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British Prime Minister David Cameron Says 'Britain Can Rise Again'

October 10. 2012


David Cameron has undertaken sensible austerity measures in Britain

British Prime Minister, David Cameron, stated "Britain can rise again." No, not you "can" but "will." Britain needs to go back to industrialization. It was the cornerstone of the British economy. Certain vital factories were closed in Britain that need to be reopened. Investors brought in with domestic hiring assurances in writing.

In London a few months ago, saw an informative British wartime documentary with my family in Dulwich. The documentary showed Britons working in factories and other areas of commerce. Industrialization served the nation well. Bring that back. Even in the 1980s Britain produced more goods than today. It's time to revisit that basic principle of commerce. Make it work for the nation. Britain is a great and fun country with a lot going for it, but there is so much more than can be achieved.

The British government needs to approach more of the wealthy Arab, Latin and Chinese people, who have been visiting and living in London, regarding investing in the nation, with the goal of reopening factories and starting businesses in the United Kingdom. The visa process would have to be simplified for Chinese visitors, as articles a few months ago in the British press stated it is a bit lengthy for people from said region. An agreement with China, much like the hassle free and efficient 90-day visa waiver program Britain has with nations like America, would be useful.

The British banking sector would also have to make it easier for foreign investors to open bank accounts in Britain to do business, waving the residency requirement banks such as Barclays have in effect. The potential for growth is definitely there, but you must tap into it to see the maximum financial return.


Britain Can Rise Again Cameron Says


The Wife Of British Prime Minister David Cameron Pats Him On The Rear In Public



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