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Blonde Ambition Bombs

Successful Site Boycott Of Infringing Film

Only 48 People Bought Movie Tickets

December 26. 2007

Another boycott from the Aisha v Madonna legal case was successful this past weekend when the infringing film Blonde Ambition bombed at the box office. Thanks to all that participated in the boycott.

This is one of the infringements I complained about in the first FBI interview I had about the case. It is also mentioned in the FBI interview summation I obtained under the Freedom Of Information Act.

I listed this infringement as an example of the willful and criminal copyright thefts when asked by the agent. The flop "Blonde Ambition" is a "criminal copyright infringement" of my book manuscript and film script "Beautiful Inspirations" copyrighted in 2003.

As I told the first FBI agent in November 2005 during the interview, Madonna ripped off my unreleased 2003 copyrighted book manuscript, changing the name from "Beautiful Inspirations" (2003) to Madonna's Inspirations" and illegally released it as her own in 2006. My Library of Congress copyright predates her illegal release by 3 years.

But in 2007, Madonna illegally sold my accompanying film script to Joe Simpson and Jessica Simpson, once again, criminally renaming my copyright from "Beautiful Inspirations" (the movie) to "Blonde Ambition" after herself and her 90's tour of the same name. Once again, my copyright from the Library of Congress predates the illegally released film "Blonde Ambition" by 4 years.

Furthermore, Sony Pictures, who according to IMDB was the original studio for the film - came up in my web site statistics records as a visitor with many hits/visits to this site before the movie "Blonde Ambition" was illegally made - when they shouldn't even know who I am at all.

For a couple years now, several private, unreleased copyrights of mine registered with the Library Of Congress years ago, have been surfacing at Sony Pictures. "Hancock" is another criminally infringing film that was willfully stolen from my older copyrights in violation of international law.

Another thing that I have noticed is actor Luke Wilson is in "Blonde Ambition" and another film stolen from my copyrights "My Super Ex-Girlfriend." He has some serious explaining to do.

But back to Simpson. Last month, there were articles in the press about book publishers mysteriously rejecting a poetry and photography book by Jessica Simpson that bears a striking resemblance to my unreleased poetry and photography book "Poetic Heart" whose copyright once again predates hers by 2 years.

Ms. Simpson also has some explaining to do, as my copyrighted book and photos for it that I took is in an unreleased, private copyright in the Library of Congress.

That's two criminally infringing projects that have ended up in your possession Jessica and since the word in the industry is you are in Madonna's Kabbalah cult, it fills in many blanks in this story as to how you illegally came across said work.

Furthermore, have you no shame. I come from generations of writers - my aunt is Jamaica's poet laureate. How do you think it looks criminally ripping me off, a poet and photographer, among other things, at my family's trade that there is so much proof we've been doing for many years - seeing as though you're a ditzy former reality TV star that can't tell chicken from tuna, yet people are supposed to believe you authored a book of poetry and photographic works.

The worst thing next to stealing my work in such a vile, brazen manner is the complete trash you lot involved in the case turn it into.

I can only equate it to painting a beautiful oil canvas...then some idiot stealing it, taking a can of spray paint to it, erasing your signature and adding their own, right before hanging it in a museum for critics to gawk at. Then the critics, baffled and horrified, look at the devalued painting and go, "You idiot, is that oil and spray paint and what's with the xoxo sign scrawled across the canvas?"


Jessica Simpson may also have set a record at the box office. Her latest film, Blonde Ambition, co-starring Luke Wilson, took in just $1,190 over the weekend. True, it was shown in only eight Texas theaters, but that's still an average of less than $50 per theater per day, meaning about six people showed up to see it in each location each day. On his TV Guide Online blog, film critic Ken Fox asked, "Doesn't someone like Jessica Simpson have more than 48 friends? What about that big Texas family of hers?...Just how bad is this thing anyway?" - http://www.contactmusic.com



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