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Ivanka Trump Aggressively Harassed By Two Men On A Flight Leading Airline To Kick The Troublesome Passengers Off

December 23. 2016

Matthew Lasner tweeting about incident where he and his gay partner harassed Ivanka Trump

35-year-old Ivanka Trump, daughter of U.S. president-elect, Donald Trump, was harassed on a flight by a gay male couple, one of whom stated among other things, “Your father is ruining the country! You’re ruining this flight!” Trump was taking a flight with her two young children, ages 5-years-old and 9-months, when two men, Matthew Lasner and Dan Goldstein, began aggressively harassing her.

Trump and her children were berated by Goldstein as they quietly sat in coach on a JetBlue flight. Goldstein, an attorney of all people, who should have more respect for human rights, was ranting about Ivanka’sr dad and nastily slamming her for flying coach (there’s nothing wrong with flying coach).

The flight crew of JetBlue promptly put the two troublemaking men off the plane and appropriately so. After they were ejected from the flight, they lied to the press and social networking about their abusive behavior towards a young woman and her two kids, stating they spoke in a “calm tone.” However, they were not being truthful, as prior to the flight, Lasner tweeted on Twitter, “Invanka and Jared at JFK T5, flying commercial. My husband chasing them down to harass them.” They should have been arrested.


Some of you are showing off and for the internet. You‘re not heroes. You are zeros. Bullies who need to be taught a lesson with some time in jail to cool off and think about your abusive actions. People have the right to privacy and peace. Going up to someone berating them is disturbing the peace and harassment.

The woman was discreetly on a flight with her small kids and two grown men begin barking at her like she’s a dog they’re squaring off with, because they don‘t agree with her father‘s politics. That is completely out of line. Once again, you are bullies. Who do you think you are to do that to anyone. Who do you think you are to corner and berate someone. That is predatorial behavior. You basically bullied this woman you felt you had cornered and in the presence of her little kids. When people approach others in that manner, they are deemed unbalanced and a risk to the person’s life and safety.

Basic manners, common decency and class says you conduct yourself like an adult with a respect for the law and other people’s rights. You give people their space. You don’t go up in their face acting like a maniac. This incivility that has erupted from some, not all liberals, is disgusting. Some people are acting downright crazy and in a manner that poses a security threat to others.


This behavior is highly inappropriate. I don’t know why some think they have a right to approach and harass others with menacing speech. It is unlawful, as it is harassment. Learn to leave people alone. It’s one thing to approach someone with a compliment. It’s quite another to go up to them with abusive, brutish speech. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t go up to them and say anything at all. Keep your complaints on social networking, similar online platforms and in the voting booth. Outside of that, there are boundaries you do not cross.

There are people in this world I do not agree with, but if I see them in public I’m not going to approach or berate them, as I’m a grown woman with manners and a life. I’m not going to go up to people berating and bullying them. It’s just not a decent thing to do, as it constitutes bad manners.

And another thing, fashion designers and artists coming forward slamming Melania Trump, stating they don’t want their work associated with her or the rest of the Trumps, exactly what do you think you are accomplishing. It is very pretentious. Someone buys your product and you are complaining that you don’t want to be associated with them. Well stop selling anything then. I hate to burst your bubble, but by default, she is considered more important than you. Going down in world history as a First Lady outweighs being designer. No offense, as I do love fashion, but it’s the truth. So, you may want to get off your high horse.


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