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Kevin Hart Won The MVP At The Celebrity All Star Basketball Game Which Featured Usain Bolt

February 16. 2013

Yesterday, Comedian Kevin Hart won the MVP (Most Valuable Player, more like Most Valuable Potatohead) at the NBA's All Star Basketball game. Hart, with the grace of the Aflac Duck and Geico lizard, cheated his little way to victory. 

Kevin Hart fake crying at winning the MVP again. Another one who thinks he is Michael Jordan.

But how are you going to give the MVP to a dude that stars on a show with the words "House Husbands" in the title. How did the team mascot win the MVP. Hart is 2 inches shorter than my mama, who is all of 5 feet tall and can't play basketball either (wink). Why don't you just make her the MVP then, since we're giving away stuff (LOL).

Kevin Hart's longwinded speech

Regarding Hart being given the trophy, I demand a recount, DNA and proof there were no "hanging chads." Seriously, whoever heard of a black guy winning MVP at a basketball game. I've said it before and I'll say it again. The NBA needs to stop "holding the black white man down." 

Usain Bolt's dunk wasn't enough to get the MVP, from a man half his height. It was a victory for short folks everywhere, you know, like my mom (just teasing).

There are more black people in the NBA than at KFC (and if you know how much black people eat chicken, you will understand the gravity of that statement). Just kidding (white people reading the site don't repeat that chicken joke LOL). Seriously, It looks like a great time was had by all, both black and white and that's how it's supposed to be. 



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