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Madonna Steals Fashionline For Herself And Daughter

July 30. 2010


In light of the fact a lawsuit has been filed via the Aisha v. FBI case, against the Federal Bureau of Investigation, for severe criminal negligence, corruption and racial discrimination, in allowing thieving pop star Madonna, to engage in civil rights violations and criminal copyright infringement, one would think she would desist with the misconduct, so as to not make things look any worse on the law enforcement agency.

However, I have it on very good authority from an unimpeachable source, Madonna bribed FBI Director, Robert S. Mueller, for $1 million, in order to stay out of prison and continue to steal from my Copyrighted Catalog. 

She has taken it as a greenlight to engage in whatever misconduct she feels like, not taking into account, she is disgracing the Federal Bureau of Investigation and its parent agency, the Department of Justice, all over the world, to millions of people, in every nation that reads this website and its accompanying blogs and RSS feeds (according to site stats). 

This site has called for boycotts of Madonna's infringements and it has single-handedly killed her career. However, it is deserved, as she engages her Kabbalah cult, to stalk, harass and terrorize me in Miami, in public in the presence od family and friends (there is photo evidence of this) and continues to commission a hacker to break into my computer, from a company called Digilink, that is the web host for her official website Madonna.com.

Just yesterday, I was harassed in public again by a Kabbalah member she sent to stalk and harass me. This week, Madonna's hacker staged another hack, one that my mother witnessed, where said hacker criminally commandeered control of the laptop I was using and erratically made the cursor run up and down the page, in a deranged attempt to remove items and block an update I was doing for my blog.

My mother witnessed as my hands were two feet away from the laptop and Madonna's hacker illegally took control of the laptop's keypad and psychotically began moving the cursor all over the computer screen, looking for what he wanted to freeze and erase, in trying to shut down my blog update, which bore a blog tag about her Kabbalah cult and its destructive behavior. 

Thieving Madonna persists in stealing to this day, revealing herself to be an untalented, unaccomplished degenerate that has stolen everything she has in life, which she shall lose, as you reap what you sow.

Madonna and Taylor Momsen at a photo shoot for "Material Girls" fashionline

2-years ago, I copyrighted a digital version of a mother daughter fashion line for me and my mom, who used to make clothes 30 plus years ago. Fast-forward 2-years and Madonna has released a rip-off version of it with her preteen daughter, named after her tired song "Material Girls."

Accompanying, time stamped documents I authored reveal, my copyrighted fashionline was to be marketed to Macys, which is exactly where Madonna has criminally placed the stolen goods this month, in a very incriminating move. 

Madonna is a madwoman, what does she really think she is doing

I am also a photographer that has copyrighted hundreds of photographs over the years. Madonna was seen this week, pretending to take pictures of troubled child star, Taylor Momsen, for the stolen fashionline, she ripped off from my preexisting Copyrighted Catalog. Madonna is not a photographer and it is completely psychotic the levels she goes to in pretending to be things that she is not. What a fraud.

Madonna pretending to be a professional photographer in taking photos of Taylor Momsen for "Material Girls" fashionline

According to numerous articles, Madonna is claiming her daughter did most of the work for the copyright infringing "Material Girls" fashionline, which means she has made the 12-year-old an accessory to crime and a felon, in their theft of items that were already copyrighted by me 2-years ago. 

What a horrific example to set for her child, unethically teaching her fraud, theft and racketeering is the way to get what you want in life. Stealing other people's property and accomplishments does not make you a success, but a fraud too unintelligent and untalented to think for one's self. 

Madonna continues to be the music industry's Madoff, engaging in criminal theft of others' assets and financial fraud. Such crimes only serve to hurt the U.S. economy, as copyrights, trademarks and other assets, are devalued, with inferior, sub-standard products and services, undermining legitimate property and businesses, failing to bring in the kind of revenues the genuine items would in the marketplace. 

This breeds lower revenues, greatly diminished tax income for the Treasury and unemployment, via damaging legitimate businesses that are defrauded. It is a vicious pattern repeating itself in Corporate America and is fueling the the unyielding financial crisis.    


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