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Chris Brown Spotted Again With His Vietnamese Squeeze Karrueche Tran

October 16. 2012


Chris Brown and Karruece Tran (not the actual picture from this week)

Well, well, well, Mr. Chris Brown, Mr. A/K/A I'm done with Karrueche Tran, was again spotted with his Vietnamese squeeze (can I rhyme or what). Brown, who publicly dumped the model/dancer last week, to appease his nutball girlfriend Rihanna, has managed to embarrass her yet again, driving around Los Angeles with Tran yesterday.

Rihanna (Photo Credit: X17)

It's funny, Rihanna was in no rush to publicly reunite with Brown, preferring to sneak around with him for sex, until former PussyCat Dolls lead singer, Nicole Sherzinger, was snapped sneakily kissing him. To borrow from the television show "The Nanny" and I'm paraphrasing here, apparently girls don't want a toy until another girl wants to play with it. 

Side Bar: And in other sucks-to-be-you news concerning Rihanna, the British television fashion program she starred in has suffered from terrible ratings, with critics stating it will not be renewed. First her copyright infringing movie bombs, becoming the biggest bomb of 2012, now her television show on Rupert Murdoch's Sky called "Styled To Rock" flopsas well. Only 95,000 people tuned in to "Styled To Rock" and to put that in perspective, the U.K. has an estimated 60,000,000 people.


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