That Called Him A Brat
5-9-11 Whitney Houston Back In Rehab As Daughter Is Arrested
5-9-11 Obama Wants Access To Osama's Family
5-9-11 CSI Actress Slams Justin Bieber As A Brat 
5-9-11 Toni Braxton's Sister Tamar Tired Of Being In Her Shadow
5-9-11 Whitney Houston's Daughter Arrested For Drinking, Fighting And Gun Possession
5-7-11 Home Videos Released By Obama Show Osama Watching Himself On TV
5-7-11 Report: Selena Gomez Cheated On Justin Bieber
5-7-11 Beyonce Keeps Stealing From The Braxton Family
5-7-11 Jermaine Dupri's Financial Woes Continue With Foreclosure On His Mansion
5-6-11 Obama Administration Goes Silent Over Osama Proof Of Death
5-6-11 Mentally Disabled People Being Bribed Into Substandard Care While The FBI Looks The Other Way
5-6-11 Sony Broken By Anonymous $24 Billion Dollar Hack
5-6-11 Toni Braxton's Family Sad Upon Learning Of Her Potentially Fatal Illness
5-6-11 Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Steals Another Crown From Megan Fox
5-6-11 Justin Bieber's Crew Refusing To Go To Japan Due To Radiation, But He Vows To Perform Anyway
5-5-11 President Obama Criticized By September 11th Families
5-5-11 Teenage Girl Asked To Meet Bieber Got Barack Instead
5-5-11 Teenager Charged For Throwing Eggs At Justin Bieber On Stage
5-5-11 Report: Bristol Palin Had Plastic Surgery
5-5-11 Jesse James Sexual Insult To Sandra Bullock Is Juvenile
5-5-11 Obama's Osama Story Falling Apart
5-5-11 Selena Gomez: I Don't Love Justin Bieber
5-5-11 Chris Bosh Sues The Mother Of His Child Over Basketball Wives
5-5-11 Jesse James: My New Fiancée Is Better In Bed Than Sandra Bullock
5-4-11 Reuters Osama Death Photo Does Not Look Like Him
5-4-11 Note To Megan Fox: Stop Playing With Your Face
5-4-11 Pakistani Government Under Fire Over Claims They Gave Osama Medical Treatment
5-4-11 Another Sony Hack Claims The Personal And Financial Data Of 25 Million People
5-4-11 Selena Gomez Sorry She Hid Justin Bieber Relationship
5-3-11 Obama To Release Osama Death Photo
5-3-11 Obama Retracts Claim Osama Wife Killed
5-3-11 Obama Retracts Claim Osama Used Wife As A Human Shield
5-3-11 Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Steals Megan Fox's Maxim Crown
5-3-11 The Press Begin To Guess Osama's Successor
5-3-11 Muslim Scholars: Osama Insultingly Was Not Buried According To Islamic Law
5-2-11 Obama Ordered Bombing Kills Gadhafi’s Son, Underage Grandchildren & Destroys School For Disabled Kids
5-2-11 Osama Bin Laden Killed, But CIA And FBI Questions Abound
5-2-11 10 Million Sony PSN Credit Card Info Stolen, 2.2 Million Offered For Sale

Video Of Justin Bieber Getting Egged On Stage

5-2-11 Beautiful 16-Year-Old British Model Regrettably Kills Herself
4-30-11 Obama's Dad Was Thrown Out Of Harvard
4-30-11 Eggs Thrown At Justin Bieber During Concert
4-30-11 Justin Bieber Is Working On New Music
4-30-11 Will Toni Braxton's Sister Tamar Braxton’s CD Be A Hit Or Miss
4-29-11 Report: Obama Did Not Release His Actual Birth Certificate This Week
4-29-11 Obama Labels Birthers A Distraction - But What About Libya
4-29-11 Obama Accused Of Trying To Kill Gadhafi
4-29-11 Google Sued For Using Tracking On Android Phones
4-29-11 Sony Badly Hit By $24 Billion Dollar Hack
4-29-11 K-Fed's Girlfriend Spending More Time With Britney Spears' Kids Than She Is 
4-28-11 Rupert Murdoch Compromised National Security With Illegal Phone Hacking And Wiretapping
4-28-11 Justin Bieber Is The Top Selling Teen Entertainer In History
4-28-11 Physically Ill Toni Braxton Antagonized By Her Jealous Sister On Reality Show
4-28-11 Lindsay Lohan Says She'll Win An Oscar, But For What?
4-27-11 Obama Presents Birth Certificate, But Site States It Contains PDF Layering (Tampering And Forgery)
4-27-11 Justin Bieber Threw Out His Back...But How
4-27-11 Atlanta Braves Coach Threatened With Lawsuit Over Alleged Gay Slur
4-27-11 Woman Beaten By Police In Restaurant In Front Of Customers
4-27-11 Judge And Her Family Subject Of Police Raid On Easter Sunday
4-26-11 IMF: The End Of American World Dominance Is Nigh
4-26-11 The Economy Has Become A Free For All For Corporate Criminals
4-26-11 iPhone Tracking Scandal Gives Insight To Rupert Murdoch Phone Hacking And Wiretapping
4-26-11 Gang Stalking - Part 4
4-26-11 Justin Bieber Premieres A Line Of Singing Toothbrushes And Dental Floss
4-26-11 Is Rosie Huntington-Whiteley More Popular Than Megan Fox
4-26-11 Judge Orders Lindsay Lohan To Work At A Morgue And Clean Toilets
4-25-11 Justin Bieber Called Out The Wrong Country On Tour
4-25-11 Lindsay Lohan Whining People Are Out To Get Her
4-25-11 Your Granny Cut The Internet
4-25-11 New Report Indicates Mrs. Obama's Plane Was In Danger Of Crashing
4-25-11 Attorney General Eric Holder Is A Tax Dodger
4-23-11 Justin Bieber: My Fans Think Something Bad Happened To Me When I'm Not On Twitter (Video)
4-23-11 Chris Brown Wants To Tour With Justin Bieber
4-23-11 Rebecca Black Hits The Red Carpet
4-23-11 Lindsay Lohan Is Depressed Over Jail Sentence
4-23-11 The Aflac Duck vs. The Geico Lizard
4-22-11 Obama Could Rebuild American Cities If...
4-22-11 Will Justin Bieber's Parents Get Married
4-22-11 You Tube Video Embedding Diminishes View Count
4-22-11 Rupert Murdoch Has Proven He Cannot Be Trusted
4-22-11 BP Files A Monster Of A Lawsuit Against Halliburton
4-22-11 Derek Rose Is A Thorn
4-21-11 Barack Obama: I’m Getting Old
4-21-11 Real Madrid Bus Runs Over Championship Trophy (LOL)
4-21-11 Justin Bieber Voted One Of The Most Influential People In The World, But Can You Imagine If Joe Jackson...
4-21-11 Lady Gaga Falls On Stage For The Umpteenth Time
4-21-11 Rebecca Black Receives Death Threats
4-20-11 Obama Gearing Up To Spend More Money
4-20-11 New Book On Obama Is Titled "Where's The Birth Certificate"
4-20-11 Obama Gives Al Qaeda $25 Million Dollars
4-20-11 Lady Gaga Crazily Believes God Gave Her The Lyrics To "Judas"
4-20-11 Toni Braxton Says She Is More Popular In Europe
4-20-11 Have Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Been Faithful To Each Other
4-20-11 Wouldn't It Be Funny If Megan Fox Crashed The Transformers 3 Premiere
4-19-11 Did Mrs. Obama's Plane Nearly Crash With A Cargo Jet
4-19-11 New York Government: Kick Ball And Freeze Tag Are Unsafe
4-19-11 Lady Gaga's Satanic Shock Tactics Are Boring And Unwise
4-19-11 Justin Bieber Becomes A Black Rapper
4-19-11 Win A School Visit From Justin Bieber
4-19-11 Judge To Charlie Sheen Regarding Custody Of Kids: Kick Rocks
4-18-11 S&P Changes America's Rating To "Negative" Highlighting Obama's Failure To Tame The Deficit
4-18-11 Report: Vanessa Hudgens Photographed Doing Cocaine
4-18-11 Actress Attacked By Girl That Thought She Was Justin Bieber's Girlfriend
4-18-11 Toni Braxton Fails To Refute Spendthrift Claims
4-16-11 Nicolas Cage Arrested For Domestic Violence And Public Intoxication
4-16-11 Bobby Brown Made $30 Million Dollars In One Year And Blew It All In One Year
4-16-11 Obama Wants Americans To Vote On Feelings Not Facts
4-16-11 Lady Gaga Fan Kills Cat And Wears It To Imitate Singer's Meat Dress
4-16-11 Lady Gaga Lies About Prosthetic Horns Calling Them Her Bones
4-16-11 Charlie Sheen's Ex-Wife Back On Drugs
4-16-11 Lindsay Lohan Connected To The Mafia
4-16-11 Mickey Rourke Apologizes For Slamming His Film With Megan Fox
4-15-11 Boycott Madonna
4-15-11 Unemployment And Inflation Rise In America
4-15-11 Another Rupert Murdoch Journalist Arrested For Wiretapping And Hacking
4-15-11 Justin Bieber Is Taking A Break From Twitter
4-15-11 FBI Releases Tupac File Showing Death Threats And Extortion
4-15-11 Wall Street Journal: Obama Is Going To Lose The 2012 Election
4-15-11 Tea Party Goes After Obama With Hard Hitting Ad
4-15-11 Toni Braxton Takes A Dig At Evelyn Lozada
4-14-11 Obama Deficit And Budget Speech Is Not Convincing
4-14-11 Lady GaGa Makes Rude Penis Comment In Miami
4-14-11 Lady Gaga Lies About Having Plastic Surgery
4-14-11 Mickey Rourke Retracts Megan Fox Compliment
4-14-11 Lindsay Lohan Is Looking Old
4-14-11 Is Jenn Sterger Lying About Not Making Money Off The Brett Favre Scandal
4-14-11 The $20,000,000 Vehicle
4-13-11 Clinton Takes A Liking To Gadhafi's Buxom Blonde Nurse
4-13-11 What Is Silvio Berlusconi's Fixation With Football Player Ronaldo
4-13-11 Justin Bieber Falls Afoul Of Israel's Prime Minister
4-13-11 Has Rupert Murdoch Ever Spied On A World Government For Another
4-13-11 Braxton Family Values Hits A Sour Note
4-13-11 Whitney Houston's Daughter Is Going To Have To Prove Herself
4-13-11 Homeless Men Being Beaten For Money
4-12-11 Why Does Lady GaGa Fall On Her GaGa So Much
4-12-11 Demi Lovato Talks About Eating Disorder
4-12-11 If Obama Had Ended The Wars And Not Started Another One…
4-12-11 Why Obama's Policies Are Failing
4-12-11 Report: The Cost Of Living In America Has Risen
4-12-11 Mr. Murdoch, Your Viagra Prescription Is Ready
4-12-11 Report: Rupert Murdoch Blackmailed The British Prime Minister
4-12-11 Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Break Up Rumors Abound
4-12-11 Did Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Just Give Away The Transformers 3 Ending
4-12-11 Kirstie Alley - The Xenu Is With You
4-12-11 Lady GaGa Goes Down Harder On Stage Than Maks On DWTS
4-11-11 Sarah Palin Agrees With Donald Trump On Obama Birth Certificate Issue
4-11-11 President Obama's Economic Plan Is Not Working
4-11-11 London Mayor Urges Newspapers To Come Forward In Phone Hacking And Wiretapping Scandal
4-11-11 Madonna's Connection To Phone Hacking And Wiretapping Scandal
4-11-11 Phone Hacking And Wiretapping Scandal Runs Way Deeper Than They Are Admitting
4-11-11 Money And Arrogance
4-11-11 The Heat Beat The Celtics
4-11-11 Lindsay Lohan And Her Dad Fighting Again
4-9-11 Obama Angering The World
4-9-11 Obama Ignores Gadhafi's Letter
4-9-11 FDA: Topamax Causes Birth Defects
4-9-11 FBI Finally Releases Notorious BIG Murder File
4-9-11 Rupert Murdoch Finally Admits His Company's Phone Hacking And Wiretapping Crimes
4-9-11 Madonna: FBI And IRS Are Not Investigating Me
4-9-11 Charlie Sheen Booed Again
4-9-11 When Weaves Attack
4-8-11 Obama Administration Is Destabilizing The World
4-8-11 Gucci Mane Arrested Again - This Time For Pushing Woman Out Of A Moving Car
4-8-11 Bend It Like Bieber
4-8-11 Britney Spears Gets Transvestite To Be Butt Double - And He Looks Better Than She Does
4-8-11 Donald Trump: Obama's Grandmother Says He Was Born In Africa And She Witnessed The Birth
4-7-11 Has Justin Bieber Been Dumped By Selena Gomez
4-7-11 The Beckhams To Name Their Child After Justin Bieber
4-7-11 Britney Spears Tour Postponed Because She Is Crazy
4-7-11 Beyonce And Jay-Z Fighting Over Rihanna
4-7-11 Cute Christian Spoof Of Rebecca Black's "Friday"
4-6-11 Obama Accused Of Ignoring Serious Issues In Favor Of Fun Fun Fun!
4-6-11 FBI Agent Tried To Run Over Two Journalists With Car
4-6-11 Justin Bieber And Rebecca Black Up For Gongs At MTV Internet Award Show
4-6-11 Michael Jackson's Ex-Sister-In-Law Set To Stab The Family In The Back With A Scandalous Tell-All
4-6-11 Newsweek Outs Madonna As The Criminal Behind Kabbalah
4-6-11 R. Kelly Made An Illegal Aaliyah Sex Tape
4-5-11 Obama In Libya: Operation OD
4-5-11 President Obama Launches Reelection Campaign As His Popularity Plummets
4-5-11 Video Of Justin Bieber's Mom's Hair Catching Fire
4-4-11 Legal Fight Breaks Out Over Rebecca Black's Unoriginal "Friday"
4-4-11 Charlie Sheen's Torpedo Of Truth Tour Is Bombing
4-4-11 Rosie Huntington-Whitely Kissing Up To Michael Bay
4-2-11 Britney Spears Is Looking Very Old For 29
4-2-11 Justin Bieber Saved His Mom When Her Hair Caught On Fire
4-2-11 New 2011 Political Ad Mocks Obama
4-2-11 Clinton To Congress On Libya: Butt Out
4-2-11 Muslim Boy Charged With Hate Crime Against Muslim Girl
4-2-11 New "Twilight" Movie Scenes Are Softcore Porn 
4-2-11 Evelyn Lozada Returns To Basketball Wives 
4-1-11 Madonna.com Hackers Hacked Into Google Adsense Wiping Out Thousands Of Dollars In Ad Revenues
4-1-11 Photos: Lindsay Lohan Got Drunk Again
4-1-11 Lindsay Lohan 911 Rehab Call Surfaces
3-31-11 Site Note: Another Hack
3-31-11 NATO = OBAMA
3-31-11 Which Girl Does Justin Bieber Really Prefer?
3-31-11 Megan Fox Blaming Her Dad For Her Problems
3-31-11 Would Tiger Woods Benefit From A Sports Psychologist
3-31-11 Athlete Kills Three Men With An Axe For Gang Raping His Daughter And Infecting Her With HIV
3-31-11 Walmart Sex Discrimination Lawsuit At Unsympathetic Supreme Court
3-31-11 NFL Pros For Africa Making A Difference
3-31-11 Gays And Sports
3-30-11 Obama's Doubletalk On Libya Means America Is Negotiating With Terrorists
3-30-11 Miley Cyrus Slams YouTube Stars Like Justin Bieber And Rebecca Black
3-30-11 Justin Bieber Sends Shout Out To Rebecca Black By Singing "Friday"
3-30-11 Rihanna Embarrasses Herself On Twitter By Falsely Claiming Concert Is Sold Out
3-30-11 Lindsay Lohan Escapes Criminal Charges After Bribing Assault Victim
3-30-11 Ashton Kutcher Looks Miserable With Demi Moore
3-29-11 Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Wins Award For Acting Megan Fox Never Did
3-29-11 The Hilton Family Has Serious Physical Abuse Issues
3-29-11 Al Qaeda Gaining Foothold In Libya As Obama Lies About The Invasion
3-28-11 Justin Bieber Wins Two Juno Awards
3-28-11 Report: Kabbalah Cult Under Grand Jury Investigation
3-28-11 Why Does Lady GaGa Think This Is Pretty
3-28-11 Chris Brown Dumped By Publicist Struggles To Keep Record Deal
3-28-11 Lindsay Lohan To Drop Her Last Name
3-26-11 Obama To Address America On Illegal War In Libya
3-26-11 Whitney Houston's Daughter To Get Her Own Reality Show
3-26-11 Lindsay Lohan Is Behaving Like A Stalker Again
3-26-11 Madonna Fraudulent Charity For Africa Squanders Millions On Big Salaries & Luxury Items For Greedy Kabbalah Members
3-26-11 Madonna Jealous Of Ex-Husband’s Girlfriend And Her Pregnancy
3-25-11 President Obama Locked Out Of White House
3-25-11 Obama Administration Announces The Next Deceitful Term For War 
3-25-11 No Wonder The FBI Can't Find Osama...They Can't Even Find Bombs In Their Own Building - Part 2
3-25-11 No Wonder The FBI Can't Find Osama...They Can't Even Find Bombs In Their Own Building
3-25-11 Is Evelyn Lozada About To Stab Shaunie O'Neal In The Back For Her Own Show
3-25-11 Report: Justin Bieber Cheating On Selena Gomez With Jasmine Villegas
3-25-11 Justin Bieber Is Trying To Bulk Up
3-24-11 Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Avoiding Megan Fox
3-24-11 Justin Bieber Pokes Fun At Rebecca Black
3-23-11 Obama Says He Is Not Giving Up His Nobel Peace Prize
3-23-11 Dealing With Radioactive Pollution
3-23-11 Lindsay Lohan Arrogantly Rejects Judge's Plea Deal Offer
3-23-11 ABC Will Not Press Charges Against Crazy Chris Brown
3-23-11 Justin Bieber: Robert Pattinson Story Is A Fake
3-23-11 Rebecca Black Is Making $27,000 Per Week Off YouTube
3-23-11 Crazy Chris Brown Gets Angry, Smashes Window And Threatens People At Good Morning America Taping
3-23-11 Demi Lovato Says She Is Going Back To Work But Girlfriend Forgot She Doesn't Have A Job
3-23-11 Rihanna Arena Tour To Be Scrapped Due To Poor Sales
3-22-11 Obama Costing Americans Billions With War In Libya
3-22-11 Justin Bieber Used To Live In A Place With Rats
3-22-11 Why Is Lindsay Lohan Partying Like It's 1999 
3-22-11 Kim Kardashian Wants To Be A Forensic Investigator...
3-22-11 Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt Take The Kids For A Grumpy Stroll
3-21-11 Obama Illegally Invades Libya, Thousands Dead...
3-21-11 American Anti-War Protestors Turn Up The Heat On Obama And The FBI
3-21-11 Aristide Returns To Haiti
3-21-11 Wyclef Jean Shot In Haiti During Elections
3-21-11 Robert Pattinson Calls Justin Bieber A Liar
3-21-11 Justin Bieber Surpassed Michael Jackson In Sales
3-21-11 Athlete Cheating On Country Music Wife
3-19-11 Barack Obama Booed In Brazil As Protests Erupt Over Visit
3-19-11 Radiation And Cancer In Relation To The Japanese Earthquake And Tsunami
3-19-11 Postal Mail Revenue Declines
3-19-11 Will Evelyn Lozada And Chad Ochocinco Make It Down The Aisle
3-19-11 Funny Justin Bieber Photos
3-19-11 FBI Failures In Miley Cyrus Case Led To More Hacks
3-19-11 Blogger Flees In Face Of Celebrity Nude Photo And Video Investigation
3-18-11 Is Shaunie O'Neal Jealous Of "Basketball Wives" Co-Star Evelyn Lozada
3-18-11 Will Bobbi Kristina Brown Follow In Her Parents Footsteps
3-18-11 Vanessa Hudgens' Fall From Grace
3-18-11 Is Selena Gomez Having A Nervous Breakdown
3-18-11 Katie Holmes Slammed For Giving Her 4-Year-Old Erotic Candy
3-17-11 Obama Slams Bill O'Reilly
3-17-11 Donald Trump Does Not Think Obama Was Born In America
3-17-11 Why Are The "Basketball Wives" Not Really Wives
3-17-11 Lindsay Lohan Violating Her Probation Again
3-17-11 Bank ATM Fees To Hit $5!
3-17-11 New York Times To Charge To Read Site
3-16-11 Obama Slammed For ESPN Appearance During Crisis
3-16-11 Silvio Berlusconi: I'm Too Old To Sleep With 33 Women
3-16-11 Justin Bieber Made Jason Bateman Cry
3-16-11 Desperate Megan Fox Looks Into Lowbrow Film
3-16-11 Lindsay Lohan Just Doesn’t Get It
3-16-11 Chris Brown Pimps Himself For Sales
3-15-11 Bill O'Reilly Calls Obama's Mama Crazy
3-15-11 Michele Bachmann Takes Another Jab At Obama
3-15-11 Megan Fox v. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
3-15-11 Selena Gomez "Hurt" By Justin Bieber's Fan Comments
3-15-11 Report: Whitney Houston's Daughter Headed To Rehab
3-14-11 Usher Sex Tape Being Offered For Sale
3-14-11 Girls Break Into Justin Bieber's Hotel Room Posing As Maids
3-14-11 Evelyn Lozada To Basketball Wives: Show Me The Money
3-14-11 Looney Lindsay Lohan Leaving Los Angeles
3-12-11 Obama Slams Bullying
3-12-11 Girl Bids $5,500 On Justin Bieber's Shoes...Without Having The Actual Money
3-12-11 Gabrielle Union Slams Reality Show Stars As "Jackas*es"
3-12-11 Obama Approves Of Mistreatment Of Wikileaks Suspect Bradley Manning
3-12-11 9.1 Earthquake Strikes Japan
3-12-11 Studio Changes Its Mind And Gives Megan Fox's "Passion Play" Limited Release
3-11-11 Has "Basketball Wives" Topped "The Real Housewives Of Atlanta"
3-11-11 Police Called When Charlie Sheen Threatens To Kill Himself With A Gun
3-11-11 Kabbalah Destroyed Lindsay Lohan
3-11-11 Shaunie O'Neal Addresses "Basketball Wives" Departure Claims
3-11-11 Selena Gomez Terrified Of Justin Bieber's Fans
3-11-11 Has Justin Bieber Dethroned Justin Timberlake As The Prince Of Pop
3-11-11 Lawyer Offering Bobbi Kristina Brown Secret Drug Video For Sale
3-11-11 Site Note: Madonna's Kabbalah Hacked The Site Again
3-10-11 Is Hollywood Making America Crazy
3-10-11 Charlie Sheen Finally Admits: I'm Losing My Mind
3-10-11 Police Relent And Allow Justin Bieber On Balcony
3-10-11 Shaunie Says No One Is Leaving "Basketball Wives"
3-10-11 Transvestites Fight Ripping Off Weaves And Sequins While Issuing Kicks And Slaps (Video)
3-10-11 Police Threaten To Arrest Justin Bieber
3-9-11 Poll: Obama Is Taking America In The Wrong Direction
3-9-11 Shaunie O'Neal Loses Two Top Reality Stars On "Basketball Wives"
3-9-11 Bobby Brown Denies Knowledge Of Daughter's Drug Problem
3-9-11 Selena Gomez Disses Justin Bieber Fans
3-9-11 Megan Fox's New Film "Passion Play" Goes STD
3-8-11 Michelle Bachmann Goes After President Obama
3-8-11 What Will Be The Tea Party's Impact On The 2012 Elections
3-8-11 Mother Of Chris Bosh's Child Removed From "Basketball Wives"
3-8-11 Evelyn Lozada To Quit "Basketball Wives"
3-8-11 Charlie Sheen Becomes Crazier
3-8-11 Bobbi Kristina Brown Underage Sex Tape Being Offered For Sale
3-7-11 Calls Go Out For Obama Impeachment Over Gay Marriage Push And Health Care
3-7-11 "Basketball Wives" Season Finale Ends With A Beating
3-7-11 Charlie Sheen Is Fired!
3-7-11 Photo From Lindsay Lohan Necklace Theft Video
3-5-11 Poll: Obama Has Lost The Christian Vote
3-5-11 Oprah Winfrey Fired Cousin For Talking About Jesus Too Much
3-5-11 Pictures Of A Young Justin Bieber Panhandling
3-5-11 Lindsay Lohan Whining About Doing Time For The Crime
3-5-11 Obama Administration Forcing Jailed Wikileaks Suspect To Sleep Naked In Cold Cell
3-5-11 Does Charlie Sheen Have A Case Against CBS And Warner Bros.
3-5-11 Whitney Houston's Daughter Betrayed By Ex-Boyfriend That Sold Cocaine Photos
3-5-11 Lindsay Lohan Offering Sex In Exchange For Roles
3-4-11 Lindsay Lohan Interested In Taking Plea Deal In Grand Theft Case
3-3-11 Hiring Down By 30% In America As Gas Skyrockets 
3-3-11 Charlie Sheen's Disturbed Demeanor
3-3-11 Whitney Houston And Bobby Brown's Daughter Caught Snorting Cocaine On Camera
3-3-11 Justin Bieber Slaps Away Woman's Camera At 7 Eleven (Video)
3-3-11 Christina Aguilera's Mug Shot Released
3-3-11 Obama Pushing For The Death Penalty For Bradley Manning And Wikileaks
3-3-11 Serena Williams Suffers Life Threatening Embolism
3-2-11 Charlie Sheen Loses Custody Of His Kids
3-2-11 Justin Bieber Throws Birdie At Paparazzi, Kisses Girlfriend And Fan Allegedly Punches Her
3-2-11 Lindsay Lohan Does Not Want Her Dad Embarrassing Her On TV
3-2-11 Obama Tried To Hide Ted Kennedy's FBI File With Items Of Renting A Brothel And Wild Sex
3-2-11 Obama's Justice Department Playing Video Games Instead Of Working
3-2-11 Sony Playstations Seized Over Patent Theft Lawsuit
3-1-11 Striptease Video Game For 12-Year-Olds
3-1-11 Charlie Sheen Interviews Betraying His Mental Illness As Drug Test Comes Back Clean
3-1-11 Justin Bieber Spends Night At Hotel With Selena Gomez Before His B-Day
3-1-11 Christina Aguilera Arrested For Drunk Driving
3-1-11 Chris Brown Becomes A Blond Bimbo For New Album
2-28-11 The U.S. Economy Is Being Called A Big Ponzi Scheme
2-28-11 Bush Bomber Blew His Life 
2-28-11 The FBI Hasn’t Changed
2-28-11 The 2011 Oscars Receive Bad Reviews
2-28-11 Rapper Lil Wayne Stopped And Searched By The DEA In The MIA
2-28-11 Rapper Juvenile Ironically Arrested For Weed And Speeding
2-26-11 The GOP To Defend Marriage In America
2-26-11 ObamaCare Making People Sick
2-26-11 Court Rules Wikileaks Founder To Be Extradited
2-26-11 FBI Agent Crashes Stolen Ferrari
2-26-11 Lindsay Lohan Desperate For Roles
2-26-11 Movie Mogul To Charlie Sheen: Don’t Be A Lindsay Lohan
2-26-11 High School Student Dunks Like Michael Jordan
2-26-11 The American Church Withdraws Its Support From Obama Over Gay Marriage
2-26-11 Catherine Zeta-Jones Punched In The Face By Paparazzi
2-26-11 Report: Justin Bieber Trying To Visit The Playboy Mansion - Does His Mommy Know!
2-26-11 Billy Ray Cyrus Working On Family Life
2-25-11 Michael Jackson's Kids To Follow In His Footsteps
2-25-11 CCTV Gives Lindsay Lohan Away In Necklace Theft
2-25-11 Jennifer Aniston Explains New Short Haircut As Not Wanting To Look Like A Fake Housewife
2-25-11 Report: Royce Reed's Ride And Bank Accounts Repossessed And Frozen
2-25-11 U.S. Gas Prices Expected To Rise On Muslim Uprisings
2-24-11 New Photos Released From The Night Chris Brown Beat Up Rihanna
2-24-11 Buju Banton Convicted On Drug Charges After Mistrial
2-24-11 "Two And A Half Men" Cancelled Indefinitely After Charlie Sheen Rant
2-24-11 Justin Bieber Wins "Worst Image" And "Worst CD" At NME
2-24-11 "Transformers" Refusing To Pay Medical Bills Of Injured Extra
2-23-11 Poll: Obama Approval Ratings Plummet In Every Single American State
2-23-11 Poll: Most Believe Obama Is Handling Libya In The Wrong Way
2-23-11 Obama Pushing Gay Marriage
2-23-11 Report: Bank of America Using Private Firms To Hack And Attack Wikileaks
2-23-11 Judge To Lindsay Lohan: You Need Psychiatric Help
2-23-11 Britney Spears In Danger Of Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit Over Stealing "Hold It Against Me"
2-23-11 Justin Bieber To Fans: I Don't Care If You Don't Like My New Haircut
2-23-11 Justin Bieber Loses 80,000 Twitter Fans After Haircut
2-23-11 The Obama Administration's Hand In The Arab World Uprisings
2-23-11 How Will Silvio Berlusconi Justify His Many Amorous Gifts To An Underage Stripper?
2-22-11 Shaunie Stirring The Doo Doo In The NBA
2-22-11 Rihanna Drops Restraining Order Against Chris Brown 
2-22-11 Man Has 39 Wives, 94 Children and 33 Grandchildren
2-21-11 Obama Criticized For His Handling Of The Middle East
2-21-11 Prime Minister Berlusconi Criminal Trial To Begin In April 2011
2-21-11 Report: Prime Minister Berlusconi's Teenage Lover Had Sex With Cristiano Ronaldo
2-21-11 Tunisia To Extradite Former First Lady That Stole $50,000,000 In Gold
2-21-11 Justin Bieber Cuts His Hair
2-21-11 Fergie's Husband Cozying Up To Megan Fox Replacement
2-21-11 Lindsay Lohan Denied Entry At NBA All Star Party
2-19-11 Obama Meets With Silicon Valley For Dinner
2-19-11 U.S. House Of Reps Yanks Funding For ObamaCare
2-19-11 The U.S. Government Duped Out Of $20,000,000 By Con Man
2-19-11 Billy Ray Cyrus Wishes He Could Take Back "Hannah Montana" Show
2-19-11 Justin Bieber Mocks Lady Gaga
2-19-11 Justin Bieber Wins MVP At All Star Basketball Game
2-18-11 Biggest Breast Implant Woman In Coma From Suicide Bid
2-18-11 Justin Bieber's Been Busy This Week
2-18-11 Disney Blasts Billy Ray Cyrus For Slamming Them
2-18-11 "Skins" Underage Teens Scandalously Pose In Their Underwear
2-18-11 Sony To Rip Off The iPad
2-18-11 The Obama Economic Plan Is Not Working
2-18-11 CBS Reporter Sexually Assaulted And Beaten With Chants Of "Jew!"
2-17-11 Gilbert Arenas Child Support Battle Gets Ugly
2-17-11 Halle Berry And Daughter's Dad Speaking Again
2-17-11 Justin Bieber On Americans: You Guys Are Evil
2-17-11 Fantasia Boycotted The Grammys For Selfish Reasons
2-16-11 FBI Anthrax Case Debunked By Scientists
2-16-11 Billy Ray Cyrus: Hannah Montana Destroyed My Family
2-16-11 Lady Gaga Egg Story Exposed As A Lie
2-16-11 Rihanna Sued Over Video Theft
2-16-11 Chris Brown's Fame CD Cover Looks Like Michael Jackson's Dangerous Disc
2-16-11 Retrofitting Train Lines
2-15-11 U.S. Debt To Surpass American Economic Revenues
2-15-11 Egyptians To Mubarak: "Show Us The Money"
2-15-11 Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi Indicted On Underage Prostitution Charges
2-15-11 Public Slams FBI's Planned J. Edgar Hoover Museum
2-15-11 Grocery Store CEO Arrested In Underage Prostitution Ring
2-15-11 No Charges In Murder Of University Football Player
2-15-11 Judge Questionably Throws Out David Beckham Case
2-15-11 Coca Cola Recipe Exposed
2-15-11 Transvestite Sought In The Death Of Aspiring British Entertainer
2-15-11 New York Jets Quarterback In Sex Scandal With Minor
2-15-11 Jennifer Lopez Rips Off Kat Deluna
2-15-11 What Does Obama Mean By "Winning The Future"
2-15-11 Obama Bullet Train Taking A Beating 
2-15-11 CBS Reporter Has Malfunction At The Grammys
2-15-11 Lady GaGa Makes A Crazy Entrance At The Grammys As Her New Song Is Slammed
2-14-11 Christina Aguilera Falls On Stage At The Grammy
2-14-11 Justin Bieber Film Mysteriously Loses Box Office Battle
2-14-11 Lindsay Lohan's Family Gets Upset At Criticism
2-14-11 Another Sopranos Star In Trouble Again
2-12-11 Obama Pushes Billion Dollar Train But Is Cutting Heating Subsidies For The Poor
2-12-11 Obama Slammed At GOP Convention
2-12-11 Egyptians Clean Up Their Country After Riots
2-12-11 Promises Made To Haiti Not Being Fulfilled
2-12-11 FBI Agent Kills Another Teen While Drunk Driving
2-12-11 Evidence Against Buju Banton Scant
2-12-11 Piers Morgan Facebook Interview A Prime Example Of What's Wrong With The Economy
2-11-11 President Mubarak Steps Down In Egypt
2-11-11 Michelle Obama Does Revealing Television Interview
2-11-11 Lindsay Lohan: I Wasn't Raised To Lie, Cheat Or Steal
2-11-11 Justin Bieber's Mom Searching For Condo For Her Boy
2-11-11 Will Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Duet
2-10-11 ObamaCare To Cost 800,000 People Their Jobs
2-10-11 Rihanna Wants Chris Brown Restraining Order Lifted
2-10-11 Taylor Momsen Lowers The Tone Of Justin Bieber's Movie Premiere
2-10-11 Megan Fox Shocks With Her New Anorexic Appearance
2-10-11 Miley Cyrus Apologizes For Using Drugs
2-9-11 GOP Opposes Obama's $53 Billion Bullet Train
2-9-11 GOP Attempts To Cut Funding To Obamacare
2-9-11 Egypt Descends Into Civil War And Strikes
2-9-11 Italy Wants Prime Minster Berlusconi To Face Criminal Trial For Sex With Minors
2-9-11 Aspiring Young British Rapper Dies After Botched Plastic Surgery In Hotel
2-9-11 Lindsay Lohan Arrested For Grand Theft
2-9-11 Sopranos Star Arrested For Assault And Extortion
2-9-11 Fantasia Is Not Pregnant For Married Man...Again
2-9-11 Wikileaks Founder Concerned About Being Extradited And Executed By Obama Administration
2-8-11 Wikileaks Documentary Trailer "Revolution Truth"
2-8-11 FBI Investigating Scientology For Abusing Children
2-8-11 Halle Berry: My Baby Is Black
2-8-11 Lindsay Lohan To Be Charged Tomorrow With Grand Theft
2-8-11 Prince Clowns Kim Kardashian
2-8-11 New T3 Trailer - Megan Fox Shouldn't Read This Post
2-7-11 Obama Implores Businesses To "Hire And Invest"
2-7-11 Nude Silvio Berlusconi Photos For Sale At $1.6 Million
2-7-11 Christina Aguilera Remixed The National Anthem
2-7-11 Buju Banton Facing New Charges After Mistrial
2-7-11 Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Get Affectionate In Public
2-7-11 Lindsay Lohan Trying To Worm Out Of Grand Theft Charge For Stealing $2,500 Necklace
2-5-11 The U.S. Economy Takes Another Negative Turn
2-5-11 David Cameron States "Multiculturalism Has Failed"
2-5-11 The FBI Ludicrously Claims "Men Can't Be Raped"
2-5-11 Justin Bieber's Bodyguard Arrested For Assault
2-5-11 Report: Lindsay Lohan To Be Arrested Next Week
2-4-11 Gallup: Unemployment Higher Than Obama Admitting
2-4-11 Did You Notice Which Reporters Got Attacked In Egypt
2-4-11 Dad Of Halle Berry's Baby Has Trouble With Daughter Being Black
2-4-11 Rihanna Stole New Video From Photographer
2-4-11 E-Trade Babies Strike Again For The Super Bowl
2-4-11 Egyptian Government To Foreign Reporters: "Go Home"
2-4-11 FBI Blamed In Fort Hood Massacre
2-4-11 Duvaliers Stole From $20,000,000 Fund To Build Hospital In Haiti
2-3-11 14-Year-Old Rape Victim Dies After Being Whipped For Adultery
2-3-11 Halle Berry's Ex-Boyfriend Labeled "Borderline Racist"
2-3-11 Justin Bieber Booed In New York Due To Overexposure
2-3-11 Lindsay Lohan Seen Stealing On Surveillance Tape
2-2-11 Senate Repeals A Portion Of Obama's Health Care Law 
2-2-11 Jean-Claude Duvalier's Ex-Wife Stole $94 Million From Haiti
2-2-11 Wikileaks Founder Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize
2-2-11 Dad Of Halle Berrys Daughter Called Her A "Nig*er" 
2-2-11 Lindsay Lohan Stole A $2,500 Bracelet While Shoplifting
2-2-11 Selena Gomez Still Friends With Rival Demi Lovato
2-1-11 Obama To Appeal Ruling Against His Health Care Law 
2-1-11 Switzerland To Return Funds Duvalier Stole To Haiti
2-1-11 FBI Supervisor Regularly Masturbated On The Job
2-1-11 ACLU: The FBI Routinely Violates Americans Privacy
2-1-11 FBI Searching For Missing Hockey Puck Instead Of Kids
2-1-11 Mainstream Media Playing Down 9-Year-Old Brisenia Flores Murder?
2-1-11 Halle Berry In Bad Custody Battle
1-31-11 Obama Heath Care Law Ruled Unconstitutional Again
1-31-11 Charlie Sheen Costing CBS Major Sitcom Bucks
1-31-11 Piers Morgan Ratings Tanking Like Madonna's Latest Facelift
1-31-11 Justin Bieber Texts Girlfriend Photos
1-31-11 Miley Cyrus Voted Worst Influence On Youth
1-29-11 Obama Seeks To Reform Malpractice Law
1-29-11 Nicole Minetti Is Silvio Berlusconi's Madame
1-29-11 China Launched New Stealth Bomber To Protests From U.S. Press
1-29-11 Hilarious Video Of Baby Trying Grapefruit Juice
1-29-11 Lady GaGa's Perfume To Smell Of "Semen And Blood"
1-29-11 Megan Fox's Future
1-29-11 Oscar Committee Changed Its Mind About "Jonah Hex"
1-29-11 Justin Bieber: Hailee Steinfeld Is Too Young For Me
1-29-11 This Is What TSA Does To People
1-28-11 Angered Obama Refuses To Change Health Care Bill
1-28-11 Rahm-ed Back On The Ballot
1-28-11 Berlusconi's Babes
1-28-11 Another Underage Prostitute Surfaces In Silvio Berlusconi Scandal
1-28-11 FBI Agents Making Sex Tapes, Paying Strippers And Leaking National Secrets
1-28-11 Charlie Sheen Back In Rehab After Cocaine Bender
1-28-11 Demi Lovato Out Of Rehab
1-28-11 Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Promote Film While On Date
1-27-11 Obama Promotes His Economic Agenda On Road Trip
1-27-11 Teen Stomps Gay Man To Death In Drunken Rage
1-27-11 Why Does The FBI/DOJ Allow Kids To Be Molested In Scientology And Kabbalah
1-27-11 9-Year-Old Murdered In Arizona For Being An Immigrant
1-27-11 Will Justin Bieber's "Never Say Never" Be A Hit
1-27-11 Will Smith And Jada Smith Slammed By Author As Bad Parents 
1-27-11 Report: Ashton Kutcher Involved With One Of His Stepdaughters
1-27-11 Flavor Flav Ripped Off KFC
1-26-11 Report: Obama's State Of The Union Speech Riddled With Plagiarism
1-26-11 New Proposed Law To Threaten Obama's Reelection Bid
1-26-11 Sarah Palin's Marriage Hit With Infidelity Claims
1-26-11 Silvio Berlusconi Made Secret Payments To Show Girl
1-26-11 MTV Unsure Of What To Do With Pedophilic "Skins"
1-26-11 Justin Bieber Linked To Hailee Steinfield
1-25-11 Obama's 2011 State Of The Union Speech Rousing But Problems Remain
1-25-11 The Miami Heat Has Elevated The Level Of Play In The NBA
1-25-11 "Skins" Loses Half Its Television Ratings
1-25-11 Jersey Shore Off To Italy
1-25-11 Justin Bieber To Appear On Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
1-25-11 Rumored Roles For Lindsay Lohan's Decimated Career
1-25-11 Consumer Alert: Red, White And Blue Thrift Store
1-24-11 Mrs. Obama Slammed By Oscar De La Renta
1-24-11 Rahm-ed Off The Ballot
1-24-11 Jean-Claude Duvalier Returned To Haiti For The Money
1-24-11 "Skins" Is Child Porn
1-24-11 Harry Potter Actress Told "Marry A Muslim Or Die"
1-24-11 George Clooney Insensitively Labels Malaria "Good Fun"
1-24-11 Megan Fox Snags Another Razzie Nomination For Bad Acting
1-24-11 Rumor: Selena Gomez Pregnant By Justin Bieber 
1-22-11 Obama To Focus On The Economy
1-22-11 Obama Conscious About Sprouting Gray Hairs
1-22-11 14 Of Prime Minister Berlusconi's Underage Prostitutes Kicked Out Of Free Flats
1-22-11 Lady Falls Into Mall Fountain And Sues
1-22-11 Justin Bieber's Haircut = $1,500 Per Month
1-21-11 Silvio Berlusconi Kept Underage Prostitutes In Luxury Apartments
1-21-11 Jean-Claude Duvalier Apologizes To Haiti
1-21-11 U.S. Version Of "Skins" Branded "Child Porn"
1-21-11 Lindsay Lohan Victim Paid Off Not To Press Charges
1-21-11 Obama's Birth Certificate Mystery Worsens
1-21-11 FBI Agent Arrested Again In Girls' Toilet
1-20-11 Tunisia's Former First Lady Stole Millions In Gold
1-20-11 Zimbabwe's First Lady Spending Money Like It's Water
1-20-11 The Duvaliers Cost The People Of Haiti $500 Million 
1-20-11 Justin Bieber Promotes PETA
1-19-11 Barack Obama Meets With China's President Jintao
1-19-11 Haiti Arrested Former President Jean-Claude Duvalier
1-19-11 Raz B's Brother Beaten Up By Young Joc's Bodyguards
1-19-11 Leave It To Bieber
1-19-11 Selena Gomez Nude Pics Leak
1-19-11 This T-Shirt Is Just Plain Wrong
1-18-11 Report: George W. Bush’s Grandfather Is The Most Notorious Satanist In Modern Times
1-18-11 Celebrities Who Suffered Tragedy In The Occult
1-18-11 Britney Spears Wants To Adopt Chinese Twins
1-18-11 Donald Trump Tells Lindsay Lohan To Kick Rocks
1-18-11 Now This Is Just Plain Child Abuse
1-17-11 Martin Luther King Day Still Relevant In Modern Times
1-17-11 2011 Golden Globe Fashion Do's And Don't's
1-17-11 Golden Globes Host Terrified Of Hollywood Backlash
1-17-11 Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Continue Their Intimate Relationship
1-17-11 "Hannah Montana" Ends...But Does Miley Cyrus' Career As Well
1-17-11 Video Game Addiction - Part 2
1-15-11 A President Of Excess
1-15-11 FBI Bribed Witness
1-15-11 FBI Harassed And Intimidated Blogger
1-15-11 Jasmine Villegas Heartbroken Over Justin Bieber's New Girl
1-14-11 Obama 2012 Reelection Bid To Cost $1 Billion
1-14-11 Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords Making Progress
1-14-11 Clearing Haiti's Debris
1-14-11 Silvio Berlusconi Being Investigated For Underage Prostitution
1-14-11 Because It's Fun To Watch Hillary Clinton Tripp
1-14-11 Fantasia Knew She Was Destroying A Marriage
1-14-11 Britney Spears' Hair Looks Like Her Mind...Crazy
1-14-11 Justin Bieber Hospitalized
1-14-11 This Dog Sings Like Madonna
1-14-11 Comedy Alert: Two Trannies Rob Home Depot For Batteries...And End Up Fighting The Staff
1-13-11 Obama Criticized For "Pep Rally" Memorial "Selling T-Shirts"
1-13-11 Youngest Tucson Massacre Victim Laid To Rest
1-13-11 Michael Jackson Had Son Improperly Put Under Anesthesia
1-13-11 Michael Jackson's Doctor Protesting Med License Suspension
1-13-11 Song: "I Wanna Shoot Lady GaGa"
1-13-11 Lindsay Lohan Violates Probation Again
1-12-11 Washington Honors Tucson Massacre Victims
1-12-11 Sarah Palin In Trouble Over "Blood Libel" Claim
1-12-11 Westboro Baptist Will Not Picket Arizona Victims' Funerals
1-12-11 Relocating Haiti's Displaced
1-12-11 “Proof Bush Knew About 9/11”
1-12-11 Is Justin Bieber's Black Eye From A Beatdown?
1-12-11 Justin Bieber's Girlfriend's Accounts Hacked
1-11-11 Obama Issues Insulting Snub To Britain
1-11-11 Doctor Treating Tucson Massacre Victims Speaks
1-11-11 Gabrielle Giffords' Life Shattered By One Man 
1-11-11 New Program Uses GPS To Track Sex Offenders
1-11-11 Jay-Z and Beyonce Steal Restaurant
1-11-11 Shrink: Justin Bieber Fever = Terrorism
1-11-11 Oscar Committee Smoking Crack, Nominates Jonah Hex
1-11-11 Britney Spears' Atrocious Vocals On New Song
1-10-11 America In Decline
1-10-11 Obama And Palin Fighting Spurred Political Violence
1-10-11 Gabby Giffords Shooter Was Involved In The Occult
1-10-11 U.S. Congresswoman Gabby Giffords Was Being Stalked
1-10-11 Another Mass Murderer Passed The FBI Background Check
1-10-11 Why Are There So Many Plane Crashes In Iran
1-10-11 Megan Fox Keeping Michael At Bay
1-10-11 Dr. Drew: Angelina Jolie Is Still A Heroin Addict
1-10-11 Dr. Drew: Miley Cyrus Needs Mental Help
1-8-11 U.S. Congresswoman Shot In The Head As Gunman Opens Fire On Crowd
1-8-11 Sarah Palin Blamed In Congresswoman's Shooting
1-8-11 Judge To Release Book On The Freaky Sex Life Of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas
1-8-11 The Kardashians Sued For $75 Million
1-8-11 Justin Bieber Flips Out On Reporter About Sex Life
1-7-11 The Government Twists Jobs Report To Hide Losses 
1-7-11 Man Bites Two FBI Agents Who Are Clearly Very Slow
1-7-11 In The Michael Jackson Case Cover Ups Indicate Crime
1-7-11 Megan Fox Less Than A Size 0
1-7-11 When Sex No Longer Sells
1-6-11 How Effective Will Obama’s New Cabinet Be
1-6-11 TI Gets In Trouble For Sex Act With Tiny In Prison
1-6-11 Miley Cyrus Hacker Arrested
1-6-11 Jessica Simpson Steals Married Man
1-6-11 Deluded Lindsay Lohan Claims Sam Ronson Will Spy On Her
1-6-11 Police: Lindsay Lohan Violated Probation By Refusing Breathalyzer Test
1-5-11 Congress Waffling On Budget Reductions
1-5-11 The Arkansas Dead Fish And Bird Mystery - Part 2
1-5-11 Rapper Gucci Mane Is Given The Britney Spears Special
1-5-11 Lindsay Lohan Lies About Stalking Sam Ronson
1-5-11 Britney Spears Looks Much Older Than Her Years
1-5-11 Madonna's Face Still Looking Fake
1-4-11 Scholar: Bible Contains Barack Obama's Name As Satan
1-4-11 Obama Raiding Clinton's Former Cabinetb
1-4-11 The Arkansas Dead Fish And Bird Mystery
1-4-11 This Kid Could Teach George W. Bush Something
1-4-11 Iran To Be Major Player On The Nuclear Stagebb
1-4-11 Michael Jackson Preliminary Hearing
1-4-11 Fresh Out Of Rehab Lindsay Lohan Is Already In Trouble
1-3-11 GOP: Obama One Of The Most Corrupt Presidents In History
1-3-11 GOP: Eric Holder Should Resign
1-3-11 This Baby Should Be In Congress
1-3-11 Thousands Of Dead Birds In Arkansas = Bill Clinton
1-3-11 Video Game Addiction
1-3-11 The Harry Potter Curse Strikes Again - Another Crew Member Dies
1-3-11 Teen Singer Justin Bieber Gropes Selena Gomez's Butt
1-3-11 Shouldn't Lindsay Lohan's License Be Pulled
1-1-11 Obama Wants The Republicans' Help
1-1-11 Are You Raising A Madoff Or Stanford
1-1-11 Miley Cyrus Thanks Fans For Support
1-1-11 New Years Pictures And Video From Around The World
1-1-11 FSU Wins Chick-Fil-A Bowl



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