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Drake In Trouble Again After His Bodyguard Beats Up Another Rival Rapper

June 23. 2016


Ever since rapper Diddy slap the taste out of Drake’s mouth at a Miami night club, the latter is taking no chances with rivals and it is getting him into trouble. Drake is assuming the persona of a rap criminal. Months ago rapper, Mo-G, came forward on Instagram stating Drake ordered his entourage beat him up. Mo-G posted a photo of his injuries (Senseless Violence Strikes The Music Industry Again As Rapper Mo-G Beaten Up By Drake's Entourage Over Ghostwriting Claims).

Now a second rapper is alleging the same. Famous rapper/producer, Detail, has slapped Drake with a lawsuit alleging after he declined an exclusive job with the rapper, he was attacked. Detail alleges in his lawsuit that Drake invited him to his Los Angeles mansion to discuss business again. Drake is accused of having his bodyguard Chubbs forcefully punch Detail, which broke his jaw.

Detail stated in his lawsuit that Chubbs threatened, “I will beat all your asses, including your bit**es. I don’t give a f***. I will hit you again. Do you think Drake is soft. You think Drake’s a punk?” If this did indeed occur, it is certainly a cause of action in a legal case. However, a number of people have come forward alleging Drake has been using his entourage to threaten or violently attack them. Violence is unnecessary. There is no necessity to harm others. Disputes can be peacefully resolved without violent issue.


Drake -- Famous Producer Sues ... His Bodyguard Beat My Ass and Threatened My Bi***es 

6/22/2016 5:29 PM PDT - Drake drives a hard bargain ... if he tries hiring you but you turn him down, he'll have someone beat you up -- this according to famed rapper/producer Detail. Detail has just filed a lawsuit against Drake, claiming the famous Canadian offered Detail a plum job back in 2014 as his exclusive producer. Problem was ... Detail didn't want to be tied to one guy, so he declined.

According to the lawsuit, the rejection didn't sit well with Drake, who became irate. Time passed but the bad feelings lingered. Detail claims in June 2014, Drake invited him to his Calabasas estate, on the pretext of working together again. Detail says he arrived at 2 AM and was met by Drake's bodyguard, Chubbs, who coldcocked him and broke his jaw...



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