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Jay Z Lied About Loaning Kanye West $20,000,000 And Continues To Give Artists And Athletes Very Bad Advice That Is Causing Trouble

July 6. 2017

Jay Z

Jay Z is a crazy liar, fraud and vengeful individual. Last week, Jay Z bragged he loaned rapper Kanye West $20,000,000 to help him, which is an outright lie. Jay Z managed West at his faltering Roc Nation company, but a tour sponsor gave Kanye what is known in the music industry as an "advance" of $20,000,000, which is a loan against future sales.

Jay Z had nothing to do with the money, nor did he come up with it. What a fraud. Anyone managing West would have been able to get an advance off the strength of his previous concert ticket sales. Another example is record labels routinely give recording artists an "advance" against potential, future record sales and the sum is based on the strength of their past successes. The "advance" is used to complete new music. However, your manager does not come up with the funds. It is an "advance" from the record label.

Jay Z floated the lie about West, after the rapper had a nervous breakdown on stage. During the incident, Kanye, who has been severely mentally abused in the Kabbalah Cult, who call themselves "the Illuminati" had the breakdown on stage and slammed Jay Z, outing him as a man who has killers. This is quite true.

Kanye West became schizophrenic in Madonna's Kabbalah cult, after producing music for her and joining at her insistence and that of Jay Z

Prior to West's outburst, I had a tense conference call with Jay Z's attorney during a lawsuit I filed in 2015, where they tried to blame all the crimes committed against me on Madonna, when the rest of them in the case actively and knowingly participated in the sick violations of established law for profit and because they are depraved savages.

Jay Z's lawyer went too far in haranguing me over the phone. Having had enough of his posturing and harassment, I politely informed him he is representing a known music industry murderer, who was a crack cocaine dealer selling that poison to adults and children alike. Jay Z's lawyer had no answer for that. Sometimes people need a reminder to knock them off their high horse when they are spewing crap that goes beyond the bounds of court rules. But I digress.

Jay Z is a known liar. He lied about the value of Rocafella, criminally overvaluing it by $100,000,000 and was caught by a bank and financial company in said scam, after they did their own private evaluation. Jay Z defaulted on a $2,000,000 loan, which appeared on a leaked copy of his credit report, illegally obtained by a hacker. Billionaires don't default on such small loans. Jay Z has been lying about being a billionaire, when evidence is coming out that will prove he is nowhere near said financial status.

Jay Z has been falsely promising athletes in America, Britain, the Caribbean and Europe huge sums of money if they will join his unprofessional, inexperienced, inept Roc Nation company and "the Illuminati" under Madonna's direction, in acts that will create a world of trouble and massive scandal for the U.S. State Department and the FBI in the not too distant future, as serious criminal acts are being committed that have crossed international lines.

Jay Z and his cult are also deteriorating the mental health of domestic and international stars, with people in foreign industry asking why certain famous athletes are going crazy. Those world governments are going to start going after the State Department for allowing a known, deranged celebrity cult to cross into their nations with criminal behavior that is damaging their stars. To make matters worse, the self-billed "Illuminati" have a "suicide pact" with entertainers and athletes they have roped into their madness. They are ruining many young lives and something very bad is being done in that sect.

Jay Z has already been sued by athletes in America that he has cost lucrative, preexisting deals with other companies they were signed to in established agreements. Jay Z has lied to athletes that he will give them more money and procure lucrative deals, only to have him break all his promises and they lose millions of dollars and career time. Jay Z needs as many artists and athletes as possible to prop up Roc Nation, which is tethering on the brink of collapse, as he does not know what he is doing.

Once these artists and athletes join Roc Nation, Jay Z fails to deliver on all his promises, which were fake, deceitful inducements issued that he does not have the business acumen or intelligence to deliver on, as he is a deluded fool, who insanely thinks and foolishly says he is a genius and his peers are Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and Steve Jobs.

Kanye West had a nervous breakdown on stage

How does Jay Z, clearly suffering from delusions of grandeur, reconcile that. Gates, Jobs and Buffett went to Ivy League universities and have legitimately made many billions of dollars. Jay Z is uneducated, sounds illiterate when he speaks and raps, is not a billionaire (not even close) and does not even have a small fraction of the money of the aforementioned men. He sounds crazy speaking like that.

The man is a moron with the intellect of a piece of drywall. He sold crack cocaine, then used the dirty money to start a music production company. He bribed disc jockeys and other industry members to get his substandard, ignorant, explicit records out to the public and on the charts. He is an uneducated fool who has stabbed people, beaten others, is murderer, commissioned violent assaults and issued death threats to people in and outside the entertainment industry. Jay Z has engaged in coercion, blackmail and other strongarm tactics in and outside the industry.

Yet, Jay Z, an idiot, is advising people. For example, as stated on the site in a previous article, Jay Z foolishly told millionaire baseball player, Alex Rodriguez, not to pay his attorney. I cannot begin to tell you how dumb that is on every level. The one person who knows the legal system inside and out and can sue you into oblivion, is the one Jay Z told Rodriguez not to pay and for services rendered, might I add. The attorney did many hours of work on Rodriguez's behalf.

Jay Z is telling other athletes he is going to make them billionaires, not paying attention to the fact, others in their respective sports are not billionaires and started well before them, under more favorable financial terms. Not to mention, taxes from various world governments range from 30-45% will slice earnings in as much as half.

For example, Jay Z recently told a boxer he is going to be a billionaire, which is an outright lie. As I actually have a genius level IQ of 160 and also utilize common sense, it was not difficult to calculate the improbability of such a notion. The richest boxer is Floyd Mayweather, who began before said boxer Jay Z wrongly informed will become a billionaire. Mayweather has the biggest ticket and PPV gross of any boxer. No one else has done comparable numbers...and Mayweather is not even a billionaire. His fights have generated $850,000,000, but there are expenses that are deducted from that sum (see below).

Therefore, how is a boxer, who started in the sport at a later age than Mayweather, sells less tickets and at cheaper prices, does significantly lower PPV revenue and has mid to lower level endorsements, going to be a billionaire, unless he and Jay Z are going to start selling cocaine straight from the cartels. And said boxer took on massive financial debt believing said lie from idiotic, reckless, careless Jay Z.

So, right now that boxer is throwing money down the toilet living above his means, believing he will earn a billion dollars. That boxer is renting a home that cost as much as Bill Gates mansion, which is throwing cash down the drain in rent money he will never see again. Not to mention, Jay Z has arrogantly sent said boxer items across international lines that implicates him in criminal activity. Jay Z is a damn troublemaker and he is going to drag people down with him when he falls.

To be a billionaire, technically you have to earn nearly 2 billion. Here's why. The government (of whatever nation one lives in) takes their cut in taxes at rates ranging from 30%-45%, agents need to be paid (5%-15% depending on the contract that was negotiated regarding their fee), managers (5%-15% again depending on the contract that was negotiated regarding their fee), promoters and business managers also have to get their agreed to share of earnings.

For example, entertainers or athletes could get a check for $20,000,000 (which is not the norm and way higher than the average) and after all the deductions, have $4,000,000 to $7,000,000 in the bank, dependent upon the deals they negotiated, regarding the percents they must pay to agents, mangers, promoters - and tax rates are not negotiable. For example, if you live in Britain, Inland Revenue is entitled to 45% at the aforementioned earnings bracket. If you don't pay them, they seize your assets and you go to prison. The same with the Internal Revenue Service in America and other government tax agencies around the world. But again, I digress.

Jay Z and Beyonce

Jay Z's business ventures have failed. Tidal is hemorrhaging money and is on the brink of collapse. They can barely afford to pay their employees and their have been layoff and others fleeing the sinking ship. Jay Z was kicked out of the Nets basketball team, after bragging he owned it, when he didn't even own 1% of the shares. The new owner deemed him bad for business and devalued Jay Z's shares even further to get rid of him. That's not owning a team. Jay Z just bought some shares.

Jay Z's restaurants created on stolen business plans have all failed. Jay Z tried to launch a hotel from stolen business plans and it failed before they could even turn the building into a hotel. The people Jay Z roped into the so-called hotel deal lost a lot of money from listening to that idiot. Rockafella failed and Jay Z's partner ended up bankrupt (as did Jay Z, who began to use his wife's money). Rocafella's successor, a rip off of Live Nation called Roc Nation, is now failing. All of Jay Z's businesses, 99% of them based on stolen business plans the idiot did not understand, as he does not know what he is doing, have failed.

It's bad enough to mess himself up. However, egotistical Jay Z keeps costing people money with lies, false promises, fraudulent inducements, stupid financial advice and risky schemes. Jay Z is making entertainers and athletes financial promises as inducements and failing to deliver, because he can't do so, as it is a lie. In the process, he is getting athletes into legal and financial trouble. Some of them will land in criminal court as well for following that fool over the cliff.

What is also alarming about Jay Z is the fact he is a devil worshipper in a cult (Kabbalah/the Illuminati), who glorifies Satan in songs such as "Lucifer" and "New York" - yet he is calling and emailing Christian entertainers and athletes asking them to tweet, retweet and post about his vile music, if you can even call it music, as it is trash with no lyrical value, on social networking. Some of them he has over a barrel, due to things he got them involved in that they do not want made public.

The Bible denounces the type of entertainment Jay Z and others like him release to the masses, labeling it "corrupt communication" as it is explicit, profane, blasphemous,  idolatrous, promotes promiscuity and is devilish in literally glorifying the devil. Jay Z has written songs denouncing Jesus and praising the devil, such as the aforementioned songs, yet is actively asking Christians in the entertainment and sports industries to promote him on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Exactly how does that reconcile with Christianity. How is a Christian supposed to promote a man and his works that literally glorify greed, evil, malice and the devil...and be in good graces with God.

Jay Z has done interviews talking about being possessed by the spirits of dead stars. Jay Z said "I got the spirits in me" when talking about deceased secular stars, when the Bible says, "Do not communicate with the dead." And this is who some of you are following and promoting online. A mentally ill madman worshipping the devil, who has invited dead spirits to invade his soul, in satanic practices that openly defy the Bible.

Jay Z and his wife Beyonce are also "robbing Peter to pay Paul" as the phrase goes, in running financial scams, committing tax fraud, bank fraud, ripping off manufacturers, clothing companies, lawyers and copyright holders, as attested by many, many lawsuits against them, as the fake celebrity couple are trying to live a luxury lifestyle they are not entitled to in any measure, as they have not earned it. Mark my words, their conduct is going to land them under criminal indictment.


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