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Justin Bieber Branded 'A National Embarrassment' By Canadian Newspaper

April 1. 2013

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber's string of troubles this year has not gone unnoticed by his home country Canada. Bieber's troubles with bad friends, marijuana, driving violations, fights and altercations, as well as a trouble plagued world tour, has given him the worst spate of press of his young career.

Canada's prominent "Globe And Mail" newspaper slammed Bieber in the article "Justin Bieber Is A National Embarrassment." Canadian journalist, Amberly McAteer, stated of Bieber, "Iím exhausted. This kid ó who I admit, I had the highest hopes for ó is becoming a national embarrassment."  


Justin Bieber Dissed By Canadian Paper: ĎA National Embarrassmentí

Sat, March 30, 2013 5:51pm EDT - Ouch! Justinís progressively outrageous antics are starting to bother his homeland! ĎThe Globe and Mailí of Canada has written a scathing column slamming the star... Justin Bieber isnít just annoying his neighbors ó now even his native land Canada is turning on him! A harsh column published in The Globe and Mail makes it clear that if Justin doesnít change his ways soon, his home country is going to disown him.

"Justin Bieber Is A National Embarrassment," is the headline of Amberly McAteerís scathing column that ran in the Mar. 26 edition of the Canadian newspaper, The Globe and Mail. Speaking on behalf of Justinís native nation, Amberly goes at Justin HARD. Itís the singerís shirtless trip through a Poland airport that seems to have ticked her off, as she writes, "Poor kid: With all his millions, Justin Bieber still cannot afford a single t-shirt."

Bieberís recent displays of shirtless behavior, alleged experimentation with drugs and alcohol, and passionate social media rants add up to paint "a very unflattering picture," Amberly says. "Iím exhausted," she adds before dropping the bomb: "This kid ó who I admit, I had the highest hopes for ó is becoming a national embarrassment."...




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