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Hillary Clinton And Democrat Politicians Still In Denial About Losing Presidential Election To Donald Trump And Are Harming America With Damaging Rhetoric

June 2. 2017


Hillary Clinton

Failed presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton and some of her fellow Democrats in Congress are dragging America down, while in a state of persistent denial regarding losing the 2016 U.S. election to Donald Trump. Due to the fact Clinton has lost the election, she is going on a revenge spree in trying to destroy the lives of all she blames for her defeat, when she is the one to blame.

If Clinton didn't have so many skeletons in her closet, literally, there would be nothing for sites such as Wikileaks to leak. If Clinton didn't break the law so often, there would be nothing to call her integrity into question for in the public domain (see: Clinton Foundation charity scandal and mishandling classified documents criminal investigation).

If Clinton had let destiny follow its course and her democratic rival, Bernie Sanders, had won the nomination, rather than it being stolen from him by Hillary and other Democrat politicians in her pocket, her party would have won the election. Polls gave Sanders a significant lead over Trump (albeit, polls can be wrong). At least Sanders is well-liked and doesn't have the skeletons in his closet Clinton has for years.

Now all America and the world is hearing from Clinton and Democrats in Congress is RUSSIA, RUSSIA, PUTIN, PUTIN, in looking for someone to blame for her electoral defeat...and it looks crazy. The Democrats have given the Russian government more publicity than they could have ever hoped for with this madness, which reveals the losing side in the U.S. election is in deep denial.

James Comey

As the FBI revealed, neither Russia or Trump interfered with the vote tally in the U.S. election. Therefore, stop being juvenile. Under the electoral system that is in place, Trump won the election fair and square. The Democrats lost the election. End of story. The Democrats were in office for 8-years. Now it's someone else's turn. Get over it. This is the nature of politics. Control vacillates from one side to the other. Move on.

Clinton is clinging to campaign polls regarding Trump that wrongly predicted she would win the presidency. However, years prior, many campaign polls were wrongly predicting Republican, Mitt Romney, would win by a landslide, but Democrat, Barack Obama was reelected president. Polls are useful, but you have to take them with a grain of salt.

The Democrats, liberal media and Hollywood are doing America a world of damage dwelling on Russia and its president, Vladimir Putin, rather than the government improving the country. I've never seen a political side take an election loss so badly and go to such extremes in trying to reason away the results of the vote. It is very immature and alarming.

No real work is getting done in Washington congressional circles, because everything is RUSSIA, RUSSIA, PUTIN, PUTIN. They sound like broken records.
I do not believe Trump is running the U.S. government for the benefit of Putin and Russia, though he has done business in the region.

Hillary Clinton also did deals with Russia, even selling them 20% of America's nuclear uranium, which could be used to build bombs to kill Americans. However, I do not believe Clinton, as Secretary of State, was running the State Department for the benefit of Putin and Russia. Clinton was also paid for speeches by Russian entities. Therefore, both Trump and Clinton have financial ties to Russia. Why the double standard, then?

If you want to be politically fair and financially stupid, investigate them both for being beholden to Putin, as the narrative the Democrats are pushing with Trump is very one sided. When Clinton had financial ties to the Russians while in office, why was it not investigated? Now all of a sudden, Trump, a Republican, gets in office and it is being investigated. The U.S. government can be so partial and uneven, it is astonishing.

On the matter of former government employee, Michael Flynn, if there is credible evidence he has been corrupted by a foreign government entity, to act in a manner contrary to the best interests of America, by all means investigate him. If credible evidence is uncovered, prosecute. However, the same should be done regarding Democrats, such as the Clintons, who have financial ties to Russia as well.

Donald Trump and Melania Trump

I'm so sick of the hypocrisy that I have tuned it all out, as have many other viewers. The way these cases are being handled by the FBI is sloppy, dirty, corrupt, inefficient and politically motivated. It's hard to take it seriously. Other nations have experienced expense scandals and bribery cases, but they were not handled so poorly. The respective world governments investigated and quickly brought criminal cases in the incidents they found credible evidence. But no, not Congress. Everyday on the news is footage of politicians grandstanding and showing off, sounding like malfunctioning robots RUSSIA, RUSSIA, PUTIN, PUTIN. It doesn't look good.

Former FBI Director, James Comey, was trying to play both ends against the middle and it blew up in his face when Trump fired him. Comey was trying to control and use Congress and Trump for his own ends at the FBI and it went left, all the way left when he was removed from his post.

With all the terrible things happening in America such as 30,000 gun deaths per year, water pollution in a number of states (the worst in Flint, Michigan), the massive number of drug overdoses gripping the country, teens either joining or being killed by gangs in rapidly escalating numbers (Bloods, Crips, MS-13), why is it all people hear from Congress and the liberal media is RUSSIA, RUSSIA, PUTIN, PUTIN.

And what takes the cake is Congress appointing white supremacist and corrupt former FBI director, Robert S. Mueller, to head up an investigation into Trump campaign ties to Russia. Mueller is the most corrupt and evil FBI Director in American history. He engaged in racism, discrimination and harassment tactics that got the FBI sued by not only minority agents, but civilians as well. Mueller oversaw the FBI's disgusting torture policies that wreak of mental illness.

Mueller violated the privacy of Americans and foreigners alike in a sick, wholesale fashion. Mueller illegally went into foreign nations like Britain and Iceland, among others, criminally violating the law under false pretenses. Mueller also engaged in behavior that caused many innocent people's deaths, as will be exposed to greater degrees. Yet, this is who Congress chose to do the investigation. Mueller is a deranged madman who should be ex-communicated from the Catholic Church and thrown in prison for crimes against humanity. He will not redeem himself or the government's name in this fiasco.

Barack Obama

Further speaking to this unevenness, corruption and partiality in Congress, former president, Barack Obama, repeatedly engaged in obstruction of justice, commissioned criminal wiretapping, computer hacking, email hacking and voyeurism while in office, for which there is irrefutable evidence, but the FBI didn't investigate it, because they committed these crimes with him.

Obama was outed for some of said crimes, such as the NSA illegal spying scandal, illegally spying on people in their homes like perverts, illegally wiretapping reporters, illegally spying on scientists and doctors, illegally spying on Angela Merkel and criminally targeting Christians through the IRS. Obama then engaged in obstruction of justice to block any and all prosecution of him for these serious crimes, by ordering people he appointed at the Justice Department (DOJ) to look the other way to criminal behavior. Where were the famed "checks and balances?"

Obama also repeatedly instructed the FBI and DOJ not to prosecute his cronies in corporate America and Hollywood for crimes they've committed and belong in federal prison for, in acts that constitute obstruction of justice on his part. However, Democrats want Trump investigated for allegedly asking Comey to drop the case against Flynn, when Obama did far worse in office in outright obstruction of justice, via acts the FBI and DOJ criminally helped him do. Hypocrites!

What about Hillary Clinton's assistant and according to the Mirror UK, her lesbian lover as well, Huma Abedin and her ties to sponsors of terrorism. Where is the investigation into that matter that some referred to as traitorous. How can you investigate Trump for alleged inappropriate ties to the Russian government, but not Abedin's ties to terror.

If one side of the isle is going to be punished for alleged obstruction of justice (Trump), so should the other one (Obama). If one side of the isle is going to be punished for alleged inappropriate ties to Russia (Trump), so should the other one (Clintons).

FBI Director James Comey, former FBI Director Robert Mueller and U.S. President Barack Obama.

People in America still can't pay their bills and can barely feed their families, due to years of a rough economy that began with former president, George W. Bush. No one cares that the left doesn't like Trump, when faced with such financial hardships. People want solutions to the financial and social problems hampering the country. Therefore, there are more important things to talk about and in watching Congress, the liberals in the press and Hollywood on television, not a single viable solution has been offered to the serious problems facing America, just yammering on about Russia, Trump's hair and his wife's clothes.

Exactly what is being accomplished? Even in Congress all they are doing is fighting again...and giving themselves raises, while much of the country struggles. What are you doing to help poor people in America? How are you fighting the corporate greed that is gobbling up America? How are you fighting gangs in Chicago and others such as MS-13, who are killing off people's innocent children all over the country and in brutal ways?

Once again, what are you accomplishing? How are you fixing America's problems? You have the legislative ability to pass laws that direct law enforcement to shutdown these gangs, but you have not addressed it. You have the legislative ability to pass laws that regulate corporate America, as some entities have financially abused the American people into poverty, creating a poorer standard of living, but you have not addressed it. You are failing the American people to focus on Trump and Russia in something that should have been a quick law enforcement matter. However, for political reasons it is being stretched out and the public is sick of it. It is such a distraction.

A new report was published stating home prices are outpacing American salaries. This means Americans can't afford homes again. Food prices are also escalating again. This means people can't afford food or shelter. How is that a good thing?


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