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Gianni Versace Sexually Assaulted Actor Kevin Sorbo And Was Into Having Sex With Animals

October 25. 2017

Gianna Versace

Hollywood actor, Kevin Sorbo, has slammed the late fashion designer Gianni Versace of sexually harassing him when he worked as a model. Sorbo went on to become a successful television actor, starring in "Hercules" film series and making appearances on many sitcoms such as "Cheers" "Murder, She Wrote" "The Commish" "Cybil" and "Two And A Half Men." However, prior to his notable television acting career taking off, Versace sexually assaulted Sorbo.

Kevin Sorbo today

In 1984, while on a modeling assignment, Versace inappropriately placed his hand on Sorbo's thigh and moved it up his leg towards his penis. Sobo stated, "All of a sudden, his hand goes up my leg." Sorbo told Versace, "Dude, you know I'm straight." Versace responded, "This is why I like you. You're not a girly man. You are a man's man. In life, you must f**k everything. You must do the dog, and the cat, and the boy, and the girl." That is sick!

Kevin Sorbo starred in the "Hercules" television shows

As with the case of disgraced Hollywood mogul, Harvey Weinstein, the same rules apply to Versace and everyone else, no one should sexually touch another person without their permission. In Hollywood, both straight and gay men are being sexually harassed and sexually assaulted by Hollywood executives who threaten to destroy their careers and finances if they dare complain about the abuse.

Kevin Sorbo in the 1990s

For years there have also been complaints from male and female models, stating they are being sexually harassed and sexually assaulted in the fashion industry. A year ago, there was an article exposé detailing unlawful behavior regarding 15-year-old and 16-year-old models being forced into having sex with adult modeling agency staff in New York, in order to get modeling assignments.

Kevin Sorbo (right)

In a separate matter, fashion designed Anand Jon Alexander, who appeared on the show "America's Next Top Model" was arrested and convicted on a slew of charges relating to raping models, some of whom were underage, as young as 14. The Guardian newspaper reported, Alexander was sentenced to 59-years in prison on charges of sexual battery and performing lewd acts on a child."


Kevin Sorbo Alleges Designer Gianni Versace Sexually Harassed Him

7:09 PM PDT 10/24/2017 - The actor, most famous for playing Hercules, claims the late Italian designer made an unwanted sexual advance while he was working as a model. Actor Kevin Sorbo alleges that he was sexually harassed by the late Italian fashion magnate Gianni Versace when he was working as a model decades ago. Sorbo made the claim on Adam Carolla’s podcast Tuesday during a conversation about the multitude of women who have accused producer Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment and assault.

“I’ve got my sexual harassment story,” Sorbo told Carolla during the discussion. Sorbo said that in 1984, prior to his stint as the lead on Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, which ran for six seasons in the late 1990s, Versace approached him in Italy, where he was modeling: “He wanted to meet me because of my height. At 6-foot, 3-inches, he wanted me to do fashion shows with these 6-foot tall women.”

Sorbo says he was invited to a dinner party where he met Sophia Loren, opera star Luciano Pavarotti, Richard Gere and others. He was invited for several more dinner parties, each one with fewer attendees, until one time it was him and Versace alone, where he told Sorbo he wanted him in commercials advertising his fashion brand. “All of a sudden, his hand goes up my leg,” says Sorbo. “Dude, you know I’m straight?” he told Versace. “This is why I like you. You’re not a girly man. You are a man’s man,” Versace told Sorbo, according to his recollection. “In life, you must f**k everything. You must do the dog, and the cat, and the boy, and the girl,” the actor recalls Versace telling him...



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