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Financial Imbalances In The State Of Florida Impacts Residents Quality Of Life

November 10. 2017


Miami, Florida has repeatedly come in at unfavorable positions on housing and income polls in America (Miami Voted Worst City To Live And Rent With The Rudest And Worst Drivers). The State is plagued by a number of problems that are negatively impacting the finances and quality of life of residents.

The State of Florida, particularly Miami, is suffering from serious problems such as a significant lack of affordable housing, low wages (one of the worst in America), construction fraud, Medicare/Medicaid fraud, kids falling between the proverbial cracks in the education system, school funding shortages (many schools are old, in need of upgrading and more supplies), inadequate infrastructure funding for roads, and outright local government corruption (Florida politicians of all colors are routinely getting arrested and perp walked on the news for stealing taxpayer money).

Never mind Florida is branded a tourist state, which is said to bring in billions of dollars per year in tourism. However, where is the money going. If you go to Georgia, which is right next door to Florida and the roads are as smooth as can be, there is an abundant supply of affordable housing, there are new schools with adequate funding, there are many affordable after school activities for children to keep them occupied and out of trouble, higher paying jobs, they are not on the news every 5-minutes for massive Medicare and Medicaid fraud, neither are their politicians arrested on a regular basis for stealing taxpayer money. Ironically, Georgia has far less tourism revenue than Florida, yet they are way ahead in many ways. Itís a case of financial mismanagement.

The money is flowing into the State of Florida via tourist dollars that are taxable, but the local governments are not doing enough to plow the money back into Florida to improve residents' quality of life. The problem is particularly bad in Miami. I only mention these things as Floridians are struggling under serious financial problems. It is negatively impacting parents and children. I would like to see the government in Florida do more for the kids. They need good after school activities that are free or at least affordable. They need better parks.

The city of Miami needs better landscaping as well. Only expensive parts/suburbs of the city of Miami such as Aventura or Coral Gables (among a very small handful of others) are getting the kind of beautification and road work that shows where the tax dollars are going. There are so many neglected neighborhoods in Miami with potholes in the roads, no parks, dying grass on the city portions of the sidewalks and medians.

The money coming into the state is not being properly managed and maximized. The state also has low wages and high rent/house prices. That's a recipe for disaster. It's not like New York with high rent/house prices and but significantly higher wages than Florida. The state needs a complete reorganization, where tax dollars can be used more efficiently and effectively to improve life in Florida, as there are serious problems.


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