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Boxer Amir Khan's Wife Fighting With His Family Escalates The Situation By Posting Nude Photo Of His Brother Online And Making Claims She Is Being Physically And Mentally Bullied

December 16. 2016

Amir Khan

25-year-old American, Faryal Makhdoom, the wife of British born boxer, Amir Khan, is warring with his family, who is originally from Pakistan. Khan's parents take exception to the non-traditional way Makhdoom dresses, complaining she is showing too much skin for a Muslim woman. They are also angry she is posting photos of herself on social networking wearing what they deem inappropriate, revealing clothing.

Faryal Makhdoom

Makhdoom has been complaining that she is being treated like she is less than her husband and his brother, Haroon (Harry). In an act of anger and revenge, Makhdoom snapped a photo of Haroon laying naked on a sofa and posted it on Snapchat with the complaint.

Faryal Makhdoom

Makhdoom stated on social networking, "My dressing is an issue? Double standards? Like harry (Haroon) laying naked and drunk at a girls house, sisters wearing no 'dupatta (sic). I guess that's ok bc that's there blood and I'm just a daughter-in-law."

Amir Khan

Oh dear. As a Christian, I don't think Makhdoom dresses in a slutty manner. However, she must be mindful of the fact she has married into a strict Muslim family. The dress code for Muslims is different and she knew this before she married Amir. Makhdoom also should not have posted the photo of her brother-in-law sleeping naked in a girl's bed. That is a violation of his human rights. In fact, it is a crime.

Faryal Makhdoom posted this photo to Instagram. The Judiciary Report has heavily redacted the photo as it is inappropriate and an invasion of her brother-in-law's privacy

Makhdoom is endangering herself enflaming a situation that is spiraling out of control, as her behavior is being deemed a challenge to the family's honor. Makhdoom is already complaining she is being "physically and mentally" bullied by Amir's family behind his back. I would hope this does not turn into an honor killing, especially in light of the photo she posted of Amir's brother. This situation needs to be de-escalated.


Amir Khan's wife posts naked Snapchat in family feud over flashing flesh

By Jamie Micklethwaite / Published 14th December 2016 - AMIR Khan's wife Faryal Makhdoom has posted a shocking naked Snapchat of the boxer's brother in a bitter feud with their family. DOUBLE STANDARDS? Amir Khan's wife posts naked snapchat in bitter family feud. Makhdoom has vocally slammed the Khan family after she claimed they bullied her both physically and mentally over her western dress sense when the world champion boxer was not around.

Khan's dad Shah strongly denied this and said he treated Makhdoom like his own daughter, but the family did not approve of her baring flesh as it went against their Muslim values. But the latest stage of the feud has turned personal, with the American beauty posting a picture of Khan's brother lying naked on a bed.

“Double standards? Like harry laying naked and drunk at a girls house.” Haroon Khan, also a professional boxer, is pictured allegedly naked in a girl's bed, with 25-year-old Makhdoom claiming double standards. She wrote: "My dressing is an issue? Double standards? Like harry [Haroon] laying naked and drunk at a girls house, sisters wearing no “dupatta" [sic]. "I guess that's ok bc that's there blood and I'm just a daughter-in-law [sic]. "After all, the biggest issue is my dressing!? What the actual f*** my biggest issue is NOT getting accepted and going through three years of hell and that's ok? Because? "What disgusting thinking. TYPICAL."..



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