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Delay Blasts FBI Director Robert Muller For His...Well, Delay

Poor leadership equals poor results

May 11. 2007

FBI misdirector Robert Mueller

Tom Delay blasted the FBI as "running amok" in their investigation of him and his wife. Delay says he has submitted all that was required of him and the FBI is dragging their feet. Seems to be a common theme with Mueller. He clearly cannot manage the FBI, nor can he run it properly. Untimely equals unethical.

I don't blame Delay for slamming these constant, untimely cases under Mueller's direction, or should I say, misdirection. Under Mueller's agenda, which has clearly been shown numerous times to be according to his pleasure and not what is in the best interest of the country as a whole or its citizens, the FBI has become known for negligence and drawn out, wagon circling investigations that prolongs members of the public's despair and losses.

The mere fact that you cannot complete investigations in a timely fashion, with many of your investigations being so "sloppy" that the DOJ can't do anything with them, says you need to step down.

All you've done is make the once esteemed FBI the butt of many jokes within the country and the laughingstock of the international community with the billion dollar computer system failure fiasco and the high profile misidentification of several terrorists subjects.

The agency once had a level of respect and reverent fear attached to it. Now everyone is pimp slapping you and the FBI (because of you) writing incendiary, facetious articles and posts. Myself included. Google it and read all the articles by many writers and bloggers all over the world, chronicling how far the agency has fallen under your poor leadership.

You've brought an air of incompetence, injustice and ineptitude to the FBI that won't soon be repaired, especially with you there.

Every time Mueller gets a spate of bad press, he orders new arrests and announces a terrorism bust. He did it with the arrest of the Miami Seven and now a group of people in New Jersey that were allegedly planning an attack on Fort Dix.

However, let's be honest here, while malevolent, these jokers he's locking up aren't the real deal. These aren't the bonafide terrorists, who fly airplanes into towers and blow up towers and embassies.

These are goofy terrorist wannabes. And let's face it, the credit for the latest bust, in a case you inexplicably let linger for 17 months, on taxpayer money that you have shown a great propensity for wasting, was due to the dude at Circuit City calling in the tip. The credit should go to him.

Yes, it is good that they have been arrested, but what concerns me is you keep catching these jokers and not the big fishes. You clearly can't do the job. Step down and give it to someone who can.

"WASHINGTON Since 9/11 the FBI's image, once almost invulnerable to detractors, has taken one hit after another beginning with evidence its officials ignored signs that might have derailed the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon and ending with the abuse of so-called national security letters that permitted them to poke around with impunity in the affairs of U.S. citizens.

In between were revelations about millions of dollars wasted on faulty computer systems; misidentification in the Spanish bombing case; continuing complaints of lack of coordination with other agencies, and high-profile counter-terrorism arrests accompanied by flamboyant claims that ultimately raised questions about their actual seriousness and whether or not they were at least partially rooted in self glorification.

There seems little doubt that the tarnish to the bureau's image and the inability of its slickly professional and politically wise director, Robert Mueller III, to overcome much of the criticism has caused increasing concern in Congress and the public about the agency's effectiveness." - The Press of Atlantic City, May 10, 2007



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