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Jay Z Threatens To Sue Music Site Over Accurate Claim His Concert Tour Is Flopping With Canceled Dates And Deeply Discounted Tickets

November 22. 2017

Jay Z awarded a platinum plaque for "4:44" though all the copies were bought by a mobile carrier then distributed to their subscribers for free. The hard copy of the album went on to flop in stores.

Crooked rapper Jay Z is acting like a real diva, in getting angry at music writers for reporting the truth, regarding his current 444 concert tour flopping all over America and the world. Jay Z has threatened to sue DigitalMusicNews.com for exposing the fact his tickets are not selling well. Jay Z was forced to cancel tour stops due to low demand for tickets, making said dates unprofitable.

This happened even in light of the fact concert tickets have been selling at rock bottom prices of $6 each. When the drastic cost cutting failed to drum up sales, many tickets were given away to radio stations and other entertainment outlets, to distribute for free. The number of tickets given away for free far exceed the normal amount for the average tour, but is being done to fill the blaringly obvious empty seats.

It seems you can’t even give away some tickets to the show, as concertgoers still reported seeing many empty seats and roped off swathes of concert halls with curtains hiding the low attendance numbers. Jay Z’s ego can’t take it. Hence the lawsuit threats, as his career is all smoke and mirrors.

Jay Z has not had a hit in many years. He has been relying on free downloads bought by mobile carriers to provide income, albeit it amounts to 90% less of the figure he would receive if he actually sold the albums. However, the demand is not there. Hence the cover up and undeserved gold and platinum plaques for music that was not sold to the public.
Jay Z’s new album “4:44” is garbage. It has no hits on. People have stated they don’t even understand what he is saying on some tracks. He is not a real musician anyway. He relies on copyright infringement for music as his dim brain is devoid of any original ideas.

Jay Z is also in massive disfavor with audiences over cheating on his wife, singer Beyonce. People repeatedly slam him for cheating and state he is “too ugly” to do so, which in their estimation, adds insult to injury to Beyonce. People are labeling Jay Z delusional. He is being called the ugly one in the relationship, who is acting like his wife is the person who is unattractive.

What’s next, is Jay Z going to sue people for calling him ugly. One look at social networking and you will literally find thousands of comments calling Jay Z “ugly.” Word of warning, Jay Z should be careful going to the Middle East. Someone might throw a saddle over him and try to jump on his back, whilst mistaking him for a camel.


Jay-Z Threatens to Sue Digital Music News If We Don’t Change Our ‘4:44’ Tour Coverage

November 6, 2017 - On Friday, we called Jay-Z’s ‘4:44’ tour a flop, citing massive unsold inventory and tickets dropping as low as $6. Now, Jay-Z’s attorneys are demanding that we rip that article down. Digital Music News thinks Jay-Z’s tour isn’t going so well. Billboard is calling that same tour a wild success. Which version is correct? Now, Jay-Z is threatening legal action against Digital Music News if we don’t rip down our analysis of his ‘4:44’ tour. In fact, his attorney says that Billboard’s coverage proves that our coverage is not only factually incorrect, but defamatory.

Here’s the letter that Jay-Z’s attorney emailed us this morning (yeah, it seriously starts with ‘Dear Sir/Madam’…) “Dear Sir/Madam This office serves as legal Counsel to Shawn (JAY-Z) Carter. We are writing in connection with the following article...


Jay-Z’s ‘4:44’ Tour Is a Disaster: $6 Seats, Half-Filled Stadiums…

November 3, 2017 - The cheap seats aren’t even selling. And the arenas are half full. Is it over? Jay-Z is now facing lackluster demand and sagging ticket prices on his ‘4:44’ tour. Update: Jay-Z has threatened legal action against Digital Music News over this article. Here’s the latest on that. Jay-Z is accustomed to multi-platinum albums and sold-out shows. But this time around, fans didn’t even know where to find 4:44. And they seem equally uninterested in seeing the rapper live. As the 4:44 circus train leaves the station, fans are leaking some moribund details. Tickets are largely going unsold, with bargain basement deals surfacing.

That includes a shockingly-low $6 seat in Anaheim (see above). And maybe that’s the first of many. On that same date, $11 tickets were plentiful. Other dates are woefully undersold. A quick look at Ticketmaster shows a massive number of unsold seats in markets like Denver, Dallas, and Los Angeles.

A Dallas show scheduled for November 7th offers a stunning look at the situation. Just days ahead of the gig, most sections have plenty of tickets available. That includes lower-priced, $34 nosebleeds, which are plentiful. Updated (November 5th): Jay-Z has cancelled a scheduled performance in Fresno, as tickets drop below $10 in numerous cities...



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