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Madonna Is Having A Nervous Breakdown Because Guy Ritchie Is Getting Married

October 9. 2012

Jacqui Ainsley and Guy Ritchie (Photo Credit: VLU/Splash)

Jealous, crazy former pop star, Madonna, 55, is having a nervous breakdown at the news her ex-husband, Guy Ritchie, 44, is getting married again, after their ugly divorce and sham marriage. Ritchie is marrying Jacqui Ainsley, 30, a model that makes deranged Madonna look like a wildebeest (Please! *rolls eyes* Shenaynay could make Madonna look like a wildebeest).


Ainsley, who pursued Ritchie for his money and connections, is pregnant with his second child. She has been living in the lap of luxury with Ritchie in London, via a house financed by his divorce settlement. Word in London is Madonna hates her, as she is young, pretty and Ritchie prefers her to Madonna (it helps that Ainsely isn't a man like Madonna LOL). Will madwoman Madonna try to derail the wedding. She's done worse.


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