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FBI Finally Convicts Miami 7, Uh, 6, Um, 5

May 13. 2009

Senator Patrick Leahy (left) and FBI Director Robert Mueller (right)

The FBI, after trying two million times in court, have finally convicted the Miami 7, of planning terrorist attacks on the Miami FBI Office (with its lovely 70’s décor *suppresses vomit*) and the Sears Tower in Chicago, a building with actual architectural value. I wrote about the case with skepticism from the beginning, the very first week the story broke on the news, believing it was a Mickey Mouse case. The Feds went into court with guns blazing, proverbially speaking, in trying to lock these guys up. It took three tries to get a conviction and one member was acquitted anyway.

I thought they would have had a strong case for treason, due to the members swearing out an oath to Al Qaeda, which would have produced a conviction based on patriotism, freeing the FBI to fulfill its wish to incarcerate, then deport them. In closing, I don’t know why they didn’t just send the case to judge Marcia Cooke from the jump (“judge shopping”), as she’s the main go to judge for corruption in Miami. You need corruption rubberstamped; she’s your girl. She threw out a lengthy, credible case with terrible civil rights abuses in it, the same day she received it and without reading it, on the premise pop stars don't break the law.

Marcia G. Cooke (center)

She was also the judge in the Jose Padilla case, which has gone down in American and world history in sheer infamy, due to George W. Bush’s open, criminal defiance of the Constitution and established U.S. and international law, in misconduct Cooke went along with and much to her shame. People all over the internet and in newspapers worldwide, have written about it in terrible terms.

Padilla had bad ties and did break the law in other misdeeds, but former president George W. Bush broke the law at great length, in trying to apprehend a man and build a case, most people are skeptical about to this day.  It’s amazing to me that a black minority, Cooke, can so smugly, arrogantly and in xenophobic terms, rule in favor of terrible, civil rights abusing conduct, happening to other minorities, violations worthy of the strongest international condemnation.

I guess her black ancestors flew to America from Africa in the 1600’s on a commercial airliner, in first class and spent slavery lounging in a choice suite at the Ritz Carlton. Her conduct, much like the man that installed her, is worthy of impeachment. World history shall not be kind to either of you.


Five Convicted in Plot to Blow Up Sears Tower

May 12, 2009 - MIAMI — After two mistrials, the case of six Miami men charged with plotting to blow up the Sears Tower in Chicago as part of an Islamic jihad ended Tuesday with a mixed verdict. Jurors convicted five defendants — including the group’s ringleader, Narseal Batiste, who now faces up to 70 years in prison — and acquitted one. Only Mr. Batiste was convicted on all four charges in the federal indictment.

The decision was a hard-fought victory for prosecutors, who had been accused by critics of the Bush administration of letting politics infect a case that had begun just a few months before the 2006 midterm elections and cost $5 million to $10 million. “This was a difficult trial,” the United States attorney, R. Alexander Acosta, said. “And we thank all the prosecutors and agents involved, whose efforts resulted in today’s successful conclusion.” Defense lawyers said they would petition for a new trial within 30 days.

Some legal scholars said the case would continue to be viewed as an example of the Bush administration’s overzealous approach to terrorism prosecutions. “The past cases ending in hung juries showed that the Justice Department had trouble matching the evidence with their rhetoric,” said Jonathan Turley, a professor at George Washington Law School. Professor Turley added, “It goes to show that if you try it enough times, you’ll eventually find a jury that will convict on very little evidence.”

Michael Tein, who spent five years working in the United States attorney’s office in Miami, agreed. “If you sledgehammer the square peg three times, eventually you’re going to blast it into the round hole,” Mr. Tein said. “This isn’t a terrorism case; it’s an overcharged gang case.” The verdict did not come without drama. It took more than two weeks of deliberation and the replacement of two jurors; one fell ill, another refused to deliberate because of a falling out with other jurors. On Tuesday morning, the racially mixed jury of nine women and three men told Judge Joan A. Lenard that they were still deadlocked on one count and one defendant. She told them to keep trying…




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