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Drake Disses Chris Brown And Rihanna Looking For A Fight

April 14. 2013

Chris Brown

Young Money rapper Drake, who dated singer Rihanna and got into a confrontation with her boyfriend, Chris Brown, is convinced he could take him in a fight. No boo boo. Brown has a Hulk like rage when he is angry and knows martial arts. So unless you want to come out of that fight looking like Rihanna did after the Grammys in 2009, I suggest you don't take it there.


Having seen him in person, I don't know why you would want to provoke him. I've written about Brown over the years and very bluntly might I add, so when he found me in Miami (twice), I started thinking, "The police station is one block over, the nearest hospital is 20 blocks down the street...what does this dude want." 

Rihanna and Chris Brown (Photo Credit: Splash News)

He didn't lay a finger on me but you, Drake, however, know what he wants - your head on a platter. He would lay his fingers, fists and feet on you. Brown's a ball of nerves and tightly wound up like a rubber band. Why snap the rubber band, when it will sting you.

This is going to be you, Drake, when Chris rolls up on you out of nowhere:


Drake stated of Brown, "Don't ask me sh-- about that man when I come up there and leave that man alone. Stop preying on his insecurities...I'm not thinking about that man at all, or that girl, straight up." But where do his insecurities come from. When your girlfriend has slept with many industry men and women, how can you feel secure in that relationship. 


Drake Disses Chris Brown, Says He's Not Thinking About Rihanna

Posted April 13, 2013 at 10:30AM EDT - Drake says Chris Brown's "insecurities" are the reason Drizzy's better than Breezy. First bottle-based ballistics ensued, then diss tracks were recorded. Now, the Chris Brown and Drake Beef has moved to another format: the radio interview.

Speaking on East Village Radio, Drake addressed Chris Brown, brushing the singer aside. "I make better music than him. I am more popping than him." Drake all but confirmed that he had some form of relationship with Rihanna at one point, adding fuel to the speculation that the singer was the reason for the feud between the two men. "At one point the woman he loves fell into my lap. I did what a real ni**a would do. I treated her with respect."

"His insecurities are the reason I make better music than him," added Drizzy. Drake explained that fans shouldn't even be interested in a beef between the two. "It's not me and Kendrick, it's not me and Hov. You're not gonna get anything out of it. I don't want to hear that man rap. No one wants to hear me rap against him. I really do this shit. You're not even going to get anything out of it."




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