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British Prime Minister Theresa May Forms Coalition Government With DUP To Remain In Office

June 28. 2017

British Prime Minister and the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP)

British Prime Minister, Theresa May, has formed a coalition government with the DUP party, to retain the premiership. May made a £1 billion deal with DUP, with the goal of remaining in office for the next 5-years. In doing so, May has effectively derailed the ambitions of radical Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, who up to this past Sunday was insisting he would be Prime Minister by fall.

Corbyn sought to bring a radical, hard-line socialist and communist bent to Britain, a country built on democracy. Corbyn sought to punish the rich, who would have promptly left Britain for cheaper tax havens. He gained a foothold in the race by promising Britain's youth free tuition and increased financial benefits on welfare.

Jeremy Corbyn: I can't believe she won!

He promised the National Health Service (NHS) billions of pounds more in funding. He promised mothers free child care. He promised the poor and disabled increased financial benefits on welfare. There was only one problem - the money is not there to do what he promised. His manifesto unintentionally exposed a £58 billion black hole, regarding his spending plans. The numbers didn't crunch. His economic plan did not add up.

I realize some are not happy with May's win, as she is in favor of austerity, but she is a better financial choice for Britain than Corbyn, who would have plunged the country into poverty and bankruptcy, via with a massive cash grab and wild spending that would dry up. It would have simultaneously run off the source of much of Britain's tax income, the rich and middle class.

Theresa May to Jeremy Corbyn: I won commandant :p

Britain's youth are to be commended for getting to the polls and exercising their right to vote. However, they should be careful in future. Many politicians, all over the world, will say whatever they feel is necessary to get elected. It does not mean they can or will do what they have promised. However, good job on voting. Keep up the good work.

Corbyn also wanted to get rid of Trident, which is Britain's nuclear defense shield. He was right that Britain wouldn't need a nuclear deterrent, because the country would get blown off the face of the earth by lunatic radicals, without Trident in place. Only major nations in existence need a missile shield, you know, like Britain. Corbyn's hippie politics are alarming, dangerous and unrealistic. 

I am of the belief, there can be a somewhat less expensive nuclear deterrent. Britain has many brilliant scientists. The government needs to form a commission and maintain their own missile shield, rather than outsourcing it at a higher cost. It's definitely something worth looking into for the future. However, Britain should not be left unprotected as Corbyn desires. It's just not practical or wise in the world we live in.

Britain can also save money by getting out of wars in the Middle East. Former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, led Britain into wars, under the direction of then U.S. President, George W. Bush. To this day, the British people are still angry over the decision. Many Britons still voice their disapproval over the choices that were made concerning the wars, which went against their wishes.   

Prior to May forming a coalition government, Corbyn kept insisting she resign. However, others are calling on him to resign.

I am in favor of the NHS receiving billions more in funding. The NHS is a great, free healthcare service in Britain that has helped millions of people over the years. I commend the NHS and its workers, from all walks of life, for the great work they do in helping sick people every single day. They've had many success stories. However, as I see it, the only way to secure long term, effective funding is through a dedicated tax of 5-20 pence on all sales in Britain, as stated previously and repeatedly on this site. If you buy a sandwich for £1, adding another 5 pence to it is not going to hurt at the till. Multiply that money by millions of consumers making purchases every day and the NHS would be well funded.

As stated previously on the site, Britain needs its own tech sector. After all, they invented the internet (Tim Berners-Lee). India has its own tech sector, Software Technology Parks of India (STPI), which is doing very well. America has Silicon Valley, with its center in social networking. Britain should have a dedicated tech sector as well.


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