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Model Speaks Of The Industry Ostracism She Faced After Going To The Police Regarding Harvey Weinstein Sexually Assaulting Her

January 5. 2018

Ambra Battilana Gutierrez

In 2015, budding Italian model and beauty pageant contestant, Ambra Battilana Gutierrez, was sexually assaulted by now disgraced movie producer Harvey Weinstein. The incident occurred at the New York office of his company The Weinstein Company. Weinstein grabbed her breasts and put his hand under her skirt without permission. Gutierrez went to the New York Police Department (NYPD) and filed a complaint against Weinstein regarding the sexual assault incident.

The NYPD asked Gutierrez to wear a wire and return to Weinstein for a follow up visit. Gutierrez agreed to meet Weinstein again and before she even entered the room, he was already grabbing her breasts without permission. Weinstein was caught on tape admitting sexual assault. When the story hit the press, Gutierrez was portrayed as a blackmailer. However, that was Weinstein's doing. Weinstein has media contacts and publicists who have planted defamatory items in the press about those who displeased him in not submitting to his whims.

In fact, in the Hollywood circles Weinstein occupied, there are publicists who work from the same playbook of planting vile, defamatory stories to discredit victims of their clients' crimes. It is meant to paint victims as money hungry, fame seeking and crazy people preying on the successful public figure. It is meant to discredit, disgrace, humiliate and further abuse the victim. This is why some victims do not speak out.

It is also meant to get the public to attack the victim in bids at punishing and silencing them for speaking out against the public figure, which is criminal harassment. One day said industry practice is going to go too far, innocent people will get hurt and it will land others in jail for instigating it - including publicists and journalists. If you set a victim up to be a figure of hate in the press, to help your pathetic, evil client, resulting in loss of life, you (publicist), your client, the journalist(s) and all others involved are going to prison.

Some public figures, such as Weinstein, are evil and do sick things to people behind closed doors against their will. These types of public figures are not worth the glowing press pieces and simultaneous attacks on victims. Yet, we've seen past instances of newspapers like the New York Daily News attacking innocent victims of lawbreaking public figures because they were paid by famous people to do so. 

Some unethical publicists conspire with select compromised journalists to make their evil clients look like angels in the press (when they are not) and their victims look like criminals (when they are not). It poses another danger to the public, as it enabled lawless public figures like Weinstein to further hurt other innocent people behind closed doors, racking up more victims.

Harvey Weinstein

Gutierrez stated she was painted as a blackmailer in the press and it destroyed her career. She was blacklisted by vile Weinstein and could not get work. She revealed restaurants she used to go in Soho (New York) to eat and hang out with other models "closed their doors to me." That was Weinstein's doing. Some people in Hollywood are very petty and vindictive, with their behavior reaching disturbing heights. However, the restaurants should not have complied with the disgraceful request, as it is illegal due to said behavior being discriminatory. Those are civil rights violations.

Gutierrez stated, "They (the press) said horrible things about me. I donít allow myself to be touched easily, and not just because of morals. My father used to beat me and my mother. When a man stretches his arms out to me, I retreat instinctively, even if it is someone Iím in love with. For months I didnít work. Even restaurants in Soho (in New York) where the fashion world hang out closed their doors to me. I was unwelcome."

She further stated, "It is right that women are denouncing him, even after all this time. Iím nauseated by how many there are. What happened to me really put my view of the world to the test. I hope that this whole business will bring me justice. Nobody will be able to say ever again that I invent things."

Former Sony Music CEO, Tommy Mottola, who is connected to the mafia (and Weinstein), used to call around New York restaurants and demand they not allow people to dine in their establishments whom he deemed rivals or outright enemies. Mottola would call restaurants and give them the names of people who were to be turned away if they ever tried to dine in his favorite restaurants. These were some of the top restaurants in New York. Mottola became known for this petty, vicious behavior and was ultimately outed for it. Again, this behavior was illegal, as it is discriminatory. Mottola and his bodyguards were also famous in the industry for blacklisting people and issuing threats of violence. There were even times his ex-wife, singer Mariah Carey, feared for her life. 

I do not know why some in Hollywood behavior in this manner. How does one allow hate to consume one's soul to the point you care about where a person eats and want them to be denied one of the basics of life - food. The whole thing is pathetic and disturbing at the same time. The average person does not go that far. Only sick minds do such things.

Side Bar: Speaking of restaurants and cultists, someone told me about Weinstein's business associate and fellow Kabbalah/Illuminati cult member, Madonna, having offered money to a restaurant employee to spit in a rival's food before bringing it to the table at an establishment she knew the person frequented. However, the restaurant employee declined her sick request, as it is illegal and awful (not to mention disgusting and low class). I don't know how some people get so depraved.


Italian beauty queen says her life was made a misery after claiming harassment by Harvey Weinstein

Ambra Battilana Gutierrez says she was sexually harassed by Harvey Weinstein in New York in 2015 Credit: Instagram

13 October 2017 ē 11:51am - Ambra Battilana Gutierrez, the 24-year-old Italian model who was sexually harassed by Harvey Weinstein, says her life was made a misery after the encounter. She said she was crucified by the US tabloid press as a publicity seeker after she accused Weinstein of groping her breasts and putting his hand up her skirt during a meeting at his office in 2015.

She said the alleged assault, which happened in Weinsteinís offices in the Tribeca Film Center in Lower Manhattan, was all the more distressing because her father used to beat her and her mother. ďThey (the press) said horrible things about me. I donít allow myself to be touched easily, and not just because of morals. My father used to beat me and my mother. When a man stretches his arms out to me, I retreat instinctively, even if it is someone Iím in love with,Ē she told Italyís La Repubblica newspaper. She said that after making a complaint to the NYPD, she was portrayed as a blackmailer in the press Ė and paid the consequences...



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