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FBI Being Nosy In College Football

November 22. 2010

Cam Newton

Many FBI agents unwisely spend their evenings getting wasted at local sports bars, whilst watching sports games. So, it shouldn't be any surprise they are sticking their noses into the affairs of university football player, Cam Newton, asking out loud if athletes are being shopped. The FBI are also media whores, so any opportunity for some face time will be pursued. 

The FBI is alleging someone took a $1 million dollar bribe in a college football scandal and they do not approve. That's funny, as for months the Judiciary Report has stated, FBI Director, Robert S. Mueller, took a $1 million dollar bribe from Madonna, to look the other way to her criminal misconduct. It's not okay when it happens in football, yet it is okay if the FBI director does it. Talk about a double standard. 


Why Is the FBI Interested in Recruitment of College Football Star?



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