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Madonna Launches A Skincare Line Promising To Make Women Look Younger When She Looks Older Than The Statue Of Liberty (Photos)

Correction, The Statue Of Liberty Has Smooth Skin, Madonna Does Not!

December 29. 2016 

Even with makeup Madonna cannot hide the fact she has bad skin. That thing you see in the photo has allegedly started a skincare line when her skin looks terrible.

Deranged pop singer Madonna is launching a skincare line promising to make women look younger, which is pure irony and a lie, as she has very prominent wrinkles all over her face, crow’s feet, bags under her eyes and a significant amount of crepe skin. Her skin also looks quite rough, which is not normal for any age.If a beauty like Halle Berry, Christie Brinkley, Megan Fox, Jourdan Dunn or Jessica White started a skinJourdan Dunn or Jessica White started a skincare line, it would be more believable, as they look gorgeous and youthful. They are clearly doing something right to look as good as they do. As they say, “The proof is in the pudding.” However, Madonna’s skin looks terrible.

Madonna's picture photoshopped on the left and without digital airbrushing to the right...and that's with makeup.

Even with all the plastic surgery she’s had,Even with all the plastic surgery she’s had, racking up a bill of over $1,000,000, Madonna still looks very old. There's nothing wrong with looking old, but most women don't want to look wrinkled. Regardless, the public does not want to look like Madonna. Madonna doesn't even want to look like Madonna, which is why she keeps having all that plastic surgery that has repeatedly failed.


Who does she really think wants to look like that

 Women want to look like young women or older women who still look youthful and fantastic. Madonna does not fall into either category. Not to mention, she was never good looking to begin with, even when she was young (yea, I said it). Madonna, who was not and is not pretty, never had looks and relied on stripping like a skank. She’s always had that scruffy, unwashed, unattractive look she thinks is like a cool bohemian, but on her it just looks unkempt and nasty (people like Janice Dickinson also stated Madonna has a bad odor problem).


I’ll give you another example, say someone with dry, unhealthy looking hair that has massive breakage and split ends decided to start a hair care line. Who in their right mind would buy that product. It clearly doesn’t work if your hair looks bad (or if you’re wearing hair extensions, a weave or wig).

Ironically, over a decade ago I copyrighted a skincare line. As my readers know, thieving Madonna unlawfully got a hold of a copy of my preexisting, Library of Congress copyrights and has been criminally using items from it for herself and her cronies in the entertainment industry.

Upon reading the trash that is being touted as a part of Madonna’s alleged skincare line, my products do not have some of the ingredients listed in her crazy so-called product (I did not copyright all the ingredients in my skincare line for trade secret purposes to prevent theft of the correct formulas). The crazy mess in Madonna’s product is guaranteed to do more harm than good for the skin. It will clog your skin and for some cause break-outs. That's the least of the side effects of the mess she is selling. A few of those ingredients are a major red flag for the skin.


This skincare line is another con by that fraud Madonna, who is trying to extract money from the public on something that clearly does not work, as her skin looks terrible. If it worked her skin would not look older than its age and in such bad condition. Buyer beware.


This is what happens when the corrupt FBI lets demonic, evil, vile thieves run loose in society to engage in madness. The public inevitably ends up paying a price for it. The woman is a complete lunatic and psychotic. She has schizophrenia. She knows nothing about skincare.


This is much like the insane madness Madonna and her schizophrenic cult the Kabbalah Center did in selling overpriced $25 per 8 oz. bottle of Kabbalah water as a cure to cancer, when water does not cure cancer. Moreover, the Canadian government discovered the Kabbalah water in question was found to have contaminants and pollutants (see: dirty).


Madonna’s Skin Care Is Making Its U.S. Debut

The nadir of Madonna’s divorce from Guy Ritchie hit when gossip sites spat out intimate details of their marriage, including the remarkable morsel that the pop icon slathered her skin in a $800 cream every night before encasing herself in plastic wrap. Whether that was true then is unknown, but it’s likely not true now, given Madonna is shilling her own, slightly more affordable skin-care line. It debuted in Japan several weeks ago and, according to Madonna, will hit U.S. shelves soon.

Called MDNA, the line is composed of six products: a face wash, serum, rose mist, eye mask, eye serum, and a mud mask. MDNA’s promises fall in line with most other skin-care brands: to moisturize, promote skin elasticity, and clear congested pores. Water sourced from Montecatini, a tiny town in northern Italy, is said to add a somewhat mystical “healing component” to the MDNA lineup, and the Chrome Clay Mask, which uses volcanic ash collected from the same Italian town, is amplified when removed with a magnet. The magnetic component is something seen in other masks that have debuted within the past year, where the magnet stimulates negatively charged compounds found on skin to boost circulation and collagen production.

MDNA has yet to release an exact date for its U.S. launch. In the meantime, Madonna is previewing the line on Instagram, and making a hell of a run at beauty blogging, to boot...



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