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London Development Agency Tears Down Largest Christian Church For Massive Mosque Being Built By Terrorist Backed Group Tablighi Jamaat


January 2. 2009

"Make Way for the Monster Mosque in Londonistan"


British author, Melanie Phillips, coined the term Londonistan and named her best selling book the same, regarding the extremist Muslim push that has taken over London, England. Many terrorist cells live in London as a result.

"FBI Ties Monster Mosque To Terrorist Groups"


The following article is not meant to offend or harm moderate Muslims. It is written regarding the extremist Muslim set, wrongfully proclaiming Jihad and the overthrow of Western governments as the way. At the end of the day, one must view glorification of  Jihad for what it is, hate speech, which is illegal.


All the photos in this article are of Muslim residents protesting in London, England, bearing signs of hatred, calling for violent, deadly Jihad

Recently, the biggest Christian church in London, Kings Way International Church, had their building and land seized to build an Olympic facility, under a type of eminent domain premise.

They were unceremoniously tossed out by the London Development Agency, leaving 10,000 Christian church members stranded without a church building, while the same organization aides in the building of London's biggest Muslim Mosque, adjoining said Olympic facilities. The Christian, Kings Way International Church have been, "Forbidden to rebuild near by."

Pastor, Matthew Ashimolowo, of the Kings Way International Church, rightfully labeled the incident "racial discrimination" and "religious persecution."

The forthcoming facility dubbed the “Monster Mosque” is set to seat 70,000 and is being built by, Tablighi Jamaat, a group with links to Al Qaeda. Said “Monster Mosque” is certain to be a hotbed of terrorism in London, guaranteeing future terrorist attacks will emanate from it.

Even moderate Muslims are sounding the alarm on the “Monster Mosque” and the people who are behind its construction, who the FBI has tied to terrorists in the Middle East.

London Development Agency (http://www.lda.gov.uk)

Therefore, what the city is going to have is a massive terrorist threat right in the middle of London. The London Development Agency has basically spit on the largest religion in the world that has the most adherents, Christianity, with Christians being the majority in Britain as well, to install a monstrosity of a terrorist juggernaut in London. That's called opening a pandora's box. God help you when the fruits of it reveals itself.

Furthermore, Tablighi Jamaat, is a separatist group, which ensures whites, blacks and Hispanics, will not be welcome at the "Monster Mosque" - so unless you somehow infiltrate it by regularly sending people in undercover, who look Middle Eastern, they could plot to blow up London right from the mosque and you will not be the wiser until it is too late.

Not to mention, it is an extreme security risk having a massive mosque, backed by a group with ties to terrorists, adjoining an Olympic facility, where athletes from all over the world, including Israel, will be present and competing.

If this is the type mistreatment certain incumbent politicians have for Christianity, VOTE THEM OUT. The election is coming up shortly, peacefully make your feelings known via your vote. Christians are losing their rights in London.

To toss out 10,000 Christians from their church, while allowing terrorist backed fanatics to build in the same area is vile and reveals a double standard by the London Development Agency.

Imagine that, the Queen just gave her Christmas message to the nation and stated “as Christians” when speaking of the work being done in the commonwealth, yet some in government are trampling on the rights of Christians in London.

Queen Elizabeth II Christmas Message 2009


Britons are being bullied and pushed aside, given inferior benefits, because some politicians are bending over backwards to please extremist Middle Easterners that would just as soon blow a nuclear hole in London, than show any gratitude for the food, shelter and money being given to them. There have been clerics collecting thousands of pounds per month in government benefits, paid for by British taxpayer dollars, so they could plop their lazy backsides on public streets and park benches, screaming for Jihad against Britain and the United States.

This needs to stop. You are not appeasing extremists by financially taking care of them, just giving them a ridiculously inflated sense of entitlement, while peaceful Britons get financial leftovers and threatened with Jihad. Britain is losing its identity. Instead of being a melting pot under the flag of Britannia, where British customs and traditions are the fundamental staple, one extremist set is trying to push others into the Thames, like certain groups have tried to, "Push Israel into the sea."


At least Christians are not calling for Jihad and other acts of murder and sedition in London. Take a good look at what is being foisted on the British people by extremist Muslims that have such hatred for Britain; one has to wonder why they are even there. Under this anti-Christian push, condoned by the Labour Party, London has seen a dramatic rise in knife and gun crime, unemployment and social discontent. The nation is also producing less goods, unlike in the industrial era.

How can this be the right way. The Middle East is the Middle East and Britain is Britain. Do not try to change the latter into the former and in doing so, wipe away centuries of a culture God allowed to flourish. 



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