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Beyonce Continues To Fraudulently File Trademark Applications For The Name 'Blue Ivy' In Trying To Steal Preexisting Intellectual Property

January 17. 2017

Beyonce and Blue Ivy

Copyright infringing, Hollywood Illuminati singer Beyonce, continues to file fraudulent trademark applications for the name “Blue Ivy” which she named her daughter in 2012. However, the name “Blue Ivy” was in existence and registered years prior in 2009, for a wedding planning business in Boston, Massachusetts.

Beyonce has been trying to bully the trademark owner, Veronica Morales, out of her intellectual property rights to the name 'Blue Ivy.' Beyonce did not come up with the name “Blue Ivy” first. How do we know Beyonce didn't see the name of Morales' business years ago and decided to use it for her child's name, as she has seen so many other people's preexisting copyrights, then stolen them in brazen, criminal violation of the law (see list below under "related articles" section). This woman has been called out by so many people, even Billboard magazine, for being a crazy thief.

It is illegal and unethical to steal someone else’s intellectual property. It is a domestic and international crime. However, Beyonce is a mentally ill woman, behaving like a spoiled brat, who believes she is to have whatever she wants, even if someone else owns it. How disgusting and evil. Beyonce's entire net worth is comprised of stealing other people's copyrights. It's an absolute disgrace. She is no better than Madoff.

If Beyonce wants the name “Blue Ivy” she needs to buy it from the owner. If not, Beyonce needs to stop acting in criminal violation of the law, to steal the trademark to a name she did not come up with, nor does she own. This insistence on taking other people’s property is going to be her downfall. As the Bible says “And great was the fall thereof”…

Side Bar: Beyonce and Jay Z have named their IVF twins, who look just like him, “Sir” and “Rumi” which is being mocked all over social networking. Audiences are not embracing the names. Not to mention, the names Sir and Rumi are not original. There are preexisting trademarks for the names Sir and Rumi that have long been in existence prior to the children being conceived and born.

Sir is a title in many societies and many “commoners” have used it as well as stage names. Rumi is the name of a Muslim figure. Rummy and Rummi, which sounds like Rumi, is the name of a series of card and board games. Will the couple begin harassing people over these preexisting names as well.


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