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Hillary Clinton Backing Recount Of 2016 Presidential Election Votes But Already Handed A Blow By Wisconsin Court

November 30. 2016

Hillary Clinton looking weathered after the 2016 presidential election. Her eyes are still red and bleary from crying, as losing a major election is difficult for some. You know, a little makeup wouldn't hurt. I'm just saying...

Jill Stein of the Green Party has raised $5,000,000 for a recount of the votes in select U.S. states regarding the 2016 presidential election. Hillary Clinton lost the election to Donald Trump. However, yesterday a judge in Wisconsin refused to order a recount and the lawsuit filed in Pennsylvania provides no evidence of voter fraud.

Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine during concession speech

Ironically, prior to election day, Clinton, who unwisely believed the polls some of her wealthy and connected Democrats paid for and tweaked at newspapers and outlets such as CNN, presumptuously demanded rival Trump accept the results, as they were sure he would lose. However, he didn't lose, which came as a terrible shock to Clinton and her supporters. Now Clinton is doing what her campaign demanded Trump not do - protest defeat.

President-Elect Donald Trump, his son Barron and wife Melania

Clinton is backing the recount in a desperate, fruitless attempt at grabbing the presidency. Election officials have made it plainly clear, Clinton lost by too much of a margin in the contested states to have the recount be in her favor. In fact, no one lost by such a large margin and prevailed in a recount. Furthermore, Clinton conceded defeat. The U.S. government has already given Trump clearance to hire 4,000 staff members and cleared the airspace above his homes in New York and Florida officially labeling him the in-coming president.

Donald Trump, Barron Trump, Melania Trump and Ivanka Trump

This is not like 2000 when George W. Bush outright stole the election from Al Gore by having his brother Jeb Bush and his alleged mistress, Katherine Harris, toss out thousands of votes through fraud in Florida, leaving him with a 500 plus lead. Trump beat Clinton by tens of thousands and over a hundred thousand votes in some states.

Barack Obama

There is also the matter of current president, Barack Obama, encouraging illegal immigrants to violate the law by voting in the election for Clinton, which tainted the vote. Obama, a licensed attorney, knew better and should be disbarred for his actions, as it threw the election results into chaos, via encouraging a federal crime (not to mention endangering the freedom of illegal immigrants). Exposés online have shown illegal immigrants and felons can vote by using a fake ID. Additionally, people complained of selecting Trump at the voting booth, but the machines switching their vote to Clinton.


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