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12-31-16 The Obamas Have Another Lavish Vacation Pushing The Total To The Taxpayers To $96,000,000
12-31-16 Free Speech Restricting Obama Administration Outrageously Hacks Drudge Report
12-31-16 Is Russia Really To Blame For Hillary Clinton Losing The 2016 Presidential Election
12-31-16 Singer Trey Songz Arrested For Damaging Music Equipment On Stage And Hurling Object At Police Injuring An Officer
12-31-16 Madonna’s Son Exhibiting The Same Schizophrenic Traits She Is In Kabbalah
12-29-16 Debbie Reynolds And Her Daughter Carrie Fisher Die One Day A Part
12-29-16 Tiny Files For Divorce From Rapper T.I. After Years Of His Cheating
12-29-16 Madonna Launches A Skincare Line Promising To Make Women Look Younger When She Looks Older Than The Statue Of Liberty (Photos)
12-28-16 Kylie Jenner And Tyga Want To Get Married And Mom Kris Jenner Sees It As A Financial Opportunity
12-28-16 After Picture Emerges Of Drake And Jennifer Lopez In An Embrace Will Ex-Boyfriend Diddy Turn The Other Cheek Or Slap Drake's Again
12-28-16 Drake And Jennifer Lopez Are Dating Prompting Jealous Rihanna To Unfollow Her On Instagram
12-28-16 Chris Brown Acting Thirsty Over Karrueche Tran Again
12-27-16 The FBI Illegally Went To Iceland To Criminally Frame Wikileaks Julian Assange But Was Rebuffed By Suspicious Icelandic Government Minister In Conduct That Has Become Standard Criminal Behavior From The U.S. Federal Agency
12-27-16 George Michael Has Died
12-26-16 Site Was Down Due To Hosting Company Error
12-23-16 Madonna's Kabbalah Engages In Malicious Laptop Hack
12-23-16 The FBI Spied On Muhammad Ali And Tried To Destroy His Personal And Business Relationships In Conduct Done To Other High Profile Black People
12-23-16 Ivanka Trump Aggressively Harassed By Two Men On A Flight Leading Airline To Kick The Troublesome Passengers Off
12-23-16 Should Bernard Hopkins Go Out On A Knock Out After Joe Smith Jr Fight Or Should He Fight Again One Last Time
12-21-16 Winning In Football
12-21-16 Kanye West Blackmailed By His Family For $250,000 Over Sex Tape With Woman Other Than Kim Kardashian
12-21-16 San Diego Chargers Security Guard Fired For Masturbating On Sidelines While Watching Cheerleaders (Video)
12-21-16 Angry Bodybuilder Losing Contest Slaps Judge And Whips Out His Manhood (Video)
12-20-16 It Finally Hits Loretta Lynch That Her Name Is Destroyed After Engaging In Corruption At The Department Of Justice On Behalf Of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton And Bill Clinton
12-20-16 UCLA Medical Center Workers Fired For HIPAA Violations In Illegally Trying To Access Kanye West’s Psychiatric Files
12-20-16 Khloe Kardashian Has Gotten Herself Into Another Inadvisable Relationship With NBA Star Tristan Thompson Whose Girlfriend Just Gave Birth To A Son
12-20-16 Donald Trump Confirmed President Of The United States By The Electoral College As Democrats Abandon Hillary Clinton
12-19-16 When Trash Talking Goes Wrong (Bernard Hopkins vs. Joe Smith Jr)
12-16-16 Boxer Amir Khan's Wife Fighting With His Family Escalates The Situation By Posting Nude Photo Of His Brother Online And Making Claims She Is Being Physically And Mentally Bullied
12-15-16 Hillary Clinton Accused Of Voter Fraud In Detroit After Machines Register More Votes For Her Than Registered Voters
12-15-16 Hillary Clinton Campaign Attacking Huma Abedin Over Losing Presidential Election
12-15-16 Dylann Roof Found Guilty On 33 Charges In The Shooting Deaths Of 9 South Carolina Church Members
12-14-16 Wisconsin, Michigan And Pennsylvania Presidential Election Recount Backfires On Hillary Clinton Widening Donald Trump’s Lead
12-14-16 Obama Administration Tried To Hack State Of Georgia Voting Machines And Got Caught
12-14-16 President Obama Blaming Russia For Interfering U.S. In Election When He Did The Same Thing He Is Accusing Them Of In Foreign Nations
12-14-16 Barack Obama’s Presidency Guaranteed Hillary Clinton’s Defeat Against Donald Trump In The 2016 Presidential Election
12-14-16 The Obamas Lowered The Tone Of The White House Via Poor Decision Making And Consorting With Criminals
12-14-16 Judge Rejects Brad Pitt’s Request To Seal Divorce Court Case Files Concerning His Children With Angelina Jolie
12-13-16 Beyonce Poses Next To Mariah Carey And It Shows Up Her Age
12-13-16 23-Year-Old Boxer Alejandro Gonzalez Jr Killed By Drug Cartel In Shooting
12-9-16 California Warehouse Fire At Music Rave That Killed 36 People Caused By A Satanic Cult
12-9-16 Beyonce Snubbed By Grammy Committee Over Fake Attempt To Nab A Country Music Category Nomination
12-9-16 Mariah Carey's Mental Illness Apparent In 'Mariah's World' Reality Show
12-9-16 Mariah Carey's New Boyfriend Bryan Tanaka Looking For Financial Favors From The Recently Dumped Star
12-8-16 Chris Brown Talks About His Street Gang Affiliation On Social Networking While Threatening Soulja Boy Over Ex-Girlfriend Karrueche Tran
12-7-16 Madonna's Crazy Kabbalah Center Hacks Site To Deface Articles
12-7-16 Kabbalah Rabbi That Extracted $100,000 From Lebron James Thrown In Jail For Bribery
12-7-16 'Mariah's World' A Real Snoozefest Giving Audiences More Of The Same Old Stuff That Puts Mariah Carey In A Bad Light
12-6-16 Report: Donald Trump Set To Erase Barack Obama's Legacy Upon Taking Office
12-6-16 Madonna Humiliates Herself Twerking Onstage With Ariana Grande Provoking Thousands Of Terrible Comments Online
12-6-16 25-Year-Old Boxer Ed Brown Shot And Killed In Chicago
12-5-16 Former Cuban President Fidel Castro Laid To Rest
12-2-16 100,000 Brazilians Turn Out To Pay Respects To Chapocoense Football Team Players And Staff Who Died In Plane Crash
12-2-16 After Years Of Reckless, Lavish Spending By Robert Mugabe And Wife Grace Mugabe Zimbabwe Is Running Out Of Money While The Poor Go Hungry
12-2-16 Rapper Kanye West Released From Psychiatric Ward As 911 Tapes Reveal His Mental Breakdown Indicative Of Abuses Associated With Kabbalah
12-1-16 Mariah Carey Desperately Trying To Make Ex-Fiancé James Packer Jealous Cavorting With Younger Man On The Beach
11-30-16 Hillary Clinton Backing Recount Of 2016 Presidential Election Votes But Already Handed A Blow By Wisconsin Court
11-29-16 Michelle Obama Gets Makeover For Final 50 Days In White House That Husband President Barack Obama Does Not Want To Leave Claiming He's Being 'Forced Out' (Video)
11-29-16 People Slam Michelle Obama As 'Ape In Heels' 'Ugly Black B*tch' And “Ghetto” Leading To Trouble
11-29-16 Famous Athletes Being Threatened And Forced Into Gay Sex By Madonna And Jay Z's Kabbalah Center As An Initiation Into The Hollywood 'Illuminati'
11-29-16 Mariah Carey Looks Back On Wedding Dress From Cancelled Engagement With Sadness After Being Dumped By Billionaire James Packer While Her Current Husband Knocks Up Aspiring Star
11-29-16 The Mother Of Nick Young's Children Dumped Again For Another Entertainer Paloma Ford
11-28-16 Shantel Jackson Grew To Hate Ex-Fiancé Floyd Mayweather Leading To Abortion
11-26-16 Madonna’s Underage Son Has Been Drinking And Doing Drugs With Homeless People
11-25-16 Ray J Exploiting Kanye West's Psychiatric Ward Hospitalization For Publicity With New Song About His Wife Kim Kardashian
11-25-16 Doctors Discover Kanye West Is Much Sicker Than They Initially Realized And Extend Hospital Hold
11-25-16 Nelly Still Won't Marry Shantel Jackson Whose Career Is Struggling
11-25-16 Floyd Mayweather Former Side Chick Rmarni Saddened By Lack Of Traction In Her Career
11-24-16 The FBI Announce They Have Closed Brad Pitt Child Abuse Investigation
11-24-16 Madonna's Son Could Be Deported From Britain If He Continues With Criminal Behavior After Arrest In London For Drugs
11-24-16 Madonna's Underage Son Arrested In London On Drug Charge
11-22-16 Obama Administration Employees Criminally Tampering With Social Security Payments For Political Revenge Against Conservatives As They Did In The IRS Scandal
11-22-16 Kanye West Handcuffed And Involuntarily Committed To Psych Ward After Truthfully Stating Jay Z Has Killers And Slamming Hillary Clinton In Favor Of Donald Trump
11-22-16 Mariah Carey Lied About Sex With Ex-Fiance James Packer Who Dumped Her
11-21-16 Sports Star Von Miller Wins Restraining Order After His Rights Violated When Instgram Model Secretly Made Sex Tape Of Their Encounter And Tried To Sell It To TMZ
11-18-16 U.S. Press And Silicon Valley Left Reeling After Their Candidate Hillary Clinton Loses Presidential Election To Donald Trump And 80 Percent Of Americans No Longer Trust Them
11-18-16 Hillary Clinton And Bill Clinton's Daughter Chelsea Clinton Illegally Using Money From The Clinton Foundation Charity For Wedding And Undue Financial Enrichment (Tens Of Millions Of Dollars)
11-18-16 Madonna's Mad Children
11-17-16 Lebron James Slams Phil Jackson As Racist For Using The Word Posse But Is He?
11-17-16 Angelina Jolie's Claims Of Child Abuse Regarding Husband Brad Pitt Being Heavily Scrutinized
11-17-16 Prince's Estate Sues Jay Z And Madonna's Tidal For Copyright Infringement
11-17-16 Prison Penalties For Criminals Should Be More Severe In Cases Of Acid Attacks
11-15-16 Huma Abedin Crying In Public Over Hillary Clinton Not Winning The U.S. Presidency Betrays The True Nature Of Their Relationship
11-15-16 Man Sues Ex-Fiancée For $125,000 Over Her Refusal To Return Ring
11-14-16 Vice President-Elect Mike Pence Slams Michelle Obama As ‘The Most Vulgar First Lady We’ve Ever Had’
11-14-16 The Obamas Slammed For Snubbing The Trumps Refusing To Take White House Photo
11-14-16 Mass Voter Fraud Aided Hillary Clinton With The Popular Vote In The 2016 Election
11-14-16 Prince Estate Shuts Down Jay Z’s Cheap Bid To Buy Music Catalog For Far Less Than It Is Worth
11-12-16 Donald Trump's Presidency Hinging On Manufacturing Jobs
11-12-16 People Blaming Everyone But The True Culprit For Hillary Clinton Not Being Elected U.S. President
11-11-16 Hillary Clinton Completely Discredited The FBI During The Presidential Election ($500,000 FBI Bribe)
11-10-16 Hillary Clinton Had To Be Sedated After Losing Election To Donald Trump Leading To Delay In Concession Speech
11-10-16 Donald Trump Winning The U.S. Presidency Ushers In A New Era In America
11-10-16 Woman Voluntarily Drops Rape Case Against Donald Trump Without Settlement As It Is Discovered She Made The Whole Thing Up
11-8-16 Rolling Stone Magazine Ordered To Pay $3,000,000 Over Discredited Gang Rape Story
11-7-16 Gay Vlogger Pleads Guilty To Faking Homophobic Attack And Filing False Police Report
11-7-16 Wikileaks: Hillary Clinton Campaign Team Are Devil Worshippers (Video)
11-7-16 Russian President Vladimir Putin Says Nuclear War Against America Will Happen If Hillary Clinton Is Elected President Of The United States (Video)
11-7-16 FBI Closes Hillary Clinton Criminal Case A Second Time Confirming Previous Site Claims Regarding President Obama Criminally Threatening And Forcing FBI Director James Comey (Video)
11-5-16 2016 U.S. Presidential Election Is Being Rigged As Reports Of Mass Voter Fraud Surface In Final Push To Steal The Presidency
11-5-16 Hillary Clinton Dumps Girlfriend Huma Abedin From Private Jet After Her Terrorist Ties Exposed
11-5-16 Reggie Bush Accused Of Impregnating Miami Woman During His Marriage And Discussed $3,000,000 Payment To Abort The Baby
11-5-16 Kim Kardashian Fires Her Bodyguard After Robbery Where He Was Not Present
11-4-16 Hillary Clinton Could Not Care About The People Of Haiti As She Has Stolen Billions In Charity Money From Them And Is Behaving Like A Slavetrader
11-4-16 Hollywood Brags About Bringing Drugs To The Obama White House
11-4-16 Beyonce Slammed On Social Networking Over Her Performance At The Country Music Awards And Is Removed From Their Site
11-4-16 Lindsay Lohan's Physically Abusive Relationship Creating Brain Damage
11-3-16 Hillary Clinton And Huma Abedin's Lesbian Relationship
11-2-16 Hillary Clinton Publicly Slams The FBI And They Get Even Releasing The FOIA Files Of Vincent Foster And Her Husband Bill Clinton Pardoning Marc Rich As A Warning Shot
11-1-16 The Obamas Distancing Themselves From Hillary Clinton In The Wake Of FBI Criminal Investigation Shows They Know More Than They Are Saying And It's Bad
11-1-16 Hillary Clinton's Top Assistant Huma Abedin Has Ties To Terrorism (Video)
11-1-16 DNC Chair Donna Brazile Fired From CNN Over Sneaking Presidential Debate Questions To Cheater Hillary Clinton
10-31-16 U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch Pleads The Fifth In Congress Keeping Silent About Why President Barack Obama Gave Iran $1.7 Billion Dollars In Violation Of American Government Policy
10-31-16 Barack Obama, Michelle Obama And Bernie Sanders Cancel Public Appearances With Embattled Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton Over FBI Emailgate Scandal
10-31-16 A Top American Newspaper Withdraws Its Endorsement And Tells Hillary Clinton To Step Down
10-31-16 Video Exposes Hillary Clinton And The Clinton Foundation's Crimes Against The Haitian People In Haiti (Video)
10-31-16 Hillary Clinton Drinks Alcohol At Miami Bar On Sunday Morning And Her Pop Concert Headlined By Jennifer Lopez Is Rained Out
10-31-16 Leaked Email Reveals Presidential Campaign Chairman Asking Hillary Clinton Staff 'How Bad Is Her Head'
10-31-16 Jay Z Tries To Defraud Prince Estate In Trying To Buy Music Catalog For Far Less Than It Is Worth
10-29-16 Jose Mourinho Moaning About Life At Manchester United Without His Family And With A String Of Football Losses On The Pitch
10-29-16 FBI Reopens Criminal Case Into Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton Less Than 2-Weeks Before The November 8 Election
10-29-16 Mariah Carey Greedily Demanding Ex-Fiancé James Packer Pay Her $50,000,000 For Inconveniencing Her With Engagement He Called Off And To Keep Quiet About Something Awful He Did To Her Assistant
10-29-16 Toni Braxton Performing With A Heart Monitor After Recent Lupus Flare A Sign She Should Not Be On Tour
10-29-16 Chris Brown Brags That He Is The 'Hottest N***a On The Planet' While Pursuing Karrueche Tran Look Alike Cydney Christine
10-28-16 Son Beats Mom Unconscious With Hockey Stick When Her Credit Card Is Declined At Taco Bell
10-28-16 Plane Carrying Donald Trump's Vice Presidential Running Mate Mike Pence Dangerously Skids Off Runway In New York (Video)
10-27-16 Leading Member Of U.S. Congress Indicating The Legislature Will Repeal Barack Obama's ObamaCare
10-27-16 Black Man Stating He Is Bill Clinton's Illegitimate Son Banned From Google's You Tube In An Act Of Censorship For Hillary Clinton
10-27-16 Kim Kardashian Settles Libel Lawsuit Against Media Take Out
10-27-16 Mariah Carey Dumped By Fiancé James Packer And Is Trying To Keep $10,000,000 Engagement Ring
10-26-16 Wikileaks Email Leak Reveals President Barack Obama Blacklisted Christians From Jobs In His Administration
10-25-16 Server And Laptop Hacked By Crazy Madonna's Kabbalah Center
10-25-16 President Barack Obama Slammed In Government Report For Spending $3,600,000 Of Taxpayer Money On One Weekend Of Golfing With Tiger Woods
10-25-16 A Top Clinton Ally Arrested, Indicted And Convicted Of Egregious Crimes At State Attorney's Office
10-25-16 Madonna And Katy Perry Antics Cheapening The Election And Demean Women
10-25-16 Lindsay Lohan Evicted From London Apartment Owing $95,000 In Rent, Being Forced Into Bankruptcy And Is Under Police Investigation For Stealing $20,000 In Ex-Boyfriend's Property
10-24-16 Hillary Clinton Laughed At Gays Being Thrown Off Buildings To Their Deaths By Terrorist Group ISIS
10-24-16 Hillary Clinton's Vast Neurological Problems Related To Parkinson's Resurfaces
10-24-16 DNC Chair Donna Brazile Slams President Obama And Is Caught Cheating For Hillary Clinton In Giving Her Debate Questions In Advance
10-21-16 Evelyn Lozada Laments Her Broken Relationships But She Has Bedded Her Friends Husbands And Boyfriends (Seduced Shaq)
10-21-16 Rumors Swirling Around Entertainment Industry That Wendy Williams Having An Affair With A Younger Man
10-21-16 Donald Trump Leading Hillary Clinton In Top Poll After Third Debate (Clinton Endorses Grotesque Late Term Abortion)
10-21-16 Hillary Clinton Is Recycling Barack Obama’s Failed Policies And Promises From 2008 Election
10-21-16 Hillary Clinton's Doctor Lisa Bardack Should Face Criminal Charges For Lying To The American People About Her Failing Health
10-21-16 DNC Email Leaks And Past Comments Reveal Hillary Clinton Hates Catholics, Southerners, Latinos And Black Men
10-21-16 Mariah Carey Dumped By Fiancé James Packer And Is Trying To Keep $10,000,000 Engagement Ring
10-21-16 Black Prostitute's Son Danney Williams Hires Lawyers To File Paternity Lawsuit Against Hillary Clinton's Husband Bill Clinton (Video)
10-21-16 Barack Obama Visits Miami To Talk About Failed ObamaCare That Americans Are 'Revolting' From In Massive Numbers Creating Huge Plunge In Enrollment (Video)
10-21-16 Boxer Tyson Fury Relinquishes His WBA And WBO Titles After Testing Positive For Cocaine
10-19-16 Basketball Player Derrick Rose Cleared Of All Rape Claims In Civil Lawsuit Brought By Gold Digging Groupie
10-18-16 Obama Administration Wastes Huge Sums Of American Taxpayer Money Breaking The Law In America, Britain And Jamaica On Behalf Of Madonna's Kabbalah Center In Committing Egregious Human Rights Abuses
10-17-16 Tyson Gay's 15-Year-Old Daughter Shot And Killed In Unprovoked Senseless Act Of Violence
10-14-16 Boxer Adrien Broner Regrettably Threatened To Kill Himself Prompting Police To Locate Him
10-13-16 Black Prostitute's Son Says His Mom Was Secretly Receiving $700 Per Month In Child Support From Bill Clinton Delivered By State Trooper
10-13-16 RentBoy CEO Pleads Guilty To Running Gay Prostitution Ads On Website
10-13-16 Angelina Jolie Threatens To Sue Perez Hilton Over Negative Coverage Of Her Divorce From Brad Pitt
10-13-16 Kim Kardashian Sues Blog Site Media Take Out Over Insurance Scam Claims After $11,000,000 Jewelry Theft
10-13-16 Crucial Text Messages Left Out Of Derrick Rose Trial Reveals Accuser Texting Him On Day Of Alleged Gang Rape Saying She Wants And Needs Him, Cop On The Case Kills Herself
10-13-16 Black Prostitute's Son Says His Mom Was Secretly Receiving $700 Per Month In Child Support From Bill Clinton Delivered By State Trooper
10-13-16 Mariah Carey Is Looking Worse For Wear
10-12-16 Story Of Bill Clinton Impregnating Black Prostitute Is Similar To Film 'Primary Colors'
10-12-16 Chris Brown Accused Of Smashing Fan's Phone In Kenya (Video)
10-12-16 Scientific Study Proves People Are Not Born Gay
10-12-16 Boy Becomes Seriously Ill From Parents Giving Him Alternative Medicine For Autism
10-11-16 Bill Clinton Became Enraged At His Wife Hillary Clinton's Debate When Rival Donald Trump Brought Up His Rape Accusers
10-11-16 Bisexual Hillary Clinton And Philanderer Bill Clinton’s Open Marriage Is A Deceitful Sham
10-11-16 Derrick Rose Accuser Brought Sex Toy To Orgy Then Claimed She Was Raped In Dubious Story
10-10-16 Nate Parker Being Accused Of Raping A Drunk Woman Who Later Committed Suicide Destroys The Opening Sales Of Film 'Birth Of A Nation'
10-10-16 Brad Pitt Cheating With Actresses, An Assistant And The Nanny Made Angelina Jolie Angry And Vengeful
10-8-16 862 Dead, 28,000 Homes Damaged, Thousands Homeless And Many In Danger Of Starvation In Haiti After Hurricane Matthew
10-8-16 Kids Found In House Full Of Garbage After Parents Overdose Highlighting The Dangers Of Drugs
10-8-16 Vegan Mother Charged With Endangerment For Feeding 11-Month Old Baby Only Berries And Nuts Leading To Malnutrition
10-8-16 Toni Braxton Leaves Hospital After Lupus Related Medical Emergency But Seeks To Resume High Stress Tour Detrimental To Her Health
10-6-16 Video Shows Marijuana Smoking Obama Complaining White People Are Superior In His Country Of Kenya (Video)
10-5-16 Kanye West Erupts In Anger Firing Entire Staff After Failed Fashion Show
10-5-16 Hillary Clinton Wanted To Murder Wikileaks' Julian Assange Via A Drone
10-5-16 Haiti Could Have Used The Billions Of Dollars Bill Clinton And Hillary Clinton Stole Through The Clinton Foundation To House And Feed People During Hurricane Matthew
10-4-16 Chris Brown Shirt Slams Baylee Curran
10-4-16 Joseline Hernandez Expecting A Baby But Social Networking Wants To Know Who Is The Dad
10-4-16 Haiti Could Have Used The Billions Of Dollars Bill Clinton And Hillary Clinton Stole Through The Clinton Foundation To House And Feed People During Hurricane Matthew
10-3-16 A Black Prostitute's Son Says He Is Bill Clinton's Illegitimate Child Hillary Clinton Banished
10-3-16 Kim Kardashian Tied Up And Robbed Of $12,000,000 In Jewelry At Gunpoint
10-3-16 Lindsay Lohan's Finger Cut Off In Bloody Boating Accident
10-3-16 Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt Agree To Go To Counseling Which The Judiciary Report Previously Suggested
9-30-16 When Your Plastic Surgeon Has Got You Looking Like The Joker From Batman
9-30-16 Hillary Clinton's Serious Neurological Problems Would Make Her A Danger Regarding Nuclear Matters, Drones And Missile Strikes In Potentially Attacking The Wrong People
9-30-16 Florida Purse Snatcher Kidnaps Baby And Runs Over Woman's Leg In Two Thefts
9-29-16 Poll: Only 36% Of Americans Think Hillary Clinton Is Healthy But 51% Are Confident Of Donald Trump's Health
9-29-16 Hacking Fears Increase In The 2016 U.S. Presidential Election
9-29-16 Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt's Sex Life Destroyed After Her Double Mastectomy And Oophorectomy Surgery
9-28-16 Debate Rages Whether Atlanta Woman Lawfully Shot And Killed Intruder (Video)
9-28-16 Secret Video Shows Angelina Jolie Talking About Joining The Illuminati And Making Satanic Animal Sacrifices (Video)
9-29-16 Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt's Sex Life Destroyed After Her Double Mastectomy And Oophorectomy Surgery
9-28-16 Hillary Clinton Says All Americans Are Racist (Videos)
9-27-16 Polls Reveal Donald Trump Won First Debate Against Hillary Clinton
9-27-16 Angelina Jolie Refusing To Let Brad Pitt See Their Children
9-27-16 Katy Perry Sued Again For Copyright Infringement This Time For Stealing Preexisting Make-Up Line (Trademark Infringement)
9-26-16 Oliver Stone Slams Obama Administration As The Worst Privacy Invaders In American History
9-26-16 Hillary Clinton Loses Control Of Her Eyes During Speech Indicating Neurological Problem (Video)
9-26-16 Brad Pitt Changed Towards Angelina Jolie After Double Mastectomy And Is Under Investigation For Child Abuse At FBI And Child Services
9-26-16 Jim Carrey Sued For Wrongful Death And Giving Woman Herpes And Gonorrhea Leading To Suicide
9-26-16 Chris Brown Slams Mother Of His Child Nia Guzman As A Drug Dealer Who Moved Bricks For Her Dad While She States He Gave Her No Choice In Conceiving Their Child Against Her Will
9-23-16 Hillary Clinton Refuses To Undergo Neurological Exams To Prove Competency For U.S. Presidential Election Under Unyielding Parkinson's Claims
9-23-16 North Carolina Police Create Suspicion And Anger In Declining To Release Footage Showing The Shooting Death Of Black Motorist Keith Lamont Scott By Cop
9-23-16 Congressman Robert Pittenger Puts His Foot In His Mouth During Interview Stating ‘Black People Hate White People Because White People Are Successful And They Are Not’ (Video)
9-23-16 Police Officer Betty Shelby Arrested In The Shooting Death Of Unarmed Black Motorist Terrence Crutcher And Her Criminal History Surfaces
9-22-16 Oklahoma Police Killing Unarmed Black Man Terrence Crutcher For Having Car Trouble And Looking Like 'A Bad Dude' Is Racial Profiling
9-22-16 Hillary Clinton Overcharging Poorest Donors Repeatedly Charging Their Bank And Credit Cards
9-22-16 Anthony Weiner Caught Sending Sexual Text Messages To A 15-Year-Old Girl He Visited While Her Parents Weren't Home Bringing More Bad Publicity On Hillary Clinton's Campaign
9-21-16 Angelina Jolie Files For Divorce From Brad Pitt Confirming Previous Site Claims About His Cheating
9-21-16 Pebbles Scores Legal Victory In Defamation Case Regarding VH1 Movie 'CrazySexyCool:The TLC Story' As Judge States Case Can Proceed
9-21-16 Hillary Clinton Cancels Another Campaign Stop Over Illness As Crowds Dwindle For Her Public Appearances
9-20-16 Obama Is Giving Iran 1.7 Billion Dollars In Taxpayer Money In Violation Of Longtime U.S. Policy
9-20-16 Obama Demanding Black People Vote For Hillary Clinton Who Referred To Black Men As ‘Super Predators’ And Had A Hand In Locking Up 2 Million Black Males During Her Husband's Administration In The 1990s
9-20-16 A Heavily Sedated Hillary Clinton Could Hardly Respond To New York Terrorist Attack Prompting Massive Backlash Online
9-20-16 Crooked Judge Illegally Presided Over And Threw Out Kesha Rape Case Against Dr. Luke Due To Blaring Conflict Of Interest Via Husband Working For Sony Music
9-17-16 Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan Sends Out Dire Warning About Obama Administration ‘Crazies’ Spending America Into Bankruptcy
9-17-16 Kabbalah Cult File Fraudulent DMCA Claim Attempting To Suppress Story About Hillary Clinton’s Parkinson’s
9-17-16 Hillary Clinton's New Book 'Stronger Together' Flops Despite Massive Publicity
9-15-16 Nick Gordon Found Liable In The Death Of Whitney Houston's Daughter Bobbi Kristina
9-15-16 Malia Obama Looks Like Someone In The Grips Of Addiction
9-15-16 Apple And Samsung Slam Rumors They Are Going To Buy Jay Z And Madonna’s Failed Tidal Music Streaming Service
9-15-16 Public Speculates Hillary Clinton Has A Body Double While ABC News Reports She Is Dead
9-15-16 Hillary Clinton Parkinson's Story Picks Up Speed Worldwide
9-15-16 Hillary Clinton Parkinson's Confirmed By An Accomplished Neurologist (Video)
9-14-16 President Barack Obama's Daughter Malia Obama Photographed At Beer Pong Party Again
9-14-16 Jay Z And Madonna's Music Streaming Service Tidal Posts Massive Financial Loss Of $28,000,000
9-14-16 Ray J Denied Visa To Australia Over Chris Brown Incident
9-14-16 Crazy Madonna Kabbalah Center Does DDOS Attack Against Site
9-13-16 Hillary Clinton Collapses On Campaign Trail Just As The Judiciary Report Predicted Days Prior (Video)
9-10-16 71 Percent Of Doctors Surveyed State Hillary Clinton’s Health Problems Are So Serious They Should Disqualify Her From 2016 Presidential Election
9-10-16 Mislabeled Fentanyl Pills Found At Prince’s House After His Death From Overdose Indicates He Did Not Know What He Was Taking
9-9-16 Obama Economy Worst On Record Since The Great Depression
9-9-16 Bobby Shmurda Pleads Guilty To Murder And Drug Charges And Is Facing At Least 3 and 1/2 More Years In Prison
9-9-16 Masika Kalysha Slams Rapper Fetty Wap As An Absentee Father (Video)
9-8-16 10 Doctors Question Hillary Clinton’s Health And Suitability To Be President
9-7-16 The Obama Administration Trained ISIS Military Commander
9-7-16 Questions Arise On How Sick Hillary Clinton Is That She Needs A Full Time Secretive Medical Specialist On The Campaign Trail Who Is Hiding His Identity
9-7-16 Kanye West’s Fashion Show Descends Into Disaster
9-7-16 Drake’s Tour Bus Robbed Of $3,000,000 In Jewelry But Police Catch Thief
9-6-16 Hillary Clinton Has Two Terrible Coughing Spells In One Day During Live Speech And Again In Television Interview (Video)
9-6-16 Hillary Clinton Having Trouble Getting The Black Youth Vote In 2016 Presidential Election (New York Times)
9-5-16 Angela Merkel Political Party CDU Loses State Election In Germany Due To Open Door Policy Regarding Influx Of Syrian Migrants
9-5-16 Obama Slammed During Trip To China After Human Rights Lecture And Forced To 'Go Out The A*s' Of Air Force One Without Traditional Red Carpet
9-5-16 2-Year-Old Boy Beaten To Death For Trying To Protect His Mom From Physically Abusive Boyfriend (Video)
9-5-16 Memorial Held For Toddler Lane Graves On What Would Have Been His Third Birthday (Video)
9-5-16 Chris Brown’s Accuser Baylee Curran Accused Of Stealing A Rolex Watch, Lying To Police About Death Threats And Is Obsessed With The Singer
9-2-16 Chris Brown Accuser Baylee Curran Is A Lesson For Women Who Want To Marry Rich Men
9-2-16 President Barack Obama’s Physician States Hillary Clinton Should See A Doctor For Her Serious Health Issues
9-2-16 Chris Brown’s Accuser Keeps Changing Her Story Indicating Lying
9-1-16 Huma Abedin's Husband Anthony Weiner Complained To Mistress She Won’t Have Sex With Him Opting To Spend Time With Rumored Girlfriend Hillary Clinton
8-31-16 The Woman Accusing Chris Brown Of Pointing A Gun At Her In His Home Is A Thief And Suspect In A New York Grand Theft Larceny Case At The Luxury Plaza Hotel
8-30-16 Chris Brown Arrested On Suspicion Of Assault With A Deadly Weapon Charge After Dramatic Police Standoff (Video)
8-29-16 ‘Southside With You’ Movie About President Barack Obama And First Lady Michelle Obama Flops At The Box Office
8-29-16 The Cousin Of Basketball Star Dwyane Wade Killed In Gunfire While Pushing Baby Stroller
8-29-16 Justin Bieber Accused Of Sex With A Minor As Pictures Surface Of Him And Sofia Richie In A Sexual Situation
8-29-16 Social Networking Brands Beyonce And Jay Z's Daughter Blue Ivy 'Ugly' At The VMAs
8-27-16 Declassified Documents Reveal Barack Obama Ordered The U.S. Government To Train ISIS
8-27-16 President Barack Obama's Daughter Malia Obama Present At Wild Party Broken Up By Police
8-26-16 'Dr. Drew Show' Cancelled Because Hillary Clinton Became Angry He Exposed Her Serious Health Problems Making Her Unsuitable To Be President
8-26-16 ‘I Am Cait’ Cancelled Due To Poor Ratings
8-26-16 Hope Solo Receives 6-Month Ban From National Squad After Calling The Swedish Team Cowards At The Olympics
8-26-16 Karrueche Tran And Chris Brown’s Friend Quincy Look Quite Cozy
8-25-16 Donald Trump's Wife Melania Trump Sues Media For Calling Her A Former Escort
8-25-16 Hillary Clinton Lies Blaming Colin Powell For Email Scandal Stating He Told Her To Get A Private Server
8-25-16 Hillary Clinton Facing Criticism Over Claims Her Body Woman Huma Abedin Wrote Articles For Radical Muslim Journal In Favor Of Shariah Law
8-25-16 TI Cheating On Tiny With Escort Analicia Chaves And Is Now Openly Following Her On Instagram
8-24-16 Rihanna Booed By Fans During Show Many Of Whom Left Early
8-24-16 Tamar Braxton And Husband Vince Herbert In Violent Fight
8-23-16 Boxer David Haye’s Wife Files For Divorce After Cheating Incidents (Rita Ora)
8-23-16 Ryan Lochte Loses Endorsements With Speedo, Ralph Lauren And Syneron Candela
8-23-16 The 2016 Rio Olympics Was A Beautiful Success
8-23-16 Usain Bolt Cements His Status As Greatest Sprinter In History During A Great Olympic Games For Jamaica
8-22-16 Neymar And Brazil Win Historic Olympic Gold Medal In Football
8-22-16 People Are Getting Themselves Into Trouble On Social Networking
8-20-16 U.S. Olympic Committee Apologizes As Ryan Lochte Story Unravels With Video Revealing He And Three Teammates Vandalized Bathroom At Gas Station And Were Not Robbed At The Rio Olympics
8-20-16 Social Networking Slams Disparities In Treatment Between Ryan Lochte And Gabby Douglas
8-20-16 Some Syrian Migrants Refusing To Work In Germany Posing A Problem For The State Regarding Supporting The Refugees
8-17-16 Japanese Pole Vaulter Disqualified At Olympics Because His Penis Hit The Bar (Video)
8-16-16 U.S. National Security Agency Hacked And Top Secret Files Are Offered Up For Sale On The Black Market (NSA)
8-16-16 Swimmer Ryan Lochte Flees Rio 2016 Olympics After Police Discover His Wallet Was Not Stolen Nor Did He Catch A Cab At A Gas Station Where He Alleges He Was Robbed At Gunpoint
8-16-16 Jamaican Sprinter Usain Bolt Wins Third Record Setting Gold Medal In The 100m At 2016 Olympics
8-16-16 Dispute Brewing Over Bahamian Sprinter Shaunae Miller Diving Over The Finish Line To Win Gold Medal Over American Allyson Felix At the 2016 Rio Olympics
8-16-16 Selena Gomez Slams Justin Bieber Over His Treatment Of Fans Due To Underage Sofia Richie And He Slams Back
8-15-16 Are Rematches And Back To Back Title Fights A Good Idea In Boxing When A Fighter Is Coming Off A Loss
8-12-16 Donald Trump Denies He Was Inciting Violence With Second Amendment Comment About Hillary Clinton And The Secret Service Did Not Visit Him
8-12-16 Lollapalooza Concertgoer Snitches On Malia Obama: She Was Smoking Marijuana And Then Went Off With A Boy When The Secret Service Wasn't Watching!
8-12-16 16-Year-Old Girl Who Ran Away From Home To Join ISIS Killed By Drone In Syria
8-12-16 U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency Declines Lifting Ban On Marijuana In The Face Of Malia Obama Drug Scandal Labeling It 'As Dangerous As Heroin'
8-10-16 Video Of President Obama's Daughter Malia Obama Smoking Marijuana
8-10-16 President Obama's Daughter Malia Caught Smoking Marijuana (Photo)
8-10-16 Oscar Pistorius Denies Suicide Bid But The Evidence Says Otherwise
8-9-16 New Reports Indicate Hillary Clinton Is Too Physically Sick To Be President (Videos)
8-9-16 Pennsylvanians In The Steel Industry Are Switching From Voting Democrat To Republican Donald Trump In 2016 Presidential Election (CBS News And MSNBC)
8-9-16 More Questions Arise About Hillary Clinton’s Health Due To New Information And Photos
8-9-16 Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton Hiding Information About Their Finances
8-8-16 Hillary Clinton Failed To Create The 200,000 Jobs She Promised As Senator In New York As She Is Not Good With The Economy 
8-8-16 Donald Trump Vows To Eliminate National Debt In Two Terms As President
8-5-16 Hillary Clinton Cheated On Bill Clinton As Well
8-5-16 Black Lives Matter Slams Hillary Clinton As A Racist Who ‘Showed Black Lives Did Not Matter’
8-4-16 Church Shooter Dylann Roof Badly Beaten In Prison
8-4-16 George Zimmerman Punched In The Face In Florida Restaurant For Bragging About Murdering Unarmed 17-Year-Old Trayvon Martin
8-3-16 Malia Obama Dances Suggestively At Lollapalooza Again And Is Branded A 'Hoe' On Social Networking
8-3-16 Chris Brown And Karrueche Tran's Awkward Confrontation Shows There Are Still Bad Feelings There
8-2-16 Chris Brown Sued Again Over 2014 Club Shooting
8-2-16 Bernie Sanders Supporters Angry He Was Pressured Into Endorsing Polar Opposite Hillary Clinton
8-1-16 Wikileaks To Drop More Damning Documents On Hillary Clinton Such As Arming Murderous ISIS Terrorists
8-1-16 President Obama's Daughter Taped Lifting Her Skirt, Exposing Her Backside And Twerking At A Festival Causing A Scandal In The Press And Online (Video)
7-1-16 Judge Should Order Adrien Broner To Rehab For His Own Good
7-29-16 Haiti Needs To Strengthen Legislation To Help With Earthquake Rebuilding Effort
7-29-16 Former 'Cosby Show' Star Keshia Knight Pulliam Gives Tearful Interview On Divorce And Pregnancy Scandal Regarding Ed Hartwell (Video)
7-29-16 Adrien Broner Jailed For 30 Days Spending His Birthday Behind Bars After Judge Calls Him A Tardy Drunkard
7-29-16 Was Adrien Broner Wrong To Turn Down The Manny Pacquiao Fight Wanting More Money
7-29-16 The Long Count Fight Between Jack Dempsey And Gene Tunney (Videos)
7-28-16 Donald Trump Goads Hillary Clinton Into A Serious Self-Incriminating Admission
7-28-16 Coroner's Report Reveals The Extent Of Singer Christina Grimmie's Injuries Inflicted By Stalker Who Murdered Her
7-28-16 John Hinckley's Obsession With Actress Jodie Foster Had All The Warning Signs Of A Violent Stalker Before He Attempted To Assassinate Former President Ronald Reagan
7-27-16 John Hinckley Jr Freed After The Attempted Murder Of Former President Ronald Reagan (Video)
7-27-16 'Cosby Show' Star Keshia Knight Pulliam Pregnant And In The Middle Of A Divorce From Football Player Ed Hartwell Who Accuses Her Of Cheating On Him
7-26-16 'Clinton Cash' Documentary Exposes Hillary Clinton And Bill Clinton Going From Broke To $2 Billion Dollars In Bribe Money From Global Dictators And Businesspeople Stealing From The Poor And Harming The Environment (Video)
7-26-16 Hacked And Leaked DNC Emails Reveal Racism, Anti-Semitism, Xenophobia, Homophobia And Insults About Religion As Hillary Clinton Attempts To Censor And Suppress Social Networking
7-26-16 Debbie Wasserman Schultz Booed Off The Stage At The Democratic National Convention After Rigging The Primary Portion Of The Election For Hillary Clinton
7-26-16 Officer Who Shot Surrendered Unarmed Miami Therapist Caring For Disabled Man Has A History Of Stereotyping Black People As Criminals And Villains
7-26-16 Fake TV Psychic Miss Cleo Has Died At Age 53
7-25-16 Russian Government Hackers Expose Democrats In Email Hack Leaking Items Revealing Election Rigging And Mocking Bernie Sanders Leading To Debbie Wasserman-Schultz's Resignation
7-25-16 Brother Of President Obama Endorses Rival Donald Trump For 2016 Presidential Election Stating He Will Vote For Him
7-25-16 Beyonce Steals Again This Time Ripping Off Short Film For HBO Lemonade Special Resulting In Copyright Infringement Lawsuit
7-25-16 Singer Ciara Sues Rapper Future Again But This Time For Costing Her A $500,000 Cosmetics Contract
7-22-16 Conservative Reviewer Milo Permanently Banned From Twitter Over Online Fight With Actress Leslie Jones But Was He At Fault Regarding Ghostbusters Film Insults
7-22-16 Be Careful Using Paypal To Process Credit Card Transactions Online As They Are Reversing Payments Without Just Cause After Merchandise Is Shipped Out To Customers
7-22-16 Miami Police Officer Shot Innocent Unarmed Black Man As He Protected Autistic Patient Then Says He Doesn’t Know Why He Fired At Him (Video)
7-21-16 Mother Of Slain 12-Year-Old Tamir Rice Slams President Obama's Inaction On The Police Brutality That Claimed Her Son's Young Life (Video)
7-21-16 Chris Brown Tells Taylor Swift To Shut Up
7-21-16 Beyonce And Rihanna Had A Lesbian Affair
7-20-16 Melania Trump Plagiarized Michelle Obama Who Plagiarized Saul Alinsky (Video)
7-20-16 FBI Investigated Pulse Gay Night Club Killer Prior To Murders And Let Him Go Stating 'He Won't Go Postal'
7-20-16 Nick Denton And Michael Barrett Skid Into Bankruptcy Over Perverted Voyeurism In Secretly Spying On Others Via Video
7-20-16 British Government Votes To Renew Nuclear Deterrent Trident
7-20-16 London's Trains Facing Overcrowding And Inoperability Due To Population Boom Needs A Solution
7-19-16 In The Louisiana And Texas Cop Killings Authorities Stated There Were Three Shooters Then Strangely Retracted Their Stories
7-19-16 U.S. Marine And Nation Of Islam Member Kills 3 Police Officers In Louisiana Out Of Revenge For The Death Of Alton Sterling
7-19-16 Man Who Filmed The Brutal Alton Sterling Murder By Louisiana Police Secretly Arrested And Shackled
7-19-16 Madonna's Obsession With An Athlete Turns Illegal And Dangerous
7-18-16 Deontay Wilder Successfully Defends His Heavyweight Title In Bout Against Chris Arreola
7-15-16 80 People Dead And 100 Injured In ISIS Terrorist Attack In Nice, France (Video)
7-14-16 Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsburg Under Fire For Comments Apologizes To Donald Trump
7-14-16 Obama Has Brought Permanent Disgrace On Jurists Like Loretta Lynch And James Comey (Among Others)
7-13-16 Donald Trump Leading Hillary Clinton In The Polls For President Of The United States Of America
7-13-16 Attorney General Loretta Lynch Dodged 74 Questions In Congress About The Corruption That Led To Hillary Clinton Not Being Criminally Charged For Mishandling Classified Information
7-13-16 David Cameron Resigns As British Prime Minister, Theresa May Is Appointed The New PM And Boris Johnson Foreign Minister
7-13-16 Lance Armstrong Slammed By The U.S. Government In $100 Million Dollar Lawsuit Over Doping Scandal And Endorsements
7-13-16 Appeals Court Rejects Tom Brady Deflategate Case
7-13-16 Taylor Swift Slammed By Ex-Boyfriend Calvin Harris In Twitter Rant Warning Her He Will Not Allow Her To Bury Him
7-13-16 Dish Nation TV Show Slams Madonna As A 'Crazy' Madwoman For Stating She Is Moving To The White House And Can't Wait To Redecorate (Hillary Clinton)
7-13-16 Transgender Man Living As A Woman Arrested In Idaho For Taking Secret Photos Of A Woman Undressing In Dressing Room At Target Store
7-13-16 Police Officer That Killed Philando Castile To Be Sued By His Family
7-12-16 Bill Cosby Dropped By Two Lawyers And Judge Refuses To Dismiss Criminal Rape Case Which Heads To Trial
7-12-16 Chris Brown Fired From Las Vegas Residency For Calling The Night Club Racist
7-11-16 Politico: How The World Fell Out Of Love With Obama
7-11-16 Police Scanner Reveals Black Man Philando Castile Was Racially Profiled And Killed By A Cop For Having A 'Wide Nose'
7-11-16 The Bahamas And United Arab Emirates Issue A Travel Warning Regarding America
7-11-16 Ciara's 2-Year-Old Son Calls Stepdad Russell Wilson 'Papa' Instead Of Reserving That Title For His Biological Father Rapper Future (Video)
7-11-16 Beyonce Mocked Online For Not Understanding Tennis At Wimbledon And Cheering Too Late When Serena Won Her 22nd Title
7-8-16 A Record Number Of Republicans Voted In The 2016 Presidential Primaries But There Was A Large Decrease In Democrats At The Polls (Trump vs. Clinton)
7-8-16 Obama Administration Meddling In Election Trying To Give Hillary Clinton And His Party The Presidency
7-8-16 Members Of Congress Question FBI Director James Comey In Hearing About Hillary Clinton Lying To The Legislature And FBI Under Oath
7-8-16 The Obama Administration Is Interfering In Civil And Criminal Court Cases In Violation Of The Law Corruptly Ordering Judges How To Rule And Bugging Trees And Rocks At Courthouses
7-8-16 U.S. Army Reservist Micah Xavier Johnson Shoots 5 Police Officers Dead In Retaliation For Alton Sterling And Philando Castile Killings By Police (Photos)
7-8-16 Discriminatory First Guaranty Mortgage Corporation's Partner Coester VMS Real Estate Appraisers Sues Virginia Board For Well Deserved License Declination (Ban)
7-8-16 Police Officers Identified From The Alton Sterling Shooting
7-8-16 Los Angeles Police Department Was Told Hollywood Was Molesting Child Stars And Ignored It
7-8-16 Hollywood Illuminati Has Engaged In Sex With Underage Teen Stars (Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan And Rihanna)
7-7-16 Police Kill Man In Front Of Girlfriend And 4-Year-Old Daughter In Unprovoked Murder (Philando Castile Video)
7-6-16 The Murder Of Alton Sterling By Louisiana Police Causes Outrage Among The Public (Videos)
7-6-16 FBI Hit With Massive Backlash From Americans Labeling Them 'Corrupt' For 'Rigging' Hillary Clinton Investigation Into Mishandling Classified Information And Not Charging Her For Crimes She Committed
7-6-16 Nick Young's Ex-Girlfriend Selling Stories About Iggy Prompting Legal Warning From Her Lawyer
7-6-16 Ashley Madison Adultery Website Customers Hit With Extortion Letters Sent To Their Wives And FTC Opens Investigation
7-6-16 Oscar Pistorius Sentenced To 6-Years In Prison On The Shooting Death Of Girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp
7-6-16 Footballer Lionel Messi And His Dad Sentenced To 21-Months In Jail On Tax Fraud Conviction
7-5-16 The European Union Must Address Immigration Imbalances Threatening Select Member Nations Economic Future And Stability
7-5-16 Scotland Considering Second Referendum To Leave Britain After Brexit Succeeded But Is It A Good Idea
7-5-16 Deontay Wilder Sues Alexander Povetkin Over Scrapped Fight And $5,000,000 Purse Money
7-5-16 American National Debt Hits Another Record High Under President Barack Obama
7-2-16 Hillary Clinton Sits For FBI Criminal Interview As Democrats And Republicans Continue To Slam Her Husband Bill Clinton For Clandestine Meeting With Attorney General Loretta Lynch
7-2-16 School In New York Teaches White Students That White People Are Born Racist
7-1-16 Bill Clinton Slammed For Meeting With Attorney General Loretta Lynch While Wife Hillary Clinton Is Under Criminal Investigation (Video)
7-1-16 Trump And Trade: Donald Trump Lashing Out Against America's Trade Partners In The World
6-30-16 Obama And Hillary Clinton Tried To Use The Federal Election Commission To Silence And Punish The Conservative Media In America While Engaging In Censorship Using Google
6-30-16 Heads Of State Should Act Moderately And In A Conciliatory Manner While In Office
6-30-16 Miami Voted 'The Worst Place To Live'
6-30-16 Police State Gay You Tube Vlogger Faked Homophobic Attack
6-30-16 Man Drops Gay Slur Fake Cake Lawsuit Against Whole Foods And Is Sued By The Supermarket After It Is Discovered He Made Up The Homophobic Incident
6-30-16 People Online Slamming Nick Young After Iggy Azalea Dumped Him For Impregnating His Ex-Girlfriend
6-29-16 Donald Trump Using Brexit In Political Campaign To Plead His Case For The U.S. Presidency But It's Not The Same Thing
6-29-16 Chris Brown Sued By Jailbird Suge Knight Over Club Shooting
6-29-16 Chris Brown's Publicist Quits After He Calls Her A 'B***h'
6-28-16 World Leaders Blaming Obama For Brexit
6-28-16 British Government Employees Need To Quickly Move Forward After Brexit
6-28-16 Chris Brown Beat Up Manager And Threatened To Assault And Batter Tour Manager And Production Manager During Drug Fuelled Rages
6-27-16 Rihanna Concerts In Britain, Ireland And America Are Half Empty Leaving Her Crying On Stage
6-27-16 Thurman v. Porter Scores Big With Boxing Fans
6-24-16 Britain Votes To Leave The EU
6-24-16 Boxers Determining The Right Weight Class
6-24-16 Are There Too Many Weight Classes And Boxing Organizations
6-23-16 DNA Test Proves Inmate Is Not Prince’s Son
6-23-16 Drake In Trouble Again After His Bodyguard Beats Up Another Rival Rapper
6-23-16 Iggy Azalea Calls Off Her Engagement To Basketball Star Nick Young And Clears Up Rumors
6-22-16 Presidential Poll: Americans Believe Donald Trump Would Handle The Economy Better Than Hillary Clinton
6-22-16 Bobby Brown States Michael Jackson Behaved In A Sexual Manner Towards Sisters Janet Jackson And Latoya Jackson
6-21-16 2003 Police File In Michael Jackson Arrest Unsealed Revealing He Collected Child Porn And Photos Of Little Kids Being Tortured
6-21-16 Muhammad Ali's Former Mistress Trying To Sell Secret Sex Tapes Of The Boxer And Says He Fathered Her Child Who Grew Up Without Him
6-21-16 Rigging Boxing Fights
6-21-16 Site Hack Over Article On Kabbalah Member Michael Jackson
6-20-16 Steph Curry’s Wife Ayesha Curry Made Controversial Claims The NBA Is Rigged But Is She Correct
6-20-16 Video Surfaces Showing Disney Employee Fending Off Alligators As 2-Year-Old Victim Lane Graves Is Laid To Rest
6-20-16 If Disney Is Sued By The Family Of 2-Year-Old Alligator Victim Lane Graves They Need To Settle And Here’s Why
6-17-16 Disney States It Will Post Alligator Warning Signs At Resort After Death Of 2-Year-Old Lane Graves
6-17-16 Christina Grimmie Killed By Jealous Stalker Who Thought He Was Going To Marry Her But Became Angry She Had A Boyfriend Confirming The Site's Previous Claims
6-16-16 Man Trapped 50 People In Hallway To Save Himself During Orlando Gay Night Club Terrorist Attack That Left 49 People Dead
6-15-16 Obama Slams Trump Over Orlando Gay Club Terrorist Attack And Trump Slams Him Back As Being Angrier At Him Than The Terrorist
6-15-16 Body Of 2-Year-Old Boy Recovered After Fatal Disney Resort Alligator Attack
6-14-16 Tragedy Strikes Orlando, Florida Again As Boy Goes Missing After Alligator Drags The 2-Year-Old Into The Water At A Disney World Hotel
6-14-16 Donald Trump Receives A Record 13,000,000 Primary Votes Surpassing Hillary Clinton
6-14-16 Obama Slammed For Ordering The FBI And DOJ Not To Indict Hillary Clinton For Breaking The Law In Email Scandal
6-14-16 Obama Supports Lawbreaking N-Word Using Madonna (Photo)
6-14-16 Donald Trump Slams President Obama Over Orlando Gay Club Terrorist Attack And Islam Stating 'He's Got Something Else In Mind'
6-14-16 Orlando Gay Club Shooting Terrorist Was On FBI Watch List, Then Removed And Never Added To The No-Fly List With The Agency Refusing To Arrest Him
6-14-16 Update: 49 People Killed 53 Wounded At Gay And Lesbian Night Club In Orlando, Florida
6-13-16 20 People Shot In A Gay And Lesbian Night Club In Orlando, Florida Where Hostages Are Being Held By Crazy Gunman
6-12-16 Transgender People In Legal Trouble For Deceiving Straight People Into Sex While Others Are Killed Over Sexual Deceit
6-12-16 Corruption And Loopholes In The American Justice System Empowering Criminals To Further Victimize Victims (Brock Turner)
6-12-16 200,000 New Homes Being Built In London In Response To Population Boom Needs To Go To Britons Who Really Need It
6-11-16 Police Confirm A Stalker Killed 'Voice' Star Christina Grimmie Confirming Previous Site Claims
6-11-16 22-Year-Old 'Voice' Star Christina Grimmie Shot Dead In Florida By Crazed Stalker
6-11-16 The Two Women That Submitted Letters In Support Of Rapist Brock Turner Rescind Their Statements In Stanford Case
6-11-16 The Blame The Victim Mentality Surfaces In The Stanford Rape Case
6-10-16 Public Demands U.S. Judge On Stanford Rape Case Be Removed From Office For Giving Rapist Lenient 6-Months In Jail
6-10-16 15-Year-Old Girl Commits Suicide After Boyfriend Unconscionably Leaked Nude Video Of Her To The Internet
6-9-16 Muhammad Ali Spoke About Blacks Facing Discrimination In Obtaining Loans And Opening Businesses In America In A Problem That Still Exists Today (Video)
6-9-16 Amber Heard Was Arrested For Domestic Violence
6-8-16 Tennis Star Maria Sharapova Given 2-Year Ban For Using Banned Steroid
6-8-16 Lebron James' Wife Wanted Him To Leave Miami Over Women But Problems Have Cropped Up Elsewhere
6-8-16 Kimbo Slice Had An Enlarged Heart Prior To Cardiac Arrest
6-7-16 Racial Insults Fly Online After Black Female Soldier Is Crowned Miss USA
6-7-16 Chris Brown Facing Another Potential Assault Lawsuit For Stomping On Man's Head In France
6-7-16 42-Year-Old MMA Star Kimbo Slice Dies From Fatal Heart Attack In Florida
6-6-16 The Passing Of Boxer And Human Rights Activist Muhammad Ali Mourned All Over The World
6-3-16 Republicans Still Trying To Oust Donald Trump Despite The Fact He Clinched The Nomination For President Of The United States
6-3-16 Mariah Carey Marrying Billionaire But Will He Get A Prenup
6-3-16 Prince Died Of Accidental Fentanyl Pharmaceutical Drug Overdose
6-2-16 Parents Of Boy That Fell Into Gorilla Pit At Cincinnati Zoo Leading To Animal Being Killed By Staff Are Under Investigation By Police
6-2-16 The AIBA Makes New Rule Allowing Professional Boxers To Compete At The Olympics
6-2-16 Floyd Mayweather's Ex-Fiancée Shantel Jackson Posts Photo Of Dog With Boxing Reference Naming The Pet Champ
6-1-16 Latest Court Disclosure Reveals Amber Heard Heavily In Debt From Lavish Living And Wants Johnny Depp's Money To Pay For It While Making Domestic Violence Claim
5-31-16 Amber Heard Went Out Partying And Smiling The Day After She States Johnny Depp Beat Her
5-31-16 Former Child Star Corey Feldman Says He And Corey Haim Were Sexually Molested And Passed Around By Hollywood Pedophile Ring Beginning At Age 11
5-31-16 'Lord Of The Rings' Star Elijah Wood Speaks Out About Pedophiles Preying On Kids In Hollywood
5-31-16 Hollywood And Sexual Dysfunction: Threesomes, Orgies, Sadomasochism And Pedophilia
5-31-16 Lesbian Athletes Brittney Griner And Glory Johnson Divorcing After Domestic Violence Incident Lands Them In Jail With The Latter Becoming Heterosexual Again
5-30-16 Hollywood Actor Johnny Depp Accused Of Beating Wife Amber Heard Over Lesbian Affairs
5-27-16 Iranian Government Refers To Kim Kardashian As A Spy
5-27-16 Chris Brown Cozies Up To Pretty Female Olympian
5-27-16 Prince's Ex-Girlfriend States He And Madonna Were Not Friends Despite What She Tries To Claim Now
5-26-16 Bernie Sanders Expresses Concern About The CIA's Illegal International Conduct (CIA Accused Of Torturing Innocent Children To Get Information From Their Parents)
5-26-16 Arrest Warrant Upheld For Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange Set Up On Rape Charges By The CIA Over Damaging Leaks
5-25-16 State Department Inspector General Slams Hillary Clinton For Violating Government Rules In Email Hacking Scandal And Covering Up Hacks
5-25-16 Court Shuts Down The Mother Of Chris Brown's Child For Requesting Restricted Visits And $16,000 Monthly In A Tough Lesson On Trapping Men With Unplanned Pregnancy
5-24-16 Confirmed: Smart TVs Are Being Hacked And Used For Revenge Porn Against Children And Adults
5-24-16 Boxer Adrien Broner Causes A Stir On Social Networking In Stating He Is Voting For Donald Trump In U.S. Presidential Election Due To Promise Of Lowering Taxes
5-24-16 Johnny Manziel Could Learn From Jamie Vardy's Success As Family And Friends Fear For Former NFL Star
5-24-16 Prince Ex Girlfriend Confirms Madonna Had Feud With The Deceased Star Confirming Previous Site Claims
5-23-16 Gallup Poll Reveals An Overwhelming Majority Of Americans Want ObamaCare Repealed
5-23-16 Obama Criminally Targeting The Guardian Newspaper In London With No Legal Mandate Or Jurisdictional Right
5-23-16 Obama Following Gay Porn Stars On Twitter
5-23-16 Select Mortgage Companies In America Such As First Guaranty Mortgage Corporation Are Asking Consumers Their Race In Loan Applications Then Using It To Discriminate In Denying Loans
5-23-16 Crazy Stalker Arrested For Targeting Fox News Host And Her Brother
5-23-16 Public Slams Rihanna Over Suggestive Open Legs Post On Instagram To Married Basketball Player Lebron James
5-23-16 Chris Brown Slams The Mother Of His Child Over Sexually Suggestive Photo Of Their 2-Year-Old Royalty Brown
5-23-16 Madonna's Billboard Awards Tribute To Prince Slammed As Terrible As She Tries To Leech Off Public Sympathy In The Wake Of His Death
5-23-16 Untalented Madonna's Jealousy Of Talented Entertainers Such As Prince, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey And Celine Dion
5-23-16 Select Mortgage Companies In America Such As First Guaranty Mortgage Corporation Are Asking Consumers Their Race In Loan Applications Then Using It To Discriminate In Denying Loans
5-20-16 Americans Underwhelmed At Presidential Election Voting Choices
5-20-16 Canelo Vacating WBC Belt Over GGG Causing Controversy Online
5-20-16 Adrien Broner Talks About Unsafe Method Of Trying To Make Weight That Cost Him The WBA Boxing Belt
5-20-16 Adrien Broner's Floyd Mayweather And Money Team Diss Track 'Slammer' Is Making Its Way Around Social Networking And Select Radio Stations
5-19-16 Video Surfaces Of Adrien Broner Assault And Robbery (Video)
5-19-16 Blake Lively Slammed As Racist Over Quoting Lyric To 'Baby Got Back' But Is She
5-18-16 Adrien Broner Disses Floyd Mayweather And The Money Team In New Song ‘Slammer’
5-18-16 Singer Chris Brown And His OHB Crew Kicked Off Private Jet From Miami To Cannes For Doing Drugs
5-18-16 Ciara And Future Custody Battle Takes New Twist
5-18-16 Deontay Wilder States Alexander Povetkin Positive Drug Test Is Like Bringing A Knife To A Boxing Match
5-18-16 Boxer Andre Berto Buys His Mother A Mansion
5-17-16 Report: Hillary Clinton Took Cocaine, Had An Abortion And Referred To Disabled Children Using The R-Word
5-17-16 Floyd Mayweather Seriously Considering Fighting Conor McGregor But What Would Be The Ring Rules
5-17-16 Boxer Alexander Povetkin Testing Positive For Steroids Causes Cancellation Of Deontay Wilder Fight And Possible Lawsuits
5-17-16 WBA Heavyweight Champion Lucas 'Big Daddy' Browne Stripped Of Title And Banned For 6-Months
5-17-16 Prince's Estate States Anyone Making Claims As A Relative Must Pay For Their DNA Test
5-16-16 Chris Brown’s Stalker Strikes Again And Is Arrested At His House And Ordered To Undergo Psychiatric Evaluation
5-13-16 The Head Of The FBI Doesn't Think People Should Be Able To Film Police Beating And Killing Members Of The Public
5-13-16 Singer Lauryn Hill Was 3-Hours Late For Show Prompting Promoter Refunds In What Is An Ongoing Problem Due To A Cult
5-12-16 Lenny Kravitz, Lisa Bonet And Zoe Kravitz Are A Family Stuck In The Grips Of Dangerous Drug Addiction
5-12-16 George Zimmerman Continues To Show His Mean Streak Auctioning Gun He Used To Kill Unarmed Teen Trayvon Martin
5-12-16 Amir Khan: I'm Never Going To Fight Kell Brook
5-12-16 Article Hacked By Madonna's Kabbalah Center About Murder Of Young Man In Hit And Run
5-11-16 Obama's FBI Is Engaging In A Vicious Criminal Pattern Of Abuse And Brutalization Against Innocent Jamaicans - Part 2 (MURDER)
5-11-16 President Obama Tells Donald Trump 'This Is Not A Reality Show'
5-10-16 Momma Dee Angry At Tweets Insulting Her Sex Scene With Husband Ernest On 'Love And Hip Hop Atlanta'
5-10-16 Police Slam Beyonce In Her Hometown Of Houston Staging Protest Outside Her Concert
5-10-16 Jay Z's Image Takes Another Hit As 'Lemonade" Album By Beyonce Has People Slamming And Mocking Him
5-10-16 Rihanna Angry At Rita Ora Over Jay Z
5-10-16 Over 700 People Have Come Forward Claiming To Be Related To Or The Mother Of The Children Of The Late Singer Prince
5-10-16 Canelo Alvarez Wins Amir Khan Bout Via Knockout Now Faces Risky GGG Slugfest
5-10-16 Sinead O'Connor Sued For $5,000,000 Over Stating Arsenio Hall Spiked Her Drink And Was Prince's Drug Dealer
5-10-16 Jada And Will Smith's Kids Jaden Smith And Willow Smith Think They're Aliens
5-6-16 Donald Trump Says He Loves Hispanics While Eating A Grande Taco Bowl In Trying To Get Votes In The Presidential Election
5-6-16 CBS News Hacks U.S. Congressman's Phone Confirming Previous Site Claims
5-6-16 Rachel Roy's Emails Hacked As People Try To Find Out If She Is Cheating With Beyonce's Husband Jay Z While Rita Ora's Cousin Makes Statement That Causes Adultery Claims About The Rapper To Worsen
5-6-16 Beyonce Slammed By Rapper For Stealing Images From His Album 'Lemonade'
5-6-16 Reports Indicate Floyd Mayweather Getting Restless In Retirement And Is Looking For 50th Fight
5-6-16 Lee Daniels Settles Defamation Lawsuit Filed By Sean Penn Over Madonna's Lies
5-6-16 Lee Daniels Violating People's Privacy And Rights In 'Empire' Scripts
5-6-16 Stripper Turned Judge Died Of Pharmaceutical Drug Overdose
5-6-16 Singer Trey Songz Accused Of Rape
5-5-16 Johnny Manziel Turns Himself In On Arrest Warrant For Domestic Violence Against Ex-Girlfriend
5-4-16 Beyonce Shows Up To Met Gala Without Husband Jay Z And No Wedding Ring
5-4-16 Beyonce Fears Jay Z Hates Her Due To 'Lemonade' Backlash Against Him
5-4-16 Tupac's Mother Afeni Shakur Passes Away During Legal Battle Over His Estate
5-4-16 People Coming Out The Woodwork Claiming They Are Prince's Relatives To Get A Share Of The Deceased Singer's Millions
5-3-16 Supreme Court Unconstitutionally Grants The FBI The Right To Hack Any Computer Anywhere In The World
5-3-16 Vault Of 2,000 Unreleased Prince Songs Opened But Need To Be Protected From Thieves
5-2-16 Beyonce's 'Formation' Tour And 'Lemonade' Album Experiencing Big Sales Declines
4-29-16 Newly Released Financial Data Reveals America Has Hit An Unprecedented Economic Low Under President Obama
4-29-16 ESPN Article Explores Athletes Dangerous Practice Of Finding Women On Social Networking For Random Sex (It Goes Down In The DM)
4-29-16 AIDS Rumors Surround Prince's Death Violating His Right To Privacy
4-29-16 Prince’s Brother Breaks His Silence Regarding The Singer's Death (Video)
4-28-16 Jamie Vardy Family Not Coming To His Wedding Because Of His Fiancée
4-28-16 The Real Truth Behind Jay Z Cheating On Wife Beyonce With Women Like Rihanna And Rita Ora
4-28-16 Madonna Has To Pay Her Children To Spend Time With Her
4-27-16 Rachel Roy And Rita Ora Backtracking On Brags About Cheating With Jay Z After Beyonce’s Angry Fans Slam Them Online
4-27-16 Court Appoints Administrator For Prince’s Estate While Police Seek DEA Help In His Death
4-27-16 Former Shop Girl Rmarni Upset At Online Comments About Floyd Mayweather Dumping Her
4-26-16 Massive Increase Of Millions In Republican Voters At The Polls Due To Donald Trump (8,7000,000)
4-26-16 Twitter Calls Jay Z Too 'Ugly' To Cheat On Beyonce
4-26-16 Rita Ora Bragging About Cheating With Jay Z Is A Dumb Move
4-26-16 Michael Jackson's Music Catalog Sold To Sony For A Fraction Of Its Value Is Very Suspect
4-26-16 Reports Indicate Singer Prince Left No Will
4-26-16 Appeals Court Overturns Tom Brady's NFL Football Suspension Being Lifted By Fawning Judge
4-26-16 Erin Andrews Settles Hotel Peeping Tom Lawsuit With Marriott Hotels
4-25-16 British And American Journalists Call President Obama A ‘Hypocrite’ For Meddling In Brexit
4-25-16 Floyd Mayweather Has Dumped Shop Girl Rmarni
4-23-16 Rapper Birdman Threatens The Staff Of The Breakfast Show
4-23-16 Karrueche Tran Spending Time With Race Car Driver Lewis Hamilton (Look Away Chris Brown)
4-23-16 Shantel Jackson Putting Pressure On Nelly To Get Married
4-23-16 Boxer Adrien Broner Released From Jail But Still Faces Second Court Case
4-23-16 Millions Send Their Condolences On The Death Of Singer Prince
4-21-16 The Problems Chris Brown And Kyrie Irving Are In Is Proof It Is A Bad Idea Trapping A Man With Pregnancy
4-20-16 Obama Administration Financial Cuts To Assistance For The Poor And Disabled While His Cabinet Lives Lavishly Off The American Taxpayers Speaks Volumes (Video)
4-20-16 Hollywood Flooding Obama Administration With Illegal Requests In His Final Year In Office
4-20-16 Singer Slams Chris Brown Stating His Song 'Back To Sleep' Promotes Rape
4-19-16 Public Complains 2016 U.S. Presidential Election Is Being Rigged
4-18-16 Beyonce Slammed For Taking Credit For A Company's Athletic Line She Did Not Create
4-18-16 Chris Brown Slammed By Critics And Fans For Documentary (Video)
4-18-16 Idris Elba's Secret Wife Speaks Out In Incident That Shadows Image Problems Stars Such As Chris Brown Face
4-17-16 The Obama Administration Engaging In Lottery Rigging And Bribery
4-17-16 After Singer Kehlani Is Accused Of Cheating On Kyrie Irving Instagram Model India Love Starts Following Him On Social Networking
4-17-16 Adrien Broner's Career In Jeopardy After Calling Out Several Top Boxing Rivals But Is Facing Potentially Long Stint In Jail
4-15-16 Boxer Adrien Broner Facing 3-10 Years In Jail Over Assault And Robbery Due To Gambling Incident
4-14-16 Megan Fox Pregnant Again By Husband Brian Austin Green Whom She Is Divorcing
4-14-16 Adrien Broner Asks Fans To Write To Him In Jail But Some Are Questioning Why Because...
4-14-16 Tyga Loses Bentley And Lamborghini Automobiles For Non-Payment
4-14-16 Lebron James Wife Savannah James Is Catching On Regarding Cheating Rumors
4-13-16 Floyd Mayweather Retires With $1B In Earnings And Manny Pacquiao With $500 Million Proving Boxing Is A Lucrative Sport
4-13-16 Adrien Broner Arrested And Jailed For Probation Violation And Trouble Strikes In His Personal Life With Claims He Cheated On His Fiancée
4-13-16 Married Basketball Player Lebron James In Trouble For Sending DM To Fellow Athlete's Girlfriend
4-12-16 President Barack Obama Hiding Assets Abroad
4-12-16 Tinashe's Family Tells Off Chris Brown On Social Networking For Slamming Her On Instagram
4-12-16 Chris Brown Sued By Graffiti Artist For Trademark And Copyright Infringement On His Clothing Line
4-12-16 Black Couple Horrified As The Words 'Poor Nig*er Party' Stamped On Their Wedding Pics In Texas By Racist Photography Company
4-12-16 Justin Timberlake And Producer Timbaland Sued By Cirque Du Soleil For Copyright Infringement
4-11-16 Chris Brown A No Show In India At Massive IPL Cricket Concert
4-9-16 Bill Clinton Backtracks On His Comments From Argument With Black Lives Matter Protesters At Rally
4-9-16 The Real Reason Chris Brown Is Mad At Tinashe Is Because They Were Romantically Involved
4-8-16 Former U.S. President Bill Clinton Gets Into Argument With Black Lives Matter Protestors At Rally (Videos)
4-7-16 Chris Brown Goes On A Tirade Slamming Singer Tinashe (Video)
4-7-16 Boxer Adrien Broner Pleads Not Guilty To Assault And Robbery
4-6-16 Blac Chyna Is Engaged To Rob Kardashian To The Horror Of The Kardashian Family But Delight Of Social Networking
4-6-16 Senseless Violence Strikes The Music Industry Again As Rapper Mo-G Beaten Up By Drake's Entourage Over Ghostwriting Claims
4-5-16 People Have Been Doo Dooing On Donald Trump's Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame
4-5-16 Celebrity Couple Tisha Campbell And Duane Martin File $15,000,000 Bankruptcy
4-4-16 Boxer Adrien Broner Turns Himself Into Police On Assault And Robbery Charges Posting $100,000 Bail Adding To His Long Rap Sheet
4-3-16 Barack Obama Curses And Slams British Prime Minister David Cameron As 'Distracted' But He Is The Biggest Distraction Of All
4-3-16 Adrien Broner Scores Controversial Win Over Ashley Theophane
4-3-16 Chris Brown Slammed By Female Singers Zendaya, Tinashe And Fifth Harmony Over Kehlani Suicide Comments
4-3-16 Shantel Jackson eBay Items Given To Her By Floyd Mayweather Are Not Selling
4-2-16 Gary Neville Let Go As Coach Of Valencia FC Proving Being A Football Manager Is Not As Easy As It Looks
4-2-16 Karrine Stefans Takes Back Cheating Husband Columbus Short
3-31-16 Site Hacked To Remove Nick Young Video
3-31-16 The U.S. State Department Angers Americans On Twitter With Travel Advisory For 'Ugly' People
3-31-16 Restraining Order Obtained Against Chris Brown By His Stalker Thrown Out Of Court
3-31-16 Chris Brown's Concert Promoter Hit With $3,600,000 Lawsuit Over Cancelled Australia And New Zealand Concerts
3-31-16 Lamar Odom's Excessive Drinking Places Him At Risk Of Another Stroke
3-31-16 Pele Sues Samsung For $30,000,000 Over Using His Image And Likeness Without Permission In Football Ad
3-31-16 The FBI Finally Admits It Did Not Need Apple To Unlock Terrorist's iPhone In Power Grab
3-30-16 Chris Brown Slams Fellow Singer Kehlani Stating She Attempted Suicide For Attention On Instagram
3-30-16 Los Angeles Laker D'Angelo Russell Criminally Violated The Privacy Of Teammate Nick Young In Secretly Videotaping Him In Hotel Room Talking About Cheating On Iggy Azalea (Video)
3-29-16 The FBI Seeks To Take Over Apple In What Will Damage The Trillion Dollar Company If The Courts Allow It
3-29-16 L.A. Reid’s Autobiography Spilled The Secrets Of Ex-Wife Pebbles, Former Partner Babyface, Whitney Houston, The Deele And David Geffen (Among Others)
3-29-16 Madonna And Cheating Jay Z Meddling In People’s Relationships And Marriages Causing Break-Ups
3-29-16 Karrine Steffans Dumps Cheating 'Scandal' Star Husband Columbus Short But There's More...
3-28-16 Rihanna Is After Famous Married Singer/Songwriter...
3-25-16 Jury Awards Hulk Hogan $25 Million More In Damages In Gawker Secret Sex Tape Case As Editor Reveals He Would Publish Child Porn On The Site
3-25-16 Warrant Issued For Adrien Broner's Arrest On Charges Of Assault And Theft Carried Out At Gunpoint
3-25-16 Is Space Tourism To The Moon A Good Idea
3-24-16 Donald Trump's Third Wife Melania Trump Posed Nude And Married Him For His Money
3-24-16 Boxer Adrien Broner On The Verge Of Tears Slams Former Mentor Floyd Mayweather (Video)
3-24-16 Floyd Mayweather's New Girl In Miami Wants To Replace His Girlfriend In Las Vegas And Is Letting It Be Known On Instagram
3-23-16 Shantel Jackson In Need Of Cash Puts Items On Sale On eBay That Boxer Floyd Mayweather Gave Her And He Finds Three New Girlfriends
3-22-16 Newly Crowned WBA Heavyweight World Champion Lucas 'Big Daddy' Browne Tests Positive For Steroids And Faces Losing His Title
3-22-16 Stripper Turned Judge Found Dead In Nevada
3-22-16 Jury Awards Wrestler Hulk Hogan $115,000,000 Over Sex Tape Leaked Online By Gawker Website
3-21-16 Madonna Committed Sexual Assault On An Underage Minor
3-18-16 When Athletes Hit Their Stride
3-18-16 Newly Unearthed Knife In The OJ Simpson Case Is A Fraud With No DNA
3-18-16 Madonna 'Rebel Heart' Tour Bombs As The Public Turns On Her
3-18-16 Chris Brown's Ex-Girlfriend Karrueche Tran Is Working But He Would Rather Have Her Back As A Socialite
3-18-16 Chris Brown Announces European Tour But Will He Be Able To Obtain Visas 
3-17-16 Chris Brown Hit With Restraining Order From His Stalker
3-16-16 Chris Brown On Instagram: F**k America
3-16-16 Madonna Attacked Her Son
3-16-16 Is Amir Khan Bulking Up For The Canelo Fight The Right Approach
3-15-16 Mariah Carey's Brother Slams Her As 'Evil Witch' For Refusing To Help HIV Positive Sister Who Is Dying And Needs Brain And Spine Surgery 
3-15-16 Chris Brown Blames Karrueche Tran’s Manager For Breaking Them Up In Ugly Instagram Fight But Was It His Fault
3-13-16 Rihanna ‘Anti’ Tour Opens To Half Empty Arena Due To Massive Sales Decline
3-13-16 Donald Trump Political Rally Cancelled Over Violence He Stoked Via Incendiary Words
3-12-16 Chris Brown Lashes Out Against Karrueche Tran Online Mocking Her Career
3-12-16 Johnny Manziel Loses Contract With Cleveland Browns After Constant Drinking And Partying
3-12-16 Showing Up Too Late To The Fight (Boxing)
3-12-16 Work Hard To Achieve Your Dreams
3-11-16 Donald Trump Demands Audience Pledge Allegiance To Him In Heil Hitler Styled Salute, Promotes Mussolini And Violence Against Minorities And Women
3-11-16 The FBI Using San Bernardino Terrorist Attack As A Power Grab At Apple
3-10-16 Music Producer Dr. Luke Denies Claim Sony Set To Drop Him Over Kesha Rape Allegations
3-9-16 Chris Brown Sued Over Violence At Concert In California
3-9-16 Chris Brown In Another Social Networking Fight Threatens To Beat Producer
3-8-16 Hulk Hogan Takes The Stand In $100,000,000 Leaked Sextape Lawsuit Against Gawker Website
3-8-16 Chris Brown Calls His Fans 'Sh**Heads' On Instagram For Complaining About The Price Of Items In His New Clothing Line
3-8-16 Erin Andrews Wins $55,000,000 In Case Against Marriott Hotels Over Being Stalked And Secretly Filmed In Her Room By Sick Voyeur Who Disseminated The Video Online
3-8-16 Bobby Brown Devastated By Release Of Daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown's Autopsy Report While Her Abuser Nick Gordon Smiles
3-7-16 Samsung Issues Statement Revealing Rumors About Them Buying Tidal Are Untrue
3-5-16 Alleged Crime Scene Knife Conveniently Found While The People v. OJ Simpson Movie Airs On Television
3-5-16 Madonna Crazily Tries To Have Guy Ritchie Arrested For Child Kidnapping Because Her Son Ran Away And Doesn't Want To Live With Her
3-3-16 The Obama Administration Plans To Give The NSA The Ability To Spy On Americans And Global Citizens To Greater Degrees For Illegal Reasons
3-3-16 Florida Teen Who Posed As Doctor At Hospital And Opened His Own Medical Clinic Arrested Again On $35,000 Fraud
3-3-16 Samsung Seeks To Buy Sinking Tidal As Two More Executives Depart From The Struggling Company In The Face Of Mounting Lawsuits
3-3-16 Kanye West Experiencing A Breakdown Uses Pirate Bay As Payback For Jay Z's Tidal Costing Him $10,000,000
3-2-16 Should Professional Boxers Be Allowed In The Olympics
3-2-16 Football Great Zinedine Zidane Going Through Rough Patch As Manager Of Real Madrid (Do Legends Make The Best Coaches)
3-1-16 Jay Z And Madonna's Floundering Tidal Sued For $5,000,000 Over Copyright Infringement In Not Paying Artists While Inflating Their Own Sales To Go Number One On Billboard
2-29-16 Manny Pacquiao Sued By Waiter For $8,600,00 Contending He Arranged Meeting That Led To Floyd Mayweather MegaFight
2-27-16 Man Contracts HIV While On PrEP Drug Truvada Confirming Site's Previous Claims
2-27-16 Congress Finally Comes To An Agreement To Give Financial Assistance To Local Flint Government Regarding The Lead Pollution Water Crisis
2-27-16 Tyga's SUV He Took Back From The Mother Of His Child Chyna And Gave To Reality Star Kylie Jenner Is Being Repossessed
2-27-16 Boxers And Brain Injuries
2-25-16 Amir Khan Bulking Up For Canelo Alvarez Fight But Will It Be Enough
2-25-16 Did Kanye West Really Make Taylor Swift Famous
2-25-16 Why Do Boxers Grow Out Their Beards During Training Camp
2-25-16 Shantel Jackson Getting Broody For Babies With Rapper Nelly
2-24-16 The Kardashians Making Rappers Kanye West And Tyga Broke
2-24-16 The Lyrical Ramblings Of Rappers Kanye West And Jay Z Reveal They Are Mentally Ill And Suffering From Delusions Of Grandeur
2-24-16 Rihanna Faked Having Bronchitis Unable To Perform Due To Alcohol And Drug Binge After Career Slide And Leonardo DiCaprio Cheating On Her With Three Women
2-24-16 Rapper TI Signs With Jay Z And Madonna's Floundering Tidal As IRS Moves In To Seize His Assets Over $6,200,000 In Unpaid Taxes
2-23-16 Kim Kardashian Posts A Picture Of Her New Son Who Looks Just Like Husband Kanye West
2-23-16 Judge Orders Rapper 50 Cent Into Court To Explain Hidden Cash He Is Showing Off Online While Filing Bankruptcy
2-23-16 Luis Suarez Nearly Misses Airplane After Leaving Passport At Home En Route To London For Arsenal v Barcelona Champions League Match
2-19-16 Rihanna's Career In Freefall As Album Flops, Grammy Appearance Was Cancelled And Tour Postponed
2-19-16 Singer Kesha Cries In Court As Judge Refuses To Release Her From Sony Music Contract Tied To The Man She Says Raped Her (Dr. Luke)
2-19-16 Teen Dies From Heart Attack And Penis Falls Off After Masturbating 56 Times In 24 Hours On Valentine's Day
2-18-16 Floyd Mayweather Spotted With A New Girlfriend In London Upsetting His Current One In Las Vegas
2-18-16 Lady Gaga Grammy Debacle Continues As Criticism Spreads And Family Of Natalie Cole Slam Snub
2-18-16 Police In Florida Begin Boycotting Beyonce Over 'Formation' Video And Super Bowl Performance In A Move That Is Spreading
2-18-16 Tidal Is Killing Off Record Sales And Major Label Executives Are Angry About It
2-18-16 Brazilian Judge Orders Neymar's Private Jet, Yacht And Sports Cars Seized In Tax Evasion Case
2-17-16 Lady Gaga's David Bowie Grammy Tribute Slammed By His Son And Social Networking
2-17-16 Virgin Airlines Twitter Account Tells Rapper Kanye West To 'Eat A Di*k'
2-16-16 Judge Defends Court Order Declining Autopsy On Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia Who Died Under Suspicious Circumstances But Former Criminal Investigator Disagrees
2-15-16 No Autopsy On Racist Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia Who Was Suspiciously Found Dead With Pillow Over His Face After Declining Security On Vacation In Texas
2-15-16 Kanye West $53 Million Dollars In Debt Begs Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg For $1 Billion On Twitter
2-15-16 Grammy Awards Slammed As Racist Over Excluding Black Stars From The Posthumous Musical Tribute Segment Of The Show
2-15-16 Newspaper Reports Madonna Has Hired Private Investigator To Stalk Guy Ritchie, His New Wife And The Couple’s Children Confirming Previous Site Claims
2-15-16 Kenya Moore Slammed For Calling Kim Fields' Husband Gay On 'Real Housewives Of Atlanta'
2-13-16 Racist Supreme Court Judge Antonin Scalia Dead
2-13-16 Devil Worshiping Teen In Texas Kills Friend In Satanic Sacrifice Ritual
2-12-16 City Of Cleveland Government Adds Insult To Injury Suing 12-Year-Old Tamir Rice For Ambulance Fees After Police Shot And Killed The Underage Boy
2-12-16 Cleveland Police Firing 137 Bullets Into A Car Occupied By Innocent Couple Is Another Prime Example Of Police Brutality
2-11-16 Chris Brown Sued By Woman Alleging Assault In Las Vegas
2-11-16 Tidal Ripped Off Consumers Fraudulently Charging The Credit Cards Of Former Customers Who Closed Their Music Streaming Accounts
2-10-16 Beyonce Alienates The White Segment Of Her Fanbase With Militant Super Bowl Performance Leading To Social Networking Complaints And Planned Protest At NFL Headquarters In New York
2-10-16 Donald Trump States Obama Is Not Trying To Fight ISIS Which Is The General Global Consensus
2-10-16 Ciara Slaps Rapper Future With A $15,000,000 Lawsuit For Lying About Her On Twitter And In Interviews
2-9-16 U.S. FBI And Affiliates In Hollywood Hacking And Removing Exposé Articles From The Site

Obama's FBI Is Engaging In A Vicious Criminal Pattern Of Abuse And Brutalization Against Innocent Jamaicans

2-8-16 The Oregon Militia Standoff Ended In Fatality That Could Have Been Prevented
2-8-16 The Associated Press Accuses U.S. Supreme Court Judges Of Taking Stocks As Bribes And They're Right
2-8-16 Beyonce Steals Again Illegally Using Copyrighted Footage For Her Deceitful New Video ‘Formation’ While Ripping Off A Model's Pictures And Is Slammed By The National Sheriffs' Association
2-8-16 Rita Ora Sues To Leave Roc Nation After Lawsuit Exposes And Humiliates Her As A Thief And Fraud
2-8-16 Twitter Is Being Hacked By Madonna's Kabbalah Center To Read Private DMs And Adjust Friend Count
2-6-16 Ray J And Reggie Bush Agree Kim Kardashian's Vagina Smells Very Bad
2-6-16 Hillary Clinton Daughter Accidentally Endorses Rival Bernie Sanders Calling Him 'Mr. President' In Freudian Slip (Video)
2-6-16 Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts Complains About Negative Public Perception Of The Court
2-4-16 Exactly Who Nominated Donald Trump For A Nobel Peace Prize And Have They Been Drug Tested
2-4-16 Donald Trump Rages About Rival Ted Cruz's Eligibility To Be President
2-4-16 Donald Trump's Inappropriate, Profane Speech Is Not Befitting A Political Candidate
2-4-16 Amber Rose Hiding The Fact Kanye West Is Bisexual Prompting Kim Kardashian To Befriend Her To Shut Her Up
2-4-16 Kim Kardashian Befriends Amber Rose In An Effort To Shut Her Up About Husband Kanye West And His Secrets
2-4-16 The Internet Continues To Speculate That Khloe Kardashian Is O.J. Simpson's Daughter After Release Of New Photos
2-4-16 Is Cherry Picking Opponents In Boxing Wrong
2-3-16 Amir Khan Lands Canelo Alvarez Fight After Asking For 80% Of The Purse To Take On Kell Brook Destroys The Deal
2-2-16 Donald Trump's Wig Pushed Back In Iowa Caucuses And Hillary Clinton Narrowly Beats Better Candidate Bernie Sanders Who Wants A Recount
2-2-16 Madonna's Underage Son Continues To Stay Away From Her Preferring To Happily Remain In London With His Dad And Stepmom
2-2-16 Rihanna's Tour In Support Of 'Anti' Album Flopping With Poor Sales Prompting Free Ticket Giveaway
2-1-16 Rihanna's New Album 'Anti' Officially Flops Selling Only 460 Copies
2-1-16 Chris Brown Slams The Grammy Awards In Online Tirade
2-1-16 The Mother Of Chris Brown's Child Takes Him Back To Court For Smoking Marijuana And Cigarettes Around Their Toddler Which Gave Her Asthma
1-30-16 Flint, Michigan Residents Paying $200 Per Month For Lead Polluted Toxic Drinking Water
1-30-16 Questions Mount About Hillary Clinton's Health And Whether She Is Mentally And Physically Fit To Be President
1-30-16 U.S. Congressman Darrell Issa States The FBI Wants To Criminally Charge Hillary Clinton And Huma Abedin
1-30-16 Human Rights Activists Slam The FBI After It Is Discovered They Became The World's Top Distributor Of Child Porn
1-29-16 Jay Z Lies In New York Post Article About Samsung Paying Rihanna And Roc Nation $25,000,000 For Tour
1-29-16 Samsung Buys 1,000,000 Copies Of Rihanna’s Flopped Album ‘Anti’ But Billboard Won’t Count It Nor Will It Make Her Money
1-28-16 Congress Needs To Intervene In Flint, Michigan With An Emergency Clean Water Bill
1-28-16 Kanye West Misinterprets Wiz Khalifa's Tweet And Gets Bashed By Ex-Girlfriend Amber Rose Over His Sexual Preferences
1-28-16 What Years Of Hard Living Has Done To Kylie Jenner's Face
1-28-16 Orlando Scandrick Makes Peace With Pregnant Reality Star Girlfriend Draya For Her Birthday
1-28-16 Rihanna So Afraid Of A Fourth Flop Gives Away Subpar 'Anti' Album For Free In Leak By Jay Z's Failed Tidal Music Streaming
1-28-16 Chris Brown's Ex-Girlfriend Karrueche Tran Gives Friendly Welcome To Football Player On Instagram With The Singer Watching
1-27-16 Is It Fair To Ask The Public To Look Like Stars Who've Had Plastic Surgery
1-27-16 Toni Braxton 'Unbreak My Heart' Lifetime Biopic Movie Glossed Over Many Pertinent Facts
1-26-16 Madonna Bitter Over Her Son Preferring His Dad's New Wife Over Her
1-25-16 Police Decline To Prosecute Las Vegas Hotel Room Assault Complaint Against Chris Brown
1-23-16 Hollywood Illuminati Groupie On Instagram Dies After Sex With Rapper Lil Durk Leading To Questions About Her Mysterious Death
1-23-16 Michigan Pummeled By Claims Of Racism In Water Pollution Crisis Killing Black People And Making Many Ill
1-23-16 Space Junk Causing Military Concerns Of Confrontations
1-23-16 Charlie Sheen Not Taking His HIV Meds, Engaging In Unprotected Sex And In Legal Dispute
1-21-16 Obama Administration Armed Drug Kingpin El Chapo Via 'Fast And Furious' Program At The U.S. Department Of Justice
1-21-16 Obama Tried To Topple Bashir Assad And Install ISIS As Head Of Syrian Government But Was Overruled By A U.S. Army General
1-21-16 Justin Timberlake And Jay Z Steal Financial Royalties From 1970s Group Produced By James Brown
1-20-16 The Benefits Of Austerity
1-20-16 Computer Hacks Targeting The U.S. Director of National Intelligence James Clapper Reveals The Need For New Internet Protocols
1-20-16 Stacey Dash Infuriates Social Networking Calling For The End Of Black History Month, BET, The BET Awards And The NAACP Image Awards
1-19-16 New Financial Crisis Hits America Confirming Previous Site Claims
1-19-16 British Government Addressing Affordable Housing Requests In London
1-19-16 Chris Brown In The Middle Of Another Assault Investigation In Las Vegas As Woman States His Crew Physically Attacked Her Resulting In Hospitalization
1-19-16 Pregnant Reality Star Draya Heartbroken Over News Millionaire Orlando Scandrick Dumped Her And Knocked Up Another Stripper As Well
1-19-16 Investigative News Report Alleges Match Fixing In Tennis Citing 16 Athletes As Having Accepted Cash Bribes To Lose Games
1-18-16 Madonna Bitter Over Her Son Preferring His Dad's New Wife Over Her
1-15-16 Diddy Shuts Down Instagram Blog For Posting Item That His Son Justin Combs Is Gay And Having Sex With Football Player
1-15-16 Sean Penn Under Criminal Investigation By The Mexican Government Over Contact With El Chapo
1-15-16 Another Uber Driver Attacks Passenger Leaving Woman With Broken Jaw And Bruises
1-15-16 Prince William Fears He Will Not Live To See His Children Grow Up
1-15-16 Draya's Discord With Ex-Boyfriend Orlando Scandrick Placing Their Unborn Baby At Risk Of Fetal Distress After He Dumps Her And Deletes Her Pics From His Instagram Account
1-13-16 The Mexican Government Recaptures Drug Kingpin El Chapo After Tracing Him Through Actor Sean Penn Who Is Now Under Suspicion
1-13-16 Off Duty Police Officer Finds Toddler Wandering The Street And Discovers Her Mother Had Died Unbeknownst To The Child
1-13-16 12-Year Old Moroccan Prince Rebuffing Men Kissing His Hands Goes Viral (Video)
1-12-16 Florida Artist Visiting Italy Stalked, Raped And Killed After Complaining Online About A Stalker
1-11-16 Chris Brown Insults Karrueche Tran On Another New Song
1-11-16 The Truth And Scandal Behind Rihanna’s 'Anti' Album Delays
1-9-16 Chris Brown Las Vegas Assault Case Must Meet Certain Criteria To Be Prosecuted
1-9-16 Chris Brown’s Sex Addiction Cost Him His Girlfriend Karrueche Tran And Has Gotten Him Into Legal Trouble
1-7-16 Former Chelsea Coach Jose Mourinho Hauled Into Court For Firing Doctor Eva Carneiro In A Case That Highlights How A Manager Can Lose The Confidence Of His Team
1-7-16 Madonna Steals More Copyrights Ripping Off The Works Of Artist Danny Quirk For Her Flopped 'Rebel Heart' CD
1-6-16 Obama Administration Gives Doctors The Ability To Report Mentally Ill Patients To Database In Gun Control Measure
1-6-16 Hillary Clinton's Aide Huma Abedin Sees Her Time Sheets Leaked And Lesbian Rumors About The Two Resurface
1-5-16 Reality Star Draya Michele Hit With Restraining Order For Attacking Orlando Scandrick But She Is Now Pregnant With His Baby
1-4-16 U.S. Government Develops 'Voice To Skull' Weapon That Causes People To Hear Voices
1-4-16 Woman Reports Chris Brown To Police Alleging He Punched Her In The Eye Prompting Him To Deny It While Calling Her Ugly And Old Looking
1-4-16 Karrueche Tran and Tyson Beckford Take Another Photo Chris Brown Is Not Happy About
1-4-16 Rihanna Having Sex With Many Producers And The Latest Lashes Out At Her Online
1-4-16 Bill Cosby Was Never A Role Model And Here's Why...
1-1-16 Chris Brown Has Upset Some Fans With An Album Named After His Toddler Daughter Royalty As It Contains Sexually Explicit Lyrics, Drug References And A Diss Track About Ex-Girlfriend Karrueche Tran
1-1-16 TMZ States Madonna Made Nasty Comment Online Stating Her Son Rocco Ritchie Has No Penis



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