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FBI Used Pregnant Woman To Get Dirt On Bonds

February 17. 2009

(Photo of woman, not the actual FBI Agent, courtesy of surreyhealth.nhs.uk)

The FBI used a pregnant agent with a hidden wire to discreetly chat with the wife of Barry Bonds' trainer at a gym, in an attempt at extracting information from her, regarding his alleged steroids use. As a pregnant woman, why risk fetal distress in an undercover operation that could have turned dangerous. Was this really wise or safe.

This type of sneakiness is not unusual for the FBI. As I told someone a few weeks ago, they will pose as mail delivery men, salespeople, store clerks, plants and dogs (kidding about the last two, but their leader is the last one with a taste for the high life at taxpayers expense). It's not covert information either, as they tell you that right on their website, in stories of arrests they've made.

Feds sought dirt on Bonds by pumping iron

Federal prosecutors were so intent on getting Barry Bonds' personal trainer, Greg Anderson, to spill the beans on the allegedly steroided slugger that they wired up a pregnant FBI agent and sent her into the Peninsula gym where Anderson's wife worked in hopes of getting her to talk.

According to our sources, when trainer Anderson was sitting in jail for refusing to talk to the feds about Bonds' alleged steroid use, the FBI had the agent join the Powerhouse Gym in Redwood City, where Anderson's wife, Nicole Anderson, worked as a personal trainer.

The agent signed up Nicole Anderson as her trainer and spent the next couple of months working out - all while wearing a wire.

"The plan was to get Nicole to talk about Greg giving steroids to Barry, then use the tapes to force Greg to talk," said one source close to the case.

Nicole talked about Barry, all right - about how she thought he was a jerk.

She did not, however, talk about steroids..




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