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Bow Wow Hypocritically Slams Promiscuous Women

August 9. 2017

Lil Bow Wow's post on Instagram

Rapper Lil Bow Wow hypocritically slammed promiscuous women in a post on Instagram. Bow Wow distastefully stated, "Women are suppose to be beautiful and hard to catch like a butterfly...some of you bit*hes are more like mosquitoes annoying and easy to smash." Bow Wow was trying to be funny, but his comment lacked self-awareness.

Bow Wow's comment was hypocritical. So many women have had him that he is in no position to cast aspersions on anyone's sexual history. This hypocrisy is common among some men. They behave in a very promiscuous manner, but want virginal women. Exactly how does that hypocrisy work.

Some men use and discard women after sex, doing this to woman after woman, then have the nerve to complain about women being easy to smash. Guess what, you men who behave in a promiscuous manner are "easy to smash" when you should be "hard to catch like a butterfly."


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