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Former U.S. Government Official States The FBI Is Spying On All Americans (Video)

December 14. 2012


This month, former National Security Agency official, William Binney, recently revealed during an interview with RT that the FBI and NSA are spying on all Americans. The Judiciary Report and its sister site the Sound Off Column has maintained this for years.

The Judiciary Report discovered, there are hosting companies secretly handing over the emails of customers to the FBI and in turn the agency has illegally used said items for political and financial gain, not for criminal investigations. The latter is what Congress gave them the authority to do such things for, not the former to illegally enrich themselves.

FBI Director Robert S. Mueller

There are FBI employees who have been criminally engaging in insider trading regarding Wall Street companies and private ones as well, via abusing their congressional mandate to investigate crime. Said FBI employees are also bartering very valuable,  sensitive corporate information on the black market, illegally gained from private emails belonging to others and illegally placed wiretaps, to financially enrich themselves and those that pay them in the corporate sector for said documents containing proprietary business information.

Hosting companies and email service companies have become unwitting accomplices to corporate theft, handing over innocent people's emails to the FBI. However, a few of them know better, but want the FBI off their back, so they comply, no questions asked.


President Barack Obama

After I went to the FBI in 2005, about what turned into the phone hacking scandal in Britain, which I broke first online via a police complaint to the Metropolitan Police, I saw firsthand how lawless the FBI is regarding legal matters. This lead to me breaking exclusives on the FBI (and others).

As I have stated in the past, I have a habit of sending what is known as a "Poor Man's Copyright" to my own email box, which is essentially emailing original writings to one's self, in a practice utilized by writers around the world, at the encouragement of associations and organizations specializing in intellectual property rights.

To do so places an automatic electronic time stamp on the emails, establishing the date, time and very second of authorship of its literary contents. You are taught to address an email or letter to yourself with the original items you have authored inside and save it as a means of establishing global authorship, which under international law (United Nations) must be recognized by all member nations.

FBI Director Robert S. Mueller and President Barack Obama

However, I began to notice my "Poor Man's Copyrights" which I would begin to email to myself before actual paid Library of Congress registrations regarding my unpublished articles, among other things, were being infringed by the FBI (and their associates), who began taking items from the emails VERBATIM and using them for articles on FBI.gov.

Said conduct is criminal and arrogant...and will be featured in my film "Justice and Truth" which is currently being filmed. I am dedicating a segment of the film to said conduct. My time stamped emails, which I have downloaded, reveal the authorship dates, while the FBI articles I have saved from the internet containing the infringements were published to their site days later. For that arrogance, they deserve to be exposed, as they are out of line. Who are you to be in anyone's email box stealing things. Furthermore, you deserve to be exposed on film, which is forever, for covering up the crimes of high profile people.


David Patraeus

The above posted video also goes into the fact U.S. Generals Patraeus and Allen had their privacy invaded by the FBI, who illegally snooped in their emails and documents and used it against them men, for not going along with the scandalous cover-ups of the Benghazi terrorist attacks.

It was the FBI's way of telling them to shut-up. However, along the way, the FBI disgraced itself and unmasked the agency to the nation and the world as heavy handed, corrupt and treacherous, to disgrace men that served their nation in the armed forces for many years, for not lying to the public about what they know regarding Benghazi. They were also trying to make an example of them to keep everyone else in line with the lie. Only it backfired and caused people to have an even dimmer view of the FBI.

President Barack Obama and Eric Holder

There's no way around it. This arrogance from the FBI looks bad. Why did you have to disclose the fact these men had affairs. I don't agree with adultery, but to do so as a means of destroying their personal lives for not being in sync with the cover up is foul and illegal. It makes you look barbaric and depraved.

Americans are appalled, as is the world, because we really didn't need to know about what's been going on in the generals bedrooms, as they are consenting adults (albeit, unfaithful ones). The aforementioned conduct has nothing to do with protecting America from terrorism and everything to do with a demonic power grab via select officials in Washington, who are trying to play God. They'd do well to remember, the last individual who unsuccessfully did that is now known as Satan. You need to take a good look in the mirror and think about who your conduct is mirroring.


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