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Madonna's Criminal Conduct At The BBC In Britain Has Nasty Racist Slavery Connotations To It (Anthony Joshua, Daniel Kaluuya)

September 8. 2017


As many of you know who read this website and unaffiliated pop culture blogs on a regular basis, Madonna is a very sick and evil human being. She has a disturbing, detailed legal history of targeting, harassing, threatening, stealing copyrights from and spying on people in criminal violation of the law (she even choke and beat an 11-year-old boy, Keith Sorrentino). In doing so, she has criminally broken the law in America and in several nations of the world. Madonna runs the Kabbalah Center, which the publications the New York Post and Newsweek, have described as a lawless cult violating existing laws for undue financial profit.

I sued Madonna (click here) over the sick conduct she has been illegally engaging in against me, such as unlawfully wiretapping me through private investigators and hackers, and criminally stealing via hacking preexisting items from my valuable copyrighted catalog, registered in Washington, DC with the Library of Congress, years before she infringed them. Under U.S. federal law, I was required to go to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) about the matter.

4-months after I was interviewed by the FBI twice, the law enforcement agency arrested Madonna's private investigator, Anthony Pellicano, his 4 hackers, a telephone company employee and thugs he paid to threaten and beat people, using evidence and spoken testimony I and others gave them. He is currently serving a 15-year prison sentence. However, no celebrities were arrested in the case, though there is ample evidence Hollywood stars such as Madonna, Tom Cruise and others, hired Pellicano, who is a murderer and Mafioso that is a part of the Colombo crime family in the Italian-American mafia. Select Hollywood stars and executives knowingly hired Pellicano for no other reason than to break the law against innocent people, as they knew he unlawfully wiretapped, phone hacked, computer and email hacked, stalked, threatened and assaulted people for pay ($100,000 per person targeted).

The FBI, under Robert S. Mueller, who failed in their legal duty, are a white supremacist law enforcement agency who hates blacks, Hispanics, Asians and foreigners. In fact, the FBI has repeatedly been sued by Americans and foreigners who are people of color (minorities), over the agency's racist conduct that damaged or killed innocent people. Former FBI agents also came forward stating the hateful, racist agency killed civil rights hero Martin Luther King jr.

I also filed a complaint with the Metropolitan Police in London, England (Britain) regarding Madonna and fellow cultist, Rupert Murdoch, whom she has business ties to, for engaging in illegal wiretapping/phone hacking, computer hacking and burglary to steal corporate and personal files on British shores. They also sent private investigators to illegally install unlawful surveillance equipment in people's homes and businesses, to secretly spy on them in violation of British and United Nations laws. Famous and non-famous people were spied on, harassed, threatened and blackmailed by Madonna and her Kabbalah cult. After I filed the formal complaint, the Metropolitan Police made many arrests of Murdoch's employees and several people were sent to prison over the case.

Shortly after the arrests began, Madonna had Rupert Murdoch's son instructed a staff member of a radio station he owned, Nova 919 in Australia, contact me in Miami, under a deceitful premise. At the time, I did not know the radio station Nova 919 is owned by Murdoch's son, Lachlan Murdoch, who was also implicated in the phone hacking scandal, which was precipitated by my complaint to the Metropolitan Police. Lachlan's 10 Network owns Nova 919 and did at the time this incident transpired. 10 Network is now going under and is in bankruptcy.

The Nova 919 disc jockey "Hans" stated in an email that they wanted to interview me on air about the Madonna case. However, what they were actually told to do by Madonna and company is criminally harass me, because my police complaints in America and Britain led to arrests and massive scandals. In contacting me under false pretenses and to engage in acts of harassment, they broke the law in committing what is known as "witness tampering." The crime was made all the worse as it crossed international lines (making it even more illegal under existing laws).

Madonna had paid for a week long promotion on the Nova 919 radio station to celebrate her crappy career. They had her family and friends call in for the show and I am neither. Therefore, Nova should not have contacted me. Anyone with half a brain can tell I don't like the witch. Wretched, obsessed Madonna had no business trying to get me on that show. It was a creepy and insane thing to do, as I am a victim of crime she has repeatedly targeted like an insane madwoman exploiting and trying to destroy an innocent person she has a fixation on.

I had done other radio shows about the case and without incident. Therefore, I was willing to talk about the case on the Nova 919 radio show as well, as it relates to the victims in a serious legal matter. Some people were criminally assaulted by Madonna's private investigator Anthony Pellicano and ended up in the hospital. Another writer who wrote critical items about those lunatics in Kabbalah, suffered broken bones when Pellicano sent thugs to run him over with a vehicle. This is something they tried to do to me as well but I got out of the way in time (Madonna Commissions Another Criminal Attack and Hollywood Wiretap And Harassment Trial Reveals Pattern Of Abusing Innocent People). Pellicano also threatened in writing to murder some of the victims' children he targeted on behalf of stars such as Madonna.

When I heard the crap being spewed on air in the lead up to that pathetic, unprofessional, self-congratulatory mess Madonna paid for on the Nova 919 radio station, I responded to their email informing them I would not be participating in the show. I don't want anything to do with that madwoman Madonna. I think she is vile, disgusting and repulsive. She even had her brother Christopher Ciccone, send an email invitation to my website to come to his book launch in Miami, when I have repeatedly and clearly shown by my words online that I don't want anything to do with them. There's something very wrong with that family. Their parents completely failed.

It should be noted, Madonna's cult Kabbalah, with her knowledge, was engaging in large scale drug dealing in Australia, netting them millions of dollars. After a tip off, Australian police investigated and arrested members of the Kabbalah cult in 2006. At the time of their arrest, they had $2,000,000 in drugs in their possession at the cult, waiting to be sold. Once again, Kabbalah is greedy and lawless.


As stated in previous articles, Madonna had moved to Britain years ago and insulted and defamed Britons as "lazy" when they're not, but she is very much so. Madonna engaged in a slew of criminal behavior while she was in Britain and after she left as well, when her fake marriage to Guy Ritchie imploded and ended in divorce (he married her because in exchange for doing so she promised him a big movie deal with Warner Bros).

Madonna's commissioned criminal conduct in Britain continues to this day and has grown progressively worse and more evil in nature. Madonna has no fear of being held accountable for her criminal actions by the U.S. or British governments and as a result of that has indulged in very deplorable, abhorrent, insidious criminal conduct which harmed innocent people. Madonna's conduct in spreading her insane cult to foreign shores left three dead in Britain. Madonna's criminal conduct in Kabbalah has also resulted in the deaths of people in America and other nations as well (more on that shortly). 

Madonna was signed to Warner Bros Music for approximately 30-years and currently has a deal with Warner Bros Pictures. Through Warner Bros, Madonna has repeatedly released criminal copyright infringing material, resulting in a slew of lawsuits against her and the company (Sony is a partner involved in the thefts as well, connected to Warner via a joint music publishing deal). Guy Ritchie, under Madonna's influence, did the same and has been sued for copyright infringement regarding every film he has ever put out.


Warner Bros is also the worldwide distributor of DVDs released by the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation), which is a government owned network in Britain, funded by taxpayer money. Madonna also has ties to the BBC, which gave her a foothold at the network in which to break a number of existing laws.

Prior to Madonna's deranged madness, my aunt (an awarding winning author and professor) and my dad (an award winning musicologist) did interviews with the BBC (and many other outlets) about their work. I am Jamaican. Jamaica is a nation that was under British rule. Jamaica is also in the Commonwealth of nations, headed up by Britain. Half of my family has lived in Britain since before I was born. I also have two English ancestors, one of whom is prominent in British history. The English lines of my ancestry go back hundreds of years in British history. I also have a British last name (Goodison). My point is I grew up with Britain in my life from day one. It is a part of me.


I have been watching the BBC for as long as I can remember. BBC shows were broadcast in Jamaica when I was a child (still are) and on PBS in Miami, Florida where I later grew up beginning at age 9. The BBC has produced some fantastic, top notch, highly entertaining shows over the decades. This makes it all the more sad that Madonna and her sick Hollywood cult Kabbalah, with the support of the FBI, have turned the network into something very objectionable in recent years.

When nasty, hideous Madonna found out I was a fan of the BBC show "Doctor Who" using her business ties at their distributor Warner Bros, she began illegally selling them items from my preexisting copyrighted catalog, which was already registered in the Library of Congress in Washington, DC years prior. I also have what is known as "poor man's copyrights" where you email and or mail a copy of your copyrights to yourself to establish the date of authorship. It is a method recognized by lawyers and the United Nations' World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

The "Doctor Who" infringements began in approximately 2005, during the reboot of the program that the BBC created and first broadcast in 1963, which is well before I was born. I'm not alleging the show "Doctor Who" is mine. It is not. However, in 2005 Madonna began illegally selling them items from my preexisting, unrelated copyrights that are fictional movie scripts, among other things, to use as new storylines for the reboot of "Doctor Who" (meaning the topic/subject of a number of weekly show episodes).

They stole very valuable copyrights in doing so, some that were meant to be motion pictures (films) for wide release in theatres and foolishly devalued them for a weekly television show ("Doctor Who"), in what is a massive, criminal waste. For example, the criminal copyright infringing episode of "Doctor Who" that is titled "Waters of Mars" aired November 15, 2009, but was stolen from my preexisting copyrights in the Library of Congress, registered by me years prior. It was supposed to be a big budget movie about a water incident on mars causing strange changes in people. It was not meant for a television episode. A wide release film brings in far more money than a television episode. They greatly devalued my copyright and repeatedly did so in other incidents as well.

Doctor Who

I had begun watching "Doctor Who" in 2005, as talented British entertainer Billie Piper had joined the show. She brought in many new viewers who knew of her from the pop charts. I was familiar with her work, as I'd bought her CDs years prior. Madonna then began recruiting Billie for the Kabbalah Center cult and engaged in crazy acts in trying to control her. Madonna has spied on Billie no end. It's really sick.

Not only did Madonna illegally sell items from my copyrights at deeply discounted prices to people at the BBC (and other places), who in turn collected big taxpayer funded checks for the stolen works they did not author (Russell Davies and Steven Moffat, among others) they began including items from my personal life on the show, in acts of arrogance and nastiness. Some of the items were gained via Madonna's criminally commissioned wiretapping and computer hacking as seen in the criminal trial of her private investigator Pellicano, as well as through stalking done by violent, insane, brainwashed Kabbalah Center members they refer to as "chevre" which means servants or slaves.

After I outed them on it in a previous article on the Judiciary Report, the BBC staff of "Doctor Who" cockily admitted in a mainstream press article that they do take items from people's personal lives, image and likeness and use it on the show without permission. Here's the problem with that - IT'S ILLEGAL (not to mention sick and creepy). It is unlawful in America, Britain and Jamaica, among other nations, to use people's image, likeness and invasive items from their private lives without their written permission.

 Russell Davies is a very sick, insane man who is in the Kabbalah cult run by Madonna. He left/was forced out of "Doctor Who" years ago after I publicly slammed him for stealing from and spying on me in tandem with insane Madonna and her sick Kabbalah cult. Davies is a very depraved man, who is responsible for gross acts of criminal copyright infringement and invasion of privacy that occurred at the show, which continue to this day via people who he had hired to work on "Doctor Who."

For example, my younger sister who lives in Jamaica had visited me in Miami. Using her digital camera, I took some pictures of her at the airport before she left. She emailed me digital copies of the photos. During one of Madonna's commissioned hacks into my emails, computer and mobile phones, they illegally downloaded my emails and all the photo attachments (they continue to do so). While there's nothing inappropriate in my emails, it's none of their business what's in my email box. Not to mention, it is a criminal offense illegally accessing others emails and I gave no one permission to do so.

The "Lois Habiba" character on "Doctor Who" (pictured above) looks a lot like my sister. People who know my sister will immediately see the resemblance. I will not post her photo on the site, as I want to protect her privacy, as neither she, my family or friends asked for any of this sick, deranged madness Madonna has been doing.

During the "Daleks In Manhattan" episode of "Doctor Who" which aired on April 16, 2005, as stated above, they hired an actress that looks like my sister. They also styled her hair exactly like my sister's in the photo attachments contained in one of the emails Madonna's hackers copied (in the emailed photos that predate the "Doctor Who" episode, my sister had the front portion of her hair braided in twists, which later appeared as the hairstyle of the character "Lois Habiba" as well).

My sister and I had also discussed her getting contact lenses (she wears glasses to read). The episode of the "Doctor Who" show was about the character who looks just like my sister wearing contact lenses and it giving her special capabilities. It was a sick and invasive thing to write it into the show, while using someone that looks a lot like my sister. Russell Davies and Madonna are extremely sick to have done this.

Another example is, during the "Turn Left" episode of "Doctor Who" which aired June 21, 2008, they cast a woman who looks a lot like my aunt, award winning author and poet laureate, Lorna Goodison. They used my aunt's image and likeness for a racist, demeaning role. In one of my aunt's award winning books published years before the "Doctor Who" episode in question, she briefly wrote about people who believe in fortune telling/tealeaf reading.

During the "Turn Left" episode, the woman they cast that looks a lot like my aunt, played a weird, wild eyed, dimwitted fortune teller, when my aunt is nothing of the sort. It is the racist, xenophobic, demeaning characterization Hollywood and now the BBC has of Jamaicans (see: Miss Cleo, who wasn't even Jamaican, but was portrayed as an uneducated Jamaican simpleton in psychic network ads, in what was an insult to Jamaica).

Imagine that, my brilliant, highly educated aunt, who is an award winning author and professor that taught at two distinguished universities, reduced to a wild eyed fortune teller in a racist portrayal of black Caribbean women, by idiotic, moronic, unoriginal, thieving Madonna, Russell Davies and Steven Moffat. The minute my mother saw the episode she exclaimed in shock, "That woman looks like your aunt." My mother is creeped out by what they did (as am I).

The invasion of privacy is bad enough. However, my aunt is a highly intelligent black woman and to see the racist characterization on the show via the fortune teller character, makes their illegal actions all the worse. But that's a part of it, they are illegally using British taxpayer money for deceitful purposes, to be as nasty, mean spirited and racist as possible, to innocent people they are criminally harassing and ripping off.

Then, there is female character "Bill Plots" played by Pearle Mackie on the 2016-2017 season of "Doctor Who" who looks a lot like my cousin who works in the entertainment industry. In fact, in the opening episode of the current season, the character not only overwhelmingly looked like my cousin, but wore her hair the exact same way.

They also had an unflattering character on Russell Davies' "Doctor Who" spin-off show "Torchwood" ("Children of Earth” which aired in July 2009) named "Clement McDonald" which sounds like the name of my late godmother's late husband, music producer Clement Dodd, the renown founder of reggae music, who was a close family friend for life. Dodd signed Bob Marley to his first record deal and was instrumental in developing his talent and that of many other Jamaican music stars. Bob Marley, who went on to global fame and is now a music legend, was a good friend of my dad's while the reggae singer was alive.

I'd spoken to Dodd over the telephone and saw him in Jamaica at my dad's house. He gave me advice on music (I'm a songwriter and singer who started an independent label). As my phone has been repeatedly wiretapped by deranged Madonna, which is what I went to the FBI about as mentioned above, resulting in her private investigator's arrest (Pellicano), it is clear this is where they got the idea to name the character "Clement McDonald" after Clement Dodd. Davies has also insanely named a character on his BBC show "Torchwood" after my mother Millie and one with a variation of my name Aisha cast as "Misha." All the characters were unflattering in an insult to us, including Dodd.

My dad, who is a disc jockey, had also interviewed reggae music legend Desmond Dekker on his radio show (broadcast on the air and online) and shortly after Russell Davies put an unflattering character on the "Torchwood" show "Children of Earth” named "Mr. Dekker." It's the same name. None of the characters were flattering. It was all meant to be a massive, racist insult to Jamaicans.

Why are Davies, Moffat and Madonna criminally using British taxpayer money at the BBC to steal from me in acts of criminal copyright infringement and to hatefully slur, defame, insult and malign Jamaicans (including Jamaican national heroes Dodd and Dekker) on the publicly televised show, via racist characterizations of black people, using people's real names, images, likeness and personal lives as illegal content/material.

Not to mention, they are insidiously violating the public in broadcasting this invasive garbage into homes around the world, containing items stolen from copyrights, personal emails and files that were hacked, as well as wiretapped telephone conversations and acts of criminal stalking. They are making the public a party to criminal acts of voyeurism, which is nasty and disgusting.

Madonna's Kabbalah cult rabbi Yehuda Berg following me on Twitter

The 2016/2017 series of "Doctor Who" contains more infringements from my preexisting copyrights as well. In a weird twist, the current "Doctor Who" season also contains infringements in the form of items they took from this website (Judiciary Report). The "Doctor Who" staff, as instructed by insane Madonna also used items from my Twitter page. Madonna instructed her rapist rabbi, Yehuda Berg, who helps her run the Kabbalah cult, to follow me on Twitter. Madonna is also constantly stealing items from my Twitter page and attributing them to herself on Twitter and Instagram.

They also keep taking items from my tweets and using it for weird things regarding "Doctor Who." For example, if you read this website, my affiliated site www.CelluloidFilmReview.com or my Twitter page, you will know I am a fan of the "Back To The Future" film trilogy. I even went to see the Delorean when it was in London in 2015 at an advertised movie theatre event. I took pictures of it.

During series 10 of "Doctor Who" episode 12 titled "The Doctor Falls" which aired on July 1, 2017, the show completely rips off the scene from 1989's "Back To The Future 2" where movie characters Marty and Doc Brown hover in the Delorean time machine as it slowly rises at the side of a building, in order to confront villain Biff, after Marty jumped off the ledge.

There is also a scene with a board house and a woman using a shot gun in "The Doctor Falls" episode which is just like what occurred in 1990's "Back To The Future 3." Another scene in "The Doctor Falls" has a barn that looks just like the one in 1985's "Back To The Future." There is also a scene in "The Doctor Falls" of a woman slowly holding up her hand and staring at it in shock, just like Marty did in the dance scene as his hand began to disappear in 1985's "Back To The Future."

In another weird twist, the scene of the Cybermen flying upwards in the end of "The Doctor Falls" resembles the scene at the end of the 2016 film "Doctor Strange" which I rented and played on my computer that is being hacked by Madonna's hackers on a regular basis. It is a part of my movie rental history and easily proven.

On March 3, 2017, I wrote on my Twitter page, an item mentioning one of my favorite classical music pieces "Fur Elise." Months later, on May 6, 2017, the old classical music piece "Fur Elise" was included as a pivotal part of the "Doctor Who" episode "Knock, Knock." Madonna and company are obsessively watching on my Twitter page and websites, taking and using whatever they feel like, which is creepy and pathetic. They are completely brainless and devoid of any original thought.    

My tweet about "Fur Elise"

Series 10, Episode 7 of "Doctor Who" titled "The Pyramid at the End of the World" aired on May 27, 2017. Months prior, I had ordered the old MGM movie "Stargate" released in 1994, which Madonna's hackers saw me do during one of their pathetic computer hacks (they illegally hack and copy all the contents of my computers and track everything I do, including purchases). The May 27, 2017 "Doctor Who" episode "The Pyramid at the End of the World" is a straight up copyright infringing rip off of "Stargate" which was released 23-years prior.

Daniel Kaluuya

In 2012, while traveling to the Charing Cross tube station in London from Hampstead (North London), I saw "Doctor Who" actor Daniel Kaluuya on a public bus. Kaluuya had appeared on the "Doctor Who" episode "Planet of the Dead" which aired on April 11, 2009. Kaluuya kept staring at me. He was jumpy, sweaty and nervous. He was sweating profusely and kept staring at me.

I kept wondering "what's wrong with him" as he was nervous. However, I'd recognized him from "Doctor Who" but due to the mess that's been going on with said show regarding me and my family, as listed above in this article, I avoided him. In 2017, Kaluuya went on to star in the movie "Get Out" which is a rip off of the preexisting 2005 film "The Skeleton Key."

"Orphan Black"

The BBC recently ended a sick show it broadcasted called "Orphan Black." The show had sick imagery that must have disturbed people, especially children. For example, recently on "Orphan Black" the show featured a sick scene of a woman insanely plucking her eye out in a bloody, gory, gruesome mess. Why broadcast something like that. It certainly is not good for the public's mental health.

Not only did "Orphan Black" begin stealing preexisting copyrights from my copyrighted catalog registered in the Library of Congress, to illegally use on the BBC' show, they engaged in some nasty, racist acts of criminal invasion of privacy again, as they'd done with "Doctor Who" and "Torchwood." What transpired recently with "Orphan Black" was a new low regarding Madonna and the BBC's criminal behavior. As the phrase goes, "It takes the cake." It also prompted this article exposé.

I have written about my forthcoming pharmaceutical patents in previous articles on the Judiciary Report. I have also broken science stories on this website that later proved to be true and correct, as confirmed by mainstream articles and science organizations. Among my site exclusives are "Man Contracts HIV While On PrEP Drug Truvada Confirming Site's Previous Claims" and "The U.S. Food And Drug Administration Confirms Breast Implants Can Cause Breast Cancer As Stated Previously On This Site." Therefore, I humbly state, I know what I'm doing.

I have written on this site about my forthcoming, life extending science patents regarding cancer and HIV, and the FBI aiding Hollywood in delaying them so degenerate, thieving stars such as Madonna can continue to criminally steal copyrights from my preexisting catalog for undue financial enrichment and awards. The Kabablah cult has openly threatened me in Miami barking such things at me like "we don't want anything cured" and attached death threats to their deranged warnings. Make no mistake, they and the FBI know exactly how evil and awful their actions are in every way. They don't give a damn about the public's health.

In the Series 5, Episode 5 of BBC's "Orphan Black" entitled "Ease For Idle Millionaires" the show focuses on a cancer cure and a character named "Aisha" on an island (Aisha is my real name and I am from an island, Jamaica). The character on the show named "Aisha" is a young girl. In the episode they mock the cancer cure and kill off the girl named "Aisha." There is also a character named "Kira" which is also the real name of one of my dearest friends of the past 20-years, "Kirah." I don't talk about my family or friends publicly in great detail, due to the insane stalker conduct of Madonna and her Kabbalah cult. The only way they could have known Kirah's name is from illegally wiretapping my phone calls. Not to mention, Madonna's hackers are emailing me pretending to be my sister's mom and my godbrother. The whole thing is sick, disgusting, stalker type behavior.

It gets even nastier. The show "Orphan Black" has all sorts of racist references to "slaves" and "slavery" in episode 9 titled "One Fettered Slave" and episode 7 entitled "Gag or Throttle." This is right up Madonna's alley. The Kabbalah cult on Madonna's orders has been nastily calling me a "slave" and "nigger" among other slurs.

Madonna even released an infringing song called "Voices" that contained items from my preexisting copyrighted catalog registered in the Library of Congress. In the infringing song "Voices" Madonna added the line "But who is the master and who is the slave." I thought it was nasty, vile and disgusting that she stole a song from a black person and added that contemptible line to it. However, it should let you know where her evil, racist, nasty mind is to do something like that.

The show "Orphan Black" also mocks people with sun allergies in episode 5 entitled "Ease For Idle Millionaires." There's a scene in "Ease For Idle Millionaires" where the character "Aisha" is shown with her hands with red blisters on them, which is commonly associated with sun allergies. I've had a sun allergy for years (since I was a kid). It's in my medical records.

Previously, I mentioned on the site that I have a type of skin allergy regarding going into the sun during peak hours. However, I never publicly mentioned it can cause blisters on my hands. With some people their face and arms blister. It afflicts children and adults alike and mostly people of English or Romanian descent. I don't have it as bad as some people who can't go out into the sun at all without screaming out in pain, which is known as Erythropoietic Protoporphyria (EPP).

I don't have EPP. I have a milder version of a sun allergy where there's a risk of serious sunburn and painful blisters, which first appear on the hands/fingers (as with EPP) and sometimes the feet. It can sometimes spread to the face and other parts of the body (it only spread one time in my life, other than that it is usually an occasional matter of my hands appearing red and irritated when it happens, then peeling like a sunburn).

I'm a black woman, but I was born with auburn hair, due to European and British ancestors. People born with red hair tend to have sun sensitivity issues and easily bruised skin (my skin bruises easily). There's no medicine available to stop it. You just have to adjust your lifestyle to it and limit prolonged contact with the sun during peak hours.

I first went to the University of Miami when I was 10-years-old regarding it. My mom worked for a dermatologist at the University of Miami. At first it was thought I was having an allergic reaction to a dead frog I'd dissected in science class when I was a kid (all the students had to dissect frogs). However, it was the sun in PE (physical education) class at 1:00PM in the blazing hot Miami sun. So, my mom's boss at the University of Miami gave me a note and the school took me out of PE classes as a result, assigning me to another class. Even as recently as this summer, I went to the University of Miami about my sun sensitivity issues, as my hands started blistering in May. I was in the sun during peak hours for about 30 minutes in trying to meet an important deadline on a project. I had no choice.

It causes the skin to be sensitive, fragile and pale in some spots (but not like vitiligo, which is what Michael Jackson had). I try to spend time in the sun for a little when I can tolerate it, when it's not too blazing hot, in order to get more color, but I feel like I'm getting burned. It's very uncomfortable. They have pharmaceutical drugs that can give people with sun sensitivity more pigment (color), but it has a 5% risk of lymphoma (cancer). A dermatologist (not at the University of Miami) gave me free samples of said medicine once years ago, but I did not use it when I read the label regarding the lymphoma risk.

This skin issue has been difficult for me at times since I was a kid and here is "Orphan Black" mocking people with said sun sensitivity issues, while infringing my copyrights and privacy. It was a vile thing to do, especially considering even little kids have the aforementioned skin problem, which can be very painful and restrict their daily lives.

So to recap, the BBC, via Madonna and company, infringed my copyrights, added a character to "Orphan Black" with my name "Aisha" who is from and on an island (I'm from an island, Jamaica, and go there at different times), she has the sun allergy redness and blistering on her hands (I do have that occasionally but never publicly wrote about the allergy on the hands, which is a part of my private medical records, yet is all now illegally on television as a form of sick entertainment) and the show mocks a cancer drug (which I have been successfully working on and written about online).

Their conduct is completely illegal and sick. I'm doing a documentary on the Kabbalah cult and will include this "Orphan Black" incident and a sample from my medical records that predate the aforementioned show, as proof regarding this matter. I will also include the other items mentioned above, but in great detail.


The 2017 BBC show "Class" also contains items stolen from my preexisting copyrighted catalog. The infringing items were stolen from copyright updates I registered over 10-years ago with the Library of Congress in Washington, DC. On another note, after I rented the movie "Fantastic Beasts" and played it on my computer months ago (albeit one being hacked by Madonna's hackers) the 2017 Episode 7 of "Class" entitled "The Metaphysical Engine, or What Quill Did" ripped off the 2016 movie "Fantastic Beasts."

Commissioned Computer Hacking

Madonna has three hackers working in shifts breaking into my computers and emails. One has been identified via court subpoena, after he sent me a death threat on Madonna's behalf calling me a "nigger." Previously, when Madonna's private investigator Anthony Pellicano was arrested by the FBI, after I went to them accusing her and him of hacking and illegal wiretapping, among other things, the FBI later released evidence revealing Pellicano had 4 hackers on staff breaking into people's computers, emails and phones.

The commissioned hacking into my computers, emails and websites has been confirmed by computer specialists and I have it in writing from several credible sources. Nasty, crazy old Madonna is in my computers, emails and phones 24 hours a day thanks to this sick, nasty hacking she continues to pay for in looking for copyrights, ideas and other items to steal. She is constantly mimicking verbatim items in my private, time stamped emails, which is very disturbing and incriminating on her part. She has used a number of my private emails and sent them to outlets such as the Daily Mail to be published as story topics about herself and it's sick.

Nasty, perverted biddy Madonna is illegally having me spied on in sick ways, which constitutes serious felonies. They are breaking into my computers using a backdoor exploit in Windows that Microsoft has not closed, due to the federal government. It is available to the FBI, NSA and CIA. Hackers know the exploit and criminally use it as well. Some of said hackers also work for the FBI. They are hacking to steal. How pathetic and ugly.

Jamaica And Britain's Tumultuous History

As stated previously in this article, I'm a black Jamaican with British blood in me. Britain and Jamaica have a very difficult history. Britain owned Jamaica as a colony and the slave trade was horrible. Jamaicans were exploited, tortured and killed in gruesome acts by Britain, in what is well documented in history books. Britain made billions off slavery in Jamaica. The biggest export was sugar, from sugarcane plants, which grow best in tropical climates, such as Jamaica.

Jamaica forgave Britain for slavery. There are documentaries on the subject, where Jamaicans have spoken about forgiving Britain. We have tried to put the past behind us. Now here comes this racist, hateful conduct from the BBC to appease vile Madonna, her sick Hollywood cult, Warner Bros and the FBI. The law enforcement agency are criminally supporting Madonna and company in this madness, in acts of corruption.

Their current behavior says they think Jamaicans are slaves and to be abused as such. How else can you explain this racist, hateful nastiness. Their actions arrogantly reveal this, in not only violating, slurring and maligning prominent Jamaicans in BBC programming, but also dredging up nasty old slavery wounds, via infringing programming such as the "Orphan Black" episodes "One Fettered Slave" and "Gag Or Throttle."

The BBC keeps doing this year after year, at Madonna and Hollywood's behest. It speaks volumes about the hatred and malice some still have for black people, which is clearly something the current offenders in this matter have engrained in them. They still think we're slaves and it is patently offensive, especially coming from a national network. The British government is head of the Commonwealth, which Jamaica and many other black Caribbean nations, who were also subjected to the slave trade, are a part of today.

The BBC is the face of the British government. The British government owes the Commonwealth more than this, to permit this vile, invasive, racist, thieving, malicious hatred streaming out of the BBC on a regular basis and into people's homes. It's inexcusable, unnecessary and completely uncalled for in every way. The British people did not ask to be represented in this reprehensible manner by the BBC. I know they wouldn't approve of this mean-spiritedness and racism Madonna and company are doing through the BBC.

British Prime Minister Visits Jamaica

In another twist, after I filed the March 2015 lawsuit and went public with it in August 2015, regarding a legal action against Madonna, which mentions the BBC and alleges slavery type behavior from the offending parties, regarding stealing from and exploiting me, a black woman, the British Prime Minister went out to Jamaica. In September 2015, then British Prime Minister, David Cameron, whose family owned 202 Jamaican slaves, went out to Jamaica, which was unprecedented.

Cameron spoke in the Jamaican parliament about slavery. He stated Jamaicans must put slavery in the past. We have tried. However, how can we when you are still doing it and from a national network, the BBC, who have stolen billions of British pounds in copyrights from me, a black Jamaican woman, in ongoing criminal conduct that largely transpired during your tenure as British Prime Minister.

I didn't grow up with a chip on my shoulder regarding slavery. I knew it happened and is abhorrent, but I forgave white people for it a long time ago. Slavery wasn't something I was thinking about. I don't view white people negatively. I view white people and all races in a positive way. However, this nasty, hideous trash Madonna, her sick Hollywood cult Kabbalah and others in Hollywood, have used the BBC in nasty ways to dredge up those old slavery wounds. It is disgusting. They are spitting in our faces (actually, they did that literally as well on Buckingham Palace grounds).

Harassment Against My Family And Friends

Cameron allowed Madonna, her Hollywood cult Kabbalah and the FBI to traipse on British shores, engaging in criminal conduct that the law in the United Kingdom makes absolutely no provisions for in any measure. The Kabbalah cult and the FBI even harassed and spied on me and my family in Britain while I stayed with them in 2012 and 2015.

I stayed with my aunt in London in trying to get some important work done, away from the insane cult circus that kept occurring in Miami, thanks to Madonna and company's acts of harassment, copyright theft and commissioned invasion of privacy. I offered to pay my aunt money for allowing me to stay with her, but she wouldn't accept it. So, I decided to cook, clean the house, take out the garbage, do all the laundry and grocery shopping every week.

My aunt is a retired school teacher in her 80s who had taught thousands of British school kids over 30-years, while she worked in the school system. Now she is older, struggling with Parkinsons and trying to have a peaceful, restful retirement. Yet that scumbag cult and corrupt law enforcement agency, the FBI, illegally turned up on her doorstep in criminal violation of British law as a threat.

One day during the time I stayed with her, I'd gone into central London for a few hours. When I returned in the evening to my aunt's house, she told me an agent had showed up at her door. She was visibly shaken by the experience and the crap he was saying. That was immoral and inexcusable on their part.

What kind of human garbage harasses a physically sick old lady. All of them involved in that are cowards and trash. And mark my words, I am working on a documentary on the case, as mentioned above and will immortalize it all in said film. The world needs to see the kind of evil nastiness that poured from those useless, racist, degenerate scum-buckets in that cult, the FBI and those they roped into their deplorable conduct. Your family members will disown and denounce you in shame and disgrace when I get done broadcasting via film the evil that you perpetrated.

When you go around harassing and threatening innocent immigrants, who are naturalized citizens in America and Britain, it sends immigrants the nasty, ugly message that their citizenship is not worth the paper it's printed on. It sends immigrants the nasty message that a dirty, deranged, lawless federal agency, the FBI, can intercede in a country they have no legal mandate in and threaten innocent immigrants, while demanding help with their deranged plots that no one wants to be a part of, as it's sick and deranged.

The FBI has been contacting my family and friends in different countries, in desperate, failed bids at trying to turn them against me over my copyrights and patents, the dirty federal agency are trying to destroy me over in support of thieving, lawbreaking, lazy criminals in Hollywood. It's a part of the COINTELPRO manual the FBI uses against innocent people. What kind of sick, depraved animals go that far. It is insidious.

Does the FBI really believe going around the world like psychopathic lunatics, menacingly calling and showing up on the doorstep of people's family and friends with outrageous, implausible stories, in attempts at trying to get them to turn on their loved ones, to inflict emotional harm, is a good reflection on the U.S. government. World governments are marking the FBI by this deranged behavior, as it is so over the top and psychotic. The FBI are a damn embarrassment and disgrace.

Under Former FBI Director Robert S. Mueller's direction, the FBI has threatened and harassed my family and friends in three nations over me, in criminal violation of U.S., British and Jamaican law, in what is a disgrace and embarrassment to the U.S. government. The FBI has brought shame on the U.S. government with this sick behavior.

The FBI are a bunch of deranged, psychopathic liars going around lying to world governments, in bids at achieving their deranged ends. They've done this in other cases as well: The FBI Illegally Went To Iceland To Criminally Frame Wikileaks Julian Assange But Was Rebuffed By Suspicious Icelandic Government Minister In Conduct That Has Become Standard Criminal Behavior From The U.S. Federal Agency.

In 2012 someone from the FBI illegally approached me in an internet cafe in South Kensington (London) harassing me in a menacing manner about coming back to America (like I was some runaway slave) and demanding I tell my readers on the Judiciary Report to vote for Obama in the 2012 election, whom I do not agree with.

Metropolitan Police

The Metropolitan Police were following me all over London in 2012 and 2015. For example, while I was walking in West Hampstead one night for exercise in 2015, I saw a side street of pretty historic buildings. I decided to walk down said street. I wanted to get some pictures of the exteriors of the buildings and as it was on a public side street it is permissible.

I love architecture. I've written and copyrighted unpublished books on architecture and copyrighted thousands of architectural photos. Shortly after I began walking down the street near West End Lane, about 30-seconds later I look behind me and see two Metropolitan Police officers tearing around the corner like they are in the Olympics. When they saw me turn around and look at them, they instantly stopped running in my direction, then began slowly walking behind me.

In another incident, which occurred in Christmas 2015, I was walking around Mayfair looking for a specific shop that makes very good, healthy sandwiches. Then, I was looking for a specific street to take architectural pictures for one of my forthcoming books. A cop approached me in a polite manner and I told him I was looking for said street. He pointed me in the direction of where to go. I went in said direction (I got lost again though). However, about 30 minutes later, there was the same cop, a good distance from where he had first spoken to me. He asked if I was lost again. He wasn't mean or anything, but it dawned on me he had followed me that whole time.

Then, there was another incident, where I sat at the bus stop by my aunt's house waiting for the bus to get to the tube station. A man sat next to me waiting for the bus as well. Then two cops in a car drove up and parked right next to bus stop and were staring at me until the bus came and I got on it. That happened more than once. There were a few other times things like that happened with cops following me around and staring at me. I'll write about that at a later date.

FBI's Bad Intentions In Britain


Then FBI Director Robert S. Mueller

I broke a story on the Judiciary Report about then U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, wanting to kill innocent, outspoken people via drones. My claim was later confirmed in the mainstream press and via government files: Hillary Clinton Wanted To Murder Wikileaks' Julian Assange Via A Drone.

The FBI, on Robert S. Mueller's orders, had a very bad plot running against me in Britain (no, not a drone). They wanted the British government to take the fall for what they were trying to do. However, the Metropolitan Police got in their way, as the British government did not want me killed on their shores. I found out via a very credible, connected source with knowledge of law enforcement matters, who has given me a few of my site exclusives in the past that later proved 100% true and correct, that the FBI wanted me killed on British shores.

I was informed the FBI thought it would deflect blame from them, free up full use of all my copyrights and thwart my forthcoming pharmaceutical drug patents to help sick people. As a nasty government employee stated to me during a disturbing incident they arranged last summer "they don't want anything cured. It's a multi-billion dollar industry" regarding people being very sick.

Hollywood didn't get the entire copyrighted catalog when they engaged in the aforementioned computer hacking, as I have authored newer works that I have kept offline and out of the copyright office for years, but secured the copyright dates/authorship in other legally accepted ways. The FBI also wants me dead to stop my aforementioned, forthcoming cancer and HIV pharmaceutical patents from coming out. They don't give a damn about the public's health

I'm a singer, writer and inventor. I cannot believe these people's vile reaction to my lawful, benevolent intellectual property. They are so driven by greed for money and power. They are so wrapped up in racism and hatred. They operate under the misguided, erroneous belief that black people are inferior and not to amount to much in society.

I have no criminal record in any nation. I lead a quiet and productive life. When I go to Britain I peacefully spend my time going for walks, shopping and visiting local attractions. I spend thousands of British pounds when I'm in Britain. I've never overstayed the time allotted to visit Britain (or any other nation) or gotten into trouble. I've never tried to get in under the wire anywhere. I've written positive things about Britain online and encouraged many people to visit the nation, which is good for British tourism. Yet, look what has happened. It's all unprovoked.

I do a lot to help others and for free. I come from a family known for doing tremendous amounts of charity work. I also come from a famous Jamaican family of award winning writers and entertainment industry members. I love to write. This is what I do. Therefore, I find it terrible and outrageous that my love of writing, which produced a very valuable copyrighted catalog, has turned into this madness via Madonna, her Hollywood cult and the FBI, who are intent on spreading their criminal behavior to foreign shores and in complete violation of the law. They are evil, psychopathic people, who have gotten carried away doing something very evil and unlawful. The whole thing is sick and reprehensible.

I must ask, when did the American or British public ask to be represented like this in the world. Show me where they voted for this evil conduct. Show me where they asked that their taxpayer dollars be wasted to engage in such heinous, racist criminal mischief, as seen with Madonna, Kabbalah, the FBI and the BBC. They didn't ask for this nor did I. This is someone's illegal, dirty, racist agenda that is targeting and abusing black people.

As I watched the evil conduct pour from the aforementioned people, who have trespassed in Britain, all I could think was this is one of my ancestral homes, who do they think they are coming here and doing this. It is the height of ill-will, arrogance and bad manners. I felt like someone was trying to rob me of my ancestry.

Madonna Targets British Boxer Anthony Joshua

Madonna has been engaging in some very strange, creepy and terrible behavior concerning British boxer Anthony Joshua

Anthony Joshua wins title defeating Wladimir Klitschko this year

I love sports. I get that from my dad, who played football professionally for Jamaica. He also played cricket. After his professional sporting career, my dad was a coach for many years and did very well. Then he became a disc jockey and did very well at that too. He's also been very involved in Jamaican politics and charity work for decades. I've learned so much from him over the years about many things, such as sports. I grew up in that environment. Many of my dad's friends are famous athletes.

My dad was the Puma representative responsible for taking care of football legend Pele for the two weeks he was in Jamaica for football matches and to promote the brand. My dad also loves boxing and met the late Muhammad Ali. My dad's friend, the late Jamaican Prime Minister, Michael Manley, invited Ali to Jamaica in the 1970s as a guest of honor at the national house. My mom and dad were invited by Manley to the event.

I grew up watching boxing, especially Evander Holyfield and Mike Tyson. For over 10-years I've written about sports in a number of articles on my websites, including the Judiciary Report. My articles have received millions of views. I also tweet about sports on the social networking website Twitter. I like to predict who will win sporting events and or who will become the next stars (before they are famous).

To the people who have been following my Twitter page for a while, you will remember I tweeted a few items at British boxer Anthony Joshua, before and after he turned professional. I remembered watching his fight on TV during the 2012 Olympics, while I was in London. I was praying for him that he'd win. I was glad for him when he did win. Joshua won the gold medal in what was a controversial decision boxing pundits still question to this day in articles published online.

I tweeted at Joshua before he turned professional, stating his life story would make a good film. He saw it and retweeted it. Joshua had gotten arrested for selling marijuana and was subsequently removed from the Great Britain Olympic team. However, Joshua's former coach had sympathy for him. He got him out of jail and back on the squad. Then he won the gold medal.

I'd started writing encouraging sports tweets to him, with the hope it would motivate him in his career. Based on his words, money really wasn't coming in. Winning a gold at the Olympics doesn't instantly translate into money. Sometimes it doesn't at all. Joshua had taken a year off, then he turned professional. He signed with Matchroom Sports in Britain for £50,000. Matchroom is run by Eddie Hearn and his dad Barry Hearn. The money was on par with what newly professional boxers get. However, if you live in London, that money can go fast on bills.

Joshua won his first fight in Britain in front of a modest audience. I was happy for him when he won. I read about it on Twitter. The day he won his first fight, he followed me on Twitter and I followed him back. Before and for a while after he turned pro, Joshua would complain on Twitter and You Tube that he is broke. It was a few years before he became very famous in Britain.

I felt sorry for him, because he was stating he was broke. Using the benefit of what I know about how music and sports deals work, especially in relation to the best ways for budding stars and established ones to earn revenues, I began tweeting business ideas at him, regarding what he could do to make money to help himself and his mother he'd spoken about online. As the phrase goes, I did it out of "the goodness of my heart."

I looked at what was going on in his career and nothing was happening at the time in terms of the business side of his career outside of actual boxing fights. Furthermore, most new boxers don't get much in purse money. Some fights can net a new boxer $2,000 to $10,000. A boxer has to consistently win and build up a fanbase to create demand for ticket sales. The more people attend the fights, the more money the boxer can make in several ways (ticket sales, pay-per-view, licensing deals, endorsements, ads).

Joshua had no endorsements or sponsors at that point. I thought it was a wasted opportunity, as reality stars, some of whom have no talent, make money from appearances and deals. So I encouraged him in tweets to pursue endorsements and sponsors. I figured it would be a bit tough for a little while to do so in light of his past arrest record, but if the focus was turned to him turning his life around via his gold medal win, some sponsors would overlook his past and sign him.

My tweets to Joshua over 3-years ago regarding business ideas he could use, as he was complaining on Twitter and You Tube that he's broke.

Shortly after the above posted tweets to him regarding endorsements and paid appearances, Joshua began doing modest paid appearances and landed a few small endorsements. I stated in the aforementioned 2014 tweet that he should get a clothing line. Then, he went to French Connection and got a clothing line that was released in 2015.

My tweet in 2013 that Joshua retweeted

I'd suggested via a tweet to him on Twitter that they do a story on Joshua's life, as I thought it would make a good film. Joshua saw the tweet and retweeted it. 2-years later they did the first of 3 documentary films on Joshua's life, which aired in Britain. The deal put more money in his pocket as another source of income and was a good source of promotion. I'd also written on this site that boxers need to be on TV more, especially in an interview setting, to get their names out there and advance the sport.

My tweets to Anthony Joshua's promoter Eddie Hearn suggesting he make him a headliner rather than placing him on the undercard

I tweeted at Joshua's promoter Eddie Hearn on Twitter that he should make Anthony the headliner of boxing shows/matches, rather than repeatedly putting him on the undercard and they would make more money in doing so. A month later, Hearn announced Joshua as a headliner and the tickets sold out.

In his first few pro fights Joshua looked green. I was worried about him. Neither Eddie Hearn (his promoter) or his trainer ever produced a heavyweight champion either. It's a difficult weight class to master. Heavyweights hit so hard that it is easy to get knocked out. All it takes is one punch to really damage a heavyweight's career. So, I tweeted Mike Tyson's extraordinary diet and training regimen. Joshua saw it, retweeted it and reposted it. He had not seen it before and I thought it would help him, as it was so unusual.


My tweet about Mike Tyson's diet and training routine

My main concern with Joshua was his footwork and head movement. To be an elite boxer with longevity, you need great head movement and footwork to dodge shots from your opponent. I'd pray for Joshua before fights, because from the time of the Olympics his footwork and head movement needed improvement. In my humble opinion, Anthony was not moving around the ring fast enough to evade shots. They can't hit what they can't catch.

My tweet about footwork and head movement

It's not that he's slow. He can run very fast. However, in the ring he is not evasive enough. He gets distracted a bit at different intervals as well. So, in 2014 I tweeted rare and motivational boxing videos at him and kept harping on the fact he needed to improve his footwork and head movement. He was not going to improve by people lying to him. He needed to know the truth and that it is his weak point.

3-years later I was proven correct in this regard, as a 41-year-old Wladimir Klitscho was able to catch and knock him down in the ring. Joshua was on his back and dazed. He almost lost the fight right there. People thought the fight was over, but after a bit Joshua got back up. If Joshua wasn't young and strong, that fight would have been over right there. Not to mention, if it was the Klitscho of 10-years ago, that fight truly would have been over right there. Therefore, Joshua still has an issue with head movement and his footwork and I was right to zone in on and harp on that. However, I did encourage him as well, in stating I do believe he can win the title (he went on to do so 3-years later) and that he could drop/beat Klitschko and he did:

Tweets where I stated Joshua could win the title, which he did 2-years later

In 2014, I even talked to my dad asking him for coaching advice that could help Joshua. From a coaching perspective, my dad's main thought on the matter was Joshua "strengthening his trapezius muscle" as much as possible to stop him from getting knocked out. In short, my dad stated, due to the fact Joshua is a heavyweight, the primary concern is him not getting knocked out, because they are so big and throw such forceful punches, all it takes is one massive punch to end a fight. Some boxers have a "weak chin" and strengthening the trapezius muscle increases the chances of them not getting knocked out. My dad also stated Joshua needs to go find "a good old boxer" to give him as much counsel as possible, as they've been through it all before.

My tweet suggesting Joshua save his money and start a gym, which he did 3-years-later

Anthony had publicly expressed he wanted to start his own promotions company. However, I tweeted he should start a gym as well. 3-years later he and Hearn opened their own gym in London's Marylebone district. It's called BXR.


Madonna did not like the fact I was talking to Joshua on Twitter and he was talking to me on the social networking site. She became angry and upset about it. In 2014, I was told Madonna had Jay Z lean on Joshua over talking to me on Twitter. Madonna was threatening in the industry to ruin his career and life.

Madonna also sent one of her Kabbalah Center members to harass me over Joshua. Madonna has some crazy ideas about Anthony. Madonna also has some crazy ideas about me. Based on what these cult crazies have been saying, she thinks Anthony is in love with her. Madonna also insanely thinks I'm in love with her, when I can't even stand the sight of her. I can't stand her. I do not like that woman at all.

The cult member Madonna sent also made slurs about Africans (Anthony is African). I thought it offensive, because though I'm Jamaican (not born in Africa), I'm a black woman (of mixed heritage) and no matter where you are born in this world, if you are black you are of African descent. Jamaican historical records and items in museums indicate the African slaves that were shipped to Jamaica during heinous acts of slavery, were brought from West Africa (Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon). At the end of the day, I don't like anyone coming up to me slurring any race or nation. I really dislike it when people do that. Keep that hate to yourself. That cult are always stalking people and spewing some toxic crap that no one wants to hear.

As his career had started to pick up speed, Madonna sent Kabbalah members whom she had illegally sold items from my copyrights to, who knowingly bought stolen goods and took credit and royalties for them, to start circling Joshua about joining the cult (Jessie J and Rita Ora). She also sent cult member Cara Delvigne to try to get him in the cult. Jay Z, greedily looking for ways to get Joshua from Matchroom and over to stupid Roc Nation which would not be good for the boxer, also began trying to get Joshua in the Kabbalah cult. At least Matchroom signed him when he had no money or real fame. That cult didn't give a darn about him until other people did the work to get his career to a good place.

 Madonna, via Jay Z, also sent Joshua invasive items that violated my privacy. In light of the cult circling him and that they sent him and some of the people in his circle invasive items regarding me, I unfollowed Anthony Joshua in 2014. He was upset about it, but I didn't like how Madonna's cult started circling him, especially Jay Z.

Though he had followed me and I followed him back (then unfollowed him when Madonna started her crap) I never spoke to him by direct message (dm). I have followed back 35,000 people on Twitter. Coupled with my website email and all the paperwork I do 6-days a week, I can't read all my emails and direct messages. So, there's nothing going on in my DMs. The times I have responded to direct messages is when people told me to look for a specific one. It's usually about music, sports or politics and regarding the Judiciary Report. I've never DM someone first.

What was something fun and a source of entertainment on Twitter regarding boxing, was turned into a nightmare by vile Madonna, Jay Z and their despicable cult. I was told Jay Z also started telling Joshua I'm a gold digger, which is defamatory and slanderous on the part of that camel looking Ninja Turtle Jay Z. I helped Joshua in giving him ideas for free that helped to put money in his pocket when he was broke and encouraged him with his boxing, via coaching tips, never asking for anything in return. Gold diggers don't do that. Therefore, the defamatory characterization is extremely offensive.

Furthermore, the people who know me personally, know I'm charitable and always helping people for free. I've helped my friends for free, in order to save them thousands of dollars or to make them money. For years, I've also done a lot to help the homeless. I've been living like a nun (I'm not Catholic, I'm more Baptist/Anglican, but it is an expression regarding someone who lives a chaste life). I almost became a Christian preacher, yet here is frog face Jay Z, who is in Kabbalah and has stolen copyright from me with the cult and is also a man who nearly stabbed a music industry executive to death (Lance Riviera) and beats women, defaming me as a gold digger.

Joshua couldn't do anything financial for me at the time I started tweeting at him online in 2013. By his own public admission he was broke. Furthermore, I don't accept money from men. I have never done so. I don't think there's anything wrong with it, but I've always been too proud. I don't even accept money from my friends.

I spend so much of my time working on pharmaceutical drug patents to prolong and save people's lives, but get labeled "a nigga looking for a come up" by disgusting Jay Z, a man who sold crack cocaine to adults and teens alike all up and down the east coast in America. Jay Z, a thief who has been repeatedly sued for stealing copyrights from so many people and not paying people he hires, had the gall to defame me. The whole thing became so offensive and upsetting. I helped someone, Joshua, with ideas that put money in his pocket, never asked for anything in return, yet became the subject of Madonna and Jay Z's reprehensible, evil nastiness.

Fights I would write about in advance on the Judiciary Report received record viewing numbers and sales for various boxers in different weight classes and I did so for free, because I enjoy the sport. However, after Madonna and Jay Z leaned on (harassed and gave ultimatums to) Joshua, then two more British boxers I innocently tweeted about in relation to boxing, who acknowledged said tweets, I stopped writing about fights in advance.

I gave free promo to fights that benefited from it as numbers showed, via a substantial audience of millions on the Judiciary Report, the majority of whom would not normally watch boxing, only for Madonna and Jay Z in tandem with their sick Kabbalah cult, to engage in conduct that is harmful, nasty and mean-spirited, spitting and crapping on my acts of kindness. So, I just stopped writing about boxing due to Madonna and company defaming and harassing me over boxers. I don't need the stress in my life.

Madonna, Jay Z and their stupid Kabbalah cult have been doing very questionable things in boxing. They don't know about boxing, but are meddling in it in a bad way behind the scenes. Mark my words, Madonna, Jay Z and their cult are going to bring Joshua and boxing crashing down via their madness, meddling and ignorance. Jay Z also recently got involved in boxing claiming he is a promoter when he doesn't know squat about the sport, which has already led to several lawsuits against him, with claims of financial fraud, breach of contract (breach of promise) and other acts of dishonest businesses dealings that harmed boxers careers.

In Closing

To the British public, I have nothing against you. I love you and wish you well. This article about the BBC isn't about you. It is about what was allowed to transpire in Britain at the hands of a Madonna, her sick Hollywood cult Kabbalah and the corrupt, racist FBI, who are goose-stepping on your shores like the SS. I'm not the only one the FBI has illegally targeted on your shores. They're still doing this to others and in criminal violation of UK and US laws. There's more to this story and I will include it all in unvarnished detail in a forthcoming documentary. I'm not going to pretty it up for anyone.

To the Jamaicans reading this, be very careful of the aforementioned individuals who are engaging in sick, unlawful behavior. They are a danger to Jamaicans. They still think we're slaves and second class citizens subject to arbitrary acts of abuse, exploitation and racism. Do not resort to violence or anything unlawful, but be very careful of them, as they are steeped in and carried away with something very evil, hateful and heinous.


Obama Administration Wastes Huge Sums Of American Taxpayer Money Breaking The Law In America, Britain And Jamaica On Behalf Of Madonna's Kabbalah Center In Committing Egregious Human Rights Abuses

Madonna, Jay Z, Beyonce, Rihanna, Rita Ora And Jessie J Sued Over Copyright Infringement, Invasion Of Privacy, Commissioned Criminal Harassment And Assault Via The Kabbalah Center

Jay Z And Madonna's Floundering Tidal Sued For $5,000,000 Over Copyright Infringement In Not Paying Artists While Inflating Their Own Sales To Go Number One On Billboard

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Jay-Z Robbing People Again



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