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Former FBI Director Louis Freeh Slams Judge Jude “The FBI Stinks” Posner 

April 6. 2007

Dude looks angry on the book cover, like he just found out he is being audited by the IRS.

This week, former head of the FBI, Louis “Louie Louie” Freeh (and if you know the background on the Jamaican song written by American artist Chuck Berry titled “louie louie” that has now become an American rock and roll standard, in relation to the FBI, you’d appreciate that pun even more), slammed Judge Jude Posner for stating the FBI should be broken up and modeled after the British’s MI5 and MI6. Said judge is not the only one saying it now. 

Judge Jude Posner to former FBI Director Louis Freeh: I should have him framed and arrested. Let's see him get Freeh then:

Former FBI Director Louis Freeh to Judge Jude Posner: Watch it Judge Judy. I should have him stitched up:

While they are both Freeh free to comment, as they are entitled to their opinions, seeing as though it falls under Freedom of Speech, Mr. Freeh clearly doesn’t grasp the name the FBI currently has with the public, thanks to his successor, Robert Muller. Google it.

Robert Mueller: I have a headache this big and it's screaming for some Excedrin.

Freeh referred to Judge Posner’s idea as a “knucklehead plan,” which was quite unfortunate. He further questioned what background Judge Posner has to be issuing advice on national security and intelligence matters. 

However, the judge isn’t the one you should be questioning regarding his domestic and international intelligence gathering skills and security expertise. You may want to interrogate your successor, Robert Mueller on that. 

Consider this. Under current FBI Director Robert Mueller’s tenure, with his appointment beginning in June of 2001, the following has transpired:

  • 9/11 happened.

  • He went in public and declared the names of the 9/11 hijackers only for the BBC to correct him that some of the people he named are alive and well and holding respectable jobs in Europe and the Middle East (when the BBC, a news outlet, without search warrants, has better investigative skills than Mueller, we’ve got a problem).

  • Slate magazine revealed that he lied about what he knew about 9/11.

  • There were many warning signs regarding 9/11 that were not heeded and still have not been heeded after the fact.

  • Misidentified one of the Spain train bombers, defaming an innocent American, who sued the Bureau and won a truckload of cash (yes, that villa in the South of France became a reality for somebody).

  • Has wasted a little over 1 BILLION DOLLARS of taxpayer money on a computer system, that should have cost only about $70,000,000 and when it bothers to actually show up, will be 3 years old and behind technology.

  • By his own admission, he is not computer or electronics savvy.

  • Spied on just about every American and international citizen under the sun he felt like, in just about every way he felt like, abusing the Patriot Act.

  • Retaliated and discriminated against FBI agents and whistleblowers that had the nerve to say, “hey, something isn’t right here. This doesn’t look very legal.”

  • Went into Congress last week and embarrassingly asked for investigative powers he was already granted a year ago. Looks like somebody needs some NoDoze (I do not advocate NoDoze).

  • “Illegally interrogated anti-war activists in flagrant civil liberties violations” according to a syndicated Washington Post article featured on the Axis of Logic web site.

  • Has clogged up the FBI with so many task forces and initiatives that there is no way under the sun that those agents are gonna get all that work done.

  • Wasted resources in $250,000 of taxpayer money and a couple dozen FBI agents and anthropologists tearing down a barn, scouring a farm for Jimmy Hoffa, who, is, well, dead. 

  • Has created a massive backlog for background checks, destroying the ability for legal residents, some of whom are married to American born citizens, to continue working and feeding their families, rather than going on the dole

  • But has time to waste Bureau resources on power trips like roughing up and shaking down a 14 year old American girl, behind her parents back, who exercised her right to free speech on the internet, in saying she didn’t approve of the war in Iraq  and "the President should die for" what he did in starting it. Note to Mueller: there is a difference between seriously saying you’re gonna kill someone and attempting to do it versus wishing someone dead. It is not a crime to wish someone dead and that’s what the little girl did. Now you're telling people what to think and say in trying to regulate such a statement through fear and intimidation. As a lawyer, you should have known what she said wasn't illegal.

  • Contradicted Attorney General Gonzales on national TV regarding the arrest of the Miami 7.

  • Continually makes vapid speeches in Congress, about, essentially nothing, but manages to offend many in the world by making insensitive statements about “American world dominance”(2007) in a time where the war has lead many nations in the international community to publicly and hostilely scream in the press, as they say, “American imperialism.” Under the circumstances, maybe next time you might want to try the term "world advancement" instead of "world dominance."

  • Based on his bio, has no background in international intelligence gathering or diplomacy, as he was a US attorney (Gonzales should have fired him), not an ambassador or CIA operative.

DOJ/FBI press conference about the Miami 7 terror suspects



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