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Harvey Weinstein Sexual Assault And Rape Cases Shows The Pattern Of Bribery Hollywood Operates Under

November 2. 2017

Harvey Weinstein

Disgraced former Hollywood executive, Harvey Weinstein, who has been accused of rape, sexual assault and sexual harassment by over 60 women, was used to buying his way out of trouble. Formal legal complaints were being filed against him by different women, in separate territories and nothing was done to bring him to justice, due to his political and Hollywood connections (Barack Obama, Michelle Obama And Hillary Clinton Slammed For Their 'No Comment' On Harvey Weinstein Finally Issues Statements and New York District Attorney Cyrus Vance Looked The Other Way To Harvey Weinstein's Crimes In 2015 Due To Pressure From The FBI And Obama White House And A Bribe).

The Judiciary Report has stated for years that people in Hollywood operate a cabal and repeatedly engage in acts of criminal bribery and corruption to unlawfully avoid the consequences of their terrible, illegal actions. People in Hollywood routinely bribe judges, politicians, police officers, federal law enforcement and other government workers to evade being brought to justice for murder, assault, sexual and financial crimes.

Hollywood likes to brag about their corruption of the justice system. They wear it as a badge of honor. However, it is not something to be proud of in any measure. It's a disgrace and embarrassment. People all over the world are watching as people in Hollywood constantly corrupt the justice system and it is not a good look.

Shameless, lawless people in Hollywood go around grinning like hyenas, acting as though they've done something cute, when it is despicable. Hollywood is so callous, jaded, depraved and without conscience, they fail to grasp the national and international disgrace and embarrassment they have created on the U.S. justice system. Criminals in Hollywood, like Weinstein, don't care who they drag down with them. The gross lack of conscience is astonishing.

As stated on the site this week, Weinstein contacted his friends in Hollywood and political circles, demanding they vouch for him in the face of the terrible sex scandal. What a cowardly thing to do. He was perfectly prepared to drag his friends into the sordid scandal and take them down with him by association, in asking them to vouch for horrendous criminal behavior against women. However, this is typical of Hollywood.

Weinstein was sending people glowing items he wanted them to state about him to the press and on social networking. This is standard Hollywood behavior by lecherous industry members. They secretly place press articles with glowing quotes, in pieces that are completely fake, as they wrote the items themselves. They give inducements to others in the industry to post glowing items about them on social networking, when their behavior is not praiseworthy. It's all so fake and contrived.

I have seen Hollywood corrupt cases concerning human rights, murder, rape, child molestation, sexual assault, bank fraud, mortgage discrimination, illegal wiretapping, hacking, phone hacking and malpractice, via issuing bribes to judges and lawyers. In some cases, witnesses were issued criminal threats by people in Hollywood and those illegal acting on their behalf. Hollywood is completely out of control.

People in Hollywood are going around molesting kids, raping and spying on adults in their homes (and their children by default due to the invasion of privacy). They are perversely, insidiously and criminally invading people's privacy via commissioned computer hacking and wiretapping, as well as acts of voyeurism via webcam spying, hidden cameras and modified cable boxes.

They are insanely getting involved in political matters in a manner that criminally crosses the line, as they are not duly elected politicians, but Hollywood psychotics tampering in the politics and national security of America (Congress, FBI, CIA), among other places. Unelected idiots should not be meddling in government. It is very dangerous. They are going to destroy America with this madness.


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