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Miss Israel Smiling At Obama Who She Calls 'A World Class Hunk' With No Mrs. Obama In Sight 

Mrs. Obama’s Gonna Get Her Girls And Get Miss Israel

March 25. 2013

Barack Obama, Shimon Peres and Yityish Aynaw

The first black Miss Israel, the beautiful Yityish Aynaw, 22, met the first black U.S. President Barack Obama and couldn't contain her excitement. Aynaw said of Obama and I quote he is a "World Class Hunk." Yes, you read that right. She said "hunk" (*this is me looking around all the pics for Mrs. Obama* - she's not there). Aynaw also referred to Obama as an "exciting man."

Oh, it's about to be on like that song by 702 called "Where My Girls At." Mrs. Obama is about to get her girls Susan Rice, Janet Napolitano and Jill Biden to kick Yityish's butt (see: "tuckus"). Napolitano and Biden look like they can throw a punch, but Rice, not so much (she can hold Mrs. Obama's earrings LOL).  

Michelle Obama

Do note, President Obama smiled back at Yityish, not exactly looking like he was in pain (*this is me starting stuff*). You know what this means. When Mrs. Obama sees the photo posted above, President Obama will be sleeping on the couch when he returns to the White House in America. Who's in charge now.

Men often take a shining to women, who look like their wives. When Obama gets back to the White House with Mrs. Obama it will be like the movie "The Shining." The Secret Service will not be able to save him from Mrs. Obama. Have fun on the couch, Obama. 

Disclaimer: it should go without saying, but this article is meant in jest. 


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