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Barack Obama's Great Weakness In The Presidential Debates Is The Economy

October 3. 2012 

Barack Obama

The first presidential debate in the 2012 election, pitting incumbent Barack Obama against challenger Mitt Romney, occurred tonight. The president was hammered on the economy and it was to be expected. It is hard to argue from such a disadvantageous standpoint, as there are so many bad economic numbers in existence, showing deterioration throughout Obama's time in office that there is no way to effectively counter it. 

Blaming Bush, who does deserve it, does not cover events that occurred during the Obama presidency as well, which were economic missteps of a very serious nature. Obama for his part, did invoke Romney's wealth and lower tax rate and his alleged intent to do the same for rich folks in America. However, Romney denied said claims.

Mitt Romney

Furthermore, Romney still pays millions in taxes, more than the average person in America. Yes, the Judiciary Report is of the belief the rich should pay more personal income taxes during these difficult financial times (a small 5% increase), but that's something Obama has failed to address during his time in office, though he had ample time to do so.

Obama exhibited a clear working knowledge of the nation's financial affairs, but Romney's business experience and ability to cite how he would apply it to the U.S. economy, far outshone any economic speak that came from the president. 


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