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Mentally Unfit Members Of Congress Should Not Be Serving In The Legislature (Videos)

August 6. 2017

There are mentally unfit members of the U.S. Congress, who by right and law should not be in the legislature. Media reports, videos online and written interviews reveal Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Al Franken and John McCain are not mentally fit to serve in Congress. They should not be deciding the future of a nation.

Pelosi and Waters are constantly confused, stating the wrong names and events and having pronounced, lengthy memory lapses during speeches. This can happen as people grow older and is compounded by high stress jobs that require constant thinking or computation. It's nothing to be ashamed of, but it is a matter of concern.

John McCain

Waters and Pelosi have long, awkward pauses where they lose their train of thought for all to see. Then they begin mumbling and stating incorrect things. For example, Waters was ranting about impeaching "Putin" who is the President of Russia, not America. She wants U.S. President Donald Trump impeach, but was stating "Putin" in the interview.

Waters is also involved in a scandal regarding paying her daughter several hundred thousand dollars out of campaign money to stuff envelopes. Pelosi was outed in the press as engaging in unlawful insider training, which put over $700,000 in her pocket. Pelosi used data provided in confidentiality to Congress by U.S. intelligence to buy stock in a company that the inside government report stated would become a financial success and the corporation did, netting Pelosi nearly a million dollars. It was highly unethical on Pelosi's part.

Nancy Pelosi

John McCain had a mental breakdown in Congress a few months ago that became the talk of social networking. Some wondered if he was having a stroke. His speech was completely off topic and incoherent. Weeks later McCain discovered he has an aggressive form of brain cancer (years ago McCain was also diagnosed with melanoma, which is skin cancer). McCain had surgery, but people with his condition have significant memory problems, become easily confused, sometimes experience hallucinations and forms of dementia.

Al Franken is just straight up crazy. I've heard interviews by Franken that reveal mental illness. He is not of sound mind. Franken thinks because he is from Hollywood he is Ronald Reagan. However, former U.S. President Reagan, as the phrase goes, was not "bats**t insane."


Nancy Pelosi freezes, repeatedly flubs lines during attack on Trump

July 15, 2017 - Nancy Pelosi appears to have issues, but Democrats continue making her their spokesperson anyway. The House Minority Leader repeatedly misspoke during brief remarks with her colleagues late Friday, and at one point even awkwardly froze up. She criticized the “actions of the Trump administration as relation— related to the rule of the law.”

“The Trump administration and the Trump family have pa— eagerly ex— uh, intended to collude with a hostile foreign policy,” she said, likely intending to say “power” instead of “policy.” “Members of Congress take a sa— sacred oath,” Pelosi struggled to say moments later. “What do the Russians have politically, financially, uh, uh, or— and any— personally on Donald Trump that he fawns over Putin, uh, questions sanctions, uh—” she said, then froze.

“Uh— is— reckless when it comes to Article V,” Pelosi finally said. Her statement condemning Jared Kushner lost its effect as she repeatedly herself. “It’s absolutely ridiculous that he should have, have that, that clearance,” she said. “Today we are announcing a new coo-nated effort to force votes to get answers for the American people she said, struggling to say “coordinated.”...


VIDEO: Maxine Waters short circuits during live TV interview

July 14, 2017 - Liberal rock star Maxine Waters suffered an awkward moment during a live interview on Friday when she appeared to short circuit mid-sentence. Waters was speaking to MSNBC’s Katy Tur when she had a verbal malfunction. Waters was once again slamming President Trump and spinning her Russia conspiracy theories when she questioned the patriotism of Trump supporters and said, “I just don’t understand why they don’t call it like it is and recognize that evidence is pouring in and it’s growing, or what— is matt— what, what is wrong with them, I just don’t quite understand,” she struggled to say.

In April, the 78-year-old congresswoman suffered a brain freeze during another interview. Speaking with Yahoo News, Waters was talking about China’s role in containing North Korea, and momentarily appeared confused about what she was discussing. “Those in China have a great trading relationship, they sell an awful lot of stuff to North Korea,” she said.

“And so (the Chinese) president is warning Trump, ‘okay, don’t start talking about preemptive strikes. We want a diplomatic solution,'” Waters said, speculating about China’s conversations with Trump.  The 78-year-old continued, “‘We do not want war in, uh, uh, uh, North Korea — North, uh, um, um, Korea at all,'” struggling to complete her thought.



Reports Brand Democratic Senator Nancy Pelosi Senile



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