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Hollywood Is Exploiting Netflix And Amazon By Grossly Overcharging For Substandard Entertainment While Engaging In Personal Misspending

December 21. 2017


Greedy Hollywood is charging Netflix and Amazon exorbitant sums of money and delivering a small quantity of average and even substandard shows for the enormous budgets they have been given. Hollywood is charging Netflix and Amazon more money for projects than the television shows and movies produced by industry studios.

Netflix and Amazon, respectively, should be receiving dozens more shows and movies, for the massive budgets they have underwritten in Hollywood. They are being ripped off because they do not know better, and by a sinking industry that is using the money for things other than what is being publicly stated. This constitutes fraud. Some of the money is being embezzled. This does not help entertainment in America, as viewers are getting fewer options, which will further erode box office numbers and television viewing figures.

The crookedness was so blatant, that even disgraced Hollywood producer, Harvey Weinstein, went to Netflix demanding $25,000,000 in "emergency cash." However the money was not for movie or television show production, in reference to the deal he has with Netflix (and Amazon). Weinstein needed the money to pay lawyers in bids at silencing victims. Weinstein also needed the money to continue payments to private investigators he hired, to illegally spy on women he is obsessed with that he sexually assaulted and or raped.

Over 100 women have stated Weinstein sexually harassed, sexually assaulted and or raped them. It is financially costly to issue hush money and keep illegal surveillance going on that many people. Weinstein also misappropriated money from his investors at the Weinstein Company to live lavishly and underwrite his wife's fashion company, which he used to meet and sexually attack models. However, Weinstein did not receive the additional millions he demanded from Netflix in a bid to squash the current sex scandal. Weinstein and others in his circle are still in denial regarding the industry trying to purge them from its midst.


Harvey Weinstein asked Netflix for $25m 'emergency cash' as he tried to contain sex abuse scandal

Published: 04:21 EST, 19 December 2017 | Updated: 04:33 EST, 19 December 2017 - Harvey Weinstein allegedly tried to raise $25 million from Netflix as he tried to contain the sex abuse scandal, it has been claimed. The disgraced movie mogul is said to have approached the American entertainment company just weeks before the scandal broke in October, seeking 'emergency cash'.

He did not reveal the reason for the cash injection, however it is speculated that he was looking for 'hush money'. Hollywood insiders told Page Six the film producer was looking to sell the rights to some of his movies. Disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein is said to have approached the American entertainment company weeks before the scandal broke in October, seeking 'emergency cash.' However, he was reportedly refused a deal by executives at the company.

An unidentified source told the website: 'Clearly Harvey didn't go to Netflix saying he needed "hush money". He put it into a business context, saying he was looking to sell the rights to part of his catalog. But they were wise to decline.' Another source added that Weinstein also went to several other companies...



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