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Justin Bieber's New Girlfriend Barbara Palvin Stated She Does Not Like His Ex Selena Gomez

November 13. 2012

Justin Bieber is enjoying being single (way too much for Selena Gomez's taste)

Victoria Secret drawers model, Barbara Palvin, 19, who is the new girlfriend pop singer, Justin Bieber, 18, did an interview slamming the woman he just broke up with, actress Selena Gomez, 20. In an interview Palvin did, the model stated, "I don't like Selena Gomez by the way..." Whoa, retract the claws. No need to get catty (I'm just saying that to try to be cute, but in the back of my mind I'm thinking of all the site views this scandal will get the site). Selena for her part has not responded to the mean girl model that stole Bieber from her, utilizing a dignified silence (don't take that from her, call her anorexic).

Barbara Palvin

Seriously, I never thought Bieber and Gomez were right for each other and voiced that from the beginning.  But at the end of the day, it is their lives, they have free will and can do whatever they wish with it. However, it is my hope that the set a good example for their audiences. At times that is missing from their behavior, such as the borderline pornographic public displays of affection the couple engaged in, Gomez publicly chucking her promise ring to sleep with Bieber and the singer actually listening to his rowdy friends in the industry, who are leading him astray.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez

Bieber's friends are telling him he should have a certain type of girl as his main girlfriend - one who is beautiful, wears revealing clothes and is willing to put up with promiscuity, which they also encourage. No female wants to be in such a relationship, but some tolerate it because of their feelings for the person, while others do so because the individual is rich and famous. But it's not worth one's dignity and happiness. In closing, Bieber needs to find new friends with morals.


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