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Famous Men Need To Stop Listening To Fake Friends Regarding The Type Of Woman They Should Date And Marry

June 22. 2017

a gold digger

When some men become famous, problems occur when people around them, such as lecherous friends, begin to tell them they should date a certain type of woman. That type of woman often lacks substance or a brain and is chosen solely for her bimbo type looks. While you can be beautiful without being a bimbo, superficial people will encourage famous men to date women who look like whores.

You should hear some of them talk. It is disgraceful what some lecherous friends tell famous men. They egg famous men on telling them garbage like "you should only be dating the finest bit*hes" or "you should be dating someone on TV" or "you should be dating a famous woman" then encourage them to dump their humble, modest girlfriend they actually love. They tell them their humble girlfriend does not have the right image or look to be dating a famous man and to dump them, which is foul. It has happened a number of times in the entertainment and sports industries.

And you should see some of the lecherous friends running their mouths, looking very plain themselves (and I'm being generous in calling them plain), but talking garbage about other people. They couldn't get a date without name dropping their famous friend, yet have the gall to deride the down to earth girlfriend, pronouncing she is not pretty enough to be on his arm. That is so fake. To let someone convince you the one you love is not good enough is bad. However, it has happened quite a few times, when people get caught up in fame and forget what is real in life.

It becomes about showing off a certain type of woman on their arm, to show how manly they supposedly are to others. Famous men run into trouble when their personal life becomes about making choices based on image, rather than actually choosing the one they love, who in some cases may just be a nice, normal, down to earth woman.

Lecherous friends overstep their bounds in trying to live vicariously through their celebrity friend, encouraging unsavory and sexually risky behavior that often leads to disaster, as they egg them on in choosing women who are of low or no moral character, but are wild and promiscuous. It's all fun and games until the famous man loses the one he actually loves and contracts a disease from the superficial bimbo he was encouraged to choose.

A woman is good to you, but because your foolish friends fill your head with garbage about someone not being pretty enough to be on your arm as a famous person, you drop the real one for a fake. Any man who does that is a fake. Any so-called friend that encourages such behavior is also a fake. Whomever you date it should be due to a genuine attraction, not because the person is a trophy to show off to others.

Some famous men buck the trend in dating decent women, who are not fake bimbos. Well done to them. They are the real ones. They are manly and secure enough to realize what is real and that it is not important how others view you, but the key is to make good choices that make you feel good about yourself.


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