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Judge To Bailiff: "Hit Her!"

Foxy Brown cuffed and accused of not really being deaf

Rapper Foxy Brown was berated by Judge Melissa Jackson, who stated she had shown disrespect to the court. I'm amazed at this story for several reasons. How the situation escalated into what it did is really bad.

The judge accused Foxy Brown of not really being deaf - when all medical reports publicly discussed by doctors indicate she is deaf! The worst part in my opinion is when the judge shouted at an officer to "hit her" when she resisted being handcuffed due to the bangles on her hand getting in the way. Unbelievable.

"While she was being handcuffed, Ms Marchand shouted at a court officer and, Judge Jackson said, hit her." - BBC

How is it appropriate for a judge to yell to an officer to hit a litigant, make it worse, a deaf litigant. That is abusive and words no judge should ever shout from the bench. It is unjustifiable. Her actions were described as racist by notable African American figures.

I don't like what I am witnessing from several judges who have the attitude that they can say and do whatever they want to, irrespective of the law, the Constitution and human rights. It's very unbecoming.

"As Judge Jackson set a date of 23 January for Ms Marchand, 25, to return, she said to the rapper's lawyer Joseph Fleming: "Counsel, she has gum in her mouth." Mr. Fleming denied his client was chewing gum, and told the judge the rapper could not hear her. She has been diagnosed with sudden hearing loss. Ms Marchand opened her mouth and wagged her tongue as if to show her mouth was empty. Judge Jackson ordered the rapper to be handcuffed to the defendants' bench." - BBC



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