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Barack Obama's Presidency Guaranteed Hillary Clintonís Defeat Against Donald Trump In The 2016 Presidential Election

December 14. 2016

Barack Obama

This is a follow up to the June 30, 2016 article "Obama And Hillary Clinton Tried To Use The Federal Election Commission To Silence And Punish The Conservative Media In America While Engaging In Censorship Using Google" where I stated prior to the election, "Ironically, Obama's suppression of conservatives in America, gave rise to Donald Trump. The Obama administration went so far to the political left, getting very abusive with the conservative segment of the American population, that the pendulum has swung all the way to the political right with such viscosity, it caught the whole world's attention = Donald Trump."

In American politics there is now a segment of voters called the "Alt-Right" (alternative right/conservatives). Well, Obama is the "Alt-Left" (extremist liberal). Obama is the most leftist president America has ever had and it turned off many people. Obama is such a dictatorial extremist when it comes to liberalism and wanting his own way, consequences be damned, it aided in Trump winning the 2016 presidential election.

Hillary Clinton

Obamaís arrogant "Itís my way or the highway" and "Iím the president, what I say goes" regarding his policies and attitude in office, have been so devoid of compromise, the country swung all the way to the right in the election trying to get away from him and those who share his views. Obama swung the pendulum so far left as mentioned in the column previously, that Trumpís win, combined with Clintonís corrupt ways that left a bad taste in the publicís mouth, was guaranteed due to these factors.

Obama arrogantly believed nothing could be done about his dictatorial ways and he was wrong. A government is now being installed dedicated to undoing what Obama did in office. Had Obama acted with temperament and in the spirit of compromise with Congress, this would not be the case.


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