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Justin Bieber Made Rivals Out Of Selena Gomez And Barbara Palvin Over Sex

November 24. 2012


Justin Bieber is behaving like his friend Chris Brown, stringing two women along

18-year-old pop star, Justin Bieber, in the midst of a string of legal woes, turned two women against each other, simply by getting dumped by one (Selena Gomez) for cheating and showing an interest in another (Barbara Palvin). Girls fight over him all the time on social networking sites, but this time it hit close to home, as two love interests got catty with each other.

Barbara Palvin

Palvin threw the first proverbial punch in flat out stating during an interview that she does not like Selena Gomez (and this is before their little love triangle went public thanks to the paparazzi). Then, Gomez tweeted a photo of Bieber and Palvin together, taken before his date with the model.

Selena Gomez

Regardless of what some blogs have stated, Bieber is still after Palvin. He is taken with her looks and the fact she is mature for her age. As stated previously, Bieber has shallow friends, who are giving him the impression he should be living a certain way according to his status as a star, via bedding models and video girls (Chris Brown, Mark Walhberg ect...). Bieber will soon learn that lifestyle burns out very fast, hurts the people closest to you and has other undesirable side effects as well.


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