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Madwoman Madonna Is Moving To Portugal To Spread Her Kabbalah Cult Madness And Evade The Law

September 4. 2017


While traveling by plane in 2015, I stopped in Portugal during a quick layover. Their nation looks beautiful. However, madwoman Madonna, who is a sick, deranged person (click here for more information on that), has sent out press releases all over the place to announce she is moving to Portugal. The people of Portugal don't deserve that. Satan is about to descend on their shores.

Previously, I wrote about the topic of her moving to Portugal, as her conduct mimics a preexisting copyright I authored (Madonna Dumps 27-Year-Old Man She Paid To Date Her For Publicity And Is Using Stolen Copyright Regarding New Boyfriend). I have a fictional copyright about a jealous, untalented singer trying to have another vocalist killed over their talent. Then, Madonna commissioned acts of attempted murder (as detailed here and here).

Did you know psychiatrists identify it as a mental disorder when people negatively try to recreate the literary works of a writer in their own personal lives. For example, crazy people have done evil things to others based on the fictional work "The Catcher In The Rye" by J.D. Salinger, such as Mark David Chapman murdering John Lennon and John Hinckley trying to assassinate former president, Ronald Reagan. Both men were found with the book when apprehended for the violent acts. In fact, Chapman opened the book, read from it and immediately killed Lennon with the literary work on his person. 

The last time Madonna moved somewhere it was beautiful Britain and she engaged in her standard deplorable, degenerate behavior. First she called British people "lazy" (they're not) when she is the laziest person in entertainment history, not to mention the biggest thief and fraud. Then, in true nouveau riche trash fashion, she called British homes "cold and damp" as she has no class and cannot appreciate the beauty of historic homes and buildings.

As a result of Madonna moving to Britain and opening a branch of her sick, murderous Kabbalah cult in their nation, three people died (two quite brutally as they were stabbed to death by Fiona Davis, whose mind the cult had destroyed to steal millions of pounds from her and a director died from a heart attack due to her terrorizing him). Many Britons were fleeced out of millions of British pounds in acts of charity fraud, as huge chunks of the solicited financial donations went into Madonna's pocket and that of the Berg family, who help her run the cult.

Madonna engaged in criminal wiretapping/phone hacking in Britain and other nations (see the phone hacking scandal which I broke first). Madonna commissioned acts of criminal voyeurism via computer webcam hacking and break-ins to select homes to install hidden cameras. Madonna also commissioned acts of aggravated stalking, harassment, bank fraud, criminal copyright infringement and death threats. She continues to criminally spy on ex-husband, Guy Ritchie and his new wife, whom Madonna is extremely jealous of in many ways in a story I broke first (Newspaper Reports Madonna Has Hired Private Investigator To Stalk Guy Ritchie, His New Wife And The Couple’s Children Confirming Previous Site Claims).

Another interesting note, Portugal has extradition treaties with a number of nations, but the court has ruled against in it notable cases. For example, US fugitive and convicted murdered, George Wright, was wanted for extradition back to the United States. However, the court in Portugal ruled against extraditing him. This is a big part of Madonna's move to Portugal. It is due to the criminal conduct she has been engaging in. However, in her case it's going to backfire on her. Madonna is nothing but a thieving troublemaking vagrant. Everything she has in life is stolen. What a loser. Yet that untalented, non-singing witch Madonna has the gall to arrogantly whine and complain about people who can actually sing (see: Whitney Houston).


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