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Chris Brown Slams Press For Blaming The 'Little Black Boys' Around Justin Bieber For His Legal Troubles

April 5. 2013

Chris Brown

R&B singer Chris Brown has slammed the press for blaming the "little black boys" around his collaborator, pop star Justin Bieber, for his legal and social troubles. Brown stated in a recent interview with Power 105.1 FM, "I just feel like [the mainstream media] are gonna target the little black boys around him and say, 'Hey, so this is why he's doing it.' ... So I pray for [Justin], I pray for myself. I think we both go through it because we're great artists. He's a big artist to his fans and everybody, you know?Ö"

Itís not a matter of race in this case. Bieberís confrontational friend, rapper Lil Twist, would be a bad influence no matter what color he was, as he is into reckless driving without a license, driving while high, alcoholism, drug addiction, promiscuity and violence.

Lil Twist, Justin Bieber and Lil Za 

Twist has tried to toughen up Bieber via encouraging him to do things that have resulted in terrible headlines about the once squeaky clean star. Sadly, many have seen former child stars crash and burn. People donít want the same fate to befall Bieber.

Brown also stated of Bieber, "He's like Baby Elvis out here." How ironic, as I stated the same of Bieber in the May 17. 2012 article "Justin Bieber Does A New Photo Shoot With GQ Magazine To Show He Is An Adult." I also stated that about Bieber on Twitter two months ago (here's hoping he doesn't end up like Elvis did, which was a sad a tragic end for a talented man):

Brown did concede that, "With [Justin], it's a case of how I feel. It's being young, having limitless amount of income for whatever you want to do as a young guy. And then, at the same time, you don't have nobody that's gonna say, 'Hey, bruh, you look whack right now.'" For the past year, the Judiciary Report has maintained this as well regarding Bieber - there are too many yes people around him and his minders are too interested in working him to death. His emotional and mental well-being have been jeopardized.


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