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Bobby Brown States The Jackson Family Are Color Struck And Prejudice In Conduct That Broke Up His Relationship With Janet Jackson

June 9. 2017

Janet Jackson and Bobby Brown

Bobby Brown's biography "Every Little Step" has given readers insight into the behavior of the famous musical family, the Jacksons. In 1989, Brown dated singer Janet Jackson, sister of the late superstar, Michael Jackson. During the time Janet Jackson was secretly having a sexual relationship with Brown, she was mainly dating Hispanic man, Rene Elizondo, whom she later married. Prior to that, Jackson was married to another Hispanic man, James DeBarge of the famous music group bearing his family's last name. Janet's current, soon-to-be ex-husband

Brown became angry one day when one of Jackson's friends told him her dad would not allow the relationship due to him being black. Brown confronted Jackson about the claim and she confirmed it stating, "Yea, my father won't allow me to be with a black man." Brown was so livid, he kicked Janet out of his hotel room naked. Shortly after he threw her a sheet in the hallway. Brown referred to her behavior and that of the Jacksons as "self-hating racist s**t."

The Jacksons do have a problem in this regard. It is apparent, as Michael and Janet have repeatedly married non-blacks (so have many of their siblings). This color struck behavior in repeatedly shunning their own race comes from their dad, Joe Jackson. Interracial relationships are great, but a person should date another because they love them, not because of the color of their skin. Race should never be a factor in whom you date or marry. It should solely be about love.

Michael Jackson at his best looking during the "Off The Wall" album

The Jacksons have repeatedly tried to shun their blackness. They will never be a white or Hispanic family. They are black people. Joe Jackson is the root of this disgraceful self-hate. He would insultingly mock Michael's nose as big and derisively state he must have gotten it from his wife's side of the family, when there was nothing wrong with his nose.    

It gave Michael a complex. So much so he repeatedly underwent rhinoplasty (nose job) cutting down the size of his nose via surgical means. Michael's nose began to fall apart, as the altered bridge deteriorated due to the combination of many surgeries and aging. Janet did the same in undergoing rhinoplasty, which with age has now left her nose looking unnatural. However, none looked more unnatural in the Jackson family than Michael, due to excessive plastic surgery.

Jackson, a handsome man, began to repeatedly reduced the size of his nose and put in a pointy tip. He also put a cleft in his chin and wore Caucasian wigs. People began to state he looked like a "freak" and called him "Wacko Jacko." Jackson had also developed Vitiligo according to his family. Based on released photos, it was only a few spots and it was hidden by clothing, as you could barely notice it.

Michael Jackson after drastically altering his appearance. People of different races began stating he looked like a freak.

Rather than live with the few white spots on his brown skin, as many have done, Jackson used the Vitiligo medicine, Mequinol, for sufferers of the disease with a significant amount of white spots on darker skin, to remove ALL the pigment from his entire body. Jackson's alleged Vitiligo was nowhere near severe enough to necessitate that step. Jackson repeatedly trying to whiten his skin also led to skin cancer.

There's nothing wrong with having white skin. There's nothing wrong with having black skin. However, when a black man surgically demolishes his nose to install an Aryan one, alters his chin to include a cleft that is associated with Anglo Saxons, wears Caucasian wigs, pinkens his lips and rather than living with a few white spots on his brown skin depigments his entire body, it is clear he is trying to look white.


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