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Justin Bieber States He's Shaved His Mustache (What Mustache? *Crickets*)

There Are Peaches At The Supermarket With More Fuzz On Them Than Bieberís Top Lip

March 18. 2013

Justin Bieber poisted this photo with the words "rip stache"

19-year-old pop star and Ellen Degeneres look alike, Justin Bieber, stated online that he has shaved his mustache. I have 20/20 vision, so I had to check if it was April Fools, because Iíve never seen Bieber with a mustache. Bieber posted before and after pictures and itís kind of funny when both pics look EXACTLY THE SAME. Having a Kanye moment, Bieber? YouĎre too young for senility to be setting in LOL.
Even Ellen Degeneresí mustache is thicker than Bieberís (yea, I said it). You know, they make nice hair plugs for balding men, maybe they make them for teenage dudes with bald top lips.

In closing, thereís nothing wrong with having a mustache or not having one. It doesnít make one more or less of a man.
P.S. Bieber, since you been working out in the gym, you donít look 12 anymore. Now you look Ö13 (haha!). Just kidding.


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