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'Big Rich Atlanta' Is 'Real Housewives Of Atlanta' Lite But With More

February 7. 2013

Ashlee Wilson

Style Network's new reality show "Big Rich Atlanta" is like "Real Housewives Of Atlanta" in terms of locale and conflict between the stars of the show. It stars five spoiled young women in their late twenties, along with their long suffering, affluent mothers. To pull in ratings they have resorted to fights and hair (well, weave) pulling.

The most recent episode even had a mean racial tinge to it. Cast mates Ashlee Wilson, who is white and Kahdijiha Rowe, who is black started arguing and fighting at the former’s 28th birthday bash. Ashlee came over to Kahdijiha and began insulting her. Ashlee referred to Kahdijiha as a "fat black girl." Kahdijiha then called Ashlee a "ugly white girl."

Ashlee Wilson and Kahdijiha Rowe

Ashlee kept repeating the "fat" taunts forcefully grabbing Kahdijiha’s hip and stomach in a facetious manner, upsetting her. Ashlee then forcefully reached towards Kahdijiha again, who was holding a drink and the contents spilled in an upward direction. This enraged Kahdijiha, who lunged at Ashlee.

Kahdijiha Rowe

The two women began fighting. Kahdijiha pulled out some of Ashlee’s extensions and her real hair leaving her with a couple small bald spots, tore her clothes and scratched her on her neck. Kahdijiha didn’t seem to sustain any injuries in the fight. Ashlee called the police to file a complaint.

Ashlee after the fight with scratch on her neck and less hair/weave

First of all, the fight was totally unnecessary. Secondly, neither woman needed to bring race into the picture either. It was uncalled for. With the way both women use a lot of hair extensions (seriously, leave some weave for everyone else) there were so many weave jokes that could have been made, rather than mean personal comments accompanied by racial mentions. Thirdly, why did Kahdijiha accept an invite to Ashlee’s party when they are constantly arguing with and insulting each other.

Ashlee's bald spots after the fight

It became so ridiculous another cast mate stated to Rowe, after Wilson came up to her picking a fight, "You told her to leave her own party." Ashlee didn’t find any of it funny in the end, as she stated of Kahdijiha, "She assaulted me." Yea, but you started the fight. It’s always a good idea to keep one’s hands to one’s self. Taunting someone, invading their personal space, calling them fat, while grabbing at and poking the alleged fat could be considered a mild assault as well.


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