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12-31-13 Manny Pacquiao States He Wants To Fight Floyd Mayweather Who Is Complaining About His Promoter
12-31-13 Dwyane Wade Is A Daddy Again And The Mommy Is Not Gabrielle Union
12-31-13 Justin Bieber's 'Believe' Movie Bombs As Fans Stay Away In Droves
12-31-13 Waka Flocka Flame's Brother Kayo Redd Found Dead
12-30-13 1.1 Million People Sign Up For Obamacare
12-30-13 NSA Spying Extends To Intercepting Computer Deliveries To Plant Special Spyware And Data Stealing Cables
12-30-13 Judge Blocks Hospital From Switching Off Life Support On Brain Dead Girl Jahi McMath For One Week
12-30-13 Some Rubbish The Effectiveness Of Hand Sanitizers But Are They Correct
12-30-13 Karrueche Tran Tells Rihanna Fans She's Not Going Anywhere
12-28-13 Will Rihanna Ever Get Over Chris Brown And Stop Hating His Girlfriend Karrueche Tran
12-28-13 Brain Dead 13-Year-Old Jahi McMath To Be Removed From Life Support And Taken To Nursing Home
12-28-13 Floyd Mayweather Trash Talks Manny Pacquiao And Amir Khan During The Holidays
12-26-13 Rihanna And Her Girlfriend Melissa Forde Slam Chris Brown's Love Karrueche Tran
12-26-13 Senior Citizen Justin Bieber Again States That He Is Retiring
12-26-13 A&E Network Relents And Reinstates Duck Dynasty Reality Star Phil Robertson After Christian Boycott
12-26-13 Chris Brown And Karrueche Tran Post Romantic Christmas Photo Then Rihanna Posts A Pic Of Herself Devastated
12-26-13 Steve Harvey's Ex-Wife Thrown In Jail For Christmas Over Violating Gag Order (Video)
12-26-13 Evelyn Lozada Drops Hints That She Is Engaged To Baseball Player Carl Crawford Who Is Suing The Mother Of His Children (Photo)
12-24-13 Mike Tyson Says Manny Pacquiao Is A Better Fighter Than Floyd Mayweather Who Is Refusing To Fight Him Again
12-23-13 Cracker Barrel Apologizes To Christians Over Removal Of Phil Robertson Duck Dynasty Items From Their Menu And Reinstates Them
12-23-13 Chris Brown Leaves Rehab For A Day To Attend Charity Toy Drive In Los Angeles
12-23-13 Rihanna Insults Karrueche Tran After Getting Her Locked Out Of The Club Then Slams Chris Brown
12-23-13 Dwyane Wade Proposes To Girlfriend Gabrielle Union Despite Ex-Wife's Attempts To Void Their Divorce
12-21-13 Blog: Karrueche Tran And Teyana Taylor Slam Rihanna In New York
12-21-13 Mayweather's Money - A Break Down Of His Massive Spending That Could Make Him Broke
12-21-13 GLAAD Reeling From The Fall Out Of Going After Duck Dynasty Star Phil Robertson As Americans Rally Around Him
12-20-13 Adrien Broner Apologizes For Running Out Of The Ring And Marcos Maidana Is Being Investigated
12-20-13 Duck Dynasty Merchandise Sells Out At Walmart And A&E Ramps Up Reality Show Marathons With Phil Robertson
12-20-13 Christians Online And 'Duck Dynasty' Family Demand Phil Robertson Be Reinstated To The Show Or A&E Will Lose A Fortune Under Boycott
12-20-13 Will Congress Reform The NSA
12-19-13 Lady Gaga's Flopped $25 Million CD 'Artpop' Getting Record Company Employees Fired
12-19-13 Is Justin Bieber Really Quitting Music
12-18-13 Phil Robertson Fired From Duck Dynasty Over Gay Comment Prompting Christians To Call For A Boycott Of The A&E Network
12-18-13 Public Asks If Chris Brown Is Leaving Rehab Early
12-17-13 What We Can Learn From The Adrien Broner v. Marcos Maidana Fight
12-17-13 Will Chris Brown Face Jail Time Over Probation Revocation
12-17-13 Nelson Mandela Laid To Rest In Dignified Funeral
12-17-13 What We Can Learn From The Adrien Broner v. Marcos Maidana Fight
12-16-13 Judge Vindicates Edward Snowden Ruling NSA Spying Unconstitutional
12-14-13 The Lawyer Representing Jameis Winston's Accuser Tries To Cast Negative Shadow Over Heisman Ceremony
12-14-13 Rumors Swirl That Chris Brown's Girlfriend Karrueche Tran Is Pregnant
12-14-13 Floyd Mayweather Hints At Fight Against Manny Pacquiao
12-14-13 Floyd Mayweather's Fiancée Shantel Jackson Being Called A Former Call Girl In Atlanta (Prostitute)
12-12-13 Floyd Mayweather's Penis Criticized By Woman Online
12-12-13 Mama Joyce About To Destroy Daughter Kandi's Sex Life If She Marries Todd On 'Real Housewives Of Atlanta'
12-12-13 Mr. Obama Kisses Up To Mrs. Obama After SelfieGate At Nelson Mandela's Memorial
12-11-13 Sign Language Interpreter At Nelson Mandela Memorial Ticks Off Deaf People With Fake Language
12-11-13 Pregnant Evelyn Lozada Is In A Love Triangle
12-10-13 Female Prime Minister Fawns Over President Obama And First Lady Michelle Obama Shuts It Down
12-10-13 Nelson Mandela's Memorial Is A Beautiful Picture Of Blacks And Whites United In Remembrance
12-10-13 Rihanna Stans Got Teyana Taylor Dropped From Adidas Deal Via A Petition
12-10-13 The Mother Of Floyd Mayweather's Kids Thinks He Is Stringing Shantel Jackson Along With No Intention of Marrying Her
12-9-13 Rihanna Visits Chris Brown In Rehab Just As The Site Previously Stated
12-7-13 Floyd Mayweather And Shantel Jackson Subtweeing Each Other Insults Over Their Break Up
12-7-13 Is Mama Joyce Correct About Todd Being A Gold Digger After Kandi's Money On 'Real Housewives Of Atlanta'
12-6-13 World Hero Nelson Mandela Has Died
12-6-13 Jameis Winston Will Not Be Charged With Rape After Side Chick Filed Police Complaint
12-5-13 TMZ Retracts Claim Paul Walker Burned To Death
12-5-13 Will Chris Brown Spend Christmas In Rehab
12-4-13 Coroner Tells TMZ Actor Paul Walker Burned To Death After Car Crash
12-4-12 Floyd Mayweather Slams Women Who Are After His Money As Fiancée Shantel Jackson Unfollows Him On Twitter
12-3-13 Dwyane Wade's Wife Attempts To Void Their Divorce In Desperate Attempt To Get Him Back
12-3-13 TLC's Chilli Slams Music Video Director During Interview On VH-1’s 'Soulplayer'
12-3-13 Fast And Furious Star Paul Walker Dies In Fiery Car Crash But TMZ Posted The Story Two Days Before It Happened
12-3-13 Did Don King Orchestrate Mike Tyson's Demise Years Ago
12-2-13 Ok, Who Knocked Up Evelyn Lozada And Why Aren't They Coming Forward
11-30-13 The Girl Sharkeisha Brutally Beat Up In Video Speaks To News Station About The Fight And Police (Video)
11-28-13 Michael Jackson's Estate States Conrad Murray Violated Doctor Patient Confidentiality In Discussing Michael Jackson's Medical Problems Confirming This Site's Claims
11-28-13 Lil Mama Set To Replace Left Eye In TLC
11-28-13 Karrueche Tran Sticking With Chris Brown As Rihanna Jealously Looks On
11-28-13 Will Phaedra Parks Allow Kenya Moore To Destroy Her Marriage As Her Husband Takes His Ring Off
11-28-13 Kenya Moore's Eviction Sent Her From Riches To Rags While Phaedra Parks Laughs
11-28-13 Some Women Are Too Pretty For Plastic Surgery (New Megan Fox Photo)
11-28-13 Chris Brown Gives Up Phone And Internet But Wants To Keep Weed In Rehab
11-28-13 Rupert Murdoch Finalizes Divorce From Wife Wendi Who Knows His Dirty Secrets (Including Phone Hacking)
11-27-13 Sharkeisha Unleashes A Vicious Beating (Video)
11-26-13 Is A Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao Fight On The Horizon
11-26-13 Karrueche Tran Gets Her Fashion Line Ready That Will Be A Competitor With Rihanna's River Island
11-26-13 Real Housewives Of Atlanta's Porsha Stewart Accused Of $4,000 Theft As Her Marriage Problems Mount
11-26-13 Michael Jackson's Doctor: I Held Michael Jackson's Penis Every Night
11-26-13 Babyface Reveals His True Love Was Not Ex-Wife Tracey Edmonds
11-25-13 Wendy Williams Pits Rihanna Against Chris Brown's Girlfriend Karrueche Tran And Guess Who Loses...
11-25-13 Real Housewives Of Atlanta Gets Scandalous As Phaedra Parks And Porsha Stewart Face Serious Relationship Problems
11-25-13 Floyd Mayweather's Ex-Girlfriend Rubs Salt In His Wounds Via Ray J Insult
11-25-13 Lil Mama's Performances With TLC On The American Music Awards And Dancing With The Stars Upsetting Fans
11-23-13 Experts State Obamacare Website Hacked Just As This Site Previously Stated
11-23-13 Does Rihanna Know Drake Also Had A Crush On Chris Brown's Girlfriend Karrueche Tran
11-23-13 L.A. Reid States 'Sorry TLC Not Dropped From Epic'
11-23-13 Jay-Z Slammed For Cheating On Beyonce In Belgium With A Beauty Queen 
11-23-13 Men Have Hope Because The Friend Zone Is Not A Permanent Situation
11-22-13 Pebbles Being Blamed For TLC Being Dropped From Sony Music's Epic Records But The Truth Is...
11-21-13 Chris Brown Sentenced To 90 Days In Rehab After Smashing Mom's Car Window With A Rock
11-20-13 George Zimmerman Is Broke And $2.5 Million In Debt
11-20-13 Rihanna Slams Drake Over Zoe Kravitz
11-20-13 TLC's Former Manager Pebbles Really Needs To Write A Book Due To Scandalous Claims Online
11-19-13 George Zimmerman’s Girlfriend Told Police He Choked Her
11-19-13 Drake Spotted On A Date With Zoe Kravitz Embarrassing Rihanna Who’s Been Demoted To Side Chick
11-19-13 The President Of Mexico Is Not A Belieber
11-19-13 Kelly Price Evicted From Her Home
11-19-13 George Zimmerman Arrested For Attacking Girlfriend And Pulling Shotgun On Her
11-19-13 Rihanna Started Going On High Profile Dates With Drake To Make Chris Brown Jealous
11-18-13 Congress Gives Americans A One Year Extension To Keep Health Insurance After Being Dropped Because Of Obamacare
11-18-13 HBO’s New Pornographic Gay Show ‘Looking’ Is Depraved, Debauched And Unoriginal
11-16-13 Chris Brown Takes Karrueche Tran Out On Romantic Date After Rehab Release
11-16-13 Justin Bieber’s Concert Equipment Seized By Judge In Argentina After Club Fight
11-16-13 Herpes And Cocaine Found On Library Books
11-15-13 Obamacare vs The Insurance Companies
11-15-13 Chris Brown Has Left Rehab Earlier Than Anticipated
11-15-13 T-Boz And Chilli From TLC Threaten Former Manager Pebbles With Lightning
11-15-13 Draya From 'Basketball Wives LA' Gets Into Fist Fight Over Cheating Football Player Boyfriend
11-14-13 Pebbles Does Interviews With Wendy Williams And Huffington Post Spilling Information On What Happened With TLC
11-13-13 Bill Clinton States President Obama Needs To Work On Obamacare To Help Millions Who've Lost Health Insurance Because Of It
11-13-13 Chris Brown Sues Club Accuser For Defamation Calling Her A 'Drunken Liar'
11-13-13 Justin Bieber Booed Off Stage And Kicked Out Of Hotel In Argentina
11-12-13 Family Of Kidnapped Woman Rescues Her Killing Her Attacker
11-12-13 Rihanna Hooks Up With Drake After Reality Check About Chris Brown And Karrueche Tran
11-12-13 Justin Bieber Prostitute Saya He Looks Great Naked
11-11-13 Will Karrueche Tran Wait For Chris Brown If He Goes To Jail
11-11-13 Justin Bieber Has A Bad Case Of Diarrhea
11-11-13 Kim Kardashian Hit North West With The Morning Breath (Photo)
11-9-13 Will Smith Cheated On His Wife Jada Smith In His Trailer With Co-Star Margot Robbie
11-9-13 Do Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Need A Prenup
11-8-13 Is Ciara Making A Mistake Marrying Wild Rapper Future
11-8-13 Obamacare Problems And NSA Scandal Take President Obama's Approval Ratings To Record Lows
11-8-13 Chief Keef Arrested For Drugs While Woman Who Committed Statutory Rape Against Him Sues For Child Support
11-8-13 16-Year-Old Girl Sentenced To Life In Prison For Killing An Armed Man Who Hired Her For Sex
11-7-13 Video Surfaces Showing Justin Bieber With Prostitute In Major Security Breach
11-7-13 Chris Brown Countersuing Frank Ocean's Cousin Who Has Sued Him Over A Studio Fist Fight
11-6-13 If Chilli Doesn't Want Her Son To Be Bullied She Needs To Do The Following... 
11-6-13 Judge Tries To Settle Chris Brown And Drake Club Brawl Lawsuits
11-6-13 TLC's Chilli Does Not Deny Cheating With L.A. Reid During His Marriage To Pebbles But Opts To Slam Her
11-6-13 Rihanna Is Obsessed With Karrueche Tran
11-5-13 Justin Bieber Left Brazilian Brothel With Two Prostitutes
11-5-13 Porsha Stewart Says Her Husband Kordell Stewart Is Gay
11-5-13 Pebbles Daughter Ashley Reid Slams TLC's Chilli For Having Sex With Her Stepdad L.A. Reid
11-4-13 Teenager Kendall Jenner Being Inundated With Porn Movie Offers While Being Sexually Exploited In Nude Photos By Her Family
11-4-13 Justin Bieber Storms Off Stage After Being Hit With A Bottle And Refuses To Finish Show Causing Fans To Boo (Video)
11-4-13 Justin Bieber Caught Sneaking Out Of A Brothel Devastating Selena Gomez
11-2-13 LAX Shooter Eligible For The Death Penalty
11-1-13 Six People Signed Up For ObamaCare On The First Day
10-31-13 Rihanna Mimics And Mocks Karrueche Tran After She Releases Picture Kissing Chris Brown
10-31-13 Chris Brown Finally Heeds Site Suggestions And Heads To Rehab After Assault Arrest In Washington 
10-31-13 Rihanna Hasn’t Publicly Said A Word About Chris Brown Arrest But Karrueche Tran Speaks Up For Him (Photo) 
10-31-13 Pebbles Responds To Claims Made In The TLC Movie 'CrazySexyCool'
10-31-13 Kanye West Loses His Mind Again And Says Kim Kardashian Is More Influential Than First Lady Michelle Obama
10-31-13 Boycott Aventura Mall For Racial Profiling And Negligence
10-30-13 Questions Being Raised If Barack Obama Knew About The NSA Wiretapping Other Heads Of State And The Answer Is...
10-29-13 Phone Hacking Trail Begins In London As Rupert Murdoch's Employees Face Potential Prison Sentences
10-29-13 Man Sentenced To 35-Years In Prison For Murder Plot Against Nelson Mandela And Scheme To Drive All Black People Out Of South Africa Through Military Force 
10-29-13 Chris Brown To Face Probation Officer Over Washington Assault Arrest And Potential 4-Years In Jail
10-29-13 Man Charged With Murdering Adrian Peterson's Son Free On Bail Angering The Public
10-29-13 Singer Slammed In The TLC Biopic 'CrazySexyCool' Is Outed As Beyonce
10-29-13 2-Years In Jail Has Dramatically Aged Michael Jackson's Former Doctor Conrad Murray (Photo)
10-28-13 Justin Bieber Pictured In Bed With Two Men
10-28-13 Chris Brown Felony Assault Charges Reduced To Misdemeanor
10-28-13 Singer Chris Brown Arrested And Jailed After Breaking A Man’s Nose For Trying To Enter His Tour Bus
10-28-13 Michael Jackson’s Former Doctor Conrad Murray Released From Jail And Seeking Money
10-27-13 People Protest NSA Spying Via Washington Rally
10-27-13 15-Year-Old Orphan Receives 10,000 Adoption Offers
10-27-13 Chris Brown And Karrueche Tran Are Still A Couple
10-26-13 Cougar Kris Jenner Disrespects Her Husband Bruce Jenner By Quickly Dating A Man Half Her Age
10-26-13 Michael Jackson’s Doctor Applies To Get License Back But Should It Be Reinstated
10-25-13 Newspaper Reports The NSA Is Illegally Spying On 35 World Leaders
10-25-13 Chris Brown’s Mom Slams His Crew OHB 
10-25-13 Tweets On Twitter Add Fuel To The Fire That Chris Brown Broke Up With Karrueche Tran
10-25-13 TLC's T-Boz Slams Former Female Associates Pebbles And Crystal Jones As Scorned Heifers
10-25-13 Court Rejects Dwyane Wade Motion For His Ex-Wife To Face Mental Evaluation
10-24-13 The NSA Gets President Obama Into International Trouble Over Spying On Other Heads Of State
10-24-13 Obamacare Website Bashed So Much The President Calls The Computer Professionals
10-24-13 Did Chris Brown Break Up With Karrueche Tran Over Rihanna's Tantrum
10-23-13 Kim Kardashian To Get Married For Another 72 Days
10-23-13 TLC Biopic 'CrazySexyCool' Exposed As Grossly Inaccurate By People Instrumental To Their Careers
10-22-13 The TV Movie "CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story" Left Out A Lot Of Things...
10-22-13 Alexander O'Neal And Cherrelle's Stories Show The Dark Side Of Fame
10-21-13 Chris Brown Looks Happy On A Date With Karrueche Tran
10-21-13 Rihanna Kicked Out Of Mosque In Abu Dhabi For Being Disrespectful
10-19-13 Diddy Being Silent On Government Claims He Has Sex With Underage Boys Gives A Certain Impression 
10-19-13 Was Chris Brown Right To Feel Bad And Slam Rihanna For Having Sex With So Many Men In The Entertainment Industry
10-18-13 U.S. Government Shutdown Ends But Skepticism Continues Among Workers And Political Pundits (Video)
10-18-13 TLC Take To The Wendy Williams Show To Slam Their Former Manager Pebbles (Video)
10-18-13 Kim Kardashian Slammed By Her Fans For Revealing Bikini Picture Showing Most Of Her Behind (Photo)
10-17-13 74% Of Americans Want Congress Fired And Voted Out 
10-17-13 Chris Brown Disses Rihanna In Song Stating Everyone's Had Sex With Her
10-17-13 Rihanna Slammed Again By Her Fans
10-17-13 Diddy Accused Of Having Sex With Underage Boys In Government Investigation
10-16-13 Man Who Raised Adrian Peterson's Murdered Son Slams Him Online And Another Secret Child Emerges  
10-16-13 Chris Brown And Karrueche Tran Turn Down 'Love And Hip Hop LA' Reality Show Spin-Off
10-16-13 Chief Keef Sentenced To 20 Days In Jail On Marijuana Violation
10-16-13 The TV Movie 'CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story' Could Be The Subject Of A Defamation Lawsuit
10-16-13 One Of Floyd Mayweather's Girlfriends Inappropriately Posts His Private Messages Out Of Spite
10-15-13 Chris Brown's Girlfriend Karrueche Tran In The Running For Reality Show
10-15-13 Chris Brown Slams Wendy Williams And Perez Hilton On Twitter
10-15-13 Chris Brown And Drake Collaboration Back On Again
10-14-13 Michael Jackson's Mother Accused Of Homophobic Slur Calling Him A 'Damn Fa***t' Over Molestation Claims In Letters Seized In A Civil Case
10-13-13 The Two Ashleys In Adrian Peterson's Life
10-12-13 The Man Who Murdered Adrian Peterson's Son Has A History Of Violence Against Women And Children
10-11-13 Congress In Trouble As 60% Of Americans Want Them Voted Out And Fired Over Government Shutdown
10-11-13 Blogs Accuse Floyd Mayweather's Girlfriend Of Stealing 8 Rolex Watches And $10,000 From One Of His Mansions
10-11-13 Usher's Ex-Wife Signing On To A New Reality Show Means His Secrets Will Not Be Safe
10-10-13 New Police Theory On Who Killed Biggy And Tupac
10-10-13 Congress And Obama’s Approval Ratings Sink To New Lows Due To Government Shutdown
10-10-13 Undercover NYPD Police Officer Arrested And Charged In Motorcycle Road Rage Case (Video & Photos)
10-10-13 Rihanna Has Fight With Friend Who Routinely Annoyed And Fought With Chris Brown
10-8-13 Usher's Ex-Wife Sexually Aroused By Him On Twitter 
10-8-13 Heavy Public Criticism And Concern Over Chris Brown Stating He Lost His Virginity At Age 8
10-8-13 Lawsuit Against Beyonce For $106,700,000 Given Judicial Clearance To Proceed
10-8-13 Kris Jenner And Bruce Jenner Of Keeping Up With The Kardashians Separate
10-7-13 The U.S. Government Shutdown Needs To End
10-7-13 Chris Brown Says He Lost His Virginity At Age 8
10-7-13 Usher Raymond's Ex-Wife Asks Court To Address His Behavior
10-7-13 Site Again Hacked And Defaced By Madonna's Kabbalah Cult
10-6-17- Halle Berry Gives Birth To A Baby Boy
10-5-13 Chris Brown Casts Doubt On Drake Song Collaboration
10-5-13 Usher And Alicia Keys Shared More Than Just A Song And One Of Them Is Looking For Seconds
10-4-13 Woman And Child Crash Into The White House's East Gate
10-4-13 WIC Funding For Baby Food For The Poor Yanked During Federal Government Shutdown Over ObamaCare
10-4-13 Can ObamaCare Work
10-4-13 Double Tragedy As Airplane Carrying A Government Official's Corpse In Nigeria Crashes Killing Members Of His Family 
10-4-13 Michael Jackson Wrongful Death Case Defeat Adds To His Family's Heartbreak But Was AEG Really Liable
10-4-13 Chris Brown And Drake In The Studio Recording A Track Together While Rihanna's New Song And Video Are Slammed By The Public
10-3-13 Rihanna Curses At Fan For Commenting On Her Herpes Sore (Photo)
10-3-13 Floyd Mayweather's Girlfriend Slams His Fiancée's Herpes Infection
10-3-13 Sir Alex Ferguson's Insightful Interview With Charlie Rose
10-2-13 TV Executives Downgrade Rihanna's Reality Show 'Styled To Rock'
10-2-13 Floyd Mayweather Slams One Of His Girlfriends As 'Garbage'
10-1-13 Rapper Gucci Mane Sentenced To Six Months In Jail On Probation Violation
10-1-13 Hollywood Cult Before And After Photos
9-29-13 U.S. Government's ObamaCare Website Crashes
9-29-13 The U.S. Government Is On The Verge Of Shutting Down
9-29-13 Rihanna Publicly Compliments Drake Trying To Make Chris Brown Jealous
9-29-13 Radio DJ Rips Chris Brown's Girlfriend Karrueche Tran (Audio)
9-28-13 The NSA Illegally Accessing VISA To Spy On People Confirms The Site's Previous Claims
9-28-13 Chris Brown And Drake Are Making Peace While Rihanna Is Causing Trouble
9-28-13 Rihanna Booed Again At Her Own Concert
9-28-13 Khloe Kardashian Drops Lamar Odom's Name On Their Anniversary While He Has An Affair With Two Women
9-26-13 Aaron Hernandez Fiancée And Cousin Charged In The Former NFL Player's Murder Case (Video)
9-26-13 Floyd Mayweather Confirms He Is Still Engaged To Shantel Jackson Who Is Using Him To Start Her Career 
9-26-13 Rihanna Deletes Tweets In Teyana Taylor Twitter Feud Due To Anger From Her Handlers
9-26-13 The IRS Is Reading Pop Culture Websites And Watching Celebrity Interviews For Leads
9-26-13 Anti-Paparazzi Law Passed To Prevent Photographers Taking Pics Of Celebrities Kids In California
9-25-13 Rihanna Attacks Teyana Taylor On Instagram And Twitter Over Chris Brown But There Is More To The Feud Than Meets The Eye 
9-25-13 Wendy Williams Rips Chris Brown (Video)
9-24-13 Conflicting Reports On Kenya Mall Siege Between The Military And Terrorists
9-24-13 X-Factor Ratings Hit Rock Bottom In America
9-24-13 Who Was Really Behind The Death Of Cash Money Rapper Magnolia Shorty Who Was Shot 26 Times
9-24-13 Terrorist Siege In Kenya Mall Comes To An End With 68 People Dead (Video)
9-24-13 Showdown Over ObamaCare Gets Ugly As Lawmakers Pull Funding (Video)
9-23-13 Rupert Murdoch's Wife Demands New Lawyers Fearing He Corrupted Current Counsel
9-23-13 Chris Brown Talks New Album While Rihanna Begs Him For Sex (Video)
9-23-13 Gucci Mane Apologizes For His Drug Induced Tweets Stating He Slept With Female Entertainers
9-23-13 Lindsay Lohan's Family Home In Foreclosure Again
9-21-13 Chris Brown Slams Jay-Z Over Rihanna
9-21-13 Is Floyd Mayweather Secretly Married To Shantel Jackson Who Had Her Name Changed
9-21-13 Young Money Rapper Tyga Sued By Video Models Claiming Crew Sexually Assaulted And Exploited Them
9-20-13 Stevie J's Pregnant Mistress To Join 'Love And Hip Hop Atlanta'
9-20-13 Stephon Marbury Facing Foreclosure On Million Dollar Condo After Paying Off Mistress
9-19-13 Floyd Mayweather Could Lose A Fortune On His 8 Girlfriends And Here's Why
9-19-13 Is The Game's Fiancée Correct Stating He Needs To Change On 'Marrying The Game'
9-18-13 Washington Navy Yard Killer More Proof That Schizophrenics Should Not Own Guns 
9-18-13 Rihanna Tweets Drake's Lyrics Throwing Signals At Him And Chris Brown
9-18-13 Report Indicates A Model Tried To Crash Lebron James Wedding
9-18-13 Chief Keef Arrest Warrant Cancelled New Court Date Set
9-18-13 Liam Hemsworth Has Already Found Someone Else After Dumping Miley Cyrus
9-18-13 The Founder Of The Kabbalah Cult Philip Berg Is Dead
9-17-13 Is Drake Rapping About Rihanna And Chris Brown On The Diss Track 'The Language'
9-17-13 Miley Cyrus Fiancé Liam Hemsworth Dumps Her And Moves Out Of Her Home
9-17-13 Chris Brown Is Having Trouble Selling His West Hollywood Condo (Photos)
9-16-13 Rapper Gucci Mane Arrested For Threatening Cops While In Possession Of Gun And Drugs
9-16-13 Judge Slammed For Her Controversial Decision In The Mayweather v. Canelo Fight
9-16-13 Miami Heat Basketball Star Lebron James Weds High School Sweetheart Savannah Brinson
9-15-13 Kelly Price Says She Was Cursed At By The Production Crew Of 'R&B Divas LA'
9-15-13 Kanye West Charged With Assaulting Photographer Faces One Year In Jail
9-14-13 Lindsay Lohan’s Mom Arrested For Drunk Driving (Photo)
9-13-13 Should Government Hospitals Get A Special Break Under ObamaCare To Ease National Costs
9-13-13 Considering NSA Spying Has Not Really Aided In Thwarting Terrorist Attacks Should It Be Scaled Back
9-13-13 Should Kelly Price Be Back For Season Two Of 'R&B Divas LA'
9-13-13 Chante Moore Says There Is No 'R&B Divas LA' Tour
9-13-13 Chief Keef In A World Of Legal Trouble With Lawsuits And A Judge Ordering His Arrest
9-12-13 George Zimmerman's Mistress Made His Wife Upset During Domestic Violence Incident (Photo)
9-12-13 Is Karrueche Tran Challenging Rihanna's Status As An It Girl
9-12-13 Miley Cyrus' New Black Boyfriend May Explain Her New Image
9-12-13 George Zimmerman’s Lawyer Quits After Domestic Violence Incident At His Client's Home
9-11-13 R&B Divas LA Reunion Show Part 2 Brought Out More Secrets
9-11-13 Rapper Tyga Says Gucci Mane Has HIV
9-11-13 Rapper Gucci Mane Brags About Having Sex With Nicki Minaj, Keyshia Cole, Fantasia, Ciara, Mya, Monica And Kelly Rowland 
9-10-13 Rihanna Slammed For Pushing A Fan Who Wanted A Photo
9-10-13 Dawn Robinson's Ex-Husband Says He Got Her Kicked Off The Show 'R&B Divas LA' But Backs Off Suing Me And Others
9-8-13 Mariah Carey's Record Label Does Not Want To Renew Her Contract
9-8-13 U.S. President Barack Obama Open To Russia's Proposal On Syria's Chemical Weapons (Video)
9-8-13 George Zimmerman Detained By Police For Pulling Gun On His Wife And Her Dad And Punching Him In The Face
9-8-13 Girl Catches On Fire While Twerking Suffering Burns To Her Body 
9-7-13 Prominent Political Pundit Concludes As The Site Previously Did The War In Iraq Hindering Obama's Planned Military Action In Syria
9-7-13 Three Porn Stars Test Positive For HIV
9-7-13 Man Arrested And Charged With Spreading HIV Had Sex With 300 Men Knowing He Is Infected
9-7-13 Mariah Carey Continues To Shun Her HIV Infected Drug Addicted Sister Who Now Has Cancer As Well
9-7-13 The Cause Of Death In The Tragic Passing Of 'The Famous Jett Jackson' Star Lee Thompson Young
9-7-13 Frank Ocean Insults Chris Brown Again Looking For Another Fight
9-7-13 Jay-Z And Beyonce's Bodyguard Was On Drugs When He Broke Into A Miami House, Attacked The Owners And Was Killed By Police 
9-6-13 Mariah Carey Husband Nick Cannon Has Homosexual Tendencies 
9-6-13 Jay-Z’s Bodyguard Killed By Police In Miami After Trying To Break Into A House
9-6-13 Did Kelly Price Sign A Confidentiality Agreement With Mariah Carey And Sony Regarding Her Vocal Work For The Singer
9-5-13 George Zimmerman’s Wife Divorcing Him Sends An Apology To Trayvon Martin’s Parents Over His Death (Video)
9-5-13 Frank Ocean Blamed By Sean Kingston For Chris Brown Studio Fight (Video)
9-5-13 Kidnapper And Rapist Ariel Castro Found Dead In His Cell
9-5-13 Rihanna Is Missing Chris Brown And Wears His Necklace To Make Karrueche Tran Jealous
9-5-13 Kim Kardashian Goes Blonde And Wants To Pose For Playboy
9-5-13 'R&B Divas LA Reunion Show Part 1' Was Explosive
9-5-13 Kelly Price Claiming She Sang On Mariah Carey’s CDs Because She Can’t Sing Is Causing Controversy
9-5-13 Kelly Price Exposes And Clowns Mariah Carey Stating She Can't Sing Implying Someone Else Boosted Her Vocals On CDs
9-4-13 Another Rupert Murdoch Employee Charged With Phone Hacking As Shareholders Demand He Resign
9-4-13 Rihanna Encouraging Her Fans To Cyberbully Chris Brown’s Girlfriend Karrueche Tran
9-4-13 Kelly Price Says She Is Not A Crazy Bully But Chante Moore Calls Her A Liar Over ‘R&B Divas LA’
9-4-13 Evelyn Lozada Stated Chad Johnson Headbutted Her For Saying She Doesn’t Ever Want To Have Kids With Him For Cheating
9-3-13 Chris Brown Changes His Mind About Quitting Music
9-3-13 How Far Has Science Come In The Modern Age
9-2-13 Obama Seeks Congressional Clearance On Bombing Syria
9-2-13 Chris Brown Faces Neighborhood Complaints Twice In One Week
9-2-13 Was Kelly Price And Dawn Robinson’s Monologue Better Than The Rest Of "R&B Diva’s LA" Cast
9-2-13 Tupac Shakur’s Estate Settles With Death Row Records For $2,200,000 In Back Royalties
9-2-13 Obama Seeks Congressional Clearance On Bombing Syria
9-1-13 Ever Wonder If President Obama Has A Double
9-1-13 Rihanna Spotted Resentfully Looking At Drake Over Chris Brown
8-31-13 Woman Involved In Robin Thicke Butt Grabbing Scandal Brags About It In An Interview (Photos)
8-31-13 Lamar Odom Arrested For DUI After Accident Days Prior
8-30-13 Kris Jenner's Talk Show Cancelled Due To Low Ratings And Overexposure
8-30-13 Another BBC Employee Arrested For Being A Pedophile
8-30-13 What It Means When A Man Doesn't Claim His Girlfriend Online...
8-30-13 Obama And Congress Claiming Ignorance On The Full Extent Of NSA Spying On Americans
8-30-13 Fort Hood Killer Sentenced To Death Over Texas Military Base Killings
8-29-13 Rihanna, Her Cousin And Friend Attack Karrueche Tran Online Over Chris Brown
8-29-13 Rihanna Trying To Get Chris Brown Back Despite Karrueche Tran Being His Girlfriend
8-29-13 Should Rape Victims Be Granted Anonymity In The Court System
8-29-13 President Obama Meets Martin Luther King Jr's Granddaughter
8-28-13 President Obama Speaks To Large Crowd On The 50th Anniversary Of The March On Washington (Video)
8-28-13 Thanks To Miley Cyrus’ Butt Bouncing VMAs Performance The Word ‘Twerk’ Lands In The Dictionary
8-27-13 Congress Demands Answers From Eric Holder And The NSA Regarding Why They Are Sharing Americans Private Information With The DEA
8-27-13 Miley Cyrus Dad Responds To Her VMA Performance
8-27-13 Robin Thicke’s Mom To Miley Cyrus: Keep Your Booty Off My Son!
8-27-13 Chris Brown And Karrueche Tran Canoodle During Video Shoot In Hawaii While Rihanna Posts Subliminal Message Directed At Him
8-27-13 An Emaciated Drug Addled Lamar Odom Returns To Khloe Kardashian While The Clippers Drop Him
8-27-13 Rihanna Goes After Drake At VMAs To Make Chris Brown Jealous After He Took Karrueche Tran To Hawaii
8-27-13 Iggy Azalea Turned The VMAs Into The Video Munchies Awards
8-26-13 Chris Brown Will Not Be Prosecuted Over Alleged Club Attack
8-26-13 Lamar Odom Gone AWOL Separating From His Wife Due To Drug Addiction And Cheating
8-26-13 Robin Thicke's Mom Slams Miley Cyrus For Gyrating On Her Son At The VMAs
8-25-13 NSA Admits Employees Illegally Spied On Love Interests And Significant Others Confirming Site’s Previous Claims
8-25-13 Chris Brown Claims Bloods Street Gang Affiliation, Slams Jay-Z And Is Prepping Biopic On His Life With John Singleton
8-25-13 NSA Admits Employees Illegally Spied On Love Interests And Significant Others Confirming Site’s Previous Claims
8-25-13 Ciara Says She Wants To Work With Chris Brown On A Song And Video Which Will Make Rival Rihanna Angry
8-23-13 Chris Brown Slams District Attorney As A 'Racist A*s'
8-23-13 Actor Lee Thompson Young Suffered From Depression Before Regrettably Killing Himself
8-23-13 Duck Dynasty Dominating In The Ratings With 11,800,000 Viewers
8-23-13 Photo Of Kim Kardashian And Kanye West's Baby North West Revealed And She Looks Like...
8-22-13 Judge Rules The NSA Illegally Spied On Americans Confirming The Site's Previous Claims (Video)
8-22-13 Scandalous Video Model Tries To Destroy Lebron James Wedding By Going Public With Allegations Of Cheating (Photos)
8-22-13 Chris Brown And Karruehce Tran Go Away On Another Romantic Trip Leaving Rihanna Fuming And Wanting Him Back
8-22-13 Female Rapper Stevie J Impregnated While Cheating On Joseline Hernandez Releases Diss Track About Them
8-22-13 Kelly Price Being Slammed All Over Social Networking For Her Treatment Of Costars On R&B Divas LA
8-21-13 Bradley Manning Sentenced To 35 Years In Prison Over Leak Of Government Files
8-21-13 Basketball Wives Season Five Debut Is All About Evelyn And Chad Ochocinco Johnson's Nuclear Fight
8-21-13 Marrying The Game A Warning To Women About Men Who Do Not Want To Commit
8-20-13 What Really Happened To Lee Thompson Young
8-20-13 Chris Brown Concerts In Canada Cancelled Over Rihanna
8-19-13 Beyonce Booed At Concert In Britain As Fans Storm Out
8-19-13 Raz-B Out Of Comatose State And Speaking
8-19-13 One Direction’s Liam Payne Dating A Woman Who Rejected Him 22 Times Before He Was Famous Which Is Telling
8-19-13 Usher's Ex-Wife Slams People Stating She Was After Him For His Money (Video)
8-19-13 This Summer's Deaths Of Young Stars Indicates Hollywood Is Becoming Too Much For Many Entertainers To Handle 
8-18-13 Simon Cowell Impregnating His Friend's Wife And Destroying Their Marriage Reveals His Views On Life
8-18-13 B2K Singer Raz B Is On Life Support And In Danger Of Death
8-16-13 Should The Government Pay Students To Pass In School In Order To Bring Up National Averages 
8-16-13 FBI Admits They Inflated Their Mortgage Crisis Crackdown Rates
8-16-13 Chris Brown Hit With 1000 Additional Community Service Hours In Lieu Of Jail
8-16-13 Chris Brown Relieved Hit And Run Case Dropped
8-16-13 Beyonce Ditches New Short Hair Cut
8-16-13 Source: Toni Braxton Is Not Broke
8-15-13 Chris Brown Hit And Run Case Dismissed Despite Prosecutor's Objections
8-15-13 Site's Previous Claims Confirmed As Justin Bieber Sex Partner Does Tell All
8-15-13 Kelly Price 'Heartbroken' Stating R&B Divas LA Edited To Make Her Look Like The Bad Guy
8-15-13 Daughter Of Love And Hip Hop Atlanta's Stevie J's Inherited His Facial Expressions And It's Hilarious (Photos)
8-15-13 Rihanna Still Hung Up On Chris Brown And Hasn't Been Dating Other Men But He's Moved On With Karrueche Tran
8-15-13 Usher's Ex-Wife Admits On TV That A Court Ordered Psychiatric Test Ruled Her Mentally Ill (Video)
8-14-13 Justin Bieber Pretending To Be A Virgin As Model Tells Of How He Had Sex With Her And Was Experienced
8-14-13 Duck Dynasty Is Back Jack
8-13-13 Stevie J Gets An Aspiring Artist Pregnant And It’s Not His Wife Joseline Hernandez
8-13-13 Chris Brown Sued By Frank Ocean's Cousin Over Studio Fight
8-13-13 Justin Bieber Has A Meltdown And Poses Nude With Caption 'It's My D**k In A Guitar' (Photos)
8-13-13 Report: Toni Braxton Divorced, Broke And Homeless
8-12-13 Edward Snowden’s Leak Forces Government To Reform NSA Surveillance
8-12-13 President Obama Talks Transparency But Is He Living Up To His Word
8-12-13 Chris Brown Rep Confirms Site Claims That Emotional Trauma Triggered The Singer’s Seizure
8-12-13 Usher’s Ex-Wife Says Their Son Died And Had To Be Revived
8-12-13 Source: Justin Bieber Is Bisexual
8-10-13 Chris Brown Had A Seizure But Refused To Go To The Hospital For Treatment
8-10-13 Judge Again Denies Usher’s Ex-Wife Custody As She Cries Her Son May Have Permanent Damage From Nearly Drowning (Video)
8-10-13 Rapper's Confessions About Jay-Z Cheating Is Damaging His Marriage To Beyonce
8-9-13 Drake Says Amanda Bynes Tweets To Him Were 'Weird And Disturbing'
8-9-13 Rolex Watch Stolen From The Dead Body Of Sopranos Actor James Gandolfini
8-9-13 King Of Queens Star Leah Remini Files Missing Persons Report About Wife Of Scientology Cult Leader  
8-8-13 Burn Notice Actor Kills Wife In Their Home Claiming She Tried To Stab Him To Death (Video)
8-8-13 Usher's Ex-Wife Releases First Photo Of Their Son After He Nearly Drowned (Photo)
8-8-13 Beyonce Cuts Off Her Weave And Bleaches Her Hair To Mixed Reviews
8-7-13 President Obama Cancels Russia Trip After President Putin Grants NSA Leaker Edward Snowden Asylum
8-7-13 Usher’s Ex-Wife Demands Custody In Court After Son Almost Drowns
8-7-13 Rapper Accusing Jay-Z Of Trying To Cheat On Beyonce With Her Connected To Love And Hip Hop Atlanta
8-7-13 Report: Jay-Z Photographed Wearing A Shirt Showing Satan Having Sex With Jesus - Part 2
8-7-13 The Reason Mimi Doesn’t Want Stevie J After He’s Had Sex With Joseline Hernandez (Love And Hip Hop Atlanta)
8-7-13 Thirst Traps And Sex
8-7-13 Genetic Testing On The Unborn To Detect Disability On The Rise But Is It Ethical
8-6-13 Usher's Son Nearly Drowns At His Home And Is Placed In ICU
8-6-13 Chris Brown States He Is Quitting Music Over Rihanna Domestic Violence Case People Won't Forgive Him For
8-6-13 Chris Brown Spotted Leaving The Club With A Blonde Taking Her Home For Sex
8-6-13 Rihanna's Enablers Continue To Supply Her With Hard Drugs Like Cocaine And Ecstasy (Video) 
8-5-13 New Government Report Indicates The FBI Allowed Informants To Break The Law 5,600 Times In One Year
8-5-13 Jay-Z's Is Still Cheating On Beyonce New Woman Comes Forward (Video)
8-5-13 Chris Brown And Karrueche Tran Romance Blossoms As They Are Spotted At Orange County Fair (Photos)
8-5-13 Judge Slaps Woman With $10,000 Fine For Lying In Stating Michael Jordan Is The Father Of Her Son
8-3-13 The Case Of The Three Young Women Abducted In Ohio Another Reminder Of The Time Victims Of Crime Lose (Ariel Castro Convicted)
8-3-13 18-Year-Old African-American Girl Becomes The Youngest Person To Pass The Bar Exam In England
8-3-13 Is Rihanna Stalking Karrueche Tran Again (Photos)
8-3-13 Chris Brown Doing A Video With One Of His Crushes Nicki Minaj (Photo)
8-2-13 President Obama Slams Kim Kardashian And Kanye West
8-2-13 Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion Show Turns Into Fight Between Joseline Hernandez And Mimi Faust
8-2-13 Megan Fox Is Pregnant With Her Second Child
8-2-13 Mafia Threat Issued In Aventura Mall Case
8-1-13 Edward Snowden Officially Granted Asylum In Russia Angering Obama
8-1-13 Laila Ali Clowns Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Over Their Baby's Name North Labeling It 'Stupid'
8-1-13 Beyonce Knowles' Sister Gives Last Concert At A Laundry Mat Looking Higher Than The Snuggle Bear
8-1-13 Claudette Ortiz Of R&B Divas LA Was Raped
8-1-13 Chris Brown Bitter Over Rihanna And Harboring Secret Anger For Her
7-31-13 Sharon Osbourne Says Justin Bieber Doesn't Know He's White
7-31-13 Chris Brown And Karrueche Tran Leave For A Romantic Break In Switzerland Just As Rihanna Is Returning To Los Angeles To See Him (Photos)
7-31-13 Rihanna Worried About Losing Chris Brown To Karrueche Tran Permanently Due To Problems
7-31-13 Report: Jay-Z Photographed Wearing A Shirt Showing Satan Having Sex With Jesus
7-30-13 Soldier Bradley Manning Found Guilty Of Violating Espionage Act
7-30-13 Court Order Places Dywane Wade's Ex-Wife In Danger Of Permanently Losing Custody Of Her Children Due To Homeless Stunt 
7-30-13 Politician Anthony Weiner Blew The Election Being A Weenie Sexting A Woman Half His Age (Photos)
7-29-13 Italy's First Black Government Minister Racially Abused Via Death Threats, Blood Covered Mannequins And Bananas Being Thrown At Her
7-29-13 Report States A Reunited Chris Brown And Karrueche Tran Snuck Away For Weekend In Switzerland Behind Rihanna's Back (Video)
7-29-13 Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Joseline Hernandez Proposes To Reluctant Stevie J Who Is Still In Love With Mimi
7-29-13 Toni Braxton Loses The Copyrights To Her Songs
7-29-13 Airline Sued For Making Disabled Man Crawl To The Airplane Not Getting Him A Wheelchair
7-27-13 Juror B29 Offends By Stating She Is Hurting Just As Much As Trayvon Martin's Mother
7-27-13 Chris Brown Clowns Rihanna Defacing Her Picture On New Song Cover While She Slams Him In Expletive Laced Rant 
7-27-13 Judge Slaps Rihanna With $47,000 Fine
7-26-13 Second Juror In George Zimmerman Case Feels Guilty Stating 'He Got Away With Murder'
7-26-13 Edward Snowden Granted Papers To Enter Russia And Obama Is Scheduled To Visit
7-26-13 Chris Brown Sued Over Security Throwing Woman Out Of Club 
7-26-13 Beyonce's Sister States She Is Mentally Ill
7-26-13 Lamar Odom's Mistress Rubs Salt In The Wounds Of His Wife Khloe Kardashian (Video)
7-26-13 Is Gabrielle Union Responsible For The Decline In The Mental Health Of Dwyane Wade's Ex-Wife Via Scheming And Online Taunts 
7-26-13 Will Smith Closes Scientology School After His Popularity Nosedives
7-25-13 Amanda Bynes Committed To Psychiatric Ward Of Hospital As Parents Seek Conservatorship
7-25-13 Love And Hip Hop Atlanta’s Joseline Hernandez And Stevie J Marry In Ceremony That Make People Think She’s A Man
7-25-13 Dawn Robinson Of EnVogue And R&B Divas LA Was Abused By Husband Who Was Bisexual
7-25-13 Are You Marrying The Right Person?
7-25-13 Miley Cyrus Slams Justin Bieber
7-24-13 Chris Brown Hit And Run Case Falling Apart
7-24-13 The Ex-Wife Of Miami Heat Star Dywane Wade Lied About Her Financial Situation
7-23-13 Beyonce Got Into A Fight With A Fan And The Fan Won (Video)
7-23-13 Kids Today Are Not Playing...
7-23-13 Chris Brown Single Again After Breaking Up With Karrueche Tran Due To Rihanna's Complaints
7-23-13 Dywane Wade's Ex-Wife Does Video Interview Making Shocking Claims (Video) 
7-22-13 The Devastated Wife Of Basketball Player Tim Duncan Says He Is Bisexual And Cheating On Her With A Man
7-22-13 Claudette Ortiz Of R&B Divas LA Was Homeless With Her Three Children
7-22-13 When Stars Go Broke 
7-20-13 Living In Sin Is Hot And Sexy?
7-20-13 What Will Rihanna Do If Chris Brown Is Sentenced To Jail
7-20-13 Rihanna's Overspending Causing Money Problems
7-20-13 Ex-Wife Of Miami Heat Star Dwyane Wade Lays On Sidewalk Stating She Is Homeless Because Of Him But...
7-19-13 Obama Talks About Disappointment At George Zimmerman Verdict In Trayvon Martin Murder
7-19-13 Kanye West Attacks Another Photographer (Video)
7-19-13 The Women Of R&B Divas L.A. Talk About Losing Their Virginity
7-18-13 George Zimmerman’s Brother Complains About Obama Wiretapping Them (Video)
7-18-13 The City Of Detroit Files For Bankruptcy
7-18-13 An Angry Rihanna Pelted With Potato Chips At Her Concert (Video)
7-17-13 Rolling Stone's Current Issue With Boston Marathon Bomber On The Cover Banned In A Growing Number Of Stores (Video)
7-17-13 Russian President Vladimir Putin Makes It Clear He Will Not Bow To Obama Administration Pressure On Edward Snowden Who Fears For His Life
7-17-13 New Evidence Reveals The FBI Sent People To Death Row Who Were Innocent Of Crimes They Were Convicted Of
7-17-13 Is Chris Brown Too High Profile While On Probation
7-17-13 Beautiful Women Of R&B Divas Struggle Under Divorce
7-17-13 4 Jurors Rush To Distance Themselves From Juror B37 And The Backlash Of The Zimmerman Not Guilty Verdict
7-17-13 Glee Actor Corey Monteith Died Of Heroin Overdose And Alcohol Poisoning
7-16-13  NSA Whistle Blower Edward Snowden Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize
7-15-13 Juror In George Zimmerman Murder Trial Speaks About Trayvon Martin (Videos)
7-15-13 Chris Brown Probation Revoked But The Singer Has Not Been Jailed
7-15-13 Rihanna Slams Blogger's Report And In Doing So Confirms This Site's Claims
7-14-13 Trainer Arrested In Italy For Sabotaging Jamaican Sprint Club Via Steroids Laced Food Supplements
7-14-13 Trayvon Martin Denied Justice In Death 
7-13-13 Rihanna Threatening To Sue Chris Brown Over Using Her Name But There’s Just One Problem…
7-13-13 Denzel Washington Denies Reports He Is Divorcing His Wife Over An Affair
7-13-13 Rapper Azealia Banks Calls Singer Lily Allen’s Husband And Children ‘Ugly’
7-12-13 Wrongful Death Lawsuit Reveals Michael Jackson Had Buns Of Steel But Not In The Manner You Think…
7-12-13 NSA Whistle Blower Edward Snowden Holds Press Conference In Russia Stating He Wants To Stay (Video)
7-12-13 R&B Divas L.A. Brings Back Top Soul Stars
7-11-13 Justin Bieber Apologizes For Saying "F*** Bill Clinton" On Video
7-11-13 Rihanna Shows How Thirsty She Is Going After Drake To Get Back At Chris Brown For Dumping Her For Karrueche Tran
7-11-13 Justin Bieber In More Trouble For Having A Pot To Piss In (Video)
7-10-13 The Arrest Of Lawrence Taylor's Son On Charges Of Sex With A Minor Reveals The Apple Didn't Fall Far From The Tree 
7-10-13 With NFL Star Aaron Hernandez In Prison On Murder Charges What Will Happen To His $44,000,000 Fortune
7-10-13 Are You Raising A Home Wrecker Or Gigolo
7-10-13 Rihanna Ejected From Concert For Being Sloppy Drunk And High (Video)
7-9-13 Aaron Hernandez And His Fiancée Should Not Get Married If...
7-9-13 The Dangers Of Trapping A Man With Pregnancy In Trying To Make Him Stay
7-8-13 Obama Administration Losing Extradition Battle Against NSA Whistle Blower Edward Snowden
7-8-13 Andy Murray Wins Wimbledon And The British Public's Affection All Over Again
7-8-13 Rihanna Slammed Duet With Chris Brown But What She Didn't Tell You Is...
7-8-13 The Mistress Of 'Love And Hip Hop Atlanta' Star Kirk Frost Rubs Salt In His Wife's Wounds Via Interview
7-6-13 NSA Leaker Edward Snowden Offered Asylum In Venezuela, Nicaragua And Bolivia
7-6-13 Metropolitan Police Formally Demands Secret Tape Of Rupert Murdoch Admitting Guilt In Bribery And Phone Hacking Scandal
7-6-13 Rihanna Bitterly Lashes Out Online Over Chris Brown Keeping Her Song On His CD After Dumping Her For Karrueche Tran
7-6-13 Summer Box Office Bombs Leave Top Hollywood Stars Dismayed
7-5-13 Wendi Deng Murdoch Cheated On Rupert Murdoch Getting The Yang Somewhere Else
7-5-13 Member Of British Parliament Recommends The U.S. Government Charge Rupert Murdoch With Corrupt Practices (Phone Hacking And Bribery)
7-5-13 Married 'Love And Hip Hop Atlanta' Star Kirk Frost Blames His Threesome On Alcohol
7-4-13 Rapper Flo Rida Cleared By DNA Test Leading To Paternity Determination Against Him Being Revoked
7-4-13 Young Money Rapper Flow Charged With Attempted Murder And Armed Robbery
7-4-13 News Corp’s Rupert Murdoch Caught On Secret Tape Admitting Guilt In Bribery And Phone Hacking Scandal (Video)
7-4-13 James Clapper Apologizes To Congress For Lying Under Oath About The NSA Spying Scandal (Prism)
7-3-13 Obama Administration Accused Of ‘Kidnapping’ The President Of Bolivia In Edward Snowden Scandal
7-3-13 Rapper 50 Cent Hit With Criminal Charges For Domestic Violence Against The Mother Of His Child
7-3-13 Rihanna Acts Out Over Chris Brown Taking Karrueche Tran To The BET Awards
7-2-13 First Lady Michelle Obama Calls Being First Lady In White House Like Being In 'A Really Nice Prison'
7-2-13 NSA Whistle Blower Edward Snowden Facing Difficulties Regarding Asylum Applications After Obama Revokes His Passport
7-2-13 Love And Hip Hop Reality Star Kirk Frost Slammed On Blogs For Cheating On Wife And Demanding She Have An Abortion
7-2-13 Rihanna Booed Again By Her Fans This Time In Paris (Video)
7-2-13 Rapper A$AP Rocky Under Fire For Slapping Female Fan Across The Face (Video)
7-1-13 The BET Awards Tests The Boundaries Of What Can Be Called Music
7-1-13 Chris Brown Takes Karrueche Tran To The BET Awards Replacing Rihanna
7-1-13 Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Pushing The Envelope For Ratings
6-29-13 Obama's Visit To South Africa Being Met With Protests And Calls For His Arrest
6-29-13 Two Men Arrested For Aiding NFL Star Aaron Hernandez Commit Murder (Video)
6-29-13 IRS Slaps Jermaine Dupri With Another Massive Tax Lien
6-28-13 Chris Brown Hit And Run Motorist Said She Was Scared Of Him As He Was Covered In Tattoos But...
6-28-13 Actor Alec Baldwin Explodes In Rage Over Reports His Wife Tweeted During James Gandolfini Funeral (Video)
6-28-13 Rupert Murdoch's Top Executives Fail To Get Phone Hacking Criminal Charges Tossed
6-27-13 Trayvon Martin Death Photos Released (Photos)
6-27-13 NFL Star Aaron Hernandez Denied Bail In Murder Case Being Investigated In A Second Killing (Video)
6-27-13 Obama States He Will Not Force Religious Institutions To Perform Gay Weddings In Face Of Supreme Court DOMA Decision 
6-27-13 Kenya Moore Goes To Court And Overturns Eviction From Mansion
6-27-13 Bad Lawyer Alert: Sarah Steinbaum Of The Jacoby And Meyers Law Firm (Broadspire And Turnberry Associates) - PART 2
6-26-13 Football Star Aaron Hernandez Charged With Murder (Video)
6-26-13 Justin Bieber Sued For Drop Kicking And Sucker Punching Photographer
6-25-13 Chris Brown Hit And Run Motorist States He Got Angry Tried To Snatch Her Camera And Called Her A B**ch
6-25-13 Russia, China And Hong Kong Pass On Extraditing Edward Snowden To The Obama Administration (Video)
6-25-13 Chris Brown Charged With Hit And Run In Case That Could Send Him To Jail For 4-Years
6-25-13 Discrepancies Crop Up In The Story Of Woman Accusing Chris Brown Of Shoving Her At A Night Club (Video)
6-24-13 Former Prime Minister Of Italy Silvio Berlusconi Found Guilty Of Sex With Underage Prostitute (Videos)
6-24-13 Chris Brown Accused Of Assaulting A Woman In A Night Club (Video)
6-22-13 Miami Heat To Celebrate Third NBA Championship With Parade
6-22-13 Chris Brown Challenging Hollywood Hills In What Could Be A Costly Legal Battle
6-22-13 Call The Fashion Police As Dolce And Gabbana Are Convicted Of Tax Evasion And Sentenced To One Year In Jail
6-21-13 Magazine: President Obama And The Prostitute
6-21-13 Obama Administration Indicts Prism Whistle Blower Edward Snowden Over NSA Scandal
6-21-13 Chris Brown To Drop Rihanna Duet From New Album
6-21-13 Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Name Their Baby North West
6-21-13 Chief Keef The Subject Of Another Arrest Warrant This Time In Miami
6-20-13 Rihanna Not Sorry She Whacked Fan In The Face With Microphone
6-20-13 Kenya Moore Evicted From Atlanta Mansion By Court Order
6-20-13 Meek Mill Protégé Shot To Death
6-19-13 'Tony Soprano' Actor James Gandolfini Found Dead In Italy
6-19-13 Evelyn Lozada Domestic Violence Photos Released And They Are Bad (Photos)
6-19-13 Rihanna Gets Violent And Attacks Fan In Audience (Video)
6-19-13 Never Let Your Ex-Girlfriend Hook You Up With One Of Her Friends (Funny True Story)
6-18-13 Another FBI Agent Caught Taking Bribes To Derail Serious Cases (Video)
6-18-13 Teen Rapper Chief Keef Arrested Again This Time For Trespassing As Murder Investigation Lingers
6-18-13 Drake Wants To Sit Down And Talk To Chris Brown About Rihanna Feud
6-18-13 Jay-Z Accused Of Faking Record Sales Again
6-18-13 Celebrity Chef Nigella Lawson Choked By Her Husband Charles Saatchi (Photos)
6-17-13 FBI Director Robert Mueller Heavily Criticized For Refusing To Investigate IRS Targeting American Citizens
6-17-13 Kim Kardashian's Baby Looks Like...
6-15-13 Kim Kardashian Has Difficulty During Labor But Welcomes A Baby Girl With Kanye West
6-14-13 FBI Director Robert S. Mueller Slammed Online Over His Comments In Congress On NSA Spying And IRS Harassment Scandals (Videos)
6-14-13 Chris Brown Owned On The Basketball Court
6-14-13 Rihanna Goes Drunk Bowling Depressed Over Chris Brown And Busts Her Butt
6-14-13 Rupert Murdoch Files For Divorce From Flirty Wife Wendi
6-14-13 Radio 1 DJ Arrested In The Jimmy Savile Pedophile Case
6-13-13 The Retaliation Whistle Blowers Face From Washington
6-13-13 Chad Ochocinco Johnson’s Lawyer Begs Judge To Let Him Out Of Jail After Butt Slap Gone Wrong
6-13-13 Jay-Z's RocaWear Is Bankrupt According To Creditor Suing For $450,000 In Merchandise Not Paid For
6-12-13 Obama Administration In Trouble All Over The World Due To NSA Spying Scandal
6-12-13 The Obama Administration Is Being Pummeled By Serious Scandals
6-12-13 Photo Released Of Chris Brown And Karrueche Tran Getting Close (Rihanna Needs To See This)
6-12-13 Rapper Kanye West Under Fire As Model Claims He Cheated On Pregnant Kim Kardashian With Her
6-11-13 Congress Disowns Obama Administration Claims They Have Been In League With Secret NSA Spying
6-11-13 Did Attorney General Eric Holder Destroying Illegal NSA Files Constitute Obstruction Of Justice
6-11-13 23-Year-Old HIV Positive Man To Stand Trial For Molesting 13 And 14-Year-Old Boys
6-11-13 Real Housewives Of Atlanta's Kenya Moore Fires Back Countersuing Landlord
6-10-13 American NSA Whistleblower Comes Forward From Hong Kong (Photo)
6-10-13 Chris Brown Probation Violation Hearing Adjourned For A Month While Prosecutors Debate His Fate
6-10-13 Rihanna Lonely Without Chris Brown On Troubled Tour While Karrueche Tran Makes The Most Of It
6-10-13 Chad Ochocinco Johnson Thrown In Jail For Contempt Of Court (Video)
6-10-13 2-Year-Old Titus Ashby Outscores Shaquille O'Neal And Takes On Kobe (Video)
6-9-13 NSA Workers Admit To Reading The Emails And Listening To The Calls Of Americans In Violation Of The Law
6-9-13 Tony Parker’s Injury Lawsuit Against Chris Brown And Drake Being Questioned After Game 1 Of NBA Finals
6-7-13 GQ Labels Chris Brown Worst Dressed Male
6-7-13 The Obama Administration In Trouble For Using The NSA To Wiretap The Internet To Spy On People (Video)
6-7-13 Eric Holder Accused Of Perjury In Congress Regarding Lying About Spying On Journalists Proving The Site Correct
6-7-13 Basketball Wives LA Star Draya Ripped To Shreds On Twitter When Q&A Session Goes Wrong
6-7-13 Girls Gone Wild’s Joe Francis Threatens Lawsuit Over Stolen Sex Tape
6-7-13 Case Against Shaquille O’Neal By Mistress Goes Up in Smoke As She Is Unmasked As A Liar
6-6-13 Michelle Obama Gets PMS And Slams Heckler At An Event For Interrupting Her Speech (Video)
6-5-13 Chris Stokes And Marques Houston Are Harassing Me - Part II
6-5-13 Film Crew Scheduled To Dig Up Atari Landfill But Is It A Good Idea
6-5-13 Michael Jackson’s Daughter Paris Jackson Hospitalized After Attempting Suicide
6-4-13 Miami Heat's Lebron James Shakes The Hand Of British Football Star David Beckham (You Know Lil Wayne Got Jealous)
6-4-13 Channing Tatum Worried About Justin Bieber Who Went Wild After Miami Heat Game
6-4-13 Chris Brown Drops $25,000 In The Club As Groupies Follow Him And Karrueche Tran
6-4-13 Amanda Bynes Evicted From New York Apartment Over Drug Arrest
6-4-13 Real Housewives Of Atlanta Star Kenya Moore Hit With Eviction Notice On Atlanta Mansion
6-3-13 IRS Employees Throw Their Bosses Under The Bus Stating Discriminatory Practices Against Journalists And Conservatives Came Directly From Washington
6-3-13 Cheerios Cereal Commercial With Interracial Family Causes Uproar Among Racists
6-3-13 Nicki Minaj Booed At Summer Jam Concert In New York
6-3-13 Chris Stokes And Marques Houston Are Harassing Me (Emails)
6-3-13 Michael Douglas Says He Developed Throat Cancer Via Performing Oral Sex On HPV Infected Women
6-1-13 Mainstream Journalist Who Is An Outspoken Critic Of The Government Discovers Her Computer Is Hacked By The FBI
6-1-13 Bad Lawyer Alert: Sarah Steinbaum Of The Jacoby And Meyers Law Firm (Broadspire And Turnberry Associates)
6-1-13 Source States Rihanna Is Upset Chris Brown And Karrueche Tran Are Having Sex Again!
6-1-13 Keyshawn Johnson Slams Justin Bieber Hard Stating He Switched Seats With Friend After Speeding In Their Neighborhood (Video)
5-31-13 Blogs Question Jay-Z's Flirtatious Conduct Towards Skylar Diggins As Betraying Beyonce While She's On Tour
5-31-13 Chris Brown's House With Karrueche Tran Subject Of Sale Rumors
5-31-13 Singer Miguel Facing Lawsuit From Audience Member He Kicked In The Head
5-31-13 Jermaine Dupri Set To Lose His Music Catalog Over Loan He Defaulted On
5-30-13 The War Against Journalism: The Government Targeting And Spying On Journalists Through The FBI And IRS Compromises The News
5-30-13 Woman Sues Over Rihanna’s Lipstick That Gave Her Herpes
5-30-13 Cops Drop Drug Case Against Amanda Bynes Citing Insufficient Evidence (Broken Bong)
5-30-13 Another Woman Claims Justin Bieber Got Her Pregnant
5-29-13 Obama Busted With Lipstick On His Collar And Guess Who Put It There (Video)
5-29-13 Justin Bieber Angers Famous Pro-Football Neighbors By Speeding On The Streets
5-29-13 New York Police Department To Amanda Bynes: Nobody Slapped Your Vagina (Video)
5-28-13 Chris Brown Moving On With Karrueche Tran While Rihanna Hits Downward Spiral
5-28-13 British Government Working To Rein In Jihad Hate Speech
5-28-13 Amanda Bynes: I'm Getting A Nose Job And Becoming A Singer And Rapper
5-28-13 Resentful Rihanna Sues The Billionaire Father Of Woman Who Has Been Getting Close To Chris Brown
5-28-13 Could Chris Brown Be Going To Jail For A Probation Violation
5-28-13 Justin Bieber Angers Famous Pro-Football Neighbors By Speeding On The Streets
5-27-13 Rihanna's Bad Month: Amanada Bynes Slams Her On Twitter While Chris Brown Moves Karrueche Tran Back Into His Mansion
5-25-13 After Drug Arrest Amanda Bynes Appears In Court Wearing The Wackiest Wig Ever (Photo)
5-25-13 Chris Brown Spotted With Rich Heiress Who Called Him Hot Making Rihanna Jealous
5-25-13 Katy Perry And Chief Keef Bury The Beef
5-24-13 Chief Keef And Katy Perry Beef
5-23-13 President Obama's Prom Pic Released And It's All Sorts Of Comedy
5-23-13 Chris Brown Kissed Karrueche Tran At The Billboard Awards While Rihanna Dined Alone
5-22-13 Site Hacked Again By Madonna's Kabbalah Center
5-22-13 Deadly Terrorist Attack On British Soldier In South London
5-22-13 Death Toll In Oklahoma Tornadoes Hits 24
5-22-13 Confirmed: The FBI Spying On Journalists Emails Just As The Website Previously Stated
5-22-13 Rihanna Imitates Karrueche Tran Posting Butt Pictures After Finding Out Chris Brown Went Back To Her
5-21-13 Chris Brown And Karrueche Tran Meet In An Accident But What Were They Doing…
5-21-13 Drake Clowns Rihanna Who Offended Chris Brown For Him
5-21-13 Blogs: Jay-Z Is Sexually Pursuing Basketball Star Skylar Diggins
5-21-13 Singer Jon Bon Jovi Calls Justin Bieber An "A*****e"
5-20-13 Rihanna Wrongly Slams The Entire New York Knicks Basketball Team
5-20-13 Why Justin Bieber Was Booed At The Billboard Awards (Video)
5-20-13 Beyonce's Uncle Develops A Case Of Diarrhea Mouth And Tells All Her Business...Like She Didn't Love Jay-Z
5-20-13 Jay-Z Slammed By The Biggest Black Blog On The Internet
5-18-13 News Report: The IRS Targeted Christians
5-18-13 Miami Heat Star Dwyane Wade Takes High School Girl To The Prom After Repeated Requests
5-18-13 Karrueche Tran Posts Naughty Photo About Chris Brown And He Responds Angering Rihanna
5-17-13 Chris Brown Refuses To Remove Graffiti From House But It Is Going To Cost Him (Video)
5-16-13 New Scandal Erupts Regarding The FBI And Justice Department Monitoring Calls Of AP Reporters Confirming Previous Site Claims
5-16-13 President Obama Fires The Head Of The IRS For Targeting Conservatives (Video)
5-16-13 A Look At The FBI's Terrorist Watch List As The Boston Police Blame Them For Not Sharing Russian Tip About Boston Bomber Which Could Have Prevented The Terrorist Attack
5-16-13 Chris Brown And Karrueche Tran Spotted Together For The Third Time In Weeks While Rihanna Wants Him Back
5-15-13 Chris Brown Curses Off His Neighbors On Twitter
5-14-13 Chief Keef Is Engaged To A Butt Model But Does He Have A Prenup To Cover His Butt
5-13-13 IRS Says Sorry For Targeting Conservatives As Obama Denies All Knowledge Of Misconduct
5-13-13 Lawyer Slammed In BBC Jimmy Savile Sex Scandal For Demanding Age Of Sexual Consent Be Lowered
5-13-13 The NFL Disses Jay-Z With New Rule Designed To Keep Him Out 
5-11-13 Rihanna At A Loss For Words Over Chris Brown’s Reaction To Her Going After Drake
5-11-13 Rihanna Booed In Boston
5-11-13 Have Fun This Mother’s Day
5-10-13 Congressional Senator Confirms The IRS Politically Targeted Conservatives Just As The Site Stated
5-10-13 Rihanna Slams Chris Brown For Saying He Does Not Want To Marry Her And Going Back To Karrueche Tran
5-9-13 Kanye West Painfully Walks Into A Street Sign While With Kim Kardashian Then Throws A Tantrum (Video)
5-9-13 Abducted Cleveland Trio Suffered Repeated Rapes And Miscarriages From Severe Beatings (Video)
5-9-13 Chris Brown Seen Seductively Dancing To Rihanna Song With Pretty Mystery Woman 
5-8-13 Jodi Arias Found Guilty In Grisly Murder Of Boyfriend Travis Alexander (Video)
5-8-13 Britney Spears’ Choreographer Wade Robson Says Michael Jackson Is A Monster Who Molested Him
5-8-13 Disturbing Video Released Showing The Boston Marathon Bombing From A New Angle (Video)
5-7-13 FBI Busted Ignoring Another Tip On Boston Marathon Bombers
5-7-13 Chris Brown Nearly Died Yesterday In A Private Jet Mishap
5-7-13 Video Of Kris Kross Rapper Chris Kelly High On Drugs Before He Overdosed (Video)
5-7-13  Lauryn Hill Sentenced To 3-Months House Arrest For Tax Evasion And...
5-7-13 Another Pedophile At The BBC Arrested Admits Sex Crimes Against Children
5-6-13 Chris Brown Clowns Rihanna At Another Birthday Party And On Radio Before Going On Twitter Rant
5-6-13 Justin Bieber Jumped On Stage And Piano Almost Falls On Him (Video)
5-4-13 Chris Brown Invites Karrueche Tran To His Birthday Party And Not Rihanna
5-4-13 Mountain Dew Drops Lil Wayne Over Emmett Till Lyric
5-3-13 Drake Is Using Rihanna To Get Back At Chris Brown
5-2-13 Justin Bieber And Usher Sued For Copyright Infringement Over Stealing Song 'Somebody to Love'
5-2-13 Billboard Magazine Outs Singer Beyonce For Repeatedly Stealing Copyrighted Music, Images And Videos
5-2-13 Pedophilia At The BBC Comes To Light Just As The Site Predicted With Arrests In Jimmy Savile Scandal
5-1-13 Obama Speaks About The Heavily Criticized FBI's Handling Of The Boston Bombing Case
5-1-13 Lil Wayne Hospitalized With Another Seizure
5-1-13 Chris Brown's Dad Doesn't Want Him With Rihanna But His Mom Is Okay With It
5-1-13 Chris Brown Unfollows Rihanna And Follows Karrueche Tran
4-30-13 Could Chris Brown And Rihanna Benefit From Counseling Because...
4-30-13 Fantasia Loses Mansion In Foreclosure After Wasting Money On Married Man
4-30-13 Gwyneth Paltrow And Jay-Z Backlash Prove It's Who You Know In Hollywood
4-29-13 President Barack Obama Slams Jay-Z Again (Video)
4-29-13 Judge Tells FBI To Buzz Off Denying Request To Hack Into Person's Computer And Spy On Them Using Their Webcam
4-29-13 Failed FBI Director Robert S. Mueller Slammed By Congress And Reuters Exiting His Job In Disgrace
4-29-13 Rihanna Trying To Make Chris Brown Jealous With One Of His Rivals For Cheating On Her Again
4-29-13 Selena Gomez Flaunting Her Rekindled Relationship With Justin Bieber
4-29-13 Joey Fatone To Justin Bieber: Don't Be A Douche! (Video)
4-27-13 Karrueche Tran Still Living In Chris Brown's Condo Despite Rihanna's Objections
4-26-13 Justin Bieber's Tour Bus Raided With Drugs And Gun Found
4-26-13 Kim Kardashian Says She Wants To Marry Again But Does Kanye West Know...
4-26-13 Oh My Word Beyonce's Daughter Blue Ivy Looks Just Like Her Dad Jay-Z
4-25-13 Chris Brown Slams Rumors Teyana Taylor Tried To Give Him Her Virginity But What He Didn't Say Was...
4-25-13 Stars Who Gossip
4-24-13 Be Careful Of Letting People Control You In Relationships
4-24-13 Charges Dropped Against Elvis Impersonator Accused Of Sending Ricin To President Obama 
4-24-13 Miami Heat Fans Who Put Our Boy Lebron In This Sweater?
4-24-13 Derrick Rose Sued For Making Chicago Bulls Fan 'Fat And Depressed'
4-23-13 Senators Demand Answers From The FBI About Why They Let Boston Marathon Bomber Go 2-Years Ago (Video)
4-23-13 Lord & Taylor Comes Full Circle In Boston Marathon Bombing
4-23-13 Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Are Back Together
4-22-13 Viral Vid Shows FBI Agent Awkwardly Jumping Gate That Was Already Open (Video)
4-22-13 Kanye West Finally Reunites With Pregnant Kim Kardashian But Gets Her Out Of The Way To Hug On Jay-Z
4-22-13 Beyonce Gets Slapped And Her Hair Extensions Pulled (Video)
4-22-13 Reese Witherspoon Arrested After Disobeying Police Officer During DUI
4-21-13 Chad Ochocinco Johnson Disses Ex-Wife Evelyn Lozada (Video)
4-21-13 Site Hack By Kabbalah Center Removing Vid And Deleting Article
4-21-13 Graphic Photos Released Of Dead Boston Marathon Bomber And His Wounded Brother (Warning)
4-21-13 The FBI Under Scrutiny For Failing To Act On Tip Two Years Ago About Boston Marathon Bomber
4-20-13 Kim Kardashian Has Officially Divorced Kris Humphries But Already Lost Another Man
4-20-13 While Rihanna Was Rejected By Clothing Brand Chris Brown's Karrueche Tran Signed To New Modeling Deal (Photos)
4-20-13 America In Chaos: Boston Marathon Bombing, MIT Police Officer Killed, 15 Dead In Texas Plant Explosion
4-19-13 15 Dead In Tragic Texas Plant Explosion
4-19-13 Police Officer Killed In Massachusetts At MIT University Campus
4-19-13 Authorities Release Photos Of Boston Marathon Bombing Suspects (Video & Photos)
4-19-13 Elvis Impersonator Arrested For Sending Obama Deadly Ricin In The Mail
4-19-13 Black Family Arrested For Pulling Guns On Fast Food Staff For Forgetting To Put Chicken Wings In Their Order
4-19-13 Rick Ross Loses $5,000,000 After Being Dropped By Reebok For Promoting Date Rape In Song
4-19-13 Rappers Faking Finances (Jay-Z And Diddy)
4-19-13 Chris Brown Owes Karrueche Tran...
4-18-13 President Obama Sent Deadly Letter Containing The Poison Ricin
4-18-13 President Obama Slams Jay-Z And Beyonce In New Interview
4-18-21 Rihanna Visits Medical Office With Drug Abuse And STD Facilities (Photo)
4-17-21 Chris Brown Has A New Jump Off And Rihanna Is Devastated (Photos)
4-17-21 Reports Indicate Rihanna Had A Drug Overdose
4-17-21 Rihanna Who! Chanel Clowns Rihanna Slamming Her Claim She Is Their New Model
4-17-21 Pregnant Kim Kardashian Admits She Doesn't See Kanye West Much Anymore
4-17-21 Would You Spend $15,000,000 On A New iPhone (Photo)
4-17-21 Don't Let Her Bankrupt You
4-16-13 8-Year-Old Dies In Boston Marathon Bombing And His Little Sister Loses Her Leg (Video)
4-16-13 Brothers Each Lose A Leg In Boston Marathon Bombing
4-16-13 Photos From The Boston Marathon Bombing (Warning Graphic Images)
4-15-13 Terrorist Attack At Boston Marathon Leaves 3 Dead, 10 With Loss Of Limbs And 17 In Critical Condition
4-14-13 Drake Disses Chris Brown And Rihanna Looking For A Fight
4-14-13 Ray J Back Tracks Again Saying 'I Hit It First' Is About Kim Kardashian
4-14-13 Justin Bieber's Friend Lil Twist Corrupting Another Young Star With Drugs
4-14-13 Lindsay Lohan And Charlie Sheen Can't Keep Their Hands Off Each Other
4-13-13 Jay-Z And Beyonce Are Being Slammed On Blogs For Bringing Scandal On Obama
4-13-13 Press And Blogs Report Rihanna And Chris Brown’s Reunion Is Faked For The Cameras
4-13-13 "Basketball Wives L.A." To Be Cancelled And "Basketball Wives Miami" In Trouble
4-12-13 President Obama Leaves Jay-Z And Beyonce Hanging With His Rep Calling Them Liars (Video)
4-12-13 Rihanna Gets Back With Chris Brown Days After He Cheated On Her (Photos)
4-12-13 More Trouble For The Kardashians As Model Demands DNA Test
4-12-13 Ray J Says ‘I Hit It First’ Not About Kim Kardashian As Her Past Catches Up With Her
4-12-13 Sex On Camera Regarding Relationships And Marriages
4-11-13 Report: Rihanna Suicidal Over Chris Brown Break Up
4-11-13 Sprinter Asafa Powell Wants To Nancy Kerrigan Teammate Usain Bolt (Break His Legs)
4-10-13 Now That Chris Brown Has Dropped Rihanna Will He Get Back With Ms. 'Fine China' Karrueche Tran
4-9-13 Chris Brown Leaves The Club With Three Women For An Orgy Behind Rihanna's Back
4-9-13 Now That Megan Fox Is Working For Michael Bay Again Is He Going To Start Pestering Her For Sex Again
4-9-13 Beyonce And Jay Z Offend Millions Of Music Buying Cuban Americans Including Members Of Congress
4-9-13 Justin Bieber Gets A New Punk Rock Haircut But...
4-8-13 President Obama Complimenting Kamala Harris As Hot Continues To Dominate Headlines
4-8-13 Chris Brown Spotted Partying With Pretty Blonde Behind Rihanna's Back 
4-8-13 Kordell Stewart Slams Porsha Williams As A Bad Step Mom And Wife Locking Her Out Of His Mansion
4-8-13 Ray J Playing With Kim Kardashian's Name And Tia And Tamera Mowery's Reputation
4-8-13 Gay Couple Imprisoned For Molesting Adopted Boys
4-6-13 Ray J's New Song 'I Hit It First' About Sex With Kim Kardashian Doesn't Make Sense Because...
4-6-13 Obama Apologizes For Referring To Kamala Harris As Hot
4-6-13 Halle Berry Is Pregnant With Her Second Child But How Is Gabriel Aubry Taking It
4-6-13 Chris Brown Hearing Postponed Until June 2013
4-5-13 Chris Brown Slams Press For Blaming The 'Little Black Boys' Around Justin Bieber For His Legal Troubles
4-4-13 President Obama Calls Attorney General Kamala Harris Hot And Gets Into Trouble For It
4-4-13 Chris Brown Admits He's Cheated On Rihanna
4-4-13 Justin Bieber Slams People Blogging, Posting And Tweeting About Him...
4-4-13 Member Of The Group Next Obtains Dismissal Of Lawsuit Via Settlement Regarding Claim He Broke Into His Ex-Girlfriend's House
4-3-13 Rutgers Coach Mike Rice Fired For Hitting And Yelling At University Basketball Players
4-3-13 Famous Pro-Athletes Hamstrung By Hamstring Injuries
4-3-13 Chris Brown Says He Had Sex On A Commercial Flight In First Class But With Whom...
4-3-13 Justin Bieber Lashes Out Stating He Doesn’t Trust Anyone Nor Does He Need Friends
4-3-13 Why Like Someone You Didn’t Before They Became Famous
4-3-13 Marrying For Money
4-2-13 Chris Brown Drops Second Version Of "Fine China" Video With Karrueche Tran Look Alike He Calls His Favorite (Video)
4-2-13 Chris Brown Tells Matt Lauer He's Changed Since The Rihanna Domestic Violence Incident But He Doesn't Believe Him (Video)
4-2-13 CHP After Lil Twist Due To Wrongful Death Lawsuit
4-2-13 Justin Bieber's Mom Expresses Her Concerns Regarding Him (Video)
4-2-13 Duck Dynasty Cast Striking For Pay Increase
4-2-13 Kim Kardashian Unsure Of What To Name Her Baby But Why Doesn't She Just Call The Child...
4-1-13 NCAA Basketball Player Kevin Ware Suffers Horrible Injury
4-1-13 Hornets Coach Takes A Dig At Miami Heat's Lebron James
4-1-13 Chris Brown's 'Fine China' Song And Video Debuts Complimenting Karrueche Tran Right In Rihanna's Face
4-1-13 Justin Bieber Branded 'A National Embarrassment' By Canadian Newspaper
3-30-13 Justin Bieber's Friend Lil Twist Threw Weed, Alcohol And Sex Parties At The Singer's House
3-30-13 Oscar Pistorius Set For His First Race Since Start Of Murder Trial But Is He Ready
3-29-13 President Obama Booed In Miami After Making A Chicago Bulls Comment
3-29-13 Rihanna Makes Known Her Desire To Beat Up Rival Karrueche Tran Over Boyfriend Chris Brown
3-29-13 Justin Bieber Denies Spitting On And Threatening To Kill His Neighbor!
3-29-13 Brandy Hates Beyonce's New Song 'Bow Down'
3-29-13 Funny Signs
3-28-13 Witness Comes Forward To The Police In Justin Bieber Assault Case
3-28-13 Porsha Williams And Kordell Stewart Divorce Is Preventable But Getting Ugly
3-27-13 Another Kabbalah Center Hack On The Website
3-27-13 Could David Miliband’s Shock Exit From Parliament In Britain Be Due To Hillary Clinton
3-27-13 European Governments Work To Secure Integrity Of The Food Chain After Horsemeat Scandal
3-27-13 Chris Brown Apologizes For His Conduct 
3-27-13 Rapper Waka Flocka’s Crew Are Saying They 'Ran A Train' On Selena Gomez
3-27-13 Cudjo Dog Behind The Wheel Of A Car Tries To Run Over Man In Pennsylvania
3-26-13 Miley Cyrus Spotted With Ex-Boyfriend Nick Jonas And Cheating Fiancé Liam Hemsworth Is Nowhere Around
3-26-13 Basketball Wives Star Evelyn Lozada Slammed By Chad OchoCinco Johnson As A Cheater But After What I Saw Today...
3-26-13 Possibly The Worst Picture Of Madonna Ever
3-25-13 Miss Israel Smiling At Obama Who She Calls 'A World Class Hunk' With No Mrs. Obama In Sight
3-25-13 Did Beliebers Cause Selena Gomez’s Movie 'Spring Breakers' To Have Low Ticket Sales
3-25-13 Miley Cyrus Visited By Her Estranged Fiancé Liam Hemsworth Who Left Her For Weeks Due To Cheating Scandal
3-25-13 Cassie Disses Rihanna Putting Karrueche Tran In Her New Music Video
3-25-13 Jodeci Booed Off Stage During Comeback Performance
3-23-13 I Know I'm Wrong For This But Doesn't Lil Wayne Look Like...
3-23-13 Radio Show Host Rush Limbaugh Slams Beyonce To His Millions Of Listeners
3-22-13 Virginia Rapper Shoots His Best Friend In The Head As An Illuminati Sacrifice In Order To Be Famous In Hollywood
3-22-13 Another Rupert Murdoch Editor Arrested In The Phone Hacking Case
3-22-13 David Beckham Loses Appeal In Prostitute Libel And Defamation Case
3-21-13 Even Obama Can't Afford Gas As His Limo Breaks Down During International Trip
3-21-13 Jennifer Lopez Cozies Up To Chris Brown In The Studio While Rihanna Is Away On Tour
3-20-13 Lil Wayne's Mentor Birdman Denies Drug Overdose Claims But The Rapper's Publicist's Statements Contradict His Claims 
3-20-13 While Rihanna's On Tour Karrueche Tran Is Posting Pictures To Show Chris Brown What He Is Missing
3-20-13 Beyonce Scraps First Two Singles And Album Due To Public Backlash And Scorn
3-20-13 Michael Jordan Slams Claims Of A Settlement In Paternity Case With Aspiring Rapper's Mother
3-19-13  Lil Wayne Released From The Hospital After Drug Overdose
3-19-13  Selena Gomez Said She Made Justin Bieber Cry Angering His Fans Which Wasn't A Good Idea Because...
3-19-13 Lindsay Lohan's Newest Mug Shot Released As She Prepares For Rehab In Lieu Of Jail On A String Of Probation Violations
3-18-13 British Police Open 600 More Phone Hacking Cases Against Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp While His Native Australia Moves To Rein Him In
3-18-12 Paternity Case Against Michael Jordan By Aspiring Rapper's Mother Dismissed
3-18-13 Lil Wayne Is Still In The Hospital Indicating The Severity Of His Overdose And Seizures
3-18-13 Justin Bieber States He's Shaved His Mustache (What Mustache? *Crickets*)
3-18-18 Beyonce's New Song Bow Down Being Slammed And Laughed At Online And At Radio
3-18-13 Girls School Finds Underage Teenage Girls Are Under Pressure To Look And Behave Like Porn Stars
3-18-13 Do Work That Your Future Children Can Be Proud Of
3-16-13 The Government And Hollywood Are Unable To Take Down Site With Celebrities Hacked Financial Information
3-16-13 Lil Wayne Overdosed On Sizzurp Resulting In Multiple Seizures And Hospitalization
3-16-13 Rihanna Texting Chris Brown Often To Check If He Is Cheating On Her While She's Away On Tour
3-16-13 Africans Want Chris Brown Extradited To Ghana For Breaking The Law During A Concert
3-16-13 Duck Dynasty's Si Robertson Is Married And Here's His Wife (Photo)
3-16-15 Now That Tamar Braxton And Vince Herbert Are With Child What Will They Name The Baby
3-15-16 Justin Bieber Apologizes For Slamming Lindsay Lohan As A Broke Loser
3-15-13 Teenage Rapper Chief Keef Released From Jail But A Facebook Post Has Landed Him In Trouble
3-14-13 President Obama To Dine With Beautiful Miss Israel - Will Mrs. Obama Be There!
3-14-13 Justin Bieber Calls Actress Lindsay Lohan A Broke Loser
3-13-13 Hackers Who Hacked Michelle Obama, Beyonce, Jay-Z And Britney Spears Have A Government Connection
3-13-13 Is The Hack Of FBI Director Robert S. Mueller And Attorney General Eric Holder Grounds For Termination
3-12-13 Report: Chris Brown Shoots Video With Karrueche Tran Look Alike
3-12-13 U.S. Government Confirms Website With Hacked Financial Data Of Michelle Obama, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Beyonce Knowles, Jay-Z And Britney Spears Is Real
3-12-13 Justin Bieber's Pet Hamster He Gave To A Fan Has Died
3-11-13 Chris Brown Retracts His I Own Your Vagina Comments
3-11-13 Chris Brown Lashing Out Again And Rihanna Is Encouraging It While Karrueche Tries To Calm Him Down
3-11-13 Rihanna Cancels Boston Concert Due To Laryngitis But There's Just One Problem...
3-11-13 Wedding Of Miley Cyrus And Fiancé Liam Hemsworth In Jeopardy
3-11-13 Extortionist Cited In Whitney Houston's FBI Files
3-11-13 8.6 Million People Watched The Third Season Debut Episode Of 'Duck Dynasty'
3-9-13 Chris Brown Makes Sexual Comments In The Club But Is He Talking About Rihanna Or Karrueche Tran
3-9-13 Justin Bieber Grabs Will Smith's Son's Butt
3-9-13 Megan Fox Dissed By Another Filmmaker
3-8-13 Drake Disses Rihanna And Chris Brown In A New Song
3-8-13 Justin Bieber Threatens To Beat Up Paparazzi In London Stating 'I Will F**k You Up' (Video)
3-8-13 Justin Bieber Has Been Smoking Weed And Popping Pills 
3-8-13 Lil Twist Wrecks Justin Bieber’s $100,000 Fisker Sports Car
3-7-13 Chris Brown Threatens Violence At A Valet Parking Station In California...Over $10
3-7-13 Now That Chris Brown And Rihanna Are Apart Will He Cheat Again
3-7-13 Justin Bieber Collapses In London During Concert
3-6-13 Miami Heat's Lebron James And Fiancée Savannah Brinson Are Getting Married
3-6-13 President Obama's Cancellation Of White House Tours Being Met With Criticism From Congress
3-6-13 Chris Brown And His Bodyguard Have Massive Fight On His Way To $1,000,000 Show
3-6-13 Justin Bieber Goes On A Twitter Tirade After His Label Spanks Him For Terrible PR Fiasco
3-6-13 Sites Hacked By Madonna's Kabbalah Center In Los Angeles
3-6-13 12-Year-Old Boy Dies From Injuries After Being Bullied (Video)
3-5-13 The Government Needs To Cut The Defense Budget And Divert Funds Into Helping The Poor, Students In Need Of Scholarships And Small Businesses
3-5-13 Are Chris Brown's Feelings For Karrueche Tran Stopping Him From Marrying Rihanna
3-5-13 Justin Bieber Apologizes To Fans For Being Late To Concert After Being Booed (Video)
3-4-13 President Barack Obama's Brother Accused Of Beating His Wives In Africa And Having Sex With School Girl As He Runs For Office
3-4-13 Chris Brown And Drake Hit With Lawsuits Over Rihanna Club Fight
3-4-13 With Justin Bieber's British Tour Wrapping Up Will His Relationship With Singer Ella Paige End As Well
3-4-13 Michael Jordan Asks Court To Throw Out Paternity Case By Aspiring Rapper's Mother
3-4-13 100 Foot Deep Sinkhole Becomes Man's Grave As His Home Is Demolished On Top Of Him (Video)
3-4-13 Former Miss Teen USA Only Paid $1,000 For Porn Film That Cost Her The Crown
3-4-13 Are Kanye West's Bitter Rants Due To The Fact He Knocked Up A Woman Who's Slept With Half Of Hollywood
3-2-13 Search Suspended As Man Is Presumed Dead After Sinkhole Swallows His Home In Florida
3-2-13 Rihanna Is Willing To Let Chris Brown Cheat With Karrueche Tran
3-2-13 President Obama Slams Spending Cuts Labeling Them 'Dumb'
3-2-13 Justin Bieber Had 'The Worst Birthday Ever' As He And Girlfriend Ella Clarke Are Kicked Out Of Club
3-1-13 Rihanna And Chris Brown Hit The Town Looking Glum After 'Law And Order SVU' Episode Characterizes Them In Negative Light
3-1-13 Man Arrested In The Negligent Death Of Usher's Stepson
2-28-13 Black History Month And The Business Place
2-28-13 Public Divided On Law And Order SVU Episode Slamming Chris Brown And Rihanna’s Domestic Violence Issues
2-28-13 Confirmed: Rihanna And Chris Brown Back Together
2-28-13 9-Year-Old Rapper Lil Poopy Raps About And Promotes Selling Cocaine Angering The Government (Video)
2-27-13 3-Year-Old Girl Detained By Homeland Security Outraging The Public (Video)
2-27-13 One Direction's Harry Styles Given A Type Of Hit He Is Not Used To - One To The Penis (Video)
2-27-13 Press Implies Justin Bieber And Model Ella Paige Had An Orgy With Two Other Women
2-27-13 Rihanna And Chris Brown Slammed On Embarrassing Episode Of 'Law And Order SVU' (Video)
2-27-13 As Oscar Pistorius Holds Memorial For Shooting Victim Reeva Steenkamp Her Family Refutes Stories She Was Pregnant
2-27-13 Claims Surfaced That Liam Hemsworth Cheated On Miley Cyrus With January Jones
2-26-13 Protests On The One Year Anniversary Of Trayvon Martin's Death
2-26-13 The Family Of Oscar Pistorius Shooting Victim Told Of 'Cricket Bat Attack'
2-26-13 Man Acquitted In The Shooting Death Of Rapper Slim Dunkin But Is Hit With 25-Years In Jail On Other Charges 
2-26-13 18-Year-Old Miss Teen USA Resigns After Getting Caught With Her Underwear Around Her Ankles In Porn Film
2-26-13 Chris Brown Says Rihanna Has Forgiven Him For Beating Her But The Public Has Not
2-26-13 Jay-Z And Beyonce Took Food Out Of Starving Nigerian Kids' Mouths
2-26-13 Lindsay Lohan's New Lawyer Is A Comedian Says She Can Serve As Role Model
2-26-13 Bobby Brown Sentenced To 55 Days In Jail On His Latest DUI
2-26-13 Girl Burns Her Hair Off During Curling Iron Video Tutorial
2-25-13 Oscar Pistorius' Brother Has Also Been Charged With Killing A Woman
2-25-13 Hollywood Website Calls 9-Year-Old Actress Quvenzhané Wallis A 'C***'
2-25-13 Kayne West's Latest Rant Slams President Obama, Jay-Z, Beyonce And Justin Timberlake
2-25-13 Fantasia Finally Breaks Up With Married Boyfriend Antwaun Cook
2-25-13 Lindsay Lohan In More Tax Trouble For Non-Payment
2-23-13 Obama And Congress Fighting Over Budget Cuts
2-23-13 Parents Of Shooting Victim In Oscar Pistorius Case Speak Out About The Sprinter
2-23-13 Karrueche Tran Bides Her Time Until Chris Brown Comes Back From Trip With Rihanna
2-22-13 Oscar Pistorius Granted $115,000 Bail In Murder Case
2-22-13 The Rugged Sports Star At The Center Of Cheating Allegations In The Oscar Pistorius Murder Case Involving Reeva Steenkamp
2-22-13 Audio Released In The Justin Bieber Kidnap Plot
2-22-13 Once Again Hiring Lindsay Lohan Comes Back To Burn Filmmaker As Liz & Dick Producers Sued
2-22-13 Judge Dismissed Lindsay Lohan's Case She Filed Against Rapper Pitbull
2-21-13 Rihanna Gets Chris Brown For A Few Days After Karrueche Tran Had Her Way With Him
2-21-13 Lil Wayne Offends Emmett Till's Family, The Miami Heat, The NBA And Fans With His Statements
2-21-13 Lead Cop In The Oscar Pistorius Murder Trial Is Up On Attempted Murder Charges
2-20-13 The Embarrassing Reasons Why Being Drunk Is Not A Good Idea!
2-20-13 Prosecutors In The Oscar Pistorius Murder Trial Label The Star A Liar Over The Death Of His Girlfriend While His Defense Team Refutes Steroids Claim
2-20-13 Photos Of The Burned Body Of Cop Killer Christopher Dorner Being Offered For Sale  
2-20-13 Uproar As Rihanna's Father States He Wants Her To Marry Chris Brown Who Is Already Cheating On Her
2-20-13 Mary J. Blige's Money Problems Worsen As Eviction Notice Placed On Her Door
2-19-13 Prosecutors In The Oscar Pistorius Murder Case Recreate The Shooting Death Of The Athlete's Girlfriend (Video)
2-19-13 Honey Boo Boo's HIV Positive Uncle Trolling For Sex With Men Online By Sending Nude Photos Of Himself Which Are Now Up For Sale
2-19-13 While Bleeding Rihanna Had A Bottle Thrown At Her Karrueche Tran Had Custody Of Chris Brown's Crown Jewels (Penis) On The Other Side Of The Pond
2-19-13 Oscar Pistorius Should Be Placed On Suicide Watch
2-18-13 The Oscar Pistorius Murder Case Explodes With Claims Of An Affair, Steroids, Alcoholism And His Girlfriend's Skull Being Crushed By Cricket Bat
2-18-13 Yes People And The Effect They Have On Celebrities
2-18-13 Country Music Singer Mindy McCready Found Dead Of Suspected Suicide 
2-18-13 Mary J. Blige's Money Woes Continue As She Is Hit With A $900,000 Tax Lien
2-16-13 Site Hacked By Kabbalah Over Rihanna, Chris Brown, Jay-Z And Beyonce Articles
2-16-13 Oscar Pistorius Cries In Court As Charges For Killing His Girlfriend Changed To Premeditated Murder (Video)
2-16-13 Track Stars Usain Bolt, Shelly Ann Fraser-Pryce And Carmelita Jeter React To The Arrest Of Athlete Oscar Pistorius
2-16-13 Kevin Hart Won The MVP At The Celebrity All Star Basketball Game Which Featured Usain Bolt
2-16-13 Police Positively ID The Charred Remains Of Cop Killer Christopher Dorner
2-16-13 Report Confirms Website Claim Ashton Kutcher Cheating On Mila Kunis
2-15-13 Chris Brown And Rihanna Upset With Each Other Again And It's Over Karrueche Tran (Photos)
2-15-13 Beyonce Finally Reveals Her Baby's Face And Guess Who The Child Looks Like...
2-15-13 Lindsay Lohan's Acting Career Hits The Skids And Her Job As An Escort Is In Trouble As Well
2-15-13 Kim Kardashian's Life Is A Mess As Her Divorce Worsens Her Husband And Designers Snub Her And Her New Man Is Being Called Gay
2-14-13 Gold Medalist Sprinter Oscar Pistorius Arrested And Charged With The Murder Of His Girlfriend Model Reeva Steenkamp (Videos)
2-14-13 Chris Brown And Drake Sue Each Other Over Costly Rihanna Fight At Night Club
2-14-13 Chris Brown Is Still Seeing Model Karrueche Tran Behind Rihanna's Back
2-14-13 Beyonce Leaks Information About Her Sex Life With Husband Jay-Z
2-14-13 A Funny Valentine's Day Story
2-13-13 Some On Social Networking Are Angry That Cop Killer Christopher Dorner Was Burned To Death
2-13-13 U.S. President Barack Obama's State Of The Union Address Is Back On His Message Of Hope
2-13-13 Jeweler States Rihanna Is Not Engaged To Chris Brown And Better Bring Back Their Stuff
2-13-13 Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Break The Rules At The Airport Causing Security Scare And Flight Delay
2-13-13 Police Chief Resigning In The Chris Brown Probation Violation Case Gives A Certain Impression
2-13-13 Rihanna Looks Rough In New Video 'Stay' Which Is Being Panned
2-13-13 Lindsay Lohan's Lawyer To The Judge: I Don't Know Where Girlfriend Is, Okay!
2-12-13 Report: Cop Killer Christopher Dorner Killed In Shoot Out And Cabin Fire
2-12-13 New Financial Numbers Reveal The U.S. Economy Is Stagnating Again
2-12-13 China Overtakes America As The World's Top Trading Nation
2-12-13 Report: Rihanna And Chris Brown Are Engaged While Karrueche Tran Begins Dating Another Man
2-12-13 Justin Bieber Slams Black Keys Drummer Over Grammy Diss
2-12-13 Now That Justin Bieber Has Apologized For Smoking Marijuana Will He Drop Lil Twist Who Encouraged His Behavior
2-12-13 Beyonce Knowles And Her Mother Are Complaining About Journalists And Bloggers
2-11-13 The First Anniversary Of Whitney Houston's Death The Grammys Make No Mention Of Her In Their Telecast
2-11-13 Chris Brown Took Rihanna To The Grammys Instead Of Karrueche Tran
2-11-13 Chris Brown Being Slammed For Sitting When Rival Frank Ocean Beat Him To A Grammy
2-11-13 Lil Wayne Gets Into Trouble For Heckling The Miami Heat...In Miami...During A Basketball Game
2-11-13 Justin Bieber Indirectly Apologizes For Weed Smoking
2-9-13 Rihanna And Karrueche Tran Fighting Over Who Will Accompany Chris Brown To The Grammys
2-9-13 Frank Ocean Leaving America But Is It Due To The Chris Brown Fight
2-9-13 Lindsay Lohan Moves Back In With Her Mom But Now Their Home Has Been Hit With Foreclosure Papers
2-9-13 Mary J. Blige Facing Serious Money Troubles And Bank Lawsuits
2-8-13 Worst Picture Of Beyonce Ever Reveals Something Has Gone Wrong With Her (Photo)
2-8-13 Russell Simmons Says There Is No 'Illuminati' But People At His Label Def Jam Certainly Think So
2-8-13 Rihanna Trying To Follow In Karrueche Tran’s Footsteps By Going To Chris Brown’s House
2-8-13 Megan Fox Is Talking Like She Wants To Leave Hollywood For Her New Baby
2-7-13 Laptop Hack Delays Site Publishing
2-7-13 Chris Brown Has Been Crying This Month (Photos)
2-7-13 'Big Rich Atlanta' Is 'Real Housewives Of Atlanta' Lite But With More Fighting
2-6-13 Amanda Bynes Deletes Tweet Calling Jay-Z ‘Ugly’
2-6-13 Rihanna And Not Karrueche Tran Appears In Court With Chris Brown Trying To Keep Him Out Of Jail
2-6-13 Justin Bieber's Friend Lil Twist Harassed And Chased One Of His Fans
2-6-13 Beyonce's Super Bowl Half Time Show Suffers Ratings Decline While Her Publicist Demands 'Unflattering' Photos Of Her Be Removed
2-6-13 Actress Amanda Bynes Calls Jay-Z 'Ugly' On Twitter
2-5-13 Prosecutors Move To Revoke Chris Brown's Probation For Lying, Fraud And Several Violent Violations
2-5-13 Justin Bieber Complains About Rumors But Isn't Being Specific Leading To More
2-5-13 Group Warned Of Beyonce's 'Illuminati' Super Bowl Half Time Show Days Prior To The Power Outage It Caused Requesting A Boycott
2-5-13 Football Legend Boomer Esiason Blames Beyonce For Super Bowl Power Cut Stating Her Half Time Show Blew The Electricity Twice During Rehearsals
2-4-13 White House Asks People Not To Photoshop Obama Gun Photo
2-4-13 U.S. Navy Seal Chris Kyle With Record Amount Of Terrorist Kills Killed By Military Vet At Texas Gun Range
2-4-13 Young High School Teacher Suspended For Posting Topless Photos And Bragging About The Marijuana She Brought To School
2-4-13 Ray Lewis Retires In Style As He And The Baltimore Ravens Take The Super Bowl
2-4-13 People Are Blaming Beyonce Knowles For The Power Outage At The Super Bowl (LOL)
2-4-13 Rihanna Again Spotted At The Same Club With Karrueche Tran And This Time With Chris Brown
2-4-13 Justin Timberlake Insults Britney Spears Calling Her A "B***h"
2-2-13 White House Releases Photo Of President Obama Firing A Gun
2-2-13 Frank Ocean Changes His Mind Again Declining To Press Charges Over Chris Brown Fist Fight
2-2-13 Justin Bieber Needs To Be Concerned About A Sex Tape Coming Out
2-2-13 Justin Bieber's Friends Causing Him More Problems With The Police But Can He Trust Them To Keep Quiet
2-2-13 Kenya Moore Brings In Even Higher Ratings To Real Housewives Of Atlanta With Her Latest Stunt
2-1-13 Mixed News On U.S. Economy Indicates Financial Trouble
2-1-13 Was Frank Ocean In Love With Chris Brown Prior To Their Fight
1-31-13 Beyonce's Rushed Super Bowl Press Conference To Sing The Anthem Being Slammed Online By Audiences
1-31-13 Frank Ocean Threatened With Lawsuit Over Groping Male Engineer During Chris Brown Fight
1-31-13 Justin Bieber's Sex Partner Milyn Jensen Is Wild And Promiscuous
1-31-13 Rihanna Tries To One Up Karrueche Tran Again Over Chris Brown
1-31-13 Justin Bieber Has Dethroned Justin Timberlake As The Prince Of Pop Due To New Single Flop
1-30-13 15-Year-Old Girl Who Performed At Obama Inauguration Shot To Death In Chicago
1-30-13 Chris Brown Quits Social Networking Again And This Time It's Instagram
1-30-13 Cissy Houston Approved Of Daughter Whitney Houston Being A Cougar But Not With Ray J
1-30-13 Cissy Houston Sets Beyonce Knowles Straight On Claims Whitney Houston Lip Synced The National Anthem
1-30-13 Bleary Eyed Beyonce Breaking Under The Pressure On Inaugural Lip-Sync Scandal (Photos)
1-29-13 Justin Bieber Groped Young Fan's Breast In Miami While Kissing Her On The Cheek (Photo)
1-29-13 The Late Whitney Houston's Mother Cissy Houston Tells Oprah Winfrey She Would Not Have Wanted Her Daughter To Be Gay
1-29-13 Chris Brown's New Cast On His Hand After Frank Ocean Fight Being Spun Two Ways By Those For And Against Him
1-29-13 Beyonce Slammed By Super Bowl Staff As 'The Most Difficult Celebrity'
1-29-13 It's Happened! Kristen Stewart Has Destroyed The Marriage Of Liberty Ross And Rupert Sanders
1-29-13 Real Housewives Of Atlanta Star Kenya Moore Being Criticized For Appearing At Charity Event With Her Butt Out
1-29-13 Chris Brown Is In Trouble And Facing Jail On Probation Violation As Frank Ocean Changes His Mind Demanding He Be Prosecuted For Punching Him
1-28-13 Site Publishing Delayed Due To Madonna's Kabbalah Cult Doing Another Hack
1-28-13 The Miami Heat Welcomed To White House In Comical Ceremony (Video)
1-28-13 Chris Brown's Violent Fight With Frank Ocean Has Both Artists Telling Two Different Stories But Who Is Telling The Truth
1-28-13 For Someone Who Claims Not To Care About Chris Brown's Girlfriend Karrueche Tran Rihanna Sure Follows Her Around A Lot
1-28-13 Rapper Rick Ross Repeatedly Shot At On His Birthday
1-28-13 Justin Bieber Leaving Fans In Miami In Tears Adding To Mounting Trouble For The Star
1-28-13 Beyonce Knowles Moping Around New Orleans Depressed About Bad Press 
1-28-13 Lindsay Lohan's Lawyer Asks The Judge To Let Her Out Of The Criminal Case
1-28-13 Ashton Kutcher's Performance In Steve Job Biopic Being Slammed
1-26-13 Fears Grow That Justin Bieber's Sex Partner Milyn Jensen Will Do A Paid Tell All Spilling What She Knows About His Life
1-26-13 Justin Bieber In More Legal Trouble This Time With The Police
1-26-13 Miami Heat Fan Wins $75,000 In Basketball Shot And A Big Roll Around On The Ground Hug From Lebron James
1-26-13 The Chicago Bulls Number One Fan Barack Obama Finally Invites Championship Winning Miami Heat To The White House
1-26-13 U.S. Court Rules President Obama's Appointments Are Illegal And Unconstitutional
1-26-13 Close Up Photo Of Jay-Z Reveals His Displeasure At Obama's Inauguration
1-26-13 North Carolina Disc Jockey Accuses Justin Bieber Of Spitting In Her Drink And Telling Her To "F*** Off"
1-26-13 Karrueche Tran Slams Chris Brown About Rihanna Saying 'He Knows He Was Wrong' But Goes Home With Him After Draya Michele's Birthday Party
1-25-13 Rihanna Photographed By Paparazzi Buying A Vagina (Photos)
1-25-13 Justin Bieber's Sex Partner Milyn Jensen Who Posed Topless Is Being Slammed Online By His Fans Over Her Looks (Photos)
1-25-13  Chris Brown's Appearance Is Betraying His Out Of Control Drug Use (Photos)
1-24-13 As Beyonce Lip-Sync Controversy Swirls Photos Of Her Getting Close To The President Raise Eyebrows
1-24-13 Rihanna Is Going Around Complaining Karrueche Tran Stole Chris Brown From Her
1-24-13 Sheree Whitfield Lost Her Sports Car And Equity In Her Unfinished House As Her Ex-Husband Hides His Assets
1-23-13 Beyonce Phoned Obama Upset About Lip-Sync Rumors
1-23-13 Justin Bieber Cheated On Selena Gomez In Interracial Relationship With Rapper Lil Twist's Ex-Girlfriend
1-23-13 Lindsay Lohan Rejects Plea Deal For Lying To The Police
1-23-13 Kris Jenner Accused By Husband Of Beating And Kicking Kim Kardashian As A Child
1-22-13 Beyonce Slammed For Lip-Syncing The National Anthem At President Obama's Second Inauguration
1-22-13 Incarcerated Rapper Chief Keef Becomes Daddy Keef As He Is Sued For Getting 13-Year-Old 8th Grade School Girl Pregnant
1-22-13 Justin Bieber Meets Basketball Legend Michael Jordan (Photo)
1-22-13 Taylor Swift Trying To Win Harry Styles Back Upsetting His Girlfriend Cara Delevigne
1-21-13 Martin Luther King Day Reminds The World Of His Message Of Peace And Equality
1-21-13 President Obama's Dramatic Second Inauguration Hit With Technical Glitches, Rapper's Concert Insults And Scuffle, Lower Turn Out And Booing Of Republican Rivals
1-21-13 Michelle Obama Accused Of Rolling Her Eyes At Republican Rival (Video)
1-21-13 Justin Bieber Flashed His Naked Butt At Everyone (Photo)
1-21-13 Report: Justin Bieber And Barbara Palvin 'Are In Love'
1-21-13 Chris Brown Leaves The Club With A Woman Other Than Karrueche Tran And Rihanna Taking Her Back To His Mansion For Sex (Video)
1-21-13 Kenya Moore Of Real Housewives Of Atlanta Slams Bisexual Boyfriend That Used Her For Fame (Video)
1-19-13 $9,000,000 Case Against Justin Bieber Dismissed
1-19-13 Michael J. Fox Slams Taylor Swift Stating He Would Not Allow Her To Date His Son
1-19-13 The IRS Comes After Lindsay Lohan Again Because TV Show Snitches On Her
1-18-13 President Obama Had Anti-Beyonce Knowles Petition Removed From The White House's Website
1-18-13 Will Chris Brown's Mom Stage A Drug Intervention For Her Struggling Son
1-17-13 Rihanna Trying To One Up Chris Brown's Girlfriend By Launching Her Own Fashion Line To Compete With Karrueche Tran's Designs
1-17-13 Megan Fox Slams Lindsay Lohan As A Negative, Uninteresting, Unreliable Actress Squandering Her Opportunities
1-17-13 Oprah Winfrey's Interview With Lance Armstrong Brought Out Controversial Facts And Confessions
1-17-13 Honey Boo Boo Gay HIV Positive Uncle Speaks About His Boyfriend Who Knowingly Infected Him
1-17-13 What Would Rihanna Do If She Could Never See Chris Brown Again
1-17-13 It Has Been Confirmed Lindsay Lohan Is Dating Men For Money As An Escort
1-16-13 Sites Hacked By Madonna's Kabbalah Cult
1-16-13 Obama Signs Gun Control Measures Into Law
1-16-13 Honey Boo Boo's Gay Uncle Announces He Has HIV
1-16-13 Justin Bieber Cutting Loose With Wild Women And Weed But Will It Cost Him His Career
1-16-13 Rihanna Slammed By Fans As Obsessed With Chris Brown
1-16-13 Karrueche Tran's Fashion Line The Kill Being Killed By Someone Other Than Chris Brown
1-16-13 Beyonce Slammed By Mainstream Newspaper As A Hypocrite
1-16-13 Taylor Swift Shot Down By Actor Bradley Cooper
1-16-13 Lindsay Lohan's Performance In New Film 'The Canyons' Being Panned
1-15-13 Barack Obama And Congress Are Fighting Over The Debt Ceiling
1-15-13 Desperate Rihanna Posting Topless Photos And Baking Trying To Get Chris Brown's Attention Away From Karrueche Tran
1-15-13 Selena Gomez Looking For Her Own Place After Confronting Barbara Palvin About Justin Bieber
1-15-13 Shaunie O'Neal's Son Slams His Mom's Boyfriend As Gay
1-15-13 Kenya Moore Of Real Housewives Of Atlanta Releases A Ratchet Song
1-15-13 Lindsay Lohan Fires Effective Lawyer After Owing Her $300,000
1-15-13 The Site Is Again Proven Right About Lindsay Lohan's Horrible Habits Behind The Scenes
1-14-13 Rihanna And Chris Brown Pictured Leaving The Club With Cocaine On Their Clothes
1-14-13 Barbara Palvin Slams Justin Bieber's Ex-Girlfriend Selena Gomez
1-14-13 Justin Bieber Debuts A New Style That Is Tight...Literally
1-12-13 Rihanna Slams Chris Brown On Twitter Stating He Is A Stupid Boy
1-12-13 Kenya Moore Turning Up The Crazy Brings Better Ratings For Real Housewives Of Atlanta
1-11-13 New Petition Against Piers Morgan Sent To FBI For Threatening To Shoot Alex Jones
1-11-13 Justin Bieber Sued By Former Bodyguard For Beating Him And Withholding Back Pay
1-11-13 Taylor Swift Is Back In The Studio After Being Dumped And Called A Prude But She Isn't...
1-10-13 Obama Controversially Considering Executive Order On Gun Control In America
1-10-13 Justin Bieber To Appear On SNL And Marijuana Is Not Off Limits 
1-10-13 Rihanna Asks Porn Star For Sex Advice After Chris Brown Drops Her Again
1-10-13 Lindsay Lohan Stole Elizabeth Taylor's Expensive Bracelet
1-10-13 Kris Jenner Wants Kanye West To Take Out $10,000,000 Life Insurance Policy
1-10-13 Stripper Dies During Lap Dance Gone Wrong
1-9-13 President Obama Gives Detailed Response To The Deport Piers Morgan Petition Indicating It's Not Gonna Happen
1-9-13 Alabama Football Player AJ McCarron Looks Slightly Worried That Lebron James Likes His Girlfriend Miss Alabama
1-9-13 Allen Iverson Slams Usher's Judge Demanding She Recuse Herself From His Custody Case
1-9-13 Karrueche Tran Caught Quietly Creeping Into Chris Brown's House While Rihanna Kicks Rocks
1-9-13 Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Buy $11 Million Mansion Because They Need More Space For A Reason...
1-9-13 Girlfriend Of Suicide Victim Freddy E Disowns Their Relationship After Being Blamed For His Death On Twitter
1-8-13 President Obama Responds To Petition To Deport CNN Host Piers Morgan
1-8-13 U.S. Supreme Court To Decide If Cops Have The Right To Take Americans' Blood
1-8-13 Karrueche Tran Takes The High Road While Rihanna Calls Her A B***h Over Chris Brown
1-8-13 Harry Styles Better Watch His Back Moving On From Taylor Swift So Soon
1-7-13 President Obama Nominates Chuck Hagel Secretary Of Defense But Shouldn't He Have Chosen A Woman
1-7-13 Justin Bieber's Fans Resorting To Cutting Themselves Over His Drug Use
1-7-13 Taylor Swift Breaks Up With One Direction's Harry Styles
1-7-13 Chris Brown Hooks Up With Karrueche Tran Again Dropping Rihanna For The Umpteenth Time
1-7-13 Rapper Freddy E Kills Himself On Twitter Over Girlfriend
1-6-13 Another Shooting In Aurora Alarms Colorado And The Nation
1-6-13 Justin Bieber Quiet About Marijuana Photos But If He Loves His Fans He Needs To Speak Up And Here's Why
1-6-13 Were The Justin Bieber Marijuana Photos Released Out Of Revenge For The Death Of Photographer
1-4-13 Justin Bieber Caught Smoking Marijuana Joint In A Hotel Room With A Woman Present (Photos)
1-4-13 Rihanna Asks Chris Brown To Move In With Her And Karrueche Tran Is Still Staying In His House 
1-4-13 Chad Ochocinco Johnson Sues Over Leaked Sex Tape
1-4-13 Halle Berry's Ex-Boyfriend Will Not Be Charged With Assault If...
1-3-13 Brutal Rape And Death Of Medical Student In India Leads To Protests (Video)
1-3-13 Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Break Up For The Umpteenth Time After Huge Fight
1-3-13 Chris Brown Showing Off With Rihanna Behind The Wheel Of The Porsche Jay-Z Bought Her
1-2-13 Photographer Killed Pursuing Justin Bieber’s Ferrari After Stating The Pop Star Was Smoking Marijuana In It (Video)
1-2-13 Report Regarding Chris Brown Cheating On Rihanna And Karrueche Tran With A Blonde (Photo)
1-2-13 Rihanna Says She Is Not Ready To Have Kids But To Keep Chris Brown Karrueche Tran Would
1-1-13 Fiscal Cliff Deal Reached In The Nick Of Time But Will It Work
1-1-13 Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton Has A Blood Clot In Her Brain
1-1-13 Chris Brown And Rihanna Spent New Years In Bed Rubbing It In Karrueche Tran's Face (Photo)



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