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 Hitler Was Part Jewish And Moroccan

August 30. 2010

Adolf Hitler

Former mass murderer and dictator, Hitler, was mixed with white, African (Moroccan) and Jewish blood, according to a newly released report, revealing DNA results. 5-years ago, the Judiciary Report's sister site, the Sound Off Column, stated Hitler looks like a mixed person: 

"What's even more ironic is Hitler wanted an Aryan nation full of blonde hair, blue eyed people and he was neither. He had black hair and brown eyes. That has always tripped me out about him. Some of my relatives looked whiter than Hitler and they were mixed. Even I, a black girl, was born with lighter colored hair than Hitler (hearing that would have messed him up).

Following his line of reasoning of blonde hair and blue eyes being better, shouldn't he have been exterminated then. However, I say that hypothetically, as I do not agree with what he did at all.

Therefore, what was that nitwit really doing killing people for not being white enough when he himself looked mixed? C'mon, Hitler could have passed for Hispanic or bi-racial (hearing that would have messed him up). Hitler could have passed for Puerto Rican in Miami (hearing that would have messed him up too). Can you imagine if someone had said como estas to Hitler. The little pipsqueak would have blown his top for anyone thinking he wasn't Anglo-Saxon.

And why did the other Nazis not realize he was a hypocrite and one who did not even meet his own ideals of Anglo-Saxoness." - Sound Off Column February 2005

It turns out the site was right. 5-years later, a DNA test released this week has revealed, Hitler had Jewish and Moroccan blood. Moroccans are blacks mixed with Spanish (Hispanic). At the end of the day, his ethnicity and nationality have nothing to do with the fact he was evil, as that is a choice one makes. 


Hitler DNA Tests Show He Likely Had Jewish, African Roots



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